Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Little About Me....

Hello world....I decided to share some things about me that you might not know so here it goes....

I was born during the Bicentennial year of 1976 in Inglewood California. At the time of my birth Gerald Ford was president. The fashion was faded Levi's and of course platformed shoes. I am the second daughter of my parents with an older sister. By nature I am a very quiet person. I also have two cousins, aunts and uncles. For a time when I was little I lived in New Orleans but I have come to pronounce it Naw'leans. My family and I lived in the French Quarter of New Orleans for a short period of time before moving back to California.

Let me jump ahead to the future once more....Here I am 29 years old and I'm still single, obviously. I never had a boyfriend and I haven't started dating....yet. You might say I'm looking for "the one". I have had crushes on guys but none have ever known it. I still find it hard just to approach guys and tell them how I feel but I guess that's pretty normal. Anyway its time to move on to other things.

I am currently working here in Georgia at a Courthouse. I help to maintain the appearance of the courthouse in the courtrooms, to offices to the judges' chambers. At the courthouse I'm constantly going,going and going doing this or doing that. Its a never ending job but someone has to do it. I work Mondays thru Fridays which for me is a nice schedule.

On a different note I like to hang out with my family and my nieces who are 5 and 13. My nieces keep my on my toes and always answering a million different questions.

When it comes to what I like that's a horse of a different color. I like to read and write both in my online journal and in a journal that I keep by hand. I also like to rent movies and with it buy popcorn. What are my favorite movies you wonder....For starters 84 Charing Cross Road with Anthony Hopkins, Troy with Brad Pitt, You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks, Bed Of Roses with Christian Slater and a few others which would take days to name so on to other things....

I also like to read some of my favorite journals which you might already know.....

Another interesting fact about me is that I like to read....mainly classics.....The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Treasure Island, 1984, Cannery Row, To Kill A Mockingbird and Fahrenheit 451 and a few million others.

Here's something else you might not know...I also like to read poetry. My favorite poets are...Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath, e.e. Cummings, William Shakespeare,John Donne and Edgar Allan Poe and yes there are others but that's enough for now.

My favorite shows on television are....West Wing, Law and Order, One Tree Hill, The Travel Channel, The Discovery Channel, Lifetime and many,many, many,many,many others.

My favorite movie....The Replacements....with Keanu Reeves don't ask me why.

There are a few other things you might want to know dear world but that's for another day. I hope this gives you a little insight into my wee uninteresting life.

Good night for now dear world....sleep well.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just Thoughts

Hello world....The moon has rolled out its golden carpet and the stars have come. The day is almost done but I just wanted to leave a few notes for the visitors of my journal. I came upon some new journals that you might find interesting......


I just hope you like these journals as I did. I would like to know what you thought of them.

One very last short note - If you could give one word to describe me by reading my journal what would it be ??? Post your answer on my journal....thanks

As always good - night world sleep well




Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nothing New...

Hello world...Usually I come to you with different thoughts but not tonight. I had a busy day at work but that's nothing new. I really want to thank those people and you know who you are...that have come to read my journal and have also left me lots of wonderful comments along the way.

Those of you who have not read the journal One-Way Passage should definitely give it a read. I am the #1 fan of that journal in that his writing is quite spectacular. If you want to read it here it is...  give it a read you won't regret it. This journal speaks for itself. If you like it send me your comments on this journal. I would like to know what you thought of it. 

Another journal was suggested to me so here it is....  of course nothing will take the place of the journal One-Way Passage. You will enjoy the journal of the gaboatman. Let me know what you think of it.

If anyone else has any other journals they could suggest to me please let me know and I will be more than happy to drop by and give it a read.

P.S.  Those of you who read the journal One-Way Passage will become fans but the #1 has already been filled. At the moment I must warn you that I have read it more than 20 times and I'm sure many of you will do the same.

Thanks world for listening....take care and as always sweet dreams. You and I will talk soon. Good night

Monday, June 27, 2005

Something New

Hello world..

Recently I saw a show on television which made me feel rather sad. The show was on TLC titled "The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off". The boy was named Jonny Kennedy who lived up to the age of 36 years old.Jonny lived in Northumberland. Jonny suffered from a rare and currently incurable genetic skin disorder known as Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa also known as EB.

From watching the program I learned that EB causes a breakdown in the natural proteins that hold the skin together. The slightest touch can cause severe pain, blistering and sores. The blistering has to be dressed properly which sometimes takes 3 hours. Those things are bad enough.

Jonny worked with the filmmaker Patrick Collerton to film his life and death. Before his death he went to an event which was the Downing Street Reception in order to raise charity for the illness such as his. However on the way back from the event his health failed and Jonny died on September 26, 2003.It was really hard to watch the program but it was also quite moving to see.

After seeing it I realize that I take a lot of things for granted like getting dressed without flinching from blistering that would cause severe pain, I also take for granted just rolling over in my bed which in the program I saw was hard for Jonny. Seeing Jonny Kennedy was something. He never thought to complain much about his illness he saw things in a positive way. I had never heard about EB until I saw Jonny Kennedy on TLC. Jonny was a pretty great human being. I just wish I could have met him face to face. I really would have liked meeting him and getting to know him for myself.

I'm sorry world for writing about this subject but I just was thinking of this program today and I wanted to share it with you. I will write something new tomorrow. Good night world.....

I shall never forget the memory of Jonny

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Doing Nothing On A Sunday

Hello world....There is a journal titled "Ruth Store News" it is one that I have always read and enjoyed. The guy that writes the journal his name is JT. I hope that he doesn't mind me sharing a little bit of information about his journal.....

Just as Henry David Thoreau had lived Jt built a cabin in the middle of the woods on a place called Richards Bend also known as Speyside. Speyside is a place on Pitman Creek between the communities of Ruth and Alcade Kentucky. Speyside is a place outside of Somerset Kentucky. This is just a little that I read while looking through his journal but there is a lot more to read. He moved into the cabin on Sept. 21,2202 . The cabin he built has no electricity or indoor plumbing. He does hunt, goes fishing, writes for the local newspaper and he also writes books.

If you have a minute stop by and give it a read...

On a totally different note what I'm about to tell you will have you asking what in the world is she thinking.......I give you fair warning

On the Discovery Channel I watched a program that was called "The Life of Ants". I still find it hard to believe that I watched an entire hour just looking at ants. In one tree there was over a dozen ants and they overpowered a rather huge tarantula. I never knew ants could kill such a spider.

Here in Georgia there are a ton of trees so that makes me wonder how many ants that is all together. On the program I saw there were ants on the ground a huge tornado of them. Its hard to believe that amount of ants could possibly exist at all.

On the Discovery Channel I also learned that there is a particular ant called a "Jack Jumper" which is an extremely dangerous type of ant. This particular ant lives in Tasmania. There is another type of ant known as the "Siafu". On the rampage Siafu's can kill an elephant. Can you believe that ??? Your probably wondering why did I ever talk to you at all about ants.....I'll just leave you wondering.....

One last note I was reading another journal titled "Ellipsis....The Blue Willow Gallery". This journal is filled with fascinating photos. To those who enjoy wonderful memorable photos stop by and take a look. I really like the journal so I'm sure those of you who drop by will like it too.

For now good night world...sleep well














Saturday, June 25, 2005

Still Curious....

Hello world....Today it was another sweltering day here in Georgia I'm beginning to wonder if I will survive this summer weather. I had to go to a little event at work even though my job gave me the day off. The event was outside and let me tell you it was quite a day baked in heat. Either than it was fine.

On a different note I was looking over an old newspaper clipping which reads "Who Is The Piano Man"? In the clipping it reads that on an island off southeast England a mysterious, sad-faced man was found sodden with seawater and dressed in a dinner suit. He never spoke. In the paper it reads that he plays the piano very well, with a repertoire that ranges from Tchaikovsky to the Beatles to his own compositions. It also reads that "Mr.X," remains locked in a mental hospital - withdrawn, fearful and clutching his sheet music to his chest.

The man was found April 7 or 8th on the Isle of Sheppey, a small, quiet island and sailing resort near the mouth of the River Thames. He is tall and fair-haired in his 20's or 30's. He appeared in a black dinner suit, white shirt and necktie. All the designer labels in his clothing had been mysteriously cut out. "Mr. X." was taken to a local hospital. He was unable to speak or rather declined. Interpreters were called in but there was no response from the man. He cringed when people tried to approach. Therapists said that he must have suffered from some emotional trauma.

After some time caregivers in the hospital handed him paper and a pencil hoping he might draw somethng. He then drew a detailed picture of a grand piano. He also played and played at the piano. The man cries and cries sometimes. He has written pieces of music. Still no one knows who he is.....

I wonder if anyone has identified the gentlemen or where he comes from. I am curious to hear if he was identified and returned to where he lives or to a family that has missed him. To this day it remains a mystery.....

P.S. There is a journal titled "Ruth Store News" that I think is pretty great.The writer of the journal is not only a super great writer but I think he would enjoy having some new readers drop some thoughts in about his journal. The journal "Ruth Store News" is a must go ahead and drop in

Friday, June 24, 2005

Exciting News.....

Hello world and good evening....I have exciting news, front page headlines - curious yet ??

Still curious??

Are you on the edge of your seat ??

Are you ready ??

Are you sure ??

Well here it is...My mother is the reigning Texas Hold'em champion of a series of tournaments held for many seniors each week here in Georgia. My mom is the poker celebrity of the Riverdale Senior Center.

I'm sure you want some background information so let me give you a little bit of history. First things first before moving here to Georgia in 1987 we lived in Los Angeles, California. At that time my uncle's job at Western Airlines which he still has was consumed in a merger with the then expanding Delta Air Lines. Before that, my mother's family played poker in the South Central district of Los Angeles. For my mother's family playing cards was a way for everybody to get together. Families and friends would move from house to house to socialize over a laid-back card game.

Of course when my mother's family decided to leave behind their regular games in neighbors' kitchens and living rooms, my mother decided we would move here to Georgia where most people WEREN'T too excited by the game. But after all was said and done a deck of cards, a package of plastic chips and poker's recent media craze completely turned that around. Then my mother and my aunt decided that they would ask one of the Riverdale Senior Center's Program Directors if they could start a regular poker game.Once the center put up a plaque for the poker title, the game took off which was reported by one of the center's program directors. After that the rest is history...

Until today that is.

Last but not least my mom made headlines in the Clayton News Daily Newspaper isn't that something ?? Finally I know a real celebrity and she's my mom....

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Almost Cooked.....

Hi ! Good evening world here I am. Here in Georgia the earth is shaking, quaking and breaking. Its sweltering and the ground is to the point of splitting open from all of this heat. I can't imagine that it could get any hotter than it has gotten lately. Once again right outside of my window frogs are filling the warm night with a song.

I have a question dear world.......Have you ever seen a poem that didn't have any words ?? I certainly have in a journal titled "View From A Farm House Window". In the journal there was a picture titled "Firefly Night" which was a poem that was made without words of any kind. I really liked the journal "View From A Farm House Window". Usually I'm writing endlessly of the journal "One-Way Passage but I will save that for tomorrow.

Perhaps I wouldn't mind seeing a few fireflies tonight dancing in the nights velvet camp but only a few moths have come calling by tapping, tapping and tapping on the window as if asking to come in

Where are the fireflies tonight I wonder........Good night dear world sleep well.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thoughts On A Warm Night...

Good evening world...

Outside of my window frogs are croaking, the wind is warm and the night is blue. The sky is lit by stars and the moon is hung.

Tonight I fell in love....I fell in love yet again with the journal "One - Way Passage". The words in this journal are poetic, strong and full of emotion. I love this journal because the words capture me. The title of the entry I was reading was "Summer Solstice and Full Moon". Reading this journal makes me feel like it was written just for me to read. This journal is a poem, a song, a love letter that pulls you to read more. As you can tell I "LOVE" "LOVE" "LOVE" this journal.

On a different note here in Georgia it was back to being another sweltering day. It will probably be a long, hot summer here in the South. Its already too hot to sleep, think or move. I either fall into the pages of a book or into the journal "One - Way Passage".

Am I weird or what dear world....I hope not.....Good-night

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Just Thinking....

Hello world....Tonight I'm sitting by the window and I can see the moon and its amazing. I was thinking that there were people who once took care of the light in a lighthouse and looking at the moon I think of those lighthouse keepers. It would be nice to think that there is a someone that takes care of the light that fills the moon late at night, a sort of keeper of the moon light. I  just think back to lighthouse keepers that constantly made sure the light was on for sailors lost in the night. Sailors would see the light which guided them home. Maybe someone else is looking up at the same moon I'm looking at and thinking the same thing.

On a different note today we had a rain soaked morning which always puts me in a little bit of a down mood. It was also another day at work for me. I was also reading the newspaper earlier today. I wonder how many newspapers the President has to read....I read that the war in Iraq have claimed more lives. 1st Lt. Noah Harris, 23 of Ellijay and Cpl William A. Long, 26 of Lilburn died Saturday from injuries Friday night near Buritz. The men were part of the Army's 2nd Battalion, 69th Armor Regiment, 3rd Brigade,3rd Infantry Division at Fort Benning. Noah Harris I read joined the army after the September 11th,2201 Terrorist Attacks on the United States. Long joined the Army 3 years agao. His stepfather had been in the Army, his stepbrother, Aaron had joined the Air Force. Long then joined the military.

I am proud of these two and the rest of the soldiers in Iraq. All I can see is that this war is claiming more and more lives every day. I know these men were proud to serve their country. I'm sure that all these goings on in Iraq are harder for those who have lost ones to this war. I hope the soldiers are able to return home for good one of these days. Who knows when all of these things going on in Iraq will ever come to an just never know.

I was reading through a journal titled "Dear Diary" and I liked it. The writer of the jornal had taken a trip to Venice Italy. The pictures in this journal are wonderful. Drop by the journal and have a look for yourself don't take my word for me....

Good-night world

Monday, June 20, 2005

Another Monday

.............Hello world

Today began another week which is always a come the week never begins on a Thursday ??? Wouldn't it just be nice to have the week start on a Thursday ??? Never mind me anyway I was busy at work today always busy, busy, busy. The weather wasn't at hot as it has been though of course tomorrow is the 1st Day of Summer. I'm sure the weather will be fuel igniting once Summer gets off and rollin' so I'm enjoying this cool weather while I can.

On a different note someone gave me the title of a journal which I find quite wonderful it is titled "My Day and Thoughts" I will add it to my list. Here's something else I had to note - I watched the movie "Hitch" again with my mother and let me tell you that movie with Will Smith is one funny, funny movie. I think that movie and Will Smith deserve Oscars. Will Smith was great in that movie no one could have played that movie any better.

I also spent some time cleaning up my room which is a task since I have become a little lazy with getting my room picked up. No guy has ever been in my room anyway so that's probably a good thing. Though I did get a lot done in the cleaning portion of my evening, thank goodness. After all the cleaning I lit some candles in my room to get it smelling oh so wonderful !!! I have enough candles in my room to start my own candle shop. I have candles that are peach, blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, orange, cinnamon, vanilla and lavender scented just to name a few. If the power ever does go out on a rainy night I will be quite prepared.

All in all I just did a few little tasks and then I came to check out some more journals. I really hope everyone enjoys my journal...Good night all...Sweet dreams

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Father's Day !!!

Hello world....Happy Father's Day to all the father's out there in the world.          

@---,---'--- here is a rose for all of you

 Well here I am again as usual. Tomorrow of course starts another week and having to go back to work once again. I have some sad news to report Tiger Woods lost the 105th U.S. Open I still can't believe it. I can't believe that actually happened. I thought Tiger was going to win the tournament.

On a different note I did go outside today and I am happy to report that I wasn't eaten alive by any mini - blood sucking vampires also known as mosquitos. The weather was quite nice again so it was a nice day for a little yard work and just enjoying the weather. I didn't sleep in late I actually woke up early and enjoyed another great day. Long live weekends.........

Good night all......take care

Thoughts On Tom, Katie and Love

Hello world....It is official Tom Cruise proposed to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower in Paris which I think to be romantic. Many people say she is crazy and that he is forcing her into it. On television he has been jumping up and down with excitement about his feelings for Katie and she has been glowing with happiness. Other people are saying its a stunt but they have declared in front of the world that they are happy. I am thrilled for them both. I wish them all the best in their future together. I just have to disagree with the people who are against the coupling of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Everyone in the world deserves a chance at love. I feel that Katie has a right to marry who ever she wants. People have a right to fall in love whenever it comes along. I have NEVER been in love with anyone. I hope that there is someone in the world who is meant for me. Katie Holmes has found that someone in Tom so they have a right to that.

If anyone can be against two people in love they have no idea what love is. How can anyone be against falling in love ? love itself ?

Katie was proposed to at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.....that must have been some moment to remember. Yes I am a romantic at heart. I want the many moments Katie has had especially the moment she had in Paris. Katie is a lucky young woman to be marrying such a guy as Tom. All in all I say congratulations to the couple such much in love.. I wish them years and years of wedded bliss. Here's to Tom and Katie and a happy marriage in life and in love

Have a good day all......

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another Wonderful Saturday

Good evening.....It was a rather nice day today here in Georgia. The weather was nice especially for being outdoors. My parents of course had me help them with a little yard work which stirred up every insect anyone could think of. I can say that I'm sure lots of entymologists would have enjoyed being in our yard today. It just so happened that I raked up enough pine cones, leaves, tree branches and sticks that I could grow my own forest.

On a different subject I was reading through the journal titled "Ellipsis...The Blue Willow Gallery" and I have to say that journal is quite wonderful. The pictures in that journal are beautiful and interesting. I would suggest giving that journal a read. I have enjoyed reading many different journals but I still have my #1 favorite which is "One - Way Passage" which I'm sure is more than obvious. At the moment I have spent some time reading entries in the Blue Willow Gallery so drop over there because you will enjoy it as I did.

For now good -night world.........sleep well

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Thoughts

Good evening world.....If you ever find yourself looking for a movie at a video store I have a suggestion....The movie "Hitch" with Will Smith is funny. It may start out as an instructional manual for men who are looking for love but the movie gets better. The movie keeps you laughing and it keeps you watching. Will Smith did a great performance in this movie. As you watch "Hitch" you will find that you want to see it from beginning to end. 

I also have another suggestion....The journal "One - Way Passage" is a journal you will not want to miss. If you are also a fan of Robert James Waller you will want to read this journal as I do time and time again. 

Good-night world.....    

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Hello world.....Once again I have fallen in love with the journal "One - Way Passage". I come back to this journal everytime and the words capture me. I read one entry titled "Notes From A Midnight Musician" which is beautiful. The cursor once again sits waiting for me to write. The entry "Notes From A Midnight Musician" was written to me as it were a poem. This journal One - Way Passage shall remain my favorite. I always go back to the entries written in the journal "One - Way Passage because the words in the journal were written beautifully.

Good night world........

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Something New

Hello world.... I read something that I had to share with you. I am sure that the many fans of boxing remember such boxers as Rocky Marciano, Joe Frazier, Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali, Joe Louis and Leon Spinks just to name a few. But here's a question for those fans of boxing : Who is John Trigg ?? First of all before you answer I can't say that I knew who he was until I read some of the sports page in the Atlanta Journal Constitution this morning. John Trigg is 5'foot 6 and 140 pounds. He lives in Auburn Georgia. He has two children, son Corwin 10 and daughter Oriana, 5. Why is John Trigg in the sports section of the paper you might wonder?? Well John Trigg has had 44 professional fights. His record is 12-27-5. He has fought a future world champ, a former world champ and a slew of lesser belt holders. He is also a native of Barrow County. It is reported that he earned $1,500 last month for a six-round fight in a Hollywood,Fla. casino. It is also reported that he flew to Puerto Rico on seven hours notice to fight. He also drove to Miami twice in the same week to fight. I also read that he performed at the Atlanta Auto Show, New York's Madison Square Garden and at Tampa's Frankie's Patio. He had only 19 amateur fights before turning pro. In reading it said that he loves boxing but for him its been one disappointment after another. 

By day... Trigg grows flowers at the Quail Hollow Nursery in Dacula. I was reading that he has grown flowers at the nursery most of his adult life.

Trigg has considered retiring but still he feels strong and sharp. I also read that he trains several times a week in a park pavilion with Barrow County Deputy. Local promoters Austin Wingo and trainer Jerry Hill have worked with John. Hill has worked with Trigg the past two fights he's had. John still has not given up on working on his boxing. 

Maybe one day with determination like his he will become the next Rocky Marciano or Muhammad Ali you just never know. The name John Trigg will be famous one day and I'm the one who said it first. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Another Sweltering Day


Here in my neck of the woods it was a sweltering 92 degrees today. It feels like Summer has arrived like an unexpected guest that pops in just when your about to walk out the door. You could have cracked open an egg on the ground and it would have cooked under less than a second and that's no exaggeration. It can't possibly get any hotter. It might just be too hot to sleep.

On a different note the search for 18-year-old Natalee Holloway still continues. Hopefully her parents will find their daughter so they can put this tragedy behind them.

When it comes to the Michael Jackson verdict there is nothing more to say he's free by the voices of a jury of his peers. The jury proclaimed his innocence and the subject is closed for me....

I'd like to note that another journal is running close to becoming my next favorite. The title of this journal is....Life in words and pictures....The pictures in this journal have really been great and I like,like,like,like them tremendously. The pictures will capture you as they have me.

On a more funnier note...The 2-Faced Baseball had a close encounter with a bat and no he wasn't at the theatre watching the new Batman movie he had an up close and personal encounter with a real bat. All I can say is better the 2-Faced Baseball than me....

Good-night world....I guess that's it for now.One last thing.... the wonderful lady of Jeannette's Jottings would have said all of this far better than I so excuse my lack of being a talentless writer...once again good-night....


Monday, June 13, 2005

"A Monday"

Hello world.....First things first I had another great day. As you all might have heard Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY on all 10 counts. How do you feel about that dear world ? I just hope the best for him in the future.

In other news the search for 18-year-old Natalee Holloway who went missing in Aruba two weeks ago continues on. I really hope that her parents will get the information they need about their daughter which might bring the question of where their daughter is to a close. All the questions of their daughter's disappearance needs to be solved.

In sports news the Atlanta Braves had their fifth consecutive series loss after an 11-5 interleague loss to Oakland at Turner Field recently which is for me a sad note because I am cheering for them and hoping they gain a few wins and make a major comeback you just never know. While I'm on the subject of Baseball I have been reading a rather interesting journal titled "The Adventures of the 2-Faced Baseball." This baseball has been having some various adventures around the city....on the subway, the city streets and in the park as well. It will be interesting to see where this 2 - Faced Baseball will end up next.

How was my the rest of my day you might wonder.. well my day wasn't all that eventful. At work there was no bomb threats or having to evacuate the building thank goodness. The weather was quite warm but either than that my day went well. I guess you can say I had "A Monday".

........Good-night world

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Great Day !!

Hello everyone....Today I had another great day. I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that or what I otherwise call, shopping. I went to different stores and bought a few things. I also bought myself some artwork in one of the stores. I actually decided to make plans this weekend and I said that I would at least try to accomplish one thing I wanted to do and I did. Earlier in the morning we got a little bit of rain but by the afternoon the rain stopped and the weather cleared up. It went back to being warm again but with the day I had I really didn't mind the warm weather. Today was a pretty great Sunday I hung out with the folks and I had fun. I'm just glad that I didn't stay in this weekend because I wouldn't have had as much fun as I did today. Long live weekends as I always say....Of course tomorrow is back to work for me so who knows what will happen this week. All in all this was a rather great day.

P.S. I found another journal titled "View From A Farm House Window" that I actually think is really interesting. Drop in and give the journal a read it has become another one of my favorites. If you know of anymore journals that I might like drop me a line....Good night dear world

Final Reminder-Check out the journal "Adventures of the 2-Faced Baseball" it will make you laugh trust me.....

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Interesting Day

Hello world...Today was both interesting and fun for me. A little bit of Tropical Storm Arlene arrived here in Georgia so we are getting a little bit of rain and some cool breeze so we are getting a break from the heat. I just hope that the people in Florida are surviving this weather. What made my day interesting and fun you might wonder..Well my parents and I went to a Farmers Market earlier this afternoon. This place was like stepping into a foreign country without actually getting on a plane.There were people there who you could were from all parts of the world. I was walking around listening to the people talking. These people were speaking all different kinds of languages that I have never heard before. Even now I wonder what they were all saying. This market also had food from all parts of the world. I bought some cheese that on the label said it was from Bavaria, I can't say that I know where Bavaria is but the cheese was good. This market was like stepping into another world. There was a ton of other things that I saw and heard that still lingers with me even now. I couldn't wait to come and share my day with you dear world. I just can't wait to go back to that market again.All I can say is long live weekends.......Good night world

Friday, June 10, 2005

Today is Friday !!

Hello world...Despite the weather.....I'm still here. Here in my little neck of the woods its either been sweltering , muggy or 80 degrees worth of humidity but I'm still here.

On a different note I found some other journals which I added to my journal page which I found to be interesting so drop by to some of them and give them a little read.

Here's a quick note - recently I had heard on the news that a tropical storm will be hitting the Florida panhandle I don't really know of Arlene's plans. I just hope Arlene decides to change her mind.

Here's something else that is If I could interest you dear world I was just thinking of all the different people on the news that I have seen in court or about to go to trial. Since there are people in court I was thinking of what kind of case I would find interesting. Wouldn't it really be something to see a case where a guy is accused of walking in the street on his hands, I know that sounds weird but that would be something new wouldn't you say ?? That would certainly make headlines.That would make a perfect "Law and Order : Trial By Jury" show. I would love to see that on t.v. maybe its just me.

Well this is Friday and then to follow is the weekend...Have a good one my dear world.

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Another Sweltering Day

Hello it is another sweltering day here but I have managed to survive. It might as well be 110 degrees with how its managed to be sweltering. Work has been quite busy. Yesterday I mentioned some details that happened at work well the news was that we had a bomb threat, yes an actual bomb threat, I'm fine of course. Things can't get more eventful than a bomb threat. Nothing was found and things went back into the usual routine. I'm sure no one wants to hear about this so let me go on with other things. Its been extremely hot here a very sticky kind of heat. Its been one of those you step outside and your clothes get static cling. Your day ends and all you think about is jumping into the shower with a bucket of ice. There has to be a point where the weather can't possibly get any hotter...or is it ?? The one good thing about a bomb threat is that I got to see some nice looking fire men...being a single female that's what I got out of it all...Well who knows what will happen tomorrow....Good night world......

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

An Endless Day

Hello again...Today was what you would call sweltering here in Georgia and endless.  Of course what began my day was a tree that fell in the middle of the road before I went off to work. The only thing is it didn't stop me from being able to get to work. My work day continued and then later in the afternoon there was an incident which had all of us evacuating the building. We were told where to go until we were given further instructions of course we were all left standing outside in the sweltering heat for an hour and a half. I can't go into details of what happened because that would require me having to go into a series of long and exhausting details of how it all began. Let's let's just say that the police department was called out and search dogs were brought along to clear the premises. The incident ended without anyone being injured and no danger was reported by security. After all was said and done I can say that the Dasani water industry would be happy to know that everyone at my job including myself would be more than happy to make several endorsements free of charge. I drank several bottles of Dasani that I could be considered its #1 fan including a lot of my coworkers. It is understandable am I not when I say that this kind of weather should be banned from recurring at least for another 60 years.Then again is it humanly possible for it to be any hotter than sweltering ? 

All in all this dear world is the ordinary every day stuff of my life....Need I say more ???? 

Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Other Thoughts

Hello again. Summer here in the South is making its presence known. It seems to be getting hotter.

On a entirely different note - Just as the writer Robert James Waller would write so has the writer of the journal "One-Way Passage". The writer of this journal creates such poetry which I have to say lingers long after reading it. I have found that this journal in a manner of speaking is my first love. I really hope that others will take the time to be captured with this journal as I have. Probably Robert James Waller would agree with me.

P.S. If anyone has any journals they would like to share with me feel free to leave the titles with me and I will read them. I am sorry to say that "One-Way Passage will remain as my 1st love.......

Monday, June 6, 2005

Something New

Hello again...Recently I came upon a journal titled "One - Way Passage" and I really liked it. The journal is written by someone who words are more like poems than just a journal. I read the journal more than once and I found it quite interesting. The journal brought to mind poems I had read by the poet Pablo Neruda. I also found his words stirring. His journal captures anyone who decides to read it and I am a fan of this journal. I would suggest this journal to anyone. Right now this journal has become my #1 favorite. Take my word for it or read it for yourself and tell me what you think of it......

My Monday

Hello world ! Today it felt as if Summer had arrived until later on when it got dark and a huge downpour arrived.

On a different note I came upon some other journals that I found great. One journal was titled "Jilly's Poems", "Fran's Life" and the other Camera Obscura. In the journal Camera Obscura there is a photograph titled "Lighthouse at Dusk". The photograph is in black and white. I found that photograph a great one. I hope that others will like these journals as much as I did. I was reading "Jeannette's Jottings" which introduced the journals of "Jilly's Poems" and "Fran's Life". I hope that others will find those journals as great as I did. I am not as great a writer as any of those people but I hope that at least someone finds something to like in mine. Thanks again for those who have read my journal I hope that you liked reading my journal and all that I had to offer. I will try to share more in the future. Who knows I might just improve in my writing I just don't know....

Sunday, June 5, 2005

An Ordinary Sunday

Hello world here I am again. Today was just one of those ordinary days. I watched a little television and then I went outside while my 5 year old niece played in a small pool set up in the backyard. The thing is later in the day it started thundering and getting dark. We came inside and the sky got clear. It got warm again like it had never thundered or been dark. I have to wonder how does the weather go from one change to another. It started to rain a little and then it stopped and got clear outside. How does that happen so quickly I wonder...

On a different note I spent the rest of the day watching television and writing in my journal online. Basically I didn't do much of anything. I didn't even contribute to the gross national product. This was a nice weekend for me except I didn't get anything done and that's okay with me. Long live weekends.....and doing nothing at all.....

Saturday, June 4, 2005

A Great Saturday

Hi world !!! This has been a great great day. This is one of those do nothing, watch rented movies from Blockbuster, eat potato chips and ice-cream, hang out and enjoy the family kind of days. I watched "National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage and I have to say that it wasn't a good movie. Instead of watching that movie I could have went to the library and had a better time than I did watching that one and my family agrees. I also watched "Without A Paddle" and that one is without a doubt funny. That movie leaves you laughing from beginning to end. I also saw the movie "The Replacements" with Keanu Reeves. The movie "The Replacements" is a wonderful movie for guys and women both. Guys will love it for the football and women will love it for the guy meets girl and end up together part. I loved it for the football and the other part. I loved "The Replacements". Keanu Reeves was great in that movie. The weather wasn't too bad either not a dark cloud in sight. In the end all I can say is.....Long Live Saturdays

Good-night all

Friday, June 3, 2005

A Little Bit Changed

Tonight I went with my mother to a Healing Mass at the Georgia International Convention Center. I feel a little bit changed. There was a newborn baby there who was a paraplegic, others were adults who were either in wheelchairs or had a severe illness. I've been feeling sorry for myself for being single and for having a little nagging cough. Other people have it worse than me. My problems fail in comparison to what other people are going through in their lives. I have been thinking of myself more than I should. I am lucky in so many ways and yet I haven't really appreciated that. Sometimes I take things for granted and I fail to realize it sometimes. I have to do better in the future....I have to at least try. Good-night world

Thursday, June 2, 2005

More News

Hello again dear world....I read something that I thought was nice so here it is. A woman named Rachel Rosen Lehmann is a Atlanta Opera Volunteer but the best part is that she is 102 years old...yes she is actually 102 years old. She recently met a guy named Bill Hargrove. Bill Hargrove was profiled recently in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Bill is a resident of Clermont and something of a bowler. He is also 104 years old...I am not kidding he is 104 years old. Rachel recently celebrated her 102nd birthday with her date Bill Hargrove. He arrived at her birthday celebration in a suit and tie and ( 3 ) long stemmed red roses in hand. I wanted to share this because its hopeful to know that no matter what age you are its possible to find someone just as Rachel and Bill did.

What made me bring this up ?? Well let me share some personal information with you. Of course you know that I am 29 years old. What you don't know is that I have NEVER dated anyone. I have yet to go through what I am sure is a nice To think that people like Rachel and Bill can find one another gives me hope that one day I might find someone for myself. I am hopeful that there might be someone out in the world for me and that's a good thing....

Its getting late so that's it for now. Good - night world and we will talk soon....Sweet dreams

Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Rainy Day

Hello again...Today was another wet, wet day. We are getting a little more rain here in the South. I want to go back to eighty degree weather. Summer will be coming soon I long for some Summer weather. A day of rain is fine but 2, 3, 4 days of rain is long enough.

On a different note my nagging cough is still with me I am sad to report but I did buy some Robitussin CF and some Ricola cough drops. I am swearing by Robitussin CF and Ricola from now on. The Robitussin is helping me from not coughing as much and the Ricola cough drops is soothing my throat thank goodness, finally a little bit of relief. I was taking Nyquil and I have to say that it only puts you to sleep and that's all it does. Other than that I'm fine.

Here's another note...I went to Home Depot which for me is a rare occasion. I asked one of the workers a question about where I could find an item and apparently he thought I was an expert to the store. He told me to look for this particular item where the shingles were. I don't know shingles from a paint brush. I went from aisle to aisle looking for what I needed. I finally found what I needed but why oh why did this worker think I would know what shingles were let alone what they looked like. My dad is the expert of Home Depot. If I knew about shingles why would I have asked him a question. I still don't know what shingles are or what they look like.

Hopefully tonight I will fall asleep with ease, hopefully. Tomorrow I want to wake up to a blue sky and tons of sunshine. I wouldn't mind if Summer decided to arrive a few weeks early I would just love it. The rain has been here long enough.

Well I guess that's all for now good-night world. Sweet dreams and take care. We will talk soon.....