Saturday, July 24, 2010

Some Wonderful News.....

Hello everyone

Good evening everyone. How is everyone doing ? My dear world I have some personal news that I wanted to share with you. I have an Uncle named Noel who my family and I have NOT seen or heard from in a long time.

He contacted us recently and tonight he called while my parents were out. He and I talked for a little while on the phone. He sounds the same as I remember he did. I would definitely like to see him. I wonder if he would remember me if he saw me face to face. He is a part of my family and I have thought about him and I have missed him. I told him that I thought about him on the phone. I also told him that I loved him. It was nice hearing from him on the phone. It is always nice to hear from family especially when you haven't seen them in a while. I have been wondering how he has been doing these days. I have been wanting to talk to him and I finally got the chance. I have NOT forgotten my uncle Noel. I have been wondering about him and if he has been doing alright. I wonder what he looks like now. The last time I saw him I was a little girl. He is still a part of my family and he still someone that I care about a great deal. I am glad that he called I liked the conversation that we had. I hope that we stay in contact and that perhaps one day we get to see one another.

I just wanted to share that with you my dear world. You might not know him about you would like to meet him. He was always such a great person and he was a totally wonderfully sweet person. I am glad that I got a chance to speak to him tonight. There are a lot of things I wish I could have told him. I hope you don't mind me sharing this news with you. I know that I don't often share personal news with you but I wanted to share a little part of my life with you.

Take care my dear world

Update....And Being A Fan Of The Beatles

Hello everyone

Good afternoon everyone !!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. You have probably been wondering where I have been lately and why haven't I posted ???? Well I have been working and working and working and staying busy. was an extremely hot sticky day in my neck of the woods yesterday. It was like a thousand degrees outside. It was hot enough to fry an egg on the ground. I have to tell you that a few days ago my mom bought me a t-shirt with the "BEATLES" on it. I am a fan of the "BEATLES". I got some people at my work and outside of the work who told me that they either had the record of the shirt I was wearing or that they were also fans of the Beatles. I have always wanted to go a Beatles concert but I have never had the chance.

After work my folks and I and my niece's went to eat at a Chinese restaurant that opened up near my work which is a courthouse. The food was quite good and delicious. My parents also liked the food. I think that the restaurant will do a lot of business with the food they have. I ate quite a bit yesterday.

Once we finished eating we went to a JCPenney store. I ended up buying a black onyx bracelet and a pair of guitar earrings that I will end up turning into a necklace. I also got (2) t-shirts I liked. One of the t-shirts has guitars on it. On our way home from JCPenney it started raining. The sky totally opened up and it rained buckets but it didn't last long.

I went to Walmart later on. I found another Beatles shirt I liked and I bought a book that I wanted. I am currently reading "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hello good evening !!!!

Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. It has been quite a week. The last couple of days in Georgia we were under constant cover of clouds and rain. It has been a week of working hard at my job and staying busy busy busy busy. rained like a lot in my neck of the woods. It came down like a river and I am surprised that fish didn't fall out of the sky.

I have been watching the movie "Twilight" for the umpteenth time. I also purchased the book which is part of the Eclipse movie. The book is titled "the short second life of bree tanner" by the writer Stephenie Meyer. I have all of her books and I have read them. I can't wait to read this one. I am officially obsessed with Stephenie Meyer and her books.

It did not rain today and it was another busy day today. I did purchased another book today titled "The Search" by Nora Roberts. I am a huge fan of Nora Roberts as well. I have a lot of her books as well. I did finish reading the book "Lakeside Cottage" by the writer Susan Wiggs which was a good book.

So how are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope all is well with you. How are things where you are ? Have you read any good books lately ? I do hope that you are all having a great week.

That's all for now. Take care everyone.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hello everyone !!!!!!!!!!

Good evening all !!!!!! I hope you are all well. I hope you all had a great 4th of July. My family and I spent the day outside yesterday eating and having a good time. My dad and I and my niece Megan and I went to Kroger and I got some fireworks. He also got some fireworks and some other stuff as well. While I was at Kroger I picked up a book titled "Honey, Baby, Sweetheart" by the writer Deb Caletti. So far its a pretty good book. I did finish reading the book "PRIVATE" by James Patterson which was a good book. Once it got dark we did our fireworks. Our neighbors behind us did some fireworks which were pretty. I was off of work. My family and I went to the mall. We walked the mall for a little while. My niece's got some tennis shoes and my mom got a pair of pants. I got a yellow cow hide purse on sale which I like. The weather was quite nice today. After the mall we went to Rite Aid and I picked up the book "Violets Are Blue" by James Patterson. I got a lot of his books which I have read. He is one of my favorite writers.

So my dear world how are things in your neck of the woods ? How was your weekend ? I hope you have a great week ahead. I guess that's all for now. I will talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone