Monday, January 30, 2006


Hello Dear World......


First of all how are you ? How was your day ? Mine began when I jumped out of bed forgetting that I had to take the day of of work to go to the doctor with my mother. That wasn't the end of my day however not in the least........I had one of those "Really wonderful beginning of the week" kind of day. By the day my mother is fine she just had to go for a regular check up but she needed someone to ride with her in the car so it wasn't nothing bad.

I do have some rather sad news that I heard from one of my friends who keeps a journal titled "My Everyday Life". Her name is Helen. Carlene who keeps a journal titled "HORSESHOE BEND" lost her husband. Please go and offer her some kind words that might help her get through this sad time. Her journal is as follows : "HORSESHOE BEND"


On a different note my mother and I took a little ride earlier today to uptown Atlanta which includes such places as "The Varsity", Centennial Olympic Park, The Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site, Atlanta's Turner Baseball Field and a few other places just like those. Then we took a ride to her doctor which was a good visit for her regular check - up.

After her doctor we then went to a little store called "Woori Oriental Food Mart". While we were there I bought some oriental crackers which I had never tried before. The crackers were pretty good. My mother bought her some roasted seaweed and some oriental rice which she uses to make sushi rolls. I can't say that I am a fan of sushi but she enjoys it.

After that we went to a store called Hancock Fabrics which is a store me and my mother both enjoy. The store has things like yarn, buttons, fabric of course, scrapbooking materials, sewing kits and a variety of other things. You might say that Hancock's is a lot like JoAnn's which is just like it.

After all of that we went to lunch at the "Atlanta Bread Company". We both had sandwiches called California Avocado which were great. We chose different breads for our sandwiches. She had a soup with her sandwich and I had a bag of chips with mine. It was my first time having the California Avocado which I have to say I greatly enjoyed. The Atlanta Bread Company is a great place to go eat and hang out at.

I thought I would share a few links with you :


All in all it was a pretty great day......I thought thought you would like to hear all about my day dear world. I just really hope that your Monday was a nice one.

P.S. I just got my catalog that I ordered from a company called "Indigo Wild". You have to go check out the site ----------->

Well enough about me.......I hope that all is well with you. Tonight you are my last call of the day so I would like to say...........good night and sweet dreams......

Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Sunday........

Hello Dear World.....

How was my day ? It was a rather quiet Sunday here at home in Atlanta, Georgia. A few minutes ago I had a taco for dinner. Do you like eating tacos dear world ? What do you like on your taco ? I am about to eat one of my favorite junk food items which is a Hershey's Milk Chocolate. As you already know I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve chocolate. Do you like chocolate too dear world ? What is your favorite piece of candy ?

On a different note I have been reading a journal titled "La Dolce Vita" which is written by a rather interesting lady named Iris. I really like her journal. She travels a lot and shares her travels in her journal. You can find her journal at " La Dolce Vita " ------> . You will enjoy reading about her travels as I do. Feel free to leave her a few comments or two. I'm sure she will like having a few more visitors to her journal so drop by and tell her hello. You can tell her I sent you.

On another different note I recently watched a movie titled "To Sir, With Love" starring Sidney Poitier. Sidney Poitier plays a character named Mark Thackeray who is an engineer who is asked to leave his engineering job. He later arrives to an East End school to teach a class which doesn't appreciate his arrival that is until they get to see how really great of a teacher he is with all that he teaches and does for his students. "To Sir, With Love" is one of my other favorite movies. You might want to go out and rent it and see it for yourself. I really find that it is one of the greatest movies Sidney Poitier ever made.

Here's a little note for you dear world about one of my favorite singers named Lisa Loeb. Lisa has a show on television called "#1 Single" which is a show about her experiences as a single woman. She is a very good singer and she's also quite funny. In her new show you see her experience her life as she tries to find what I call a "soul mate". I really like her new show as well as her music. You can check out her site at ---------------> . As you already know I am 29 years old and still single. I have not started dating yet but I would like to start dating. The thing is I haven't found anyone that would be interested in dating me. I have crushes on guys but I haven't gotten to the "I would like to date this person" part of my life but you never know. Yes dear world you never know.

So how was your Sunday dear world ? Tell me what you did today....Feel free to let me know what you will do once the week begins. I will be waiting to hear what you will be doing.

Anyway........I just thought I would come by and tell you a few things that I did today. I hope that you enjoy reading and will come back for another visit soon.

Take care dear world........good night

Saturday, January 28, 2006

One Of Those Days........

Dear World.....

Tonight is one of those days......I'm feeling blah kind of days. I was reading a poem by Mattie Stepanek titled "Sour Milk Muscles" which was how I was feeling today. I thought I would share it with you dear world.

Sour Milk Muscles

Aching and burning

And aching and sore...

Sour milk muscles are

Hurting once more...

Tired and aching

And aching and tight....

Sour milk muscles

Are burning tonight....

Like too much of milk

Makes your stomach turn sick,

Like too much of stress

Makes your old ulcer tick,

Like too much of acid

Makes everything pain,

These sour milk muscles

Will drive me insane...

Aching and burning

And aching and sore.....

Sour milk muscles are

Hurting once more...

Tired and aching

And aching and tight...

My sour milk muscles

Have me crying tonight.....

November 17, 1999 --------Mattie J.T. Stepanek

Personal Website :

Also check out some other journals I want to share with you :

Sara's Days  ---------------> 

Drop by Sara's journal and tell her hello and leave her a nice comment or two she would like that.

Diary of a Mad Woman -------------->

In this journal there was a sentence by the writer which I thought fit in with my entry which read : "Wish I could say I was as happy as pup in a room fulla milkbones...."

Drop by this journal. You will like it as I did.

Well dear world.........Thanks for listening

Good night


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Perfect Day........

Hello Dear World......

Do you want to know what I did today ? You will never guess. Do you want to hear all the details.......are you waiting for me to tell you ? Are you on the edge of your seat ? You will never guess......What to hear all about it ? What to know ?


I'll keep you waiting for one more minute........


It all began early this morning at work. I had a conversation....I repeat I had a conversation with a guy that works at the same place I do in the very same building as I work as well. It was my first conversation with him. It was a hi, how are you doing ? How are things kind of conversation. The thing is he doesn't really know that I like him....actually I have something of a crush on him which he doesn't really know about. I usually start by telling him hello Mr. and his last name but today he told me he I could call him by his first name. I have never called him by his first name, never. Let me tell you dear world this guy is quite nice looking and he is the kind of guy any woman would get all crushed out on. He also has the most nicest smile you could ever imagine. I just thought I would share this latest piece of news with you.


On a different note I have been reading a journal titled "The Stupidsheet Guy" which also brought me to another journal titled "Letting It All Sink In". You might want to drop by and say hello.

Here's the link ----------->


There is another journal titled "Chosen Words" which is written by a wonderful poet. His journal is filled with beautiful poems and amazing pictures. You will like this journal as I do.......

Here's a link------->

By the way did any of you catch American Idol tonight ? Well I did....Simon Cowell walked off the show at the last minute and went back to his hotel. He seemed rather mad. Half of the people had a lot of talent to become singers. I love to see what the judges say and to see who auditions on the show. Its one of my other favorite shows on television.

Do you have a favorite television program ? By now I'm sure your tired of me going on and on and on and on about this, that and the other so I will say -------> goodnight.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!


Monday, January 23, 2006

Just A Monday & West Wing

Good Evening Dear World........

Let me begin by saying that I am upset let me explain why. Today I got some rather sad news that my favorite television show "West Wing" will be ending on May 14th. You can check it out at ------------------------> and . I watched the show from the very beginning of its first airing. I still watch the reruns like I have never seen the show before. I still can't believe the news. I am still a huge fan of the show. I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve the show even now.

My other favorite show "Will & Grace" will air its series finale May 18th. However "West Wing" was my #1  favorite show of all time. I was one of those people that watched it like clock work. All of my favorite shows are going off the air what is going on ???

On a different note I have been thinking of my other favorite thing, Clouds. I am a huge fan of clouds. Warm summerlike days with a sky full of baby blue color and paper white clouds is my favorite thing to see. Two journals that I read have pictures of clouds in them. One is titled " By The Way" and the other is "My Everyday Life".

Check them out........

You will enjoy their pictures like I did.......Drop by and take a look at their journals and you will see them for yourself.

Question :

Do you like clouds dear world ?

That's about all for now........Good night and sweet dreams

Sunday, January 22, 2006

A Little Of My Day......Nothing Ordinary

Hello World........

How are you ? Well I'm sure you were wondering what I've been up to lately. Let me tell you I have been hanging at the house, pretty boring huh ??? Earlier this evening I had dinner with the family. We had some chicken with some barbecue sauce my father bought at the grocery store. The name of this bar-b-cue sauce was "Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce". The guy who made it is named Ted Gregory or as he calls himself "The Ribs King". Written on the bottle was that this barbecue sauce is rather famous at a restaurant called "The Montgomery Inn Boathouse" Restaurant which is located on the northern shore of the Ohio river in Cincinnati. You can check it out at . My family and I agreed that this sauce could have stayed at the grocery store because it wasn't good at all. It had a sweet jelly taste to it and I don't think that's the way a good barbecue sauce should taste. I know what your thinking....I didn't like Emeril Lagasse's barbecue sauce and I didn't like this. Well I am just wondering if there is a cook out there who can make a good barbecue sauce at all. Is there anyone out there who can make a decent tasting barbecue sauce ???? I am doubtful seriously doubtful. Maybe I should become the new barbecue taste critic, now there's an idea don't you think ? All kidding aside this barbecue sauce was really lacking in what it was supposed to be..........Barbecue Sauce.

On a totally different note........I was a reading one of my favorite journals titled "The Hadonfield Myers Experience" which led me to another journal titled "Tiny Drop Big Ocean" --------> .

I have another journal to share with you titled "Diary of a Mad Woman ----------->

I also came upon one titled "A not very good random snapshot of London Life..... -------------->

Check this one out as well titled "F-Stop" --------------->

Here's another one you will enjoy titled "Front Doors" --------------->

Here's another that you will like ----------------> MY COUNTRY LIFE, Part 2 --------------->

Last but not least is another journal titled "Moonlight Drive" ------------->

There's another journal titled "AOL Journals: Magic Smoke" ------> that showed some rather interesting pictures of some clouds. I happen to like looking at clouds. Do you like looking at clouds dear world ? Drop by this journal and take a look at a few that I thought was interesting. Take a look at this site

Tell the keepers of these journals that I sent you. Leave them a comment or 2 and tell them what you think. I will talk to you again soon.............I will leave you with a poem written by Christine Bruun titled "Cloud Pictures"

Cloud Pictures

On summer days it's fun to sit

Beside a tree or under it,

And watch the clouds go drifting by,

Making pictures in the sky.

Once I saw a pirate ship.

The flag was flying high on it.

A rocket blasted off for Mars,

And race car drivers raced their cars.

A wicked witch flew over head.

Her broom and black cat gave me dread.

Seals and bears came into sight.

As cloud zoos float, a great delight !

A circus too, clowns and more !

From fluffy clouds that dip and soar,

On summer days as I sit by,

Under trees, and watch the sky.

-------------------------------------Christine Bruun

Good night and Sweet Dreams Dear World.........


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Some News.........

Good Evening Dear World........

First things first how the heck are you ? How was your day ? It seems like its been forever and a day since we last talked. So here I am.......

Oh, oh, oh, where to begin ? where to begin ? Well let me start where my day first began at work. I work at a courthouse did I tell you that ?  I have a little alarming news.........At my job there was a security breach don't worry I am fine. Something went on in the building and so there is still some investigating going on so I will share the details with you soon.

Did I tell you that I live here in Clayton County Georgia's a little background on it -------- >

On a more different note..........One of my favorite movies came on the other day. The name of my favorite movie is "Dream For An Insomniac". Ione Skye, Jennifer Aniston, Mackenzie Astin, Leslie Stephens, Michael Sterk, Michael Landes, Seymour Cassel, Sean Blackman and other actors and actresses play in the movie.

The movie is set in San Francisco. Ione Skye plays an actress named Frankie who has spent much of her young-adult life living in an apartment of her Uncle Leo's played by Seymour Cassel. She works there as a waitress along with another character named Rob played by Michael Landes who plays her cousin. There they usually hang out with their friends who is a character named Juice played by Sean Blackman who happens to play a slacker and fellow would be star Allison played by Jennifer Aniston. Before spying beautiful, blue-eyed David played by Mackenzie Astin. Frankie refused to waste her time dating anyone "less than extraordinary". But the minute they meet, they begin exchanging literary quotes and from there it is love all the way, at least until Frankie learns that David has a girl friend. Adding another tension to the mix is Frankie's upcoming acting job, one that requires she move to LA.

I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this movie.....................I repeat................I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve this movie its wonderful. If you haven't seen it I would definitely say you should go out and rent it and see it for yourself. This movie isperfect with popcorn and a perfect spot on the couch.

Here's another note for you to : I am catching up on my American Idol watching and let me tell you I am loving it mainly because of the judges. Some of these people I feel sorry for because they are being told that they have no talent. There was one guy on the show tonight named Ace and he got through to the next round. The thing is I thought he was rather terrible at singing. There was a 16 year old on the show who had a beautiful voice and I am glad she got picked to go through the next round.

The sad thing is I am waiting for my favorite show "Bones" to come back on next Wednesday.The wonderful Fox drama "Bones" is on Fox and let me tell you I love, love, love it.  My favorite part of the show is David Boreanaz. Any show or movie with him in it and I love to see it.

Here are a few of my favorite things :


Krispy Kreme  

Barnes & Noble   

Next on my list to share with you includes some other journals. The sweet young lady Meg from the journal "Friendship, Loyalty and Love" shared some links on her journal that I want to share with you also.

The Woes and the Prose of an American Idol Junkie ---------------->

ALLY'S CORNER ----------------->


The World As I See It ---------------->

Please go by and check out these journals..........I know that right about -----------------> now                           You are tired of me going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. So for now I will say -------------------------->

Ciao !!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

My Sunday........

Hello Dear World.........

You will be glad to know that I survived last night's "BIG CHILL" so now you don't have to call the Emergency Rescue Squad. So now I can share with you what I did today.

On television I watched a show called "Wife Swap" which is a show where two wives get to swap lives for a while. Sometimes its funny and sometimes its downright sad. Then my family and I had dinner which was pieces of chicken. For the first time my mother purchased a bottle of Emeril Lagasse's "Sweet Original" Barbeque sauce. I hate to say it but my family and I agreed that his sauce was tasteless and we won't be trying any of his other sauces either. I was hoping that I was going to like his sauce because I watched his live cooking show on television. Trying his sauce makes me not want to watch his show anymore I'm sad to tell you. Anyway.......

On a different note at 9:00 p.m. I watched another movie called "Jesse Stone: Night Passage" with Tom Selleck. Mr. Selleck used to play on a show "Magnum P.I." He played a character named Thomas Magnum. You can find some information about him at ------------> . The movie "Jesse Stone: Night Passage" will be coming on weekly as he continues to play Jesse Stone who works as a Police Chief in a small New England town. Tom Selleck is as gorgeous as ever in my opinion.

Here's a little something else you might enjoy.........I know some journals you might find of interest : One is titled "Bee's Shutter" and the other is titled "Paragon". Please go check them out I know you will like them as I do.

Bee's Shutter ------------->


There's another journal titled "saysomething" which happens to include my favorite song by Nelly Furtado "I'm Like A Bird". I really like this journal.

saysomething -----------> 

For now take care dear world........We'll talk again soon

Good night....

Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Saturday........

Good Evening Dear World......

It was a rather cold and freeeeeeeezing day here in Georgia.......My fingers haven't fallen off yet I will let you know if they do in the coming days. I spent my day in bed watching television.......some of my favorite movies came on today........


The Saint w/ Val Kilmer check him out at ------->

also check out ----------->

Stigmata ----------->

Broken Arrow ---------->

My dear friend Jeannette of Jeannette's Jottings gave me a journal to check out I think you will enjoy reading it as I did.......You might even want to leave a comment or 2 ----------------> The journal is titled "Sunshine Star" ------> . Go by and give it a read.

There's another journal you will want to check out -----------> The journal is titled "( sometimes ) photoblog ----------------> . There's a photo of the moon the writer posted go by and give it a look.

I just got a link for another journal that I think you will want to check out its titled "Linda's World" -------> . Drop by and say hello and perhaps leave a comment or 2........I will tell her to expect you dear world.........

By the way my dear friend Meg sent me some questions I will be answering in the next few days. I will post my answers in the next couple of days so be on the look out for those..........

If you have any interesting links that you think I would like please feel free to share them with me........Thanks

Have a good night.........I will try not to get any kind of frost bite due to the cold weather.........

Good night !!!!

Friday, January 13, 2006

A Little Bit of Everything Friday.....

Good evening dear world.......

I know you have been wondering where I've been......well here I am. Today I worked from the beginning of my morning at work till it was time for me to get off. You can say that I certainly contributed to the "Gross National Product". Weather wise it was a rather gloomy and wet today here in Atlanta, Georgia. On the news it is predicted that tomorrow we will be waking up to snow flurries and a very cold day for which I say........BRRRRRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!! although I would like to wake up to a little bit of snow on the ground even if its just little patches the size of cotton balls it will still be nice.

Earlier this afternoon one of my coworkers and I went to a great place called "Atlanta Bread Company". You can find it at --------> . I had a tuna salad sandwich, some chips and a cheese croissant. I also bought a coffee famously known as a coffee mocha. At this local joint they have some great sandwiches such as : Panini Milano, or a Bella Basil Chicken Sandwich, or a Tangy Roast Beef Sandwich, or a California Avocado or a Hot Pastrami. They also have many specialty breads like that of : Asiago Cheese Strip, Rosemary Focaccia, French Baguette, Sourdough, Pumpernickel and many others. There a particular kind of drink there called a "Cafechillo". The various flavors are : Kona Mocha, Vanilla Latte or a Spiced Chai. I have to say that in my opinion the desserts and the coffee at the Atlanta Bread Company are the best. The chocolate chip cookies are my favorite of all. I can't wait to go back there. Its just one of those kind of places where you can go there, eat and hang out for as long as you want. With all the food served there its hard to choose just what you want or how much you can eat. All in all its a nice place to go.

After I got off of work my family and I went to dinner at a restaurant that I told you about before known as "La Parrilla". You can check it out at . Its a very busy place lots of people like to go there and eat. The food there is not bad at all. I usually go for the Super Burrito. We usually end up waiting for a table but its nice to go there for dinner.

Anyway........After dinner we went out to a store called Marshalls. You can find it at . I did manage to find 2 shirts in the mens side of the store of course, some books which I will tell you about later. I also bought some journals since I also keep a few hand written journals so I can keep up with a few other things.

By now I'm sure your thinking all of that in one day.........YES all of that in one day. I'll fill you in on more later.

Good night dear world.........sleep well

By the way how was your day ????

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A New Piece of News........

Hello Dear World....

First things first how are you ? I have a question for you do you want to know what it is......are you on the edge of your seat ? Okay, okay, okay here it is....What do Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera, Blake Lively and Alexis Bledel have in common ? Well the movie "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" which is the greatest movie since "The Breakfast Club". You can check it out at -----------------> . The movie was about four lifelong friends who are separated for the first time. On a shopping trip, the young women find a pair of thrift-shop jeans that fits each of them perfectly and they decide to use these pants as a way of keeping in touch over the months ahead, each one wearing the jeans for a week to see what luck they bring her before sending them on to the next. Amber Tamblyn plays Tibby, America Ferrera plays Carmen, Blake Lively plays Bridget and Alexis Bledel plays Lena.

My favorite part of the movie was Alexis Bledel who plays Lena. Her character has to go away for a while to Greece to spend with her grandparents. From seeing the movie Greece looks like a very beautiful place. The one thing I wish would have to be that I could fold myself in half in an envelope and forward myself to Greece. Of course if this movie doesn't win an award then I really will know that something is definitely wrong with Hollywood. The other part I liked was Amber Tamblyn who played a great part as Tibby. Playing the character Tibby part of Amber's hair had to be colored blue. I am seriously thinking of dying some of my hair blue it looked really nice and I think that would be shocking to see half of my hair colored like Amber did for the movie.

By the way do you have a favorite pair of blue jeans ? Drop by and tell me about them I would like to hear any interesting stories you might have about them.......

What do you think dear world ?????? Have you seen this movie ? If you haven't go out and rent it as soon as possible. Anyway......I'll talk to you later.

Good night........

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wonderful Treasures

Hello Dear World......Good Evening

I came upon some wonderful treasures that will fill you with absolute delight...........

Ellipsis Vignettes

(sometimes) photoblog

Judith HeartSong

You will love these treasures as I did.......Go take a look and you will fall in love instantly

Monday, January 9, 2006

Going To The Grocery Store.........

Good Evening Dear World.....

How are you ? I wanted to share something with you. I was inspired by one of my other favorite journals titled "View From A Farm House Window" and I will tell you why. Hint...Hint...Hint...Going to the grocery store.

Check out this journal at -------------> . You might think that going to the grocery store isn't all that noteworthy but I just wanted to share this with you.....Here in Riverdale, Ga. which is my neck of the woods is a grocery store called "Little Giant Farmers Market" You can find it at ----------> WWW.LITTLEGIANTFARMERSMARKET.COM/ . In the store they have items like tender cactus. I repeat tender cactus in a jar in the grocery store. Also in the store is dried seaweed. I can't imagine eating any kind of dried seaweed. Its weird to go the "Little Giant Farmers Market" because the items in the store are a little strange to me. The grocery store I usually shop at is Kroger which is completely different from the "Little Giant Farmers Market". I'm just saying that going to a grocery store is and can oftentimes be a weird experience.

Do you like going to the grocery store ? Have you seen foods you find weird or strange like I have ? Well that's all for now........

Good night and sweet dreams.........

Sunday, January 8, 2006

Enter At Your Own Risk..........

Hello Dear World......

How are you ? Before I say anything let me warn you some of what I say might gross you out.......Read carefully.......

Earlier today my father bought pigs tails at the grocery store and I haven't told you the........Oh my goodness part yet. Here it is......A few hours ago my mom cooked a pot of the pigs tails. When my dad bought the pigs tails home I thought.........somewhere there's a farm with pigs walking around without their tails.......A few hours later my mom put them in a pot and cooked them.......The smell of these pigs tails smell of dirty socks that weren't washed in like a week or two........gross I know. I know what your thinking......and no I didn't eat any of them. My mom put the juice from these pigs tails in a bowl. She said the juice will become......brace yourselves..........The juice will become what she called.........Hogs head heard me.......Hogs head cheese. I really won't eat anything called..........Hogs head cheese that would be too horrid for me. My mom is a bit strange with some of the things she eats let me tell you. Seeing the pigs tails cooked was.........I won't even describe the image.........Let's just say its hard for me to even think about.......Are you grossed out yet ??????? Let me apologize if you are..........I'm sorry

On a lighter note my dad bought home some ice was the Mayfield ice cream brand check it out at -----------> . The ice cream was called........Brown Cow which is a various mixture of vanilla and chocolate with chunks of fudge added. I also added a scoop of hot fudge to the ice cream instead of melting it this time. Have you had Mayfield's ice cream ? I thought it was pretty good. I can say you will like it.

On a totally different note my favorite movie "Sleepless In Seattle" was on. I love the movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Tom Hanks makes great movies except the movie "Terminal" that movie he was in say the least. His other movies are wonderful. My other favorite movie of theirs is "You've Got Mail". I love the movies they make together. I am a fan of movies like that. Iam a bit of a fan when it comes to certain television shows and movies.

Right about now I can imagine that I have tired you out to the point that you are ready to be through with me for the moment so let me end by saying thanks for listening....We'll talk again soon

Good night for now.........Sleep well dear world and take care

Here I Am.......

Hello Dear World.......

How are you dear world ? I am still thinking about Kara and hoping that she gets better soon.

On a different note recently I went to a little restaurant here in Georgia called "BUTCH'S" Family Restaurant which is owned by a couple named Gail and Bill Glancy. I have to say that I was the youngest person in the restaurant. Everyone else was between the age of 70 to 100 years of age. The food served there was things like cabbage, green beans and okra which is not really the food I like. I went with two of my coworkers and another woman that used to work at my job. I doubt that I will visit the place again anytime soon.

On another note I visited a journal titled "The Hadonfield Myers Experience" which is a pretty interesting journal in my opinion. You can check it out at ------------>  In his journal he wrote 5 weird things about himself. I thought I would share 5 weird things about myself as well.........

1. When I scoop ice cream out of the carton I put it into a bowl, stick it in the microwave and melt it until its drinkable.....

2. My favorite show on t.v. is "West Wing" when the reruns come on I never miss them. I make a point to see them like I have never seen the show before.......

3. I buy Hallmark cards just because they're cute.......

4. When I go to the store I shop in the men's department and not the women's department.......The men's department has better clothes than the women's department.......

5. I love the show "Bones" on fox which comes on television......Check out

...........What else would you like to know about me dear world ? Ask me anything..........

Well I will talk to you soon..........good bye for now

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Recent News.........

Hello Dear World......

Some time ago I was welcomed to J-Land by many of you. To name you all would take a lifetime so I will just say you know who you are............First let me say thank you all for your friendship and kindness and welcoming. The reason for my writing tonight is that another one of my friends here at J-Land is sick which I found out just a little while ago..........Her name is Kara. I hope that you go by her journal and leave all kind of sweet inspiring " Get Better Soon " thoughts. She is a really sweet lady so she will be happy to hear from all of you. Her husband Seth left a note in her journal so drop by if you weren't able to hear the news............Go to her journal " A Day With Kara" at this post -------------------> . Go by and meet this wonderful lady and her family.


Good night dear world and sleep well.

Monday, January 2, 2006

My New Year's and a bit of Hail..........

Hello Dear World.......

First let me wish you all a "Happy New Year". Me and my family stayed at a hotel called the "Atlanta Airport Hilton"for New Year's Eve you can find it at . As a little note the Hilton is located on 1031 Virginia Ave. One of the great nearby attractions is "Underground Atlanta" check it out at -------------> . We had gotten two rooms there. My folks stayed in 1 room and my sister and I in the other. We also brought some food with us including dessert and then we watched from our windows a wonderful show of fireworks. We also watched the peach drop on the television and then we watched the ball drop in Times Square in New York on television as well. After that we ate and welcomed in the New Year with lots of celebration in our rooms. We stayed overnight which was fun. The next day we went out to eat, we got home and a few hours later we had a little meal later that same day. It was a wonderful time all around. I wanted you all to know that I certainly thought of you all dear world hoping you all had a good new year's as I did.

As a note I have a few instructions to staying at a hotel :

1. Get as many of those little bottles of shampoos as you can just for a little souveneir.

2. Call and ask for extra towels you will thank me for this.

3. Go the machine and fill the bucket in your room with ice several times during the night.

4. Bring 1 pillow from home for a little comfort of home.

5. Get a room with a king size bed.

6. Don't leave home without toothpaste, your toothbrush, a comb, a brush, a robe and slippers.

7. Visit the gift shop at least once.

8. Bring an overnight bag just for added supplies.

9. Request extra toiletries !!!!!1

10. Have fun.

On a different note today I went out with my mother and my older niece. We went out to do a litle bit of shopping. Let me tell you that it was quite a stormy day here in Atlanta. We didn't just get rain it was a day of rain and hail. I am not talking ordinary hail here I'm talking dime sized hail or what you might call half melted round pieces of really frozen ice. It came down rather hard and on the radio there was talk of a tornado warning in Metro Atlanta. By the time we hit our neighborhood all the rain and hail had completely stopped. Then we took a ride down to Blockbuster for more movies. The movies we rented were "The Longest Yard" with Adam Sandler and the other was called "The Island". When we got home we watched "The Longest Yard" which let me tell you was beyond was a "laughing so hard you cried" kind of movie. My family and I loved it all the way to the end. It was a little late so we didn't see "The Island" I will let you know how it was later. All in all it was quite a day..........

Let me once again wish you all a "Happy New Year"!!!!!!!!!!

Before I say good night I would like you to check out its well worth a visit......

For now good night and sweet dreams..........