Monday, June 30, 2008

News For Today.....

Hello dear world

Good evening to all of you. How is everyone today ? I hope all is well with you.

I am happy to report that my oldest niece is feeling better and she is on the mend. Anywho...yesterday my family and I didn't leave the house. Later in the evening a real bad storm came through our neighborhood and it started raining really hard and we did get some thunder as well. Our power did go out for quite a while. We called the power company and a few hours later our power came back on later in the evening.

In other started another week at work for me. It was a pretty cool day in my neck of the woods of Riverdale, Georgia. I guess the rain cooled down the heat which I was quite happy about. For lunch I went to Subway and I got a Subway melt which came with ham and turkey and I took it back to work and it was quite good.

You might want to know that my boss is having me go to Inmate Training next week at Jackson. I don't think that I should be put into that kind of situation. I think that someone who is better trained in Law Enforcement like my dad is better qualified to handle inmates. I guess my work wants me to learn but I don't see that I am qualified for such a position. You never know my dear world you just never know.

Of course a few minutes ago my mom and I returned home after taking my youngest niece to her Swim practice lessons. She is still learning at this point but so far she is doing well. She seems to enjoy going swimming and she is enjoying her class. She loves the water and its always fun to go see her in her lessons.

After the swim lessons my mom and I and my niece stopped off at Sonic's where I got a hot fudge sundae, she got a vanilla dish and we bought my oldest niece a vanilla shake that we brought home to her since she is still recovering from her being sick.

So my dear world how was your day ??? I do hope that all is well with you. I will be off of work Friday for the Fourth of July. Do you have any plans for the holiday ??? I just thought I would come and share a little bit of my news with you.

That's all for now. I'll talk to you again later.

Bye !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quite A Day....

Hello dear world

Good evening or good morning since its after midnight. I do have some news for you but please do NOT be alarmed.

Earlier today my mom and I had to take my oldest niece Jeanette to the hospital at Henry Medical Center because she was quite sick. We got there about 6:00pm. My niece was sick with nausea, a bloody nose and some other sickness. We just now got home and I wanted to tell you.

My niece did NOT get seen until about 8:00pm there were a lot of people in the Emergency Room waiting room. While we were in the waiting room there was a commotion because apparently a man had been stabbed. A few minutes later the man's brother came running in and he saw the people who had been with the one who had stabbed his brother since he too had an injury. Security was called and the commotion was taken care of. niece was put in a room and a nurse drew some blood from her. The doctor came in later and saw her and he said that she was dehydrated and she had a little bit of a stomach virus as well. She also had a passing out incident at the house which he said came from the dehydration. She was given fluids at the hospital and they checked her vital signs and they gave her a prescription for the nausea.

She is doing much better my dear world and she is doing fine now. We will still monitor her of course. All is well with me and my family and my youngest niece.

So how was your day my dear world ??? I do hope all is well with you and yours. I just thought you might want to know about my day. That's all for now. I'll talk to you again soon.

Good-night and sleep well everyone

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Feeling Better...

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone. I am happy to report that I am feeling much much better. I am working on talking to the guy at work overall things are good.

You might want to know that I might be signing up for a class at the Police Department as I had once before a while back. Two of my teachers that I had been taught by asked me if I would consider signing up again for a class they were teaching and I am thinking of signing up. I think that it might be fun to take another class and learn something new. I have to go and see what class I might want to sign up for you never know. What do you think my dear world ???

In other news its still pretty hot in my neck of the woods but there is talk of rain coming our way. A little rain might just cool off the steamy weather so I will enjoy a little big of rain.

How are things in your part of the world ??? I hope you are all doing well. I am working on feeling better and yes I am reading some books I purchased recently so that is helping me too feel better as well.

That's about it for now. I'll talk to you again soon.

Good-night !!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Totally Feeling Rather Crappy

Hello dear world

Today was NOT such a good day at work for me. I'm totally feeling completely and utterly like crap today. First of all today one of my female coworker's called me F-A-T yes FAT. I didn't say anything in return but what she said totally hurt my feelings. I would NEVER think to call someone FAT which she did. I feel that she was WRONG my dear world.

The other part of my day was seeing....HIM. I don't know why I had to like HIM ??? It was hard seeing him today because its hard having feelings for someone who does NOT feel the same way in return. I didn't talk to him today on my way out for lunch but he did say hello to me on my way out to door at the end of the day so I just said a quick hello to him. I think that its going to take me some time to get over this my dear world. Its been a hard two days for me.

How are you my dear world ??? I do hope that you are doing better than myself. I just needed to come and share my thoughts with you. Hopefully I will get to feeling better soon.

Thanks for listening my dear world. Take care.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Unfortunate News....

Hello dear world

Tonight I am rather sad. Apparently the guy that I had a crush on has a girlfriend. It was totally silly of me to think that he could have been interested in me. I don't know how I ever thought that he could have been interested in me. He probably thought that I was silly for all the times I went to talk to him. He seemed like a totally nice guy and I liked him but I guess I was just wrong about him from the start. I guess that's the way it goes wouldn't you say dear world ??? Perhaps I was just silly my dear world for ever liking him.

I shall never talk about him after this day. Aren't you glad that I won't be talking about this again ??

I'm sorry my dear world I just needed to vent a little.

That's all for now. There's nothing left to say on this subject except...UGH

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Busy Day But Still Quite Fun.......

Hello hello hello dear world

How is everyone ????? As you can tell I am doing extremely great. Today let me tell you I had a busy but still quite fun day and it was truly a day of too much perfection.

Since I took the day off today my folks and I and my oldest niece took my youngest niece to her swim practice today and let me tell you that its like a sauna in the pool area. The place is located behind my work so we took a trip up there. She is quite the swimmer and I think that pretty soon she might just grow fins and gills.

After her swim practice we took a ride up Arbor Place Mall for the first time. Here is the link for you ----> . Let me tell you that the mall has everything you could possibly want under one roof. It even has a huge huge huge huge movie theater inside. I ended up going to the bookstore there called Borders and let me tell you that the bookstore is huggggggggggge. I ended up getting two books and a Borders card. It had a million books in the store and I lovvvvvvved it !!!!!!!!! We will probably end up going back there again soon.

After going to the mall we ended up going for lunch at Chili's nearby and I have to say that they have some good food there. I got the smoked turkey sandwich which was wonderful. Then for dessert my family and I ordered an dish called a White Chocolate Molten Cake which is a white chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and a white chocolate shell with white chocolate shavings on top. In the middle of the cake there was a white chocolate filling which was quite delicious and creamy. There was also a raspberry sauce under the white chocolate cake. When you broke the cake you got to the filling and you go some of the raspberry sauce. My family and I enjoyed the dessert very much indeed.

After our lunch and dessert we went back to the swim place where my niece was tried for a swim team. The coach said she will begin with a beginner's group since she is just learning to dive which I think she will enjoy. She will still go for her lessons as well as getting into her beginner's team.

We then stopped off at Eckerd where I ended up getting another book I wanted and then we got home after our really long day.

So my dear world how was your day ??? I hope you all had a really enjoyable Monday. I had a wonderful day off and I truly had a great time.

Bye for now !!!!!!!!!


Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful Day.....

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!!! I had to come and share my day with you. I am happy to report that today I had a really wonderful,wonderful,wonderful day.

Earlier today my folks and I and my nieces along with my older niece's boyfriend went to Indian Springs State Park and spent the day. Our day began with all of us going to the beach and spending a little bit of time there enjoying the warm sunshine, the water and having fun. The weird thing is they took away the sand and replaced it with some kind of dirt that made it like you were sinking into it as you walked. The beach was nice and the water was warm. I just put my feet in the water while my niece Megan went out swimming like a dolphin. My oldest niece played with us and her boyfriend who is a really nice young man and quite respectful of us.

A little while later we went over to one of the picnic areas and we had hamburgers. My nieces and I and my niece's boyfriend decided to play baseball which I was surprised to find that I did quite well at. I had fun playing with my niece's and the young man.

After our picnic we went to the springs where you get water from the spring. We filled up a few bottles of the water and we usually leave the top off the bottles since the water has a little smell since the water comes from a spring. After we leave the water sit overnight it is ready to be drank. The water is quite refreshing we have been to the springs many times after having camped there from time to time. Indian Springs State Park is a pretty nice place and its always nice to go there even if its only for the day.

So my dear world how was your day ?? I hope you got to have a really nice Sunday I sure did. Its always nice being with my family and hanging out. How are things in your neck of the woods ? I won't have to work tomorrow since I took the day off its been a pretty nice long weekend for me filled with lots of fun.

That's all for now. I'll talk to you again soon.




Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Day....

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!! It was quite a day for all of us. The Neighborhood Block Party went off without any problems. It was quite hot today but we made it through.

I did quite a bit of hostessing and I did a good job overall. There was a lot of politicing going on. There were a lot of politicians there. There were people there running for District Attorney, Commissioner, Sheriff and other positions. My uncle Tony was also there since he is running for Superior Court Clerk. I handed out tablets and cards for my uncle and I shook hands. I also saw my teachers there that I had taken the class on from the Police Department and they came over and said hello to me. My oldest niece and her friend and my youngest niece even got a chance to go into the SWAT van which is nice. One of my teacher's allowed us inside and he told us some information about what goes on inside the van. My mom did take a lot of pictures which will be in our newspaper.

The food consisted of hamburgers, hot dogs and chips and assorted drinks which helped since it was quite hot today. Some of the politicians acted like they could have cared less to be there which I felt was a little disrespectful. If they didn't want to come they shouldn't have been there.

Of course tomorrow my family and I will be going to Indian Springs State Park for a little picnic of our own. We will be going there pretty early and hopefully it won't be as hot as it was today. Here is the link for you ------->

All in all it was a very nice day. I must tell you that the day was quite nice and yes even some firefighters were there but they didn't come over to speak to anyone and I don't know why. They stood around eachother and ignored the rest of us.

So my dear world how was your day ? Was it as hot in your part of the world today. I can say that we could have used a little bit of rain today with it being so very hot and sticky.

I did win a prize today at the end in araffle which consisted of a green cell phone holder which I gave to my oldest niece since I don't have a cell phone. I was surprised to win but I was glad.

That's about it for now. I'll talk to you again soon.

Bye !!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Wonderful Friday...And I Love Going Out To Dinner

Hello dear world

Good evening once again. Well I have to say that today was a wonderful Friday. I and my dad took the day off of work to do a few things today which was nice. I did miss one certain person at work.

Earlier this morning my folks and I and my nieces went to a little mass that was held at our church St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church which was nice. After church we stopped off at IHOP where of course I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a big dollop of whipped cream which my youngest niece ate with a huge smile. Yes I love love love love love love love love love love CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!!

After breakfast we stopped off at a little thrift store where I did a little bit of shopping. I got some movies my youngest niece wanted, some statues for my folks and for me I got a book titled "The Return Journey" by the writer Maeve Binchy.

Once we got home my cousin Aaron and his kids and my aunt Tee came over for a visit which was nice. Later on one of my niece Jeanette's friend came over for a visit and right now her and my niece are having a sleepover. They returned a little while ago from the movies that my sister took them too.

While my niece's were at the movies I ended up treating my folks to dinner at our favorite restaurant "Longhorn Steakhouse" and yes our dinner was fabulous. My folks and I ended up each getting the ribeye cooked medium and I got a Caesar salad with a side of ranch dressing and I got a thing of fries with my ribeye. I have to tell you that I love Longhorn's ribeye it is always delicious and mouth watering good. I also had a Blackberry tea for a drink which was pretty good. I do have to tell you that we had a good time joking around and eating our dinner. You might want to know that we don't call it LONGHORN we call it "THE BIG HAIRED LADY" . Yes my dear world I LOVE going out to dinner.

Tomorrow is the Neighborhood Block Party and I am hoping that it doesn't rain. I heard on the news that its supposed to rain tomorrow I am just hoping it doesn't.

I must tell you that I watched a movie that I like on Lifetime called "The Valley Of Light" which is a totally great great movie. Its kind of a love story but its a great movie the whole family can watch.

So my dear world how was your day ??? I do hope that you got to enjoy your Friday. Tomorrow starts the weekend so I hope you will all enjoy your weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Good-Night !!!!!!!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Like To Shop...And Some Private News I Wanted To Share

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!! Yes it was a glorious day at work and I will tell you why. Of course I also did some shopping today.

First things first. It was back to work for me after being off yesterday because of my floating holiday. Earlier this morning I did see Andrew at work for a few minutes and it was nice seeing him. He has such a nice smile my dear world. I always look forward to seeing him.

I also saw Andrew on my way out to lunch and then I saw him when I got back from lunch. I stopped and talked to him which was really really nice. I asked him how his lunch was and he said it was pretty good. He then asked me what I got for lunch and so I was more than happy to tell him. He said that he hoped that I would enjoy my lunch that I brought back to work to eat.

Before I left for work I gave Andrew a piece of dessert bread one of my coworker's had made just because I thought he would he would like to try it. He did take the dessert bread and he seemed to enjoy what I did giving him the bread. After he took the bread he told me that "I am so sweet" which was nice to hear from him. As you can tell I have something of a crush on him....obviously.

In other news...after work my folks and I and my nieces went to Sears which is located at Southlake Mall. I did find a really nice purse there which was on sale for $17.99 wasn't that a great deal or what ?? The outside looks like an old faded pair of blue jeans with a flowery print on the inside.

After Sears we took a ride over to Target where I did some more shopping. I ended up getting a music CD I liked, my mom found me a really cute red t-shirt with Popeye on the front. I have to wear a red t-shirt for the Neighborhood Block Party. I also found a cute pair of red earrings. I also got some books I wanted to read. All in all I have to say that I like to shop.

So my dear world how was your day ?? I do hope that you had a really enjoyable day. I must say that the weather here in my part of the world wasn't too bad I didn't think that it was hot but it was a little warm. At least its not freezing out.

I guess I've rambled on long enough. I'll talk to you again soon.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My News....

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone. I just wanted to pop in and share some news with you. Today I didn't have to go into work because I had to use my floating holiday.

Speaking of floating today since I didn't have to work I did go for the first time to my eight year old niece's swim practice at the recreation center behind my work with my mom. My other niece had to go to the doctor since she was feeling ill and it turns out that she has a virus and she is working on getting better. eight year old niece is quite the swimmer and she will be trying out for the swim team tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

I did want to tell you my dear world that on Saturday June 21 my neighborhood will be having a block party on a street known as the Windy Hill Court Cul-De-Sac which is located on Windy Hill Ct. and Collier Road in Riverdale, Georgia. The party will be from 2pm to 6pm. We will be having music, hot dogs and hamburgers and lots of fun. Our Clayton County Police Chief and our Clayton County Fire Chief will be there as well. I and my family will be there and I will be hosting the party which I have NEVER done before.

In other news Phil of "It Is What It Is" recently shared his thoughts on a subject that I totally agreed with. In California recently a law was struck down which has prevented marriage between people of the same sex. I have to say that I am proud that the law was struck down. I feel that if two people can find love in this world it should not be treated as if it were a crime. I think that Phil was right when he said that tolerance and acceptance should be a part of our society. I feel that it would totally be wrong of me telling anyone who to love or who NOT to love. I am always happy to see people finding one another and falling gloriously in love with each other so I feel that this law that was struck down shows just how far we have come as a nation and as human beings. With all of the crime and violence we often see on the news or hear on the radio it is nice to see that love wins over all and I truly feel that is a great thing.

I have a quote to share with you :

"For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth, there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love, there is a heart somewhere to receive it." - Ivan Panin

So my dear world how are you these days ??? I do hope that you are all well. I would like to say that we should continue to keep Helen's husband in our thoughts and prayers since he has been ill and in the hospital. That's all for now my dear world. You can find her journal "My Everyday Life" at this link ----->


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Day....

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!!!!! My family and I just returned from our dinner out at the restaurant called "Brio Italian Tuscan Grille" which I have to say was pretty good. I have to tell you that the table that my family was sitting at was pretty small so I ended up eating at a different table close to my family with an older couple who were man and wife. The couple were pretty nice and the older gentleman definitely took to me like I was his daughter and he made sure that he talked to me. Of course I also talked from time to time with my family and if they wanted a drink I would get the waiter to bring me their drinks since they were sitting in a corner. It was different eating at a table with people that I did NOT know but it was interesting just the same. Anywho......the dinner was pretty good. First we had been given different types of salad but I chose the Caesar salad which I ordered with a side of Parmesan Cheese Dressing. After the salad I was given the meal which consisted of lasagna, salmon, Italian chicken, mashed potatoes. I did NOT like the lasagna but the salmon was pretty good and so was the mashed potatoes. I didn't eat the chicken. After dinner came dessert which consisted of two different types of creme brulee a vanilla creme brulee and a regular creme brulee. Then we were given a sampling of Tiramasu and another Italian dessert that I liked. Then we were given coffee which I hate to say was NOT good.

In other was another day at work for me and I have some rather interesting news for you. Earlier today as I returned from my lunch break I walked in to see the Deputy that I told you about yesterday. I finally got up the nerve to go up and ask him his name and it turns out that his name is Andrew. I think that he is totally a really great guy. He has a really nice smile, nice eyes and a charming personality. He then asked me my name which I told him and I told him that it was nice meeting him. I have to say that I really do think that it always nice to see him and I think that its nice having him at work and I am sure I will talk to him again another day.

How was your day my dear world ?? I do hope that you had a really nice Tuesday. The weather in Atlanta, Georgia was rather warm but I can't say that I really minded it today. I guess Summer is definitely here.

By the way a woman named Bebe stumbled onto my journal and she came by and left me a note on my previous entry and she said that I seem like a really nice lady and she felt compelled to let me know.....isn't she sweet ??? Thank you Bebe do feel free to pop over anytime. Its always nice to meet some new people. Thanks again Bebe.

That's it for me for now. I'll get back to you again later dear world.

Good-night !!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

How Silly Of Me....

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ?? Yes Tiger Woods won the U.S. Open but I was kind of cheering for Rocco to win I really liked watching him play. I hope that he plays again next time in the U.S. Open. was another day at work for me and the weather was pretty warm but not too bad. I was nice enough to buy lunch for my boss today since he didn't go out for lunch and he asked me to buy lunch for him and he did give me money but I decided to buy lunch for him and to give him his money back when I returned to work since he has done things for me from time to time. I was happy to do it for him and my boss is a pretty decent guy and it has been nice having him around as a boss and I have no complaints about him. He is a pretty laid back kind of guy and he always makes me and my coworker's laugh from time to time.

I do have to tell you that there is this new Deputy at my work and yes he is definitely a nice looking guy. I saw him today and I made it a point to say hello to him and to smile at him as I was going out for lunch with two of my female coworker's. When I returned I saw him again and as I was walking around the corner I turned to look at him and he accidentally saw me looking at him but I don't know what he thought about that. He probably thinks I'm a bit weird or something but you never know.

You might want to know that tomorrow my family and I will be going back to the place that I went to a few weeks back called the BRIO ITALIAN TUSCAN GRILLE which I mentioned in one of my previous entries here is the link ----> . I can't wait to go back and have dinner there tomorrow. I liked the place the time my family and I went there it was a pretty wonderful place to go. It was like going to Tuscany, Italy when we went there NOT that I have ever been to Tuscany, Italy I'm just saying. I wonder what I will have for dinner tomorrow there are many choices to decide upon.

So how was your day my dear world ??? I do hope things are well in your part of the world ??? I'm rambling my dear world so on that note I will say

Take care everyone

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!!! First let me say to all of you Father's out there "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!!!!".

Today we celebrated father's day at the house which I will tell you about but might want to know that yesterday my folks and I and my youngest niece went to a restaurant we go to quite a lot called "La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant". We went there for dinner and yes I treated my parents since yesterday was their anniversary and yes our dinner was good. My mom and I shared a dish called Texas Fajitas for two and my dad had a whole different meal. Anywho...we had a server named Gary and I have to say that he was quite nice looking. He looked to be in his early thirties and he didn't have a wedding ring on so I made a point of smiling at him and I have to say that he was a real bonus to our dinner. I kept asking for things just so he would come over to the table. I just thought you would want to know that. we celebrated Father's Day at the house and we had a nice dinner which consisted of steak and potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Earlier today my mom and my youngest niece Megan made a funfetti cake for my dad since my oldest niece was at a thing called Birthday Bash in Atlanta. She did have fun. Later in the day my youngest niece and I iced the cake and we decorated it with sprinkles. My dad did also get some gifts which consisted of a wise hammer which can electronically find studs and things, he also got a nice watch from my mom and from my nieces and I which we picked out at Kohl's a nice dress shirt and matching tie unfortunately the dress shirt is too small so we are going to have to take it back. Yes my dad did like his gifts and we had a really nice day at the house.

Its been a day of having the U.S. Open on television since my dad is a fan of Tiger Woods and of course....GOLF. My dad loves to watch GOLF and I did watch a little bit of it. I do wish that women could play with the men on the U.S. Open that would be something to see.

Well my dear world how was your Father's Day ??? I do hope that all of you father's and grandfather's and all had a really nice day and hopefully a really great day of gifts and memories with your family and loved ones.

Of course tomorrow starts another week at work for me. On the 21st my neighborhood will be having a block party and I sure wish you all could be there. I'll tell you about the block party later. I do want to wish you all a great and relaxing rest of the weekend. I'll talk to you again soon.

Once again " HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!!!!!!!! "

Friday, June 13, 2008

Uninteresting News But News None The Less

Hello dear world

How is everyone ?? Well its Friday and its officially the end of the week. I am sorry for not coming to talk to you sooner but I just haven't had much interesting news to share. was another day at work for me and the weather was the same old sticky hot mess that it almost seemed like your clothes would melt into your skin kind of weather.

I did go to BINGO with my folks and my nieces last night. My dad did NOT have to work security at the BINGO hall as he usually does but he actually go to play BINGO with us which was different. At the end of the evening when we were playing the big jackpot coverall I was down to just 1 number "N37". The guy who was calling out the numbers called every single number in the N column except for the number I needed and someone else ended up winning.

My dear world there is a guy at my work named K**** and I do have to say that I like him but its not what you think. He doesn't know that I like him and NO I haven't told him. I always make a point of making sure to stop and say hello to him and ask him how he is and things. He is such a nice looking guy and he has a wonderful smile and a charming personality. He always stops to talk to me but I'm sure he is just being nice since he has NEVER said that he is interested in me or that he likes me. No one knows that I like him and I have NEVER told anyone that I know at work about the fact that I like him. I have NEVER told him that I like him so I'm sure he absolutely has NO clue how I feel. My dear world you don't have to comment to this note I just wanted to share a little something of a personal note.

I did happen to go to Blockbuster a few days ago. My nieces got some movies they wanted and my dad got a war movie and I ended up getting "The Bucket List" and another movie called "Sydney White" which was just a rather funny movie. I did want to rent National Treasure but it was NOT on the shelf.

I am reading at the moment a book called "NO HOLDING BACK" by two writers Liz Allison and Wendy Etherington which is a pretty good book. The book is a part of the NASCAR romance collection. Since I am a fan of Jeff Gordon and NASCAR I thought that I would start reading a few of their books.

So my dear world how was your Friday ?? Did anyone miss me since I wasn't around these last couple of days ?? The price of gas and groceries and things are still going up astronomically high but hopefully things turn around but I am doubtful.

That's about it for my uneventful news. I just wanted to come by and say hello. Do enjoy your weekend everyone


Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Sunday....

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!!!! As you all know I spent the day at my cousin Aaron's house which is located in Villa Rica, Georgia. Anywho...we got there and it was steamy hot as usual. We did get there and the my nieces and my cousin's kids got into his pool which is a rather large outdoor swimming pool. I on the other hand opted not to get into the pool. My nieces and my cousin's kids enjoyed themselves totally in the pool. My mom and I and my aunt Tee were getting attacked by various flies and biting mosquito's but once my mom sprayed some outdoor fogger many of the insects decided to leave us alone. I did get bit by a mosquito but not too bad.

Later on we went inside where we watched the NASCAR race and I hate to say that my favorite favorite favorite race car driver Jeff Gordon did NOT win but he remains my favorite favorite favorite race car driver.

A little while later we had lunch and I have to say that the hot dogs that my cousin's wife made on the grill did NOT taste all that well but my dad did bring along some barbecue chips which I ate. My dad also brought along some grape punch for the kids.

We stayed for most of the day at my cousin's house but we did eventually leave and I have to say that the heat was the most horrible part of the day.

So my dear world how was your Sunday ?? I do hope you all had a wonderful and entertaining day. I do have to head back to work tomorrow but I will have some days off the following week since I have to take a floating holiday and some other days off which will be nice.

That's all for my news. I'll talk to you again soon.

Good-night !!!!!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Saturday....And A Really Great Movie

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone. Its me again as usual. Tonight I would like to start off this entry as if we were already in the middle of a conversation. So my dear world today I had a really nice Saturday and it wasn't too hot for me.

My day began with a drive over to Chick-Fil-A with my folks and my nieces. Instead of the usual going to the breakfast buffet that they have in the morning I opted for a Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sandwich with a side of waffle fries and a sweet tea. My sandwich was good and so were the waffle fries of course.

Later on we went over to a little store where I ended up buying yet another journal that I liked and the movie "Excess Baggage" with my favorite favorite actor Benecio del Toro.

What I wanted to share with you my dear world is of a movie I just finished watching on the Hallmark Channel ---> . The movie I saw was called "The Valley of Light" and I must say that it was one wonderful and touching movie. My mom also watched it with me and I have to say that I think that the movie was well worth seeing. I really think that the Hallmark channel shows some really great movies. I highly recommend the Hallmark channel if you are in the mood to see a really heart warming movie. The Valley of Light was a movie perfectly made for the entire family to see. I definitely like the Hallmark channel.

Tomorrow I will be going to my cousin Aaron's house for a little while so I will be out of the house tomorrow. So my dear world how was your day ? I do hope that you all got to enjoy your Saturday.

Do have a nice Sunday tomorrow. I will talk to you again soon my dear world.


A Note

Hello dear world

Good morning !!!!!!! Its another steamy hot day in Atlanta, Georgia but I'm doing fine. I thought that I would come by and let you know that last night I watched a really good movie that I rented from Blockbuster. The movie I rented was "Untraceable" with Diane Lane here is the link ---> . The movie was a little scary but it was more a thriller than anything. The actress Diane Lane was quite good in the movie and I really enjoyed it. My father really got into it and I have to say that he was glad I rented it. I highly recommend this movie as a movie to see. If you visit the link I shared you have to do the Cyber Crimes Game its quite interesting and I also recommend you go over and do the game.

Anywho.....its the weekend so I hope you will all enjoy your weekend dear world. Do let me know how things are in your neck of the woods. I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Totally Off The Wall Note....

Hello dear world

Warning : This note might cause an sudden outburst of laughter so you might want to read this at your own risk. You might want to read this with your eyes closed, just kidding.

Good evening !!!!!!! What day is it ??? Just kidding I know its Thursday. Yes today I went to work and guess what...I did work as usual and let me tell you it was hot as fire blazes today. It was like a 1,000 degrees out.

Anywho...after work I went to Kroger to pick up some coffee and some creamer. I also bought some soap and some shower gel. I also bought some fireworks there a pack of them for $20.99 there was a huge pack of them there for $54.00 but I didn't buy that pack. I also bought some sparklers. By the way my dear world are you obsessed with something you like ??? Me I am obsessed with books I bought a few more today at Kroger. Do you have an obsession when it comes to buying something ??? While I was there I also bought some lipstick and its called French Toast whatever happened to the names of lipsticks just being brown ??? red ??? There was a lipstick there and it was called does a cosmetic company name a lipstick Sunrise ?? How does the name of a lipstick get picked anyway ??? Can anyone please tell me. My French Toast lipstick by the way is a nice brown color so why didn't they name it brown ??? Am I the only one who wonders these things ??? or is it just me ????

As I got to the car I placed the fireworks in the back of the car on the outside. I was thinking that with the heat the fireworks were going to spontaneously combust but my dear world they got home safe and sound without any accidental explosions so you won't be seeing anything on the news about an explosion in Georgia if you do however it wasn't me.

How are things with you my dear world ???



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some Notes

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!! It was another hot hot day in my neck of the woods. I know my dear world that I complained when it was freezing cold and now I am complaining now that its hot. There is just no making me happy when it comes to the weather. might want to know that the head bosses never showed up at our building which really didn't surprise me. Things are getting done and yet supposedly we do NOTHING at all.

By the way I did stay up rather late last night and I watched the movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" and I have to say that I enjoyed it. I really liked the actor Hugh Dancy who played the role of Grigg in the movie. He did an amazing job in the movie. I also like the actress Maria Bello who played Jocelyn and the other actor Kevin Zegers who played the role of Trey.

However I didn't particularly like Lynn Redgrave in the movie as she played the role of Sky. I also felt that the actor Jimmy Smits I hate to say I felt that he was NOT all that great in the movie. I felt that he wasn't really the best actor for his role. I think that Jimmy Smits should NOT have been chosen for his role as Daniel.

I won't tell you how it ended but I would recommend it as a movie you might want to rent and see it for yourself.

Right now I hate to admit it but I went out with two of my female coworker's to the thrift store again and I bought some more books and yes I am working on reading one of them. The book I am reading at the moment is called "The Man For Maggie" written by the writer Lee McKenzie. It is a book about a man named Nick Durrance and a woman named Maggie and yes its a love story. Here is Lee's website ---->

So my dear world how was your day today ?? I do hope that you all had a wonderful day and I wanted to let you know that my toe is healing up fine and I am doing well. My family is doing well too. I guess that's about all for now. I'll talk to you again soon.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This, That And A Jane Austen Movie.....Of Course

Well hello dear world

Good good good evening all !!!!!!!!!! Well here I am in explosively hot Atlanta, Georgia and I thought I would share my day with you.

Anywho...earlier today I went to work and my coworker's and I had a little bit of a huge emergency at the work house. I and my supervisor handled it while my other coworker's went to go do some other work that had to get done. Apparently someone complained that my coworker's and I aren't doing anything at work so they called up to the head office and said we aren't doing anything.......its a wonder how anything gets done when we aren't doing anything right dear world ??? The head bosses are coming for a visit tomorrow so I'm not sure what will get said. You just never know.

A little while ago my dad and my nieces and I went to our video store Blockbuster and we got some movies. My niece Megan got her some movies while my other niece got some movie's she wanted. I ended up getting the movie "Untraceable" and the movie "The Jane Austen Book Club" here is the link for it ----> . I'll have to let you know what I thought of it. As you might or might not know I have a serious thing for Jane Austen books and movies especially the movie "Pride And Prejudice" with Colin Firth so I definitely had to get this Jane Austen movie. I'll also have to tell you later about "Untraceable" which I haven't seen yet either.

Well enough about me and my day how was your day my dear world ?? How are things in your part of the world ?? I do hope you had an enjoyable day and will come to share it with me. Do you have anything you would like to talk about with me ?? I am open for any discussion or topic you would like to share.

That's about it for me. I'll get back with you later. Anyone hear about Obama and Mrs. Clinton ???

Good-night all

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Day....

Hello dear world

Good afternoon everyone !!!!!!!!! I thought I would drop in and say hello and let you know what's been going on in my neck of the woods. Earlier this morning my family and I went to our church St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church for mass. Our church is quite nice and the mass was nice as always.

After mass we went for breakfast at IHOP near the mall which has the best breakfast in town. I had a Breakfast Sampler which came with two eggs, two pieces of bacon, two pieces of ham, hashbrowns and two buttermilk pancakes which I had with some butter pecan syrup which was quite good. I treated for breakfast of course.

Anywho....after breakfast we went down to Home Depot which is quite nice on a warm day. I have to tell you that I did a little shopping. I did see a pot of Daisies I wanted and they were quite cute and so I bought them. As Meg Ryan who played the part of Kathleen Kelly said in the movie "You've Got Mail" - Don't you think that Daisies are the most friendly flower ? To which Tom Hank's character replied - I do. 

I also got some dirt that my mom wanted and a few other things for the house. My niece Jeanette also wanted to paint one side of her wall pink so I also bought her paint for her.

So how are things in your neck of the woods ? I do hope that you are enjoying your Sunday. I do have to work this week so tomorrow will start another week at work for me. That's about it for me and my news. What have you been up to my dear world ??? The weather here is been pretty nice and we haven't gotten any rain lately though the news weather casters keep saying we will get rain but still....nothing.

*** Question : My dear world do you like the color of my journal ?? if not I will change it. Your vote will be counted. Thank you

That's it for now. I'll talk to you again later

Bye !!!!!!!!!