Thursday, August 30, 2007

Its Thursay !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

How are you ?????? I'm good thanks. Today was another day at work for me but today was my pay day. Anywho....I did want to tell you about a conversation I had today. Much much earlier today at my work one of the guys in the D.A.'s office saw me in the hallway and he stopped and asked me how jury duty was and so we got to talking. As he and I were talking he asked me how I felt about the verdict and so I told him how I felt. It was nice to have a conversation with him and to get out some of the things I had been feeling. My dear world I am hoping that the next time I have jury duty that things will go better than they did this time around. You will be happy to know that this is the last time I will be talking about this from here on out.

In other news earlier this evening once I got home the sky opened up and the came down in waves. A little while later my folks and I and my nieces went for dinner at a place nearby my neighborhood called "Steak-n-Shake". Here is the link --->

For dinner I had a bacon,lettuce and tomato sandwich on sourdough bread. It was my first time having sourdough bread and I have to tell you that I liked it. Along with my sandwich I had a side of cheese fries as well as a small dish of sliced granny smith apples and red grapes that I got with a small dish of hot caramel dip which was quite good. For a drink I had a side by side coffee mocha and dark chocolate milkshake which I loved loved loved. As you know I love chocolate is that obvious or what ?? I can tell you that I have always liked going to Steak-n-Shake because I can always find something I like to eat there. The only thing I haven't done is to eat breakfast there. All in all dinner was good.

After dinner we stopped off at Kaiser to pick up some prescriptions for my mom. While we were there I noticed that there wasn't hardly anyone in Kaiser except for us.

You know my dear world that I don't think that its quite impossible for us to be in a drought at this point in time with the rain we've been getting but I could be wrong. You might want to know that I have going over to the Ross Mathews blog which is located on my sidebar. Ross is funny and he keeps getting tickled because he asked people to send him ugly tacky stuff and he has been getting things by the truck load practically.

That's about it for me and my news how are things in your neck of the woods ? What will you be up to this weekend ??? I don't have any plans yet but I'll let you know. Its kind of late so I will say good-night.

Sleep well everyone !!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Quick Quick Note

Hello hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!!!!! How how how how how how are you ?? I am gooood thank you. Of course it was another day at work for me. Basically it was another day of work but it was alright.

Anywho...did any of you watch the Atlanta Falcons game last night ? My dear world yes yes yes yes I did. I think that the Atlanta Falcons did good playing the Cincinnati Bengals. The Falcons beat the Bengals 24 - 19. I have to say that I enjoyed watching the game from start to finish. I definitely think Joey Harrington can play some football and he most certainly showed it last night. I also have to say that Joey is a very very gorgeous guy so he does make watching football worth while. I'll definitely be watching the games. I can tell you that I didn't used to watch football until my mom got me watching because she said that I might get into a conversation with a guy and that is one of the things I could talk about. I have to say that I have gotten into it though and I find that I am learning more and more about football as I watch it. I definitely enjoyed watching Joey Harrington. I think Joey will be good for the Falcons I certainly think so.

On a more different note you might want to know that earlier tonight my folks and I and my nieces went out to eat for dinner. We went to a place called "Restaurante Mexicano". For dinner I had two burritos and a sweet tea. While we were there one of the guys who works there was working our table. While he was working our table he had a conversation with my folks and I. Do you know that he said that ever since we have been coming there he had thought that I was a Latina. Some people at my work have said the same thing until they find out otherwise.

Well enough about me my dear world how are things in your neck of the woods ? You will be happy to know that the weather was a lot cooler today maybe perhaps ( knock on wood ) could Fall be not too far behind ??

I guess that's about it for now. Good night all !!!!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Few Last Notes For The Day...

Hello dear world

How is everyone tonight ? I hope you are all well and I hope you enjoyed your Sunday. Here I am again. I just wanted to come by and share a few things with you.

First things first : Earlier today I watched the show Dinner: Impossible on the Food Network channel. I have to tell you that I like watching the Food Network here is the link if you want to check it out ----> . I have a couple of shows that I like including that of The Barefoot Contessa, Giada's Weekend Getaways, $40 A Day, Iron Chef America, Food Finds and Throwdown With Bobby Flay and many many others.

Anywho...a little after 5:00 today the sky opened up and it started raining and thundering. I am happy to report that the power didn't go off though that was a surprise.

Later on in the evening I read the Sunday paper and guess what....Michael Vick was in the headlines of the news. It was reported that the NFL suspended him indefinitely. Its a shame my dear world that he threw away his career on dogfighting. Its a real shame that any of it happened.

In other news tomorrow is back to work for me instead of being on jury duty which I am glad is over and done with.

Most of all my family and I stayed home and enjoyed the last of the weekend. How was your day today ? Did you get any rain today like we did ? I hope that with the rain we've been getting that it will be cooling off the heat we've been having over the Summer. I am happy that Fall will be coming soon I'm sure the weather will be less intense and less sticky in my neck of the woods.

Well that's about it for me and my news. I'll get back with you later with more news. Have a good night my dear world.

Sleep well

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dinner And A Movie....

Hello dear world

How is everyone ? I have to say that I had an enjoyable evening out. Why did I have an enjoyable evening you might wonder. Well for starters....

Earlier today my folks and I and my youngest niece dropped off my oldest niece to a sleepover one of her friends was having at a hotel so we took a ride over to the hotel and dropped her off at the entrance where she met up with her friend and the other girls who are at the sleepover as well.

Anywho...after dropping off my oldest niece my folks and I and my youngest niece Megan went out to dinner at a place called "Lee's Golden Buddha". When you step inside you are greeted by a huge Golden Budda and a water fountain which falls into a little stream where there are little cement frogs and a wishing well where you make a wish and throw a coin into the fountain they have.

After that we went and sat in the dining room where there are tables where the chefs cook at your table. The other tables are in the same room where you can watch the other cooks at the other tables. We had a cook at our table who performed all kinds of amazing stunts at our table with the food. One of the things he did was to build a 2-story volcano out of an onion and then he set the inside of it with fire which was amazing. He also balanced eggs on a metal spatula and he then flipped one into his hat. He also had me and my family try to catch little bits of cut up shrimp but none of us caught the shrimp. On the other side of the table there was another cook performing stunts with the fried rice which was amazing. There was one guy at the other table celebrating his 21st birthday so the people at the restaurant came and sang to him in Chinese which was nice. Later on another family came and we got to see the cook perform at their table. My youngest niece enjoyed it and the food was quite good. I had the steak and shrimp which was good too. The cook fries the vegetables too which are delicious. There is so much food provided that you get full within the first minute. We had to take home some of our food home after our meal. You could say that while the chefs cook you might end up with your eyebrows missing after the cook finishes preparing your meal. All in all we had a good time.

After we got home we came home and my mother and I watched the movie "The Family Stone" with Dermot Mulroney and Sarah Jessica Parker which I have to say is a funny and delightful movie to watch. I happen to be a Dermot Mulroney fan so it was worth watching.

Later on my mom had to go and wash my niece Megan's hair in the shower which my niece likes. But we did finish watching the movie and basically have enjoyed our evening.

So my dear world how was your night ?? Did you go out anywhere ?? I hope that you had as nice a night as my family and I. It did rain for a little while in my neck of the woods and then it stopped as quickly as it had started. How is the weather where you are ?

Last but not least I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone hello. That's about it for me. You will be happy to know that I am feeling better so rest assured I'm ok now. I'll talk to you again soon.

Good night !!!!

The Power At My House Went Out......

Hello dear world

First of all how are you ? I wanted to tell you about my evening last night. Earlier in the evening the sky started to fill with lots of loud thunder and quite a bit of lightning and then the sky opened up and then the rain came and it came hard and by the bucketful. folks and I and my niece Megan were going to go eat but the rain turned into a deluge. We then decided to go pick up my niece Jeanette because there was supposed to be a game at her old school Our Lady Of Mercy that she wanted to go to. Since it was raining bad the game was cancelled so we decided to go pick her up and then we went to a place called the "City Buffet" to eat dinner. Let me tell you they have the best food in the world. They have the best chinese noodles, sugar biscuits and do you know that they had frog legs there. I went to the buffet and put a frog leg on my plate and I was going to try it but when I got to the table I chickened out I couldn't eat it.

Later on our way home we turned the corner we noticed that our street had no power and we got to our house and guess what ?? Our power was out due to the storm. Our power was out for about an hour. We were all over the house trying to light candles and finding flashlights and my nieces were going to sleep on a big blanket of mine in the front room but then low and behold the power clicked back on. It was quite a night.

I do have to tell you that for some reason I can't stop thinking about the case. Frpm the very beginning my vote was guilty but because it was explained to me there wasn't enough evidence to convict all we could make a verdict of is "NOT GUILTY".

Our foreman of the jury read our verdict. After the verdict was read the judge asked the D.A. if he wanted us to be polled on our verdict which he did. After it was all over I immediately felt that I had made a mistake. Earlier in the day we had written the judge saying we were helplessly deadlocked. He then had us return to the courtroom where he told us that we would have to come to an agreement.

In the end we camedown to a NOT GUILTY verdict. I still feel that my NOT GUILTY verdict was a mistake and I wish I could take it back. The thing is a lot of the evidence was missing and the case presented by the D.A. presented could have been better. Of course the Detective who went to one of the defendants home and talked to the female defendant he stated on the stand that he did not make a written report of his questioning the female defendant. There was also a lot he could not remember on the stand.

In the end it came to me and the other jurors and deciding the case. I'm feeling horrible for the verdict we came up with. I feel like the two defendants should be in jail. I hate that its NO longer in my hands and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it. I FEEL PRETTY CRUMMY ABOUT THE WHOLE THING.

So my dear world what do you think ?? I just wanted to share that with you.

I do hope you get to enjoy your day.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Quite A Day.....

Hello dear world

How are you ? It was quite a day for me at the courthouse but first things first. Let me tell you about my day yesterday. Yesterday it was a day of deliberation for me and the other jurors but I'll talk about that later.

Anywho...yesterday my dad celebrated turning "60" years old. He wanted to celebrate his birthday at Chuck 'E' Cheese's because he let my youngest niece pick the place. It was fun going there. We ate some pizza, we all played some games and my nieces got some little rewards from the tickets we all got from playing games there.

Anywho....later on on our way home it started thundering and lightning and then once we got home it started raining. I kept wondering if the rain would cool off some of this heat we have been having in Georgia but apparently not and I will tell you why.

Well my dear world its now time to report that the case is officially over and I am no longer a Juror. I can now feel free to talk about the case. The trial I was on was filled with pure absolute craziness. The case revolved around a guy named Andrew Cooper and his girlfriend named Ms. King. Anywho...Andrew was a general manager of a Wendy's where he lived and it came to light that he had put his girlfriend on the payroll even though she had never worked there. It also came to light that he was stealing from the company and she was endorsing many of the checks that was coming from the money they stole from the company. The trial was going on and at the very end new evidence came up and the attorney's never addressed the new evidence that came up. The girlfriend Ms. King was never put on the stand so we couldn't hear from her or why things came up about the checks she helped Andrew endorse and how they were able to steal the money.

The sad part is I had to help the jurors with a verdict of NOT GUILTY because the state did not give us enough evidence to prove what the state said about the charges. At the end all we had were the checks and the rest of the evidence wasn't there to prove all that happened. I really didn't know what to do but to say NOT GUILTY because the evidence wasn't there to help me. There was another male juror there with us that was holding out because he too felt like they defendants were guilty but the checks alone couldn't stand for the charges they were being tried for. In the end we had to walk into the courtroom and say the words "NOT GUILTY". I really hated the fact that I couldn't do anything but say not guilty since I didn't have the evidence I needed. The state did not prove the case of the charges of the Rico Act. It was 1 count and 32 acts of racketeering which they were being charged with. It was really hard for me to walk into the courtroom and say "NOT GUILTY" even though in my gut I know they were guilty of the crime. I did have the checks in the jury room but I couldn't just use that to say that they were guilty.

My dear world the whole process of being a juror is a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. Its a lot harder behind closed doors to say GUILTY or NOT GUILTY when you don't have the evidence to prove how you feel. We didn't have the evidence and that was quite a shame. Its a shame that we had to walk in the courtroom and let two guilty individuals walk when we all knew they were GUILTY from the beginning.

After I left the courtroom I did go talk to the guy in the District Attorney's office about how I was one of the holdouts and how I felt that things could have been different. He did ask me how I felt about the trial and what I would have needed to make a decision. I really felt bad about the whole situation but he said that I shouldn't feel bad it was just what happened.

Today was a HARD day for me

Enough about that how are you doing my dear world ? How was your day ? I hope you didn't have a day like mine. I hope that I never have to be a juror again for a very long long time. What's going on in your neck of the woods ?

That's about it for now because I have kept you long enough. I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your day.

Take care everyone !!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

An Early Warning

Hello dear world

Good evening. First things first. Today in Atlanta, Georgia it was a very steamy hot day. Someone was wondering what I wore well today I wore a peach colored dress shirt with a barely there gold stripe with sandy brown dress pants and a nice pair of dress shoes. My coworkers saw me and they also liked the dress shirt I wore.

Anywho....I have to warn you that tomorrow I will be ranting about the things that I did not like about the case, questions I had and just some stuff I didn't agree with about the case. I can tell you that the case revolved around a woman whose name I can't mention. The thing is the case revolved around her and a guy she was on trial with. The guy was put on the stand but yet she wasn't which leaves me with questions still. Tomorrow the attorney's have to give their closing arguments and then the other jurors and I have to deliberate.

You might want to know that here in my neck of the woods we get paid $25.00 a day for the number of days we are on a jury. However if a person doesn't get picked on Monday they still have to report to the main Jury holding room which in the building I am located in at my work is on the 1st floor. The ones who didn't get picked have to keep reporting in case they get picked to be on a jury.

On a totally different note I have been on a jury that had more women then men. There were two guys in particular named J**** and another guy named T****. I can tell you that I will miss being on a jury with them because they kept us laughing in the jury room from the very 1st day. They are really nice guys.

Most of all my dear world today the other jurors and I were in and out of court. I had a very going,going busy busy day. How was your day dear world ? How are you holding up these days ?? I hope you are all well. I just wanted to come and share some news with you.

Do enjoy the rest of your night. Take care

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello...A Little News

Hello dear world

How are you ? I'm fine thanks. It was another day for me in jury duty land. It was a day of listening to witnesses and this,that and the other. The trial is still going so I am afraid that I can't discuss the details. I can tell you that there were two older gentlemen in the jury room with us that were quite friendly with all of us right off the bat. Anywho... I thought that at least I would share a clip with you from the 1957 Version of "12 Angry Men" here is the clip ----> .

Of course it was another extremely warm day in Georgia. How were things in your neck of the woods ? I hope things were pretty nice for you and I hope you got to enjoy it.

***By the way***....I forgot to mention that my dad and I stopped off and went to a place in our neck of the woods called the "Hot Wing Cafe". We got some chicken wings and a hot pastrami sandwich for my dad and a BLT for me. French fries came with the BLT but I have to say that I didn't like the bacon on my BLT it just tasted overcooked. I don't eat lettuce and I always give tomatoes to my mom whenever I order a sandwich from places that I get sandwiches at. All that was left on the BLT was mayonnaise and the bacon so actually it was nothing but a "B" after I got through with it. Next time I am just going to stick with the chicken wings and forget the sandwich. Do you like sandwiches my dear world ??

Anywho...I'll be back to talk with you later.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Some New News...

Hello dear world

How are you ?? I am doing quite well. Of course I have some news for you so here it is....

Today was officially the day that I had jury duty. I didn't know if I was going to get picked or not so I had to wait and see.

It turned out that I was put in a courtroom on one of the floors at my work. The jury panel I was on was questioned by the attorneys in the courtroom. I was questioned by the attorneys as well. The attorneys asked me who I knew so I informed them that my dad is a Deputy Sheriff in the building and that I have a cousin who also works in law enforcement. I didn't get picked for the big trial going on but I do have some exciting news. was about 1:00 in the afternoon and I was still on break usually I would have been working at that time. I can tell you that being on jury duty is a long waiting process.

After my break at 3:30 in the evening I had to go back in the courtroom where some other jurors were being questioned by attorneys. Then about 4:30 in the evening I found out that I got picked to be a juror on a case which I was quite excited about. I didn't think that I was going to get picked but I did. I have to tell you my dear world that I am looking at this as an experience. I don't even know what I am going to wear tomorrow. I have to report at 9a.m. tomorrow. I am officially a juror. I am doing my civic duty aren't you proud of me ?

I can't go into any further details but I can tell you that this was quite an interesting day.

Well enough about me and my day how was your day today ? Did you have to work today ? I do hope that you had a very wonderful day as I did. Was the weather as warm there in your neck of the woods as it was in mine ? Most of all it was quite a day and I can't wait to see what tomorrow will be like. Do you have any news you want to share with me ?

That's about it for me. I'll talk to you again later my dear world.

Good-night !!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Just Checking In

Hello dear world

How are you today ?? I was just catching up on my journal reading. I won't be going out today. I'm just hanging at the house today. This morning I had breakfast at the house which included scrambled eggs which are my favorite and nice crispy bacon. I also had some orange juice without any pulp. I don't like orange juice with pulp its weird to me. The only one going out today is my oldest niece who is going to a movie with a friend of hers. As for me I'm just laying low and enjoying my Sunday. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday as well.

I forgot to tell you its a wonderfully nice 86 degrees here in Atlanta, Georgia and I'm lovvvvvving it !!!!!!!!!!!!! It needs to stay like this for the next couple of weeks.

That's about it for me. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves. I'll talk to you again soon.

Byyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Hello dear world

Its later in the evening but I have some news for you. Before I begin you might want to know that I actually ate dinner at the house. I had a hamburger for dinner which was made out of the ground beef I bought at Walmart.

In other news you will be happy to know that I am set for Jury duty. Here's my news ----> Earlier this evening my mom and I and my nieces took a ride to Kohl's. My mom helped me to pick out 2 nice dress shirts. The first one is a black and white striped shirt with a light tan background. The other one is a multi-colored purple,black and white striped shirt. I also found a cute new purse which is a smaller version to a suitcase a lawyer might carry. I really liked the purse. I also found some necklaces that my oldest niece helped me to pick out. When it comes to jewelry my oldest niece has great fashion sense let me tell you. of the necklaces is a layered purple necklace with round circles of purple with a light blue beaded band on it. The other necklace is a long silver chain with a medium sized black heart on the end. I also purchased a black bracelet to go with the black and white striped shirt. I already had a purple bracelet at the house to match the multi-colored purple,black and white striped shirt.

Anywho....I've gone on long enough about me and my day. How are things with you and your part of the world ? How was your day today ? Did you do any shopping like I did ? I do hope that you got to enjoy your day. I tell you shopping is fun. Tomorrow is Sunday but I don't have any plans as yet but you never know.

Well that's about it for now. I'll talk to you again soon. Good-night all !!!!!!!!!


Hi !!!!!!!!! I have a few notes

Hello hello hello dear world

How is everyone today ???? I am fine thanks. Earlier today my family and I which included me, my mom, my dad and both of my nieces went to Chick-Fil-A in our part of the neighborhood for breakfast. Let me tell you they have the best scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast strips and the best sized drinking glasses in the entire world. I love going there for their breakfast buffet early in the morning. You have to get there early because then you can get the tables across from the buffet.

Anywho.....after breakfast we then went over to Walmart which is always always fun. I have to tell you that I had received my new ATM bank card in the mail yesterday because I had lost my other one. Yes my dear world I lose just about everything. If my head weren't screwed on I would lose it too. Anyways....I spent $130.46 in Walmart today getting this and that including a new hair brush since I used my old one so many times that the bristles were falling out every time I used it. I also bought groceries for the house including some Vanilla ice cream, some Cinnamon bread for work, some pork chops that my mom will cook and some ground beef that will get cooked later on in the week as well as some syrup and other items for the house. My nieces also picked up some school supplies for school. You can get just about anything in Walmart its a 1-stop shop.

Where do you like to shop my dear world ? Was it hot in your neck of the woods as it was in mine ?? Its like 180 degrees here in Atlanta, Georgia seriously. Later on my family and I will be going to Kohl's later on. I think that I will find a nice shirt to wear for Monday since I have jury duty. You might want to know that on Monday a huge murder trial will be going on at my work. I can't really talk about it right now because I might end up being one of the potential jurors I don't know yet. There's supposed to be 300 jurors going up to my work Monday. I don't know if I will be picked or not. I will let you know later on.

By the way did you hear about the rescuers in Utah trying to search for the miners in Utah ?? The other thing is Michael Vick has also been in the news quite a lot these days. It doesn'tseem to end with the news being tragic or turning into some soap opera these days don't you think ??

I just wanted to pop in and say hello and fill you in on a few things. Do enjoy the rest of your day. Take care everyone.

Stay Cool !!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Quickie Little Note

Hello dear world

How the heck are you ? Did you miss me ??? Well I'm sorry to say that my friendship and all with D---- is over. Its sad that things had to end in such a way. I will be returning the necklace he gave me and the letters he wrote me. dear world its been 102 degrees in my part of the world and let me tell you its been hot,hot,hot,hot,hot. Can it possibly get any hotter ?? Pray for a chance of snow for me will you ? I could definitely use it.

Well it was another day at work for me of course. Here's some news for you....there were 2 young guys on the 4th floor at my work and apparently they were spitting from the mezzanine on the 4th floor to the 1st floor below. Security was called and they were questioned. I found out that they were charged with something and released but they have to go to court for the incident. The two young men looked about 17 or 18 years old. Why my dear world would the guys want to enter a building to spit on people ? I don't know.

In other news earlier today I had a tuna sandwich from Subway for dinner. Let me tell you my sandwich was full of tuna, oregano, oil and vinegar and mayonnaise. You might be surprised to hear this but I had them put a slice of tomato on my sandwich for the very 1st time. My coworkers have been eating them at work and so it got me craving to eat one so I had one put on my sandwich. Today was my 1st time having a tomato of any kind and let me tell you my sandwich was delicious. My sandwich was probably a zillion calories but it was good. I also had some fries from McDonald's with my sandwich and they were hot, salty and good.

So my dear world how are things with you ? Is the weather where you are as draining as it is in mine. I hate just going outdoors these days its been so hot. Who am I to complain when there are miners stuck in a mine in Utah ?????

That's it for now. I'll end this by wishing you all a nice restful night. Byyyye !!!!!!!!

Monday, August 13, 2007

What A Day....What A Day...Phew !!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening. I do have some news for you but first things first. Didn't the weekend go by fast ? I did have fun though on my camping trip with my family. I can't wait until the next one.

I did want to share with you what happened at work today. Earlier this afternoon while I was working on the 3rd floor at my job a guy that I used to know from high school named D---- came up to my work. I have to first tell you that we never dated or anything except for a prom that we went to together. The thing is he wrote me some letters and today he did something without telling me. It all happened when one of the people that works at the door at my job brought him upstairs. I had absolutely NO idea that he was coming up there. We had NOT seen eachother in months but apparently he had been carrying around feelings for me which I didn't have for him. he just showed up to my work with a piece of jewelry for no reason. Of course I will be sending the jewelry back to him because I have absolutely no feelings for him and I wouldn't feel right keeping the jewelry. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. Apparently he called me before I even got home so I immediately called him and told him that I didn't want a relationship with him. I also told him that I didn't like the fact that he came up to my work like he did without notifying me. My dear world I really didn't want to hurt his feelings but it couldn't be helped.

On a totally different note I hope that the 6 miners trapped in the Crandall Canyon Mine in Utah are alright. It seems that rescue efforts haven't gone through as planned. Hopefully the miners aren't injured or anything I sure hope that's the case. I have been keeping the miners in my thoughts.

In other news next week I have jury duty. I don't know for sure if I'm going to get picked or not but hopefully the one I do get picked for is something simple. I don't even know what I'm going to wear.

Enough about me how are you my dear world ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope things are going well with you. I hope you get to enjoy the rest of your week. Hopefully its not steaming hot in your neighborhood as it is in mine.

Take care my dear world !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'M HOME !!!!!!!!!!!

Heeeeeeellllllllllllo dear world !!!!!!!!!!

I'm back !!!!!!! How have you been doing without me dear world ? I hope you are all well. I thought I would come and share my trip with you since you were all curious to know how my trip went.

Well my family arrived at Unicoi State Park in Helen, Ga on Friday evening. It was a little confusing finding out where to check in at but we finally got to where we were supposed to check in and then we found a campsite. While we were setting up at campsite #7 my mom had a run in with a park ranger who was quite rude. He acted liked we weren't supposed to be at the campsite we were at and he immediately asked for our papers which my mom was going to get out of the car. Once she got our paper with our campsite number on it he wanted to put our paper on the site for us which my mom had my niece put up. He no longer came to our campsite after that.

Anywho...later on in the evening we took a drive to find some food. Let me tell you Helen, Ga is a Bavarian styled town inspired by the paintings of a guy named John Hollock. You might also want to know that there are horse drawn carriages in Helen, Ga. Here is a link for you to see Helen, Ga. -----> .

The very next day we woke up after sleeping in, getting up and getting dressed. Once we got going we walked through Helen, Ga to a place called Hofer's Bakery & Cafe. Hofer's was a little Bavarian restaurant which served foods such as Bratwurst, sauerkraut and different breads that we found are served in and around Bavaria. You have to see this place -----> .

Later on in the day we went walking through the town of Helen a little more. There were quite a lot of bikers in the area riding their motorcycles through the town. After our walk we stopped off to get some funnel cakes. On the main drag there are shops including a magic shop as well as a biker shop and some t-shirt shops and some shops with arts-n-crafts being sold. My dear world I wanted to mention something...can you imagine the sound of a lot of motorcycles going all at once ?? It is quite a sound let me tell you and a lot of the guys on the motorcycles were quite nice looking. I just wanted to share that with you.

Later on the same day we stopped off and letthe grandchildren play a round of miniature golf. It was quite a hot day let me tell you. After my nieces played a round of golf we went back to the camper to change so we could get ready to go to the beach. The beach is located inside of the campground. I can tell you that there were quite a lot of people at the beach including dogs cooling off from the heat.

After the beach we got back to the camper and got ready to take our showers. Let me tell you the showers were terribly small and not fit for campers. After we took a quick shower we went back to the camper and got ready to go out for dinner at the park's lodge. The dinner was located inside of a really elegant lounge where there was a dinner buffet set up. The dinner consisted of some vegetables, white rice, broccoli, some shrimp in a white creamy looking sauce and some sort of fish that was cooked with its head still attached. There was a pretty good cheesecake there I must admit. Yes my dear world we had quite a day.

The only thing I didn't do was go tubing at a place called the Cool River Tubing Co. which quite a few people were doing. Earlier this morning we packed up and left Unicoi State Park. On our way home however we were trying to find IHOP so we could get something to eat but we ended up finding the TEXAS ROADHOUSE instead. Let me tell you the food is amazing. I had the 10 oz. Ft. Worth Ribeye which was quite a bit better than the ribeye at Longhorn's. Of course my dad ordered the texas sized 22 oz. beer which he and my mom drank.

After we ate we stopped off at Office Depot where my oldest niece bought a few school supplies. I bought some stickers and a talking pen. After that we walked over to Goody's where I didn't see anything I wanted. I did see a necklace there with a strawberry on it but it was a bit pricey so I didn't buy it.

After the shops we visited we got back on the road and so after an hour or two we arrived home and unpacked the car. At the end of our trip the question asked was....where are we going to next ?? And that's how I came home.

So my dear world how was your weekend ? Did you miss me ? I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as I did. I do hope you also enjoy your week.

Good-night all !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Some News

Hello dear world

How have you all been ?? I hope you have been doing well. It was around 99 degrees in my neck of the woods and let me tell you its been like living in an oven outdoors. Of course it was another day at work for me.

In other news the results of my blood tests came in. Don't worry I'm fine. The results just showed that my thyroid is low and I might have to take some pill to take care of. However I am feeling fine and I'm sure it will be back to normal after the pill.

On a more different note I am more than EXCITED more than EXCITED to report that on Friday my family and I will be going camping. I will be going with them this time to a place called Unicoi State Park. Here is a link for you -----> This will be our first trip going there and I can't wait. Part of our trip will include going to an Alpine village of Helen, Ga. I'm sure our trip will be lots of fun. We will be going after I get off of work on Friday so I have something to look forward to.

So my dear world how are things with you ?? Do you have any news to report ? I have to say that things are good in my neck of the woods except the heat that is. I sure wouldn't mind a little bit of snow. Well that's all for now my dear world. I will talk to you when I get back I promise.

Take care everyone !!!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2007

A Perfect Day For Frying Eggs On The Ground

Hello dear world

How are you ? I have such news for you such news. Where shall I begin ?? Where shall I begin ??? Oh started another week for me at work. Today my coworkers and I received another supervisor at work and my old supervisor is still there with us but we have a new supervisor and he is a guy. Apparently from reports my coworkers and I do nothing at work. My coworkers and I disagree since we have been working our tails off from the start of our day to the very end. I don't know dear world I just don't know. We are just going to keep doing what we're doing.

In other news as you know I went and had a blood test and I still don't have the results. Do you think that they will come back with reports of me being a foreign alien or something ??? Perhaps it was found that I have grown fins inside of my skin. I will certainly keep you posted. you might not know today my dad had Jury duty and he wasn't picked unfortunately. He wasn't happy about not being picked. He was thinking that he would get picked for a trial but NO. He will have to go back to work tomorrow. Let me tell today you he was dressed to the 9's today and I can say that he was dressed like James Bond from head to toe. My father isn't such a bad looking guy in fact he is quite the dresser. might want to know that it was in the high high 90's today in my neck of the woods. The heat as soon as you stepped outdoors literally smacked you in the face. I'm surprised that a thousand wildfires hadn't been reported today it was so hot. It was however a perfect day for frying eggs on the ground. The weather forecasters say that it might just reach 105 degrees. Does anyone want to send me some snow and ice my way ??? I could use a little snow. Pretty soon I might melt from this heat. If you want you could send me an ocean I wouldn't mind getting an ocean in the mail. Don't mind me this heat is making me a little silly in the head.

So how are you doing my dear world ??? Are you suffering in the heat as I am or are you covered in snow ??? I do hope that you allhad a very wonderfully cool day.

I also wanted to thank you all for letting me know that I'm not drab as that guy said in my journal. Thank you all for your kind words and friendship. It is so wonderful having you all my dear world at J-Land.

To johnjjschmidt there are too many nice people at J-Land for you to be making such comments. Please try and be nice. I don't want you to say anything unkind to my friends here at J-Land. PLEASE TRY.

(((((((HUGS)))))))) to you all !!!!!!!!!




Sunday, August 5, 2007

Just A Quick Note

Hello dear world

How are you ? I wanted to come and talk to you before I went off to bed. I read some news that I wanted to share with you. Recently a 5 year old boy named Austin Haley was killed Friday by a stray bullet while fishing with his grandfather in Noble, Okla.

Apparently the shot came from a police officer who was trying to kill a snake in a nearby yard. I wanted to offer my condolences to the family and relatives of Austin's during this sad time. I'm sure he will never be forgotten. I sure wish I could have met him. I will keep Austin in my thoughts as I'm sure others will do as well.

In other news a guy recently visited my journal and he said my journal is drab. What do you think dear world ?

Take care everyone. Enjoy your week and may I wish you plenty of sweet dreams.

Good-night !!!

Saturday, August 4, 2007

My Day And Some Shopping

Hello dear world

How are you ? I thought I would pop in and say hello and share my day with you. Early this morning I had to go to Kaiser and get a blood test and let me just say yuck yuck yuck. I can tell you that the nurse that took my blood didn't mind jabbing the needle in my arm. I now have a redish bruise from her and that needle. I hate going to get a blood test its just awful.

Anywho......after my dreadful morning at Kaiser my folks and I and my youngest niece went to our favorite place for breakfast which is called "Truett's" . We love going there for breakfast. They have the best breakfast in town. Let me tell you I love going there and getting scrambled eggs and their bacon. You should smell their bacon its such an amazing thing to go there. My youngest niece loved the train that rides on a track above the tables and the booths there. They also have the best chocolate milk in the world in my opinion.

Of course after breakfast we went shopping at Target which my niece loved. I also did quite a bit of shopping there. I bought me some stickers, a journal covered in dark green and light green ribbons, two CD's one called "Continuum" by John Mayer and the other is by Alan Jackson which has his greatest hits on it. I also bought some books there which I have to tell you that they will be great to read for the summer. I also found some brown frayed tennis shoes which are really cute.My dear world if I didn't tell you this already John Mayer is my favorite singer of all time. I fell in love with his music when I first heard one of his songs "Your Body Is A Wonderland" which is a great song.Here is a link for you ----- . I also got my mom (2) containers and a nice shirt she liked. I also got some fabric softener for the house and let me tell you it was flying off the shelves like hot cakes at the waffle house. The fabric softener I bought smells wonderful its no wonder its flying off the shelves. Target is probably making a killing off that fabric softener. All in all I can tell you that I had fun going there and shopping. I love to go to places like Target where I can just go there and get things that I like. The toy my niece got is a computerized doll house with a computerized little girl on it that does everythingbut go to work inside of this house. It is a two story doll house that has everything you could imagine in this house. The toy was originally priced at $34.99 but it was marked down to $8.00. She loves her toy and she wanted to open it as soon as we got in the car. I have to say shopping is FUN,FUN and FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

So how has your Saturday been ??? Did you go out today as I did. Of course its been pretty warm but we was fun to get out and doing something I like my dear world. How are things in your neck of the woods ?

That's it for me. I'll chat with you again later.

Byyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

This,That And The Other

Hello hello hello dear world

How are you ?? It was another warm day in my neck of the woods but this is Summer right ????

Anywho....I don't want to bring anyone down but I have to say that it was really tragic what happened in Minnesota. What happened your wondering....well an interstate bridge fell which lies between St. Paul and Minneapolis. I heard that there were some injuries and others who lost their lives. I think that it was sad that lives were lost and others injured. I don't know what caused the bridge to fall but it was such a sad bit of news. I will have to keep the families, those who got hurt and lost their lives in Minneapolis in my prayers and thoughts.

Enough of the sad news. I have to say that I am a huge huge fan of Ross Matthews and his blog which I have to share with you. He is such a funny and interesting guy. I do hope you will go over and take a look at his blog. He sure keeps me laughing. Here is his link ----->

I do have to tell you that our new coworker is a really nice addition to our office. She let us know that she likes us and that she is glad to be working in our building with us. She does make us laugh and we enjoy having someone new around. I hope she is with us for a while. I can tell you that she is a really nice lady and she has quite a personality on her. It will be nice getting to know her more. Don't get me wrong I like my other coworkers too but its nice having someone new around to talk to and laugh with. My dear world I think that sometimes change can be an unexpected and wonderful thing.

So my dear world how are you today ??? Still chugging along ?? I hope you are all well and having a marvelous day. Thanks again for coming. I'll talk to you again soon.

Byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1, August First !

Hello my dear world

Its officially August 1, 2007. A whole new month came rolling in. As my dear friend Mr. Brimm writes :

A new day ... a new chance to do some of the things that didn't get done yesterday ... perhaps to tackle some new task.

So my dear world is there anything your looking forward to ??? Is there anything you would like to mention that your thankful for ???

That's all for now. Byyye !!!!!!!!!