Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Sunday........

Hello dear world..........

Tomorrow will be the day everyone gets dressed up in costumes, eats a ton of sweets, gets the children ready for the usual rounds of trick or treating and perhaps goes out to a Halloween party. I hope you have a............HAUNTING HALLOWEEN hopefully your not visited by any ghosts, goblins, spooks or specters.....Maybe you might want to leave a light on just in case.

You might be wondering......What did I do today ? I DID NOT make plans and I ended up doing tons of fun things.........My older sister, my two nieces and I went out to the mall which is known here in Georgia as..........Southlake. I bought two CD's but the best part was that there was a new R&B artist there. The singer's name is Ray and he was promoting his new single "Southern Lovin". He has an album coming out soon. He was a really nice looking guy. There was a line of people waiting for him to autograph a poster with his name on it and to hand out his single. Ray has a very amazing voice. I was listening to his song in the store before I got his single and I was glad I did. The song is wonderful and I instantly liked it. I met him and he seems like a very decent celebrity. I have never met someone famous until was exciting to meet someone who is an up and coming singer it was a new experience for me.

While I was also at the mall I bought one of Jessica Simpson's Dessert Treats products. The one I bought is a deliciously kissable body frosting. The fragrance I bought is a butterscotch toffee which is a really sweet smelling fragrance. I love this fragrance its just like eating a real dessert. You can find her product at ------------> its worth trying. I also purchased Ashlee Simpson's new CD. Ashlee Simpson is also Jessica Simpson's sister. Her CD has a lot of great songs on it. My favorite song on the CD is "Boyfriend". Check out her website at -------> Her songs are bubbly and up beat and great to listen to. Her CD is a feel good CD it is a CD that will lift any mood your in.

On a different note I was checking my e-mails today and I was sent a new journal titled................Sisterhood Sunday / A Softer Side the link to this one is as follows-----------> A lady had also commented in my entry from Saturday and she also keeps a journal titled " Linda's World". Here is a link to her journal ---->


There is also a nice lady named Jeannette who keeps a journal titled "Jeannette's Jottings". You can find her link here >  I know you will enjoy her journal as I do. Jeannette is a really sweet lady and a great writer. So drop by and say hello to her she will appreciate the gesture.

Well I hope that everyone is able to have a fun and memorable Halloween. Let me know how your day goes and perhaps you will let me know if you let your sweet tooth run wild...............



Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Entire Saturday........

Hello world......

I thought you might like to know how my day went so here I go......

First things first I didn't make plans. Me and my mother made some spooktacular Halloween cupcakes with cobweb designs which turned out great. We both ate tons of icing which had us both on sugar highs which lasted us all through the day.

Later in the day we took a car ride down to a store called Michaels. You can find it online at -------> it is a store where you can find tons of wonderful arts and crafts stuff galore. I love it I usually spend the entire day in the store filling my basket with lots of neat stuff. My mom just loves it too. We like the same kinds of things its pretty nice to go there and do a little shopping.

After our little shopping trip we took another trip to KiKu which is a Japanese restaurant which I told you about before. The chef was great and the food was delicious. I love going there its the next best thing to jumping on a plane and going there. You might want to check it out at ------->  its a wonderful dining experience for the entire family.

I had a wonderful Saturday it was fun for me. I find when you don't make plans you end up finding a million things to do but when you make plans things don't work out at all. I think I will stick to never making plans it works for me.

I wanted to note that I had recently came upon a journal titled "A Day With Kara" when I was reading one of my other favorite journals kept by a young woman named Meg. Here is link to her journal ------------>

I really enjoyed reading her journal perhaps you will too. Let me know what you think of it.

Have A Haunting Great Halloween !!!

Talk to you soon dear world.....Sleep well and sweet dreams


Beginning to the Weekend...........

Hi world !!!!!!!!

I woke up to a rather beautiful day here in Georgia and I wanted to share it with you.....The sky is a light shade of blue and the clouds look like soft cotton balls and the wind is cool.

I'm off of work for the weekend ( yeeeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhh ). There are lots of things I could do.......Go shopping, go out to lunch, take in a movie, pick up a few things at the grocery store, take a car ride out in the neighborhood, go window shopping.........Maybe I could go get a little ice cream who knows........There's a million things I could do but I just don't know...........Maybe I could hang around the house or just go rent a movie the list goes on and on and on........

What will you be doing today dear world ?

Don't you just love weekends ?

What do you like about Saturdays ?

By the way I am in search of some new journals to read......Anyone know of any that I might find interesting.......I would be happy to promote it on my journal..........Thanks

I better go my day is calling..................Talk to you later dear world


Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Few Notes And Of Course.......Colin Firth

Hello dear world.......

I know that I haven't written in a long time...Okay its only been a few days but here I am. What did I do tonight you might ask....Well I spent a little bit of my night watching a show on the WB called "Everwood" which I have to say is really becoming my favorite. I can't go one single Thursday night without watching it so I did.

On a much more different note let me ask a question dear world.......Have you seen Pride & Prejudice, Love Actually, Bridget Jones's Diary and You've Got Mail ? Well I have....I have.....I have and let me tell you why. Colin Firth is the main reason.....I am a huge, huge,huge, huge,huge, huge, huge, huge fan of Colin Firth. He is the world's greatest actor and a nice looking guy. I have seen "Pride & Prejudice" so many times that I practically know the whole movie by heart. There are several male actors in Hollywood but none could take the place of Colin Firth. When it comes to "Pride & Prejudice" for instance no one could play the part of Mr. Darcy as perfect as Colin Firth did. I can say that the movie "Love Actually" was only good because of Colin Firth and not Hugh Grant.

On a much more different note its race weekend here in Atlanta and yes "The Atlanta Motor Speedway" is up and running. On a more exciting note my favorite race car driver.......Jeff Gordon recently won for which I'm happy.  The sad news is that Rusty Wallace will be racing for the last time. I'm sure Rusty will be missed by everyone including his fans. For me Jeff Gordon is the best........

Anyway I just thought that I would share a few notes with you.......I would also like to thank my fans who have come by and visited my journal.........You are appreciated and welcome anytime. Let me say thank you in a really big way...................


Good night and -------------------> Sweet Dreams

One last thing.......I came upon an interesting journal titled "Fresh Cup........Move Down" which I really, really,really, really,really liked. Check it out --------->

and yes Lord of Butter she included........Colin Firth so I guess your outnumbered




Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Hello Everyone......

Did everyone VOTE in the VIVI awards ?  Before I say anything Tom Cruise please don't get up we don't want you jumping on anymore couches your ruining a lot of furniture. I can tell you that I  voted yes I did.....

I just hope that everyone gets a chance to vote......I would like to encourage you all to vote at least once for......

1.Jeannette's Jottings

2. Ellipsis

3. TimelessCalligraphy

4. In The Shadow of The Iris

5. Adventures of the 2-Faced Baseball

6. Friendship, Loyalty and Love

7. F-Stop

8. Judith HeartSong

9. Dave Cryer

and so many others that at this moment....I can't say much more

Please vote carefully and do not rush.......Take your time and recheck as you vote......

The ones you want to vote for many not be counted because you were rushing.......So slow down and take your time.....


Time is ticking.........tick,tick,tick,tick,tick......



Monday, October 24, 2005


Hello everyone...

Before you read this you might want to make sure your not alone and your lights are on....Strap yourselves in !!

As I sit here looking out of my window the sky quickly goes from blue to dark shades of grey and I hear the lifeless wind blow cold in the empty night. Tree branches scratch and scratch at my windows as I watch leaves slide from the arms of quivering trees and fall to the ground dead. The room darkens and the sounds of the night grow louder and louder. My heart beats quicker and the room grows colder and colder with each passing second. Suddenly everything goes silent and suddenly something falls in the other room....

It seems a perfect night for spells, flickering candle light and a few hypnotic haunting poems of Edgar Allan Poe as the mind slips slowly into madness as I stare endlessly into the abyss of a black moon.

So are you spooked yet ?

Sweet Dreams......


The journals One - Way Passage

and Ms. Smith's Diary

inspired me....Thanks

Saturday, October 22, 2005

My Saturday..........

Good evening.......

Today was a great Saturday. My mother asked me if I would like to go out to lunch with her and a friend so I did.........Before I walked out the door I changed into a million different outfits and pieces of jewelry. We went to a place called "KiKu" Japanese Steak & Seafood House. The chef cooks at the table and performs a variety of tricks before serving you your food. The food was deliciously melt in your mouth. You can find it at it was wonderful. It was like going to Japan without actually stepping on a plane.

Later on we went out shopping and I bought some outfits. I didn't leave the house without getting dressed up and putting on a little makeup. I bought some cute outfits today which perhaps might catch the eye of a guy or 2 your never know. The weather was also nice the sky was dusted with a light shade of blue powder which I thought was rather wonderful. The Fall season has definitely arrived and I'm loving it.

On a different note I normally wouldn't admit to this but I am getting into Ashlee Simpson's music. She has a new song that's playing on the radio called "Boyfriend" which I think is a very bubbly upbeat kind of song. I can't wait to buy her CD with that song on it. She says that her songs are like her diary because she is quite introspective. I really have come to like her music. Check this out -----

What do you think dear world ?

You might also want to check out a journal.........

HAH !  Check out this link-------->

I was reading a journal....... Dad's Tomato Garden Journal which I think is quite wonderful. Here is a link to his journal----------->

Drop by and say hello to him. He will appreciate your kind words. There is a saying in his journal which I will leave you with..........

"What we love to do we find time to do." - John Spalding.....

- good night world

Friday, October 21, 2005

Just A Few Notes........

Hello world......

Here are a few notes about me :

Two things that scare me :

1. snakes 2. spiders

Two of my everyday essentials :

1. clothes 2. hand-written journal

Two things I'm wearing right now :

1. raggedy t-shirt   2. shorts

Two of my favorite bands or musical artists :

1. Matchbox Twenty   2. Ruben Studdard

Two of my favorite hobbies :

1. hanging out with my family   2. reading

Two things I want really bad

1. For a nice guy to ask me out     2. a blue box from Tiffany's with a gift inside....preferably ( necklace )

Two of my favorite actors :

1. Colin Firth       2. Michael Ealy

Two things I would like to do :

1. Get locked in Barnes & Noble for 2 nights   2. Meet a guy

Two things I normally wouldn't admit to :

1. Biting my nails      2. Having a crush on a guy at work


For now that's about it.........I'm sure I will have more to tell you later........

Here's one last thing..................Go out and rent Bridget Jones' Diary, Love Actually and Pride and Prejudice ( The one with Colin Firth ) in it...........Then be honest and admit you looooooveeeeeeee Colin Firth

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm Breaking My Rule Again.......Sorry

Hello world......

I read something in the paper which I needed to share with you.......It also upset me.

As you all might know everything requires showing a government-issued photo ID from getting on a plane, renting a movie to buying groceries and many other things.

Not only do I have to show my photo ID at work but I also have to walk through a metal detector and my purse has to go through an x-ray machine. Recently the Georgia General Assembly approved legislation requiring that voters show a government - issued photo ID at the polls. At this time the voter ID law was put on hold. In a 123 page ruling issued Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Harold Murphy of Rome temporarily barred the state from requiring voters to show a government - issued photo ID at the polls. Murphy ruled only on the injunction, his strongly worded denunciation of the ID requirement law suggests that he may ultimately find it unconstitutional.

I AGREE with Judge Harold Murphy on his ruling. In a  court of law people are innocent until proven guilty. Everytime I have to show my photo ID especially when I step through the doors of my workplace I feel like I'm being accused of fraud or of being a terrorist. I have NEVER given the government or law enforcement officials a reason to distrust me in any way. When I am told to show my photo ID at work or outside of work I feel that I am being told to surrender my constitutional rights whether I like it or not.

Judge Murphy's decision only addressed the plaintiff's request for a preliminary injunction, which suspends the law until he decides whether it is unconstitutional. Meredith Bell- Platts, a staff attorney with the ACLU Voting Rights Project in Atlanta, said Tuesday that she looks forward to litigating the remainder of the case to secure a final judgement that the law is unconstitutional which violates the Voting Rights Act, the Civil Rights Act and the Georgia Constitution.

Being a young woman and a registered voter this matter affects me highly. In my opinionthe Georgia General Assembly IS WRONG !!!!

On a different note if you read Ellipsis's journal you will find that she reminds you to take to the great outdoors for a little fun. We all need to get out and soak up a little sunshine..........So drop by her journal and see for yourself......Here's her link:


You might also want to stop by an amazing journal titled


The following journals will certainly lift your moods and get you smiling........At least they did for me

Good-night dear world.....sleep well

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

At A Loss For Words......


I'm sitting here.....the cursor blinking , blinking but yet nothing comes to mind. I have what you might call a writer's block so there's nothing coming to mind....NOTHING

.....the cursor.......blinking......blinking.........waiting...........waiting for me to say something.......anything.....anything that won't be this nothingness I'm experiencing.......Dear world I'm sure your waiting for me to say something but I'm sitting here and still........nothing

Do you ever get writer's block dear world ????? I mean UHHHHH!!!!! UHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I'm a little frustrated at this mind is left...........blank......still nothing..........nothing


I'll leave you with a little something --------->

One Summer's Day

something to smile about

Sangria Times



sorry for this much ado about nothing entry.......I'll be back tomorrow with something new.....

Good night and sleep well


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My Day.......

Hello world.......

How are you ? Here I am again.......I want to share a piece of my day with you. Early this morning at my work a rather nice looking older gentlemen who I assume was in his late 30's  looked over at me while I was working and smiled at me. As I was finishing up my work he came up to me and started a conversation which I didn't expect at all. He started talking to me of gas prices and some other things. He was a nice looking guy but by the end of the conversation he informs that he has to call his girlfriend which is as usual my luck.

I don't mean to complain or anything but when it comes to meeting guys I must be doing something wrong. I just don't get it. Normally guys don't come up and talk to me but this guy did. Nothing came of our conversation but it was nice for him to have done that. Still in all its always my luck that a nice looking guy has someone already in his life. Whatever happened to my luck ?? I have never had any luck with guys.

Am I doing something wrong ??

On a different note I came upon some new journals you might want to check out.......

Francesco's Life



A Moment That is Mine


Take a look at these and see for yourself if you like them as I did........


Good night.........Sweet Dreams

Monday, October 17, 2005

Wonderful Day.......

Hello world....

Today I woke up feeling wonderfully great. The weather here in my neck of the woods was rather great as well. The wind was cool, the sky was blue and leaves were blowing on the ground making Autumn's music. This was a wonderful day....just wonderful.

I have something to ask....Does anyone enjoy candy like I do ?? I notice that now that Halloween is almost here candy has hit shelves like nothing else. There's candy everywhere I look.....Kit Kat's, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Hershey Kisses, Mary Jane's, Atomic Fire Balls, Jaw Breakers, Snickers, M&M's, Candy Corn and much, much more.....

Does anyone else notice this dear world ??? Dear world if you don't mind me asking what kind of candy do you like ? What candy would you say you dislike ?

My favorite is.......M&M's plain without the peanuts

Until we talk again......enjoy Autumn and let me say....Have a "Happy Halloween".....

Good night

P.S. There is a beautiful journal you might want to take a look at if you want to see an amazing photo of Fall Foliage. The journal is titled " Photographs & Memories


Sunday, October 16, 2005

New Journals.......You Should Check Out

Hello dear world.......

I have some journal links you might want to check out.......

Dad's Tomato Garden Journal

Enchanted Ramblings

Mary Louise's Photo Shoot



Bottled Dreams

My Everyday Life

Bee's Shutter


I'll offer more links later to all of you I just hope that you enjoy these links as I do......I want to say thanks to all the visitors to my journal for listening and their appreciation........You are all great and you know who you are........

THANKS !!!!!!!

We'll talk later........

Friday, October 14, 2005

Dedicated To Jayveeconcerto Or As I Call Him.......The Midnight Cowboy

Good evening dear world.....Here's a little dedication I would like to give to "The Midnight Cowboy".

Somewhere in a small piano bar a gentleman sits at a piano and plays a few notes of a song......This is for him

I sit at a table watching the fingers of a guy that I don't know slip across the ivory keys of a piano as he sings a song called "Smile" by Lyle Lovett. His fingers gently caress the ivory keys as he seems to look over at me making the people in the bar disappear as if he were playing only for me. His eyes take hold of me as he sings a beautiful song that only me and my heart can hear. Every note melts into me as if I were the only person in the room. His fingers continue to slide across the keys as he sings a song that's only meant for me on this particular evening. The last few notes of the song melt from his lips and for a moment his fingers stop on top of the keys as he looks over at me without saying a word.........


Perhaps the piano player made this night just for me.........maybe this was all a dream......Maybe he really did play for me...........I'm sure "The Midnight Cowboy" will never tell.

Still this dedication is for him............

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Something For Wednesday......

Hello dear world.....There was a young man named Matthew J.T. Stepanek , best known as "Mattie". He began writing poetry and short stories since age three. His first four books of poetry are titled "Heartsongs, Journey Through Heartsongs, Hope Through Heartsngs and Celebrate Through Heartsongs".

Mattie was a frequent public speaker who appeared on many shows such as Good Morning America and also Larry King. He had his poetry published in newspapers and magazines nationwide. In 2002, Mattie was awarded the Children's Hope Medal of Honor, the Verizon Courage Award, and the Humanitarian Award from the Pediatric Nursing Society of America. He also received the Freddie Award for his public speaking and advocacy related to muscular dystrophy and Children's Hospice. Mattie served as the Maryland State Goodwill Ambassador for the Muscular Association as well as the National Goodwill Anbassador for 2202 and 2003.

Mattie was born J.T. Stepanek on July 17, 1990, he was the youngest of 4 children each born with a life-threatening neuromuscular disease. Mattie never knew his two oldest siblings, Katie and Stevie, who died before he was born. But he was very close to his brother, Jamie who died when they were both preschoolers. Mattie began callings his creations "HeartSongs" when he was about five years old. Mattie defined a HeartSong as a "person's inner beauty and strength" and "a person's special message and reason to be,"in this world.

Despite the amount of time Mattie spent in the hospital during his last year of his life, he worked dilligently on many writing and speaking projects related to hope and peace for the world, and for each of us as individuals. On March 7, 2004, Mattie penned his last poem, and called it"Final Thoughts". The following day, he went into heart failure. He died three and a half months later, on June 22.He wrote a poem titled "Purple Moon" which I really like.

Purple Moon


I think the world

Would be lovelier

If the moon

Glowed purple

During the darkness......

A gentle glimmering ray

Of healing and hope,

Illuminating the earth

And the people....

The slow pace

And contemplation

Of lava lamp nights

Peacefully demonstrating

A quieter,

Gentler way

Of passing time.....


Oh, reflect upon a

Purple moon, a

peaceful tune, a

Patient light,

Pacific rune...

But sometimes,

When life

Gets in the way,

Blocking the passage

Of night into day,

And I realize the pull

Of the ebbing tide

Is not so far away,

For it is coming,

Ever and too soon,

I don't even know

If it matters for now

If there is purple, or

If there is a moon.

Mattie J.T. Stepanek

February 29, 2004

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Little News.....

Hello world.....

I thought you might like to chat. Jeannette of Jeannette's Jottings included a little poem in her journal that I think you will enjoy. She also has some wonderful photos I think you will like so drop by and say hello.

On a different note a young lady named Liz started keeping a journal. I hope you will drop by and welcome her aboard J-Land. Her journal can be found at.........


Drop by her journal and say hello to Liz I'm sure she will appreciate it. As for me I'm just hanging around J-Land and looking for some more great journals to share with you all. I am doing better and hoping to hear that you dear world are doing great.

Let's chat again soon..........good night

Saturday, October 8, 2005


Hello world.......

I was feeling a little depressed today as I was reading the newspaper which I won't get into it. There hasn't been one bit of good news lately so I won't go into it now. Bad news can wait for another day.

I was doing some journal reading today and I have to say that there are a few which lifted my spirits........The journal One-Way Passage is really a wonderful journal. The writer has kept me reading and the writing has warmed me like a cup of hot chocolate....... Here is my recipe for staying warm on a cool rainy day.....

There is another journal that hasn't got the attention it deserves. The journal "Timeless Calligraphy" is filled with beauty and magic. This journal should be read by people of every age...... Here is my prescription for finding beauty......

If you want to find a journal that will remind of the joys of writing and poetry and absolute perfection then you might want to be caught up in the journal "Chosen Words". This is the journal that should keep you reading and inspired to write as well. Here it is....


Dear world you will find that you fall in love with them all but you will find yourself captured by the journal One-Way Passage..........You will thank me for it.........

Good night everyone........


Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Places To Visit.......

Hello World.....

Good evening. Well I thought you might enjoy what I found this evening. I took a walk in J-Land tonight and I came upon some great works of art........

The first great work is titled......Judith Heartsong check out her work at.....

The other great piece of art is titled Sweet and Simple.....You can find this work of art at this little rest stop.......


My walk around J-Land was a delightful one and I shall take a rest until tomorrow when my travels take me to another bend in the road.......Will you come along for the ride ?? I hope you decide to come with me.....

R.S.V.P here........

Good night world

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Just A Few Notes....

Hello dear world........

I want to thank the many visitors who have come by my journal and left me wonderful comments.....You know who you are. THANKS !!!!!

I want to say that I have visited some journals and I have found tons to interest me. I did find a journal titled.....The Stupidsheetguy which I have to warn you. In this journal there is a photo in it that will drive you mad or have you running from the room........Enter at your own risk.......... I warned you........Don't say I didn't warn you........

There is another journal that I found to be quite lovely and worth sharing with you dear world.....This journal offers lots of spectacular photos that would put the picture postcard business in jeopardy......Enter here.......

You will enjoy visiting Gators's I certainly did..........

Good - night all...........Sweet Dreams


Saturday, October 1, 2005

My Day......

Hello Dear World......

Today I had a pretty great day. I went out today and had fun.......I'll explain

I treated my family out to lunch at a wonderful place called "Moe's Southwest Grill". You can check out Moe's at  . Moe's has tons of great dishes of food with certain names. One dish is called "The Ugly Naked Guy" which is my favorite. Another dish is known as "Billy Barou" which I also like. There's another dish which might sound familiar its called "The Other Lewinsky". Their food is pretty delicious in my opinion. My family and I like to eat there from time to time. Moe's is what I call a local hot spot for any family to enjoy. I hope they don't mind my recommendation I just enjoy the place. I recommend anyone to go there and enjoy a bite to eat.

On a different note its nice to see Autumn arrive slowly but surely. The weather is crisp and the sky is a perfect shade of blue. I have to note that earlier me and my mom stopped off at a place that's known as Joanne's. What is Joanne's you wonder.....Joanne's is a fabric store and an everything else kind of place.You can also check out Joanne's at . I can say that I really enjoyed seeing the shelves stocked with all kinds of wonderful and different Halloween decorations. I liked them all and so I ended up purchasing many things in the store. I have to say that going to Joanne's is fun everytime we go there.

Most of all I have to say that I am liking this time of year more and more. It's all about pumpkins, acorns, apple pie, hot apple cider, caramel apples, vanilla ice cream, candy corn, chocolate scented candles, Halloween decorations and the leaves filling with colors of green, red, yellow, orange and brown. Its just an amazing time of year....I'm loving it. I wonder though if it looks anything like Autumn in places like Paris, Italy and London I really wonder........

By now its pretty obvious I had a really great day. What did you do today dear world ? I guess its kind of late so I will have to say good night. We'll talk soon.

As always sweet dreams.........