Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some News

Hello dear world

Monae's Log: 968275.1

In a galaxy far, far, far away the Star Trek Enterprise is being called out to Space once more on a mission..... as you can tell I am missing my dear friend Stevie's Star Trek entries so I thought I would make a little Star Trek log just for him.

In my other news my favorite show Bones was on tonight. I am really a huge fan of the show as you already know. I am happy to also report that my favorite X-Files guy David Duchovny will be directing an episode of Bones on December 13th I can't wait. I was a huge huge huge fan of the X-Files and of David Duchovny. Bones hasn't been on in a while and I was just about getting some withdrawal symptoms.

On a much more different note at about the end of December I will have reached my 3 year anniversary of being at my job. I can't believe that I will have been at my job for 3 years already. I have been keeping busy at work and my boss is pretty nice. All in all work is going fine.

So my dear world how was your day ? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ? I hope that your day was a nice one and that the rest of your week goes well.

Anyway...its getting pretty late so I will just say good-night.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Morning Grind ( And I Don't Mean Coffee)

Hello dear world

How are you ? This entry is dedicated to you Bill.  In other news I hope you all enjoyed the pop quiz. The pop quiz was more of a thing to make you smile and a little something that might get you more in the spirit of the holidays. FYI: Did you know that The Christmas card was first posted in England in the 1840's ? I just thought you might want to know.

In other news did you see on You tube that a man went around walking with a FREE HUG sign ? Here is the video -------> . Some people ignored him which is sad but some people actually took the time to stop and give him a hug. I would have liked to have hugged him I'm sure he was a pretty decent guy. I am sure he was also a very interesting guy. As I might not have told you I carry with me where ever I go a handwritten diary/journal so I may jot down thoughts and things that fill my head. I would have wanted that guy to jot some notes down in my diary/journal.

I have an idea dear world that I want to run by you. Whatever thoughts you might have you can post them in my comments section of my journal any thought at all what do you think ? You might want to share something that you heard, a joke, a word you learned or just something that strikes you is that a bad idea ? I wouldn't mind any of you sharing things with me. I share a lot of things and I never allow you to share things that happen to you. I think the comments section can be a little unfair because it just asks you to comment to what happened to me. So dear world go ahead and post something you haven't posted in my comment section before. Feel free to share it all if you like.

Anywho.........I wanted to share Bill's journal with you I hope he doesn't mind here is his link -------> . Bill is a very interesting guy I have really enjoyed getting to meet him. I am sure you will enjoy getting to know him too. Go over and say hello.

I also wanted to share with you a journal titled Follow Your Dreams written by a wonderful young woman named Meg here is her link to her journal -------> . Her journal will certainly warm your heart. Go by and meet her for yourself you won't be sorry.

That's all I have for now. If there's anything you want me to know leave me a little note and I will try to get back with you. I will talk to you my dear dear dear dear friends later.

Good-night !!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Get Out Your Number 2 Pencils

Hello dear world

How are you ? I hate to say this but its pop quiz time. You have approximately 10 minutes to complete this quiz...............just kidding. Are your number 2 pencils in hand ? Let's begin.

1.) In the poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" what shook , when he laughed, like a bowl full of jelly ?

2.) In Robert Frost's "Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening" what particular mammal was included in the poem ?

3.) How many days until Christmas ?

4.) Name in alphabetical order the names of the reindeers in the poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" ?

5.) What is the name of the most famous snowman ?

*Extra Credit Question*

what is the name of the red-nosed reindeer ?


Good Luck  and Season's Greetings !!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Just A Few Thoughts

Hello dear world

How are you this evening/day ? I thought I would pop in and say hello to tell you about my day. First I have to admit that I slept in late this morning. I forgot to mention to you my dear friends that I have been off of work for the Thanksgiving holiday which I enjoyed with my family. Anyway......back to what I was saying. Early this morning I watched "The Lake House" again which is my very favorite movie to watch obviously. I have to say that I really like Keanu Reeves in the movie and its always a great movie to see early in the morning on the weekends.

I also have to tell you dear world that I am getting more and more into the spirit of the holidays. If I didn't tell you already my family's Christmas lights are up outside of our house but we haven't done any of our decorating inside yet but we are planning to soon. I am also enjoying seeing some of my favorite holiday movies on television like that of "In The Good Ole Summertime" (1949) with Judy Garland and Van Johnson. It is an old classic movie which puts me more and more in the spirits of the holidays. I also watched one of my other favorite movies "Bed Of Roses" with Christian Slater which is another holiday classic. I so LOVVVVVVVE this time of year especially seeing stores and their shelves crammed full of Christmas goodies and decorations. I also love hearing Christmas carols on the radio.

In other news.....I was checking my mail today and I saw that a sweet lady named Judy left a really sweet comment in my journal. First I would like to say thank you to Judy for her kind words. Though I have to say that I am sad to report that I haven't tried out my chocolate fondue pot yet. I will be tearing open its box on Christmas and trying out a few things. I will definitely get out to the grocery store and get some pound cake, some strawberries, some cantaloupe and some other sweets to put into my pot for a dessert treat I can't wait dear world. It would be nice to have some wonderful friends like you my dear world to join me and my family for the holidays to have some of the chocolate. I also can't wait to send out all of my Christmas cards to those of you who I have already mailed out cards to during Thanksgiving and those of you who have been added to my list. I will be getting them out soon.

I also wanted to thank all of you for your wonderful ideas about what I should ask for Christmas. All of your suggestions gave me tons of ideas. I will give all of your ideas some thought to that one particular thing. THANK YOU ALL !!!!!!!!

Enough of me rattling on and on with my day how are you dear world ? What will your Christmas be like ? Do you have plans of going out of town to visit family and friends ? What are you looking forward to this Christmas ? I am hoping that your Christmas is wonderful and quite memorable. I will be thinking of you all and wishing you a very "Merry Christmas".

Last but not least.......any plans for New Year's ?????

That's all for now. Good-night my dear dear dear dear dear world.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Question.....Dear World

Hello dear world

How are you ? I am in need of your help do not be alarmed I am fine. The reason why I need your help is that someone asked me the question: What do you want for Christmas ? The question puzzled me greatly. I'm NOT at all sure what I want for Christmas.

I know most people could tell you exactly what they would like for Christmas but I don't really know. Most women would say they want jewelry, shoes, clothes or perhaps some kind of household appliance. I could say that I want a cellphone but the thing is nobody really calls me all that much so I wouldn't have a need for a cellphone. I could ask for a couple of nice dress pants and some jeans but I don't like going to stores and trying on pants. Asking yourself what you want for Christmas is a daunting task to say the least.

So my dear world I am going to set the daunting task at your feet. Before Christmas starts getting any closer I would like a few suggestions from you my dear friends. What should I ask for this Christmas ? Since you have gotten to know me what do you think I should say I want ? Any ideas ????

Anyway......I also wanted to ask you. What do you want for Christmas my dear world ? What is the one top thing on your list ? I haven't made a Christmas list in quite some time. What would you like as a Christmas present ? I hope you don't mind me asking. What would you say is the one thing you have seen in a store or online you really really like ?

Okay...okay....okay....I'm sure your ready to tell me that I have asked enough questions already. I hope that your Sunday is a nice one. I know that I have kept you long enough so I'll let you get back to what you were doing.

P.S. If your reading this Diane a.k.a loststream I have a little question to ask you.

That's all for now.Take care everyone. Sweet Dreams.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Today Was A Good Day

Hello dear world.......

Season's Greetings !!!!!!!!!! 

How are you ? I don't know where to begin but I have great news. Oh where to start ???? where to start ???? I guess at the beginning.

Early this morning my mom, my oldest niece and I did a little holiday shopping at Kohl's. Here is the link for the store -----> . Let me tell you the line for kohl's was the length of an adult anaconda. While I was there I bought ( 2 ) Jeff Gordon NASCAR ornaments. I am a huge huge huge fan of Jeff's. I think he is a great race car driver and I also think he is quite nice looking. I also bought some Christmas cards and some candles. One of the candles I bought is a caramel flan candle, the other one is a sugar cookie candle and the other is a fresh roast coffee candle and the last one is a chewy chocolate chip cookie candle doesn't that just sound delicious ? You could practically eat them. While I was also at Kohl's I also bought a chocolate fondue pot. As you already know I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love chocolate. I'm going to enjoy using it for Christmas. I also wanted to share with you some of Jeff Gordon here is the link -----> .

After Kohl's we went to the Atlanta Bread Company which is one of my favorite places to eat. Here is the link for it --------> . I had a hot pastrami sandwich which was pretty good. I also bought a Mocha muffin which was also pretty good.

After the Atlanta Bread Company we went over to a place called Rack Room Shoes. Here is the link if you would also like to see it ------> . I wasn't planning on buying any shoes at all but I saw a young woman trying on some shoes which I liked. The shoes are called Rocket Dog's which I have fallen in love with. I also bought my youngest niece some boots there for Christmas.

After the shoe store we took a ride over to Toys "R" Us. I didn't buy anything there but my mom did buy some things for Christmas for our young nieces and nephews in our family.

Last but not least a few hours ago we returned home after shopping at a place we shop at called Kmart. Here is a link if you would like to see it --------> . I did a little more shopping there. I bought some things for my nieces that they like. I also bought the new Justin Timberlake CD which I have wanted. I also bought a Christmas CD by Aaron Neville who I like listening to. Here is his site if you have never heard his music ----------> . There is nothing like listening to Aaron Neville sing Christmas songs during this time of year. While I was at Kmart I also bought some Hershey's Kisses to put in my fondue pot. Let me tell you dear world I can't wait to use my chocolate fondue pot. I am so looking forward to this Christmas.

All in all I had a really fun busy day. So my dear world how was your day ? Have you started any of your Christmas shopping yet ? I hope that you will have a very great Christmas filled with lots of memories. I shall be sending out my Christmas cards soon so those of you who I have sent other cards to be looking in your mailboxes soon for more to come.

That's all for now dear world. I shall talk to you again soon. I will more than likely have lots more to tell you. I shall return with more and more news so this shall be continued.

Byyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

First let me say "Happy Thanksgiving" to you all. I hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one. My day began as I got ready for Church. Before we left we left for Church my family and I taped the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" on television here is a link -----> then we left for Church.

After we went to Church at St. Phillip Benizi we then went to breakfast. After breakfast we got home and my folks got some of the food ready for us to eat. I of course didn't do much cooking though I helped getting stuff to the table without incident. Our Thanksgiving meal consisted of the Turkey, yams, peas, stuffing, mashed potatoes with a side of gravy and dinner rolls. We had enough food to feed 6 different neighborhoods and a few countries. Yes our meal was quite good to say the least.

While getting our meal together we watched the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" that we taped which was nice. The costumes I didn't think were all that cute but they were okay. I did like the floats, the balloons and the people who sang at the parade. My oldest niece liked hearing Chris Brown sing she is a fan of his.

Anyway.....after we eat our meal I went and watched some of my favorite shows like the "West Minster Kennel Club Best In Show" on television" here is a link to it -----> . Do you ever watch that ? I think its quite interesting to watch ? I really am a fan of it. I just thought I would share that with you.

I also thought that I would tell you that I started reading Meredith Vieira's blog online. Meredith was once on "THE VIEW". I really liked reading her blog if you would like to read it here is her link ------> . Tell me what you think of it.

All in all how was your Thanksgiving ?? I hope it was as nice as mine. I had a really great day with my family. I can't wait until Christmas. Do you want to know what I'm grateful for dear world ? Both of my nieces of course they are as cute as they have ever been and my family. I am also grateful for you my dear world for always listening and for being here so thanks.

Have a great holiday everyone !!!!!!!!!!!! Take care.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tomorrow Is Thanksgiving !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world.....

How are you ? Well today I had to work but it wasn't at all busy because a lot of people were leaving early for the Thanksgiving holiday. Anyway the weather was pretty alright today. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow I sure hope it will be. My family and I are planning to go to Church tomorrow morning that is if I don't end up sleeping in late.

Anyway......once I got home my family and I did quite a few things. My oldest niece made some sweet potato pies a few hours ago. I sampled one of them and it was quite good. We also prepared our Thanksgiving turkey with seasoning and what have you. My dad chopped up some celery and some other things for our dinner tomorrow. My youngest niece helped my mom to make a cake. What did I do you wonder ?????? I helped clean up the kitchen I'm not much of a cook but I helped to spray a pan and cover it to death with flour. By the way........the cake that was made is what you call a spring green color. We will also be having some stuffing and some creamy mashed potatoes. Questions dear world : What will your Thankgiving dinner be like and what is your favorite food of Thanksgiving ? I "LOVE" it all.

On another happy note my dear world. I have some great great news my dear friend Meg of Friendship, Loyalty and Love has returned to J-Land. She has a new journal titled "Follow Your Dreams" here is her link please go and visit her. Here is her link ---------> . I know that you will enjoy meeting her. Go over and say hello to my friend. Tell her I sent you over.

Okay I have to say that I have mailed out all of my Thanksgiving cards and when Christmas comes I will be sending out my Christmas cards. If you would like to be added to my list just send me an e-mail and I would be more than happy to send you a card. Many of you will soon come to find a card from me in the mail signed, sealed and delivered as soon as Christmas draws near.

In other news I would like to say hello to my dear friend Diane a.k.a Loststream for her kind words to me. HELLO DIANE !!!!!!!!! How are you ? I'm sure she's reading this aren't you Diane ? Tell your husband I also said hello. I really hope that he is doing fine too.  I also hope your kids are doing fine as well. Give them a HUGE HELLO for me.

Back to what I was saying. I am trying to catch up on my journal reading and seeing how my friends at J-Land are doing. By the way my other friend Morgan has been down lately. To Morgan I would like to say "WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So my dear world how are you ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? How is life treating you ? I would like to wish everyone a great big "HAPPY THANKGIVING" from me to you. I will be thinking of each and every one of you during this holiday. I will be hoping your Thanksgiving is filled with family, friends and endless memories during this time.

Until I return I would like to say........Thanks to all of you for your many kind words, comments and friendship. I am so glad to be a part of J-Land. I hope that you all know how much I appreciative I am to be getting to know each and every one of you. As you know I shall return !!!!!!!

Until then.........Good-night dear world.


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sharing Some Thoughts & Loving "The Dixie Chicks"

Hello dear world

How are you ?

I have been reading Rosie's O'Donnell's blog

I am going to do an entry like hers

here is her link ------->

Yesterday the parade was fun

there were marching bands

fire trucks, the police came

The owner of Chick-Fil-A came

and Santa arrived on a fire truck

Yesterday I also had a dessert called

A Fried Oreo which was rather good


Recently I have been reading

Stevie's journal which I love

here is his link ------>

He talked about "The Dixie Chicks"


"The Dixie Chicks"

here is their link ------->

They have a song called

"Not Ready To Make Nice"

I think that its great

and I'm proud of them

for the fact

that they stood up for what they believe in

I understand if someone doesn't agree with me

Do you like "The Dixie Chicks" ?

By the way.....Helen's son Clark had a birthday

I also wanted to tell you that our wonderful

Jeannette shared a journal with us

here is the link------->


So my dear world

how was your weekend ?

I hope it was nice

I also hope you will have a really nice


By the way are you ready for

Christmas ????????

The clock is ticking......tick,tick,tick,tick......

that's all for now

byyyyye !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world.....

How are you ? You will be happy to know that I'm back. I'm sorry for being gone so long my spirits were kind of low for quite a while but I'm feeling better now. I'm sorry for making you worry my dear friends.

Anyway.....I'm back !!!!!!!!! Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving here in my neck of the woods so I mailed off quite a few cards. If anyone would like me to send a card let me know through an e-mail what your address is. I will be more than happy to send you a card for the holidays. So what will you be doing for the holidays my dear world ?

I am happy to report that the holidays have begun in my neck of the woods and it all begins tomorrow. Tomorrow in a part of my neighborhood known as Jonesboro, Georgia there will be a "Holiday At Home Parade" here is a link -------> . The parade is a day long festival on a place called Main Street. There will be arts, crafts, food and fun. At the parade there will also be floats, dancers, high school marching bands etc, etc, etc. The parade will begin at 4:30 and will end with the lighting of the Christmas tree on Jonesboro's Historic Courthouse Lawn.

My mom will be setting up an Avon booth there. Did I tell you my mom is a Avon Representative which means Avon baskets and other items. My oldest niece's band will be performing there and she will be in the parade so I'm sure it will be quite amazing. The parade will also be hosted by the famous restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A. The parade is always such a fun time for many people such as myself. I really wish you all could be there. I will be getting up quite early tomorrow morning to help set up and see the parade come to life.

On a different note its been quite cold here in Georgia. I am starting to long for Summertime once more. How is the weather where you are ? If there is any sunshine in your neck of the woods would you mind sending me some of it.......

Before I say good-night I would like to say to all of you my dear friends Diane a.k.a loststream, Jeannette, Sandra, Mary, Helen, Hadon, DPoem, Bill, Mark, Terry, Morgan and the rest of you my dear friends you know who you are I didn't forget you let me just say " I MISSED YOU " more than words can say. I will be talking to you again.

Its late my dear friends so I will say good-night and sweet dreams. If I don't get to talk to you until after Thanksgiving let me say "Have A Great Thanksgiving" !!!!!!!!!

Byyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Matthews Hamper House & Brahma Bulls

Hello dear world

How are you ? Today in my neck of the woods it was a iron-gray colored wet day. Yes dear world here I am. I am happy to report that I am doing better today. I didn't see anything on the news about the car accident but maybe it will show up in the newspaper. I do hope that the drivers of the cars will be alright.

Anyway......earlier today I went to a place that I like called "Matthews Hamper House" here is a link ------> . At the Hamper House they sell wicker baskets, clear plastic wrapping bags, faux flowers and many other things. I really like going there because its fun to go there look around and perhaps see something I want to buy.

While I was at The Hamper House there were some old-fashioned looking cowboys outside who were sitting in a truck with a see-through cage filled with ( 4 ) Brahma Bulls. Here is a link ------> .The bulls were quite large and they were the color of licorice. The bulls were magnificent looking let me tell you. It was sad to see that on their ears they had on tags with numbers on them. I'm sure that were probably taken to market where someone bought them and more than likely had them slaughtered. I really wish that I could have touched them. I also wish that I could have talked for a minute to the cowboys I saw. I imagine that the cowboys were probably from somewhere out in Texas. The only time I have ever seen a bull is on television. This was the 1st time I have ever seen a bull up close. Have you ever seen one dear world ?

All in all it was a really fun day. How was your day ? Did you see anything that you have never seen before ? I do hope that you had a really wonderful day.

I also wanted to say thank you to all of our troops in Iraq and for the Veterans who fought for our country. I do hope that soon the war on terrorism will be over some day. To all of you men and women who fought for our country and may still be fighting let me say from my heart "THANK YOU". I do hope that our troops in Iraq will be able to return home once and for all. ALL OF YOU ARE REMEMBERED AND LOVED. I wanted to share a poem with you which was written by Colonel John McCrae on May 3, 1915.

In Flanders Field

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.


We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved, and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.


Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.


That's all for now. I will talk to you again tomorrow. Good-night everyone. Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, November 10, 2006

Startling Day

Hello dear world

How are you ? Where do I begin this evening ? At the beginning perhaps. As I might not have told you my father and I work in the same building together so we rode into work together. Anyway.....On our way to work around 6 a.m. we happened upon a terrible car accident.

One of the drivers was a woman. There was another driver in another car but I don't know if it was a man or another woman. Being that my father works in law enforcement he had to pull the car over and help direct traffic. When he got out of the car he walked over to a Deputy Sheriff that was at the scene.

Anyway.......The woman driver and her car were on the left hand side while the other car was on the right hand side. No ambulance had arrived on the scene at the moment. Some police officers were standing by the woman trying to talk to her but I could see that she wasn't moving or responding.

I was standing across the street from where the woman's car was. The womans car was wrecked completely on the front and the car she had been driving was smoking. The other car was on the right hand side. I could hear an ambulance trying to get to the scene of the accident. There was so much I could see. There was some police car lights flashing and there was glass in the street. I don't know if the glass in the street was from the woman's car or if the glass was from the other car.

My dear world I was quite shaken at the time. In a way I wish that I hadn't seen the car accident. Its quite sad to see something so tragic. After the ambulance arrived on the scene my dad came back to the car. I still don't know if the other driver was badly injured. My father told me that the woman was bleeding really bad. He also said that he didn't know if the other driver had any injuries but he said that the other driver would be taken care of.

The thing is I have NEVER seen a car accident like that first hand. While I was at work I kept thinking about the people in the accident. I do hope that the drivers of the cars will be alright. I don't even know what hospitalsthe drivers are in.

My dear world I was quite shook up today by the accident. I haven't heard any news about the accident on television. No information or news was put on the radio about it either. The car accident felt like a movie or something. I do hope both drivers are well. Even now I am thinking about the accident.

So dear world how was your day ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? I had to come and talk to you dear world so I did. Today I wish that I could have crawled into bed, pulled the covers over my head and stayed hidden from the world.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.


Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I LOVE WEDNESDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

How are you ? I'm sure your ready for the answer to the question I asked you well here it is......

What did the light bulb say to the lamp shade ? You stay here, I'm going out for the night. Was that not funny ? I thought it was quite funny. dear world you will be proud of me when I tell you my news. I did my research and on November 7, 2006 on my lunch break I went and voted. My voting precinct is at a school called "E.W. Oliver Elementary". I went to the school, filled out a little form, put my information on it, I gave my little form to a woman who was working the voting polls with some other people. I then got a little yellow card that you insert into a machine. I stepped up and voted. Once I voted I got a sticker which is the size of a small paper doughnut. In my neck of the woods they give you a sticker which has a round peach on it with the words "I'M A GEORGIA VOTER" written on the peach. My dear world I have another question for you.


How did I vote ? Democratic

On a different note earlier this evening I watched my favorite favorite favorite show "BONES" on fox. David Boreanaz still looks amazing. I LOVE WEDNESDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sorry for not writing sooner dear world its been a long couple of days. I have been working 8 hour shifts at work and my days at work have been really busy. Its been a little cool here in my neck of the woods but its supposed to get warm tomorrow. I don't know one day its supposed to be warm but you go outside and its cold. Then somedays its supposed to be cold but you end up finding that its warm outdoors. are you ? how is life treating you these days ? That's about it for now.........gotta go

Byyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 6, 2006

Feeling Playful

Hello dear world

Its about 10:00 p.m. or somewhere around there. I'm sorry for writing you a little late it was a long day. I had to work today a long 8 eight hour shift.'s a little bit of news from my neck of the woods. Today I purchased "Breakfast At Tiffany's" which is a classic. Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard make the movie worth watching. I have to say that I think living next door to a gorgeous guy like George Peppard would be worth a thousand journal / diary entries don't ask me why.

On a different note earlier today I watched "Gilmore Girls" which is one of my favorite shows on television next to "Bones" that is. Following Gilmore Girls I got to see "Under The Tuscan Sun". While I sit and watch it I always pretend that I run off on a little trip there. I also pretend that I've gone to Tuscany and bought myself a winery even though I know next to nothing about wine except that it is a flavorful drink.

Here are some links:

Excuse me for a minute everyone but I would like to answer the very talented writer Rebecca of "In The Shadow Of The Iris" when she asked why do we blog ? For me I have to say that I love finding things out. For instance I like finding out who went where, who sat by whom, who ate what, who shops where and even where they went immediately following dinner.

I also want people to know that they are seeing different parts of me which add up to every single part of what makes I can honestly say that here with you dear world I can be as you already know or as I already might have shared that I can be....silly, curious, angry, philosophical, quiet and sometimes I can be something of a mad scientist with my thoughts sprung from my day-to-day life.

Okay,okay,okay enough with me being serious how was your day dear world ? How are things with you ? I hope that the rest of your week goes well. I'm sure that you have things to do besides reading my endless rambling.

Though before I go how about a question......

What did the light bulb say to the lamp shade ????

I will return later with the answer. Will the following question leave you aching for my quick return ????

Ta ta for now dear world......Good-night

Saturday, November 4, 2006

My Day

Hello dear world

Here I am once again. First things first. How are you ? I almost had a heart attack just a few minutes ago. I was watching Dave's blog Mish-Mash and from one of his videos I thought he was lost out in the woods. I'm okay though.

Anyway........early this morning I woke up and I started watching "The Lake House" which I love by the way. Later on I went to a place called "Home Depot" Here is the link to it --------> . It was fun going there. Did you know that they have wood there that is actually green ? I just found out that bit of information today. I also found out that different pieces of wood have different aromas did you also know that dear world ? While I was there I saw that they are already in the swing of Christmas. There were Christmas decorations, lights and Christmas trees all lit up in the store. There was also some rather nice looking guys there but mainly I just walked around and looked at every aisle. I really enjoy the section where they have different kinds of lighting. They have rubbed Amber fixtures, Art Deco Lighting and chandeliers which I thought were rather beautiful. I also went to the paint section which is another one of my favorites. In the paint section they have this wall which holds different paint sample cards with all kinds of interesting color names like Cobblestone, Bicycle Yellow, Desert Sand and Library Mahogany just to name a few. It was fun to go there and just look around. The smell of the place isn't bad either.

There was a reality show on television called "Newlyweds" with Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson ----> When they were still together and doing the show they went to Home Depot one time. There was one episode of the show where they go to Home Depot and Jessica has no idea what Goo Gone is. It was like she had NEVER seen Goo Gone in her life. Did you ever see Newlyweds ? Here is a link for Goo Gone ---->

After Home Depot I went over to Walmart which is also getting revved up for Christmas. The shelves are piled higher than the snow on Mount Everest give or take a few tons with ornaments, lights and decorations. I "LOVE" this time of year.

I have to tell you something. There was this really nice looking guy working in the frozen foods section at Walmart. He smiled at me and he asked me how I was doing ? As I was walking down the aisle he looked back at me and smiled. I wanted to talk to him but he was working so I didn't go and talk to him. I did smile at him though.

Once I got home from the stores I watched some DVD's. One of the movies I watched was "Bridget Jones's Diary" which is another one of my favorite movies. Then I watched "Chasing Liberty" and then I watched one of most favorite of movies "The Wedding Singer". I can't go without watching that one. I love seeing that. Have you seen any movies lately dear world ?

How was your day ? Did you do any shopping ? I hope that your day was as nice as mine. I had a really fun day. I saw quite a few things and I smelled quite a few things. By the way are you getting ready for the holidays ? I haven't done any Christmas shopping yet but knowing me I will wait until the last minute. I don't know what I am going to do for Thanksgiving but I will let you know.

I guess that's about it for now. Take care everyone.

Byyyyyyyyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 3, 2006

Just A Few Thoughts

Hello dear world

How are you ? I'm sorry for neglecting you for a minute or two. Here I am. Take a walk with me. I have been doing fine. Its gotten quite crisp here. A few weeks ago you could step out - doors and not have to wear a jacket. Now you need a scarf, gloves, a sweatshirt or a jacket and a nice warm hat.

What have I been doing ? Working keeping busy. I will be off of work for the weekend. I don't have plans yet but I'll tell you if anything comes up. 

While we're walking let me start by saying that many of the trees here are all filled with orange, red, yellow and green leaves. Some of the leaves though have been clipped from their branches and are being tossed about on the ground by the rather cool November wind. You can hear the crunching of the leaves as we're taking our walk. The squirrels have also gone searching for warmth underground.

My dear world did I tell you that I have recently met a nice lady named Ginger. She is such an amazing person. She puts a smile on the faces of many including myself. Would you like to meet her ? Go pop over here ------------->  and say hello to Ginger. She will like meeting you.

So let me ask you what have you been up to ? How have you been doing ? The seasons seem to be changing quickly these days. Pretty soon it will be time for Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be just around the corner.

Jeannette, Helen, Mary, Hadon, Pete, Iris, Bill, Terry, Mike, Sandra, Ginger, Morgan, Rebecca, Spencer, Stevie and all my other dear friends you know who you are thanks for the wonderful Friday evening together.

I can't wait until we take our next walk together. Until then take care.