Sunday, December 31, 2006

A FUN NIGHT FOR ME.....IS IT 2007 YET ????

Hello dear world

How are you ??? I am doing quite well. Where should I start ??? With all of my news of my wonderful day perhaps ???? Yessssssss. First things first. For the record dear world tonight I had a really fun New Year's Eve with my family. It was raining in my neck of the woods but we had a blast together.

Earlier this evening me, my mom and dad and my nieces went to go see the movie "Night At The Museum" at a fun theater called Tinseltown which is located in my neck of the woods. The movie starred Ben Stiller who in my opinion deserves an academy award for the entire movie. The movie "Night At The Museum" was a very funny movie and my family agreed. It kept me laughing from start to finish. Ben Stiller is a very funny actor and he is quite talented. It was something to see when the animals in the museum came to life in the movie. The other actors in the movie were an added bonus to the movie. After seeing the movie I am going to make plans to go to the museum here in Georgia. Ben Stiller made the movie both entertaining and a must see movie. I am going to go buy it as soon as it hits DVD so my family and I can see it again.

After the movie my family and I went shopping at a store located near Tinseltown called Target. Going there is fun because there is lots to see and lots to buy as well. I purchased some cute stickers, a book my niece Jeanette wanted and I bought a book titled "Ready For Love" written by a writer named Debbie Macomber. It was fun going there especially with my family.

After we went shopping we then went for dinner at a great restaurant called "Joe's Crab Shack". Joe's Crab Shack has some of the best seafood in the world. I ordered a plate of Lobster & Parmesan Shrimp Pasta. The lobster and the Shrimp was pretty good. While we were there we sat next to a family in which one of the women at the table was celebrating her birthday. She was given a cowboy hat to wear by a guy that worked at Joe's. She also had to carry a broomstick with a horse's head on it. She then had to walk around the restaurant which was funny. The restaurant as well as her family sang "Happy Birthday" to her which was nice. As that went on I shared some of my food with my parents which they liked. Dinner was good and we had a good time while we were there.

Well my dear world how was your night ?? How are you celebrating New Year's Eve ??? What do you remember most about today ???

By the way is it 2007 yet ???????????


Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hello dear world

How are you ? I thought I would pop in and say hello to you my dear world so hello !!!!!!!!! Alrightee then....where should I begin ? where should I begin ? Did I tell you last weekend my Uncle Tony had to be rushed to the hospital he was feeling light winded and he was having some chest pains ? Well I am happy to report that he is out of the hospital and he is doing wonderfully. He and my auntie Boobie stopped by the house last night and let me tell you he is still as funny as ever. He hasn't changed a bit I wish you all could meet him. They also gave me one of my very favorite Christmas gifts ever. They gave me a gift card from one of my favorite places in all the world.......Barnes & Noble which is my favorite favorite favorite favorite places to shop. I love going there and buying books that I haven't read yet. Here is a link for you ---------> . Have you read any good books lately ???? Maybe you could offer some hints on what I should buy hint, hint, hint, hint, hint.

For the record this Christmas was really really great. My Christmas presents couldn't have been better. My piggy bank, winter hat, scarf and gloves are sure getting a lot of use. I can't wait to use my gift card. What was your favorite Christmas present ????

By the way last night I watched a movie called "Talladega Nights - The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" with Will Ferrell which my mom rented from Blockbuster was one funny funny funny movie. I love Will Ferrell he is a very talented actor. I can't wait to see "Night At The Museum" and I would also like to see "The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Jack Black.

Question dear world: Has anyone heard from Terry of Bottled Dreams ? Here is his link -------> . I haven't heard from him ? I wonder where he's been ?

Anywho.....I am happy to report that my show "Bones" will return in January as well as my other favorite show "24" with Kiefer Sutherland. I have also been watching Rachael Ray on the Food Network. I have another question dear world: Is there any food that Rachael Ray doesn't like when she goes to restaurants ? She never has a bad time at restaurants and honestly I think we all have one of those. I would like to meet her and ask her if there is any place she wouldn't suggest going to eat. Has anyone seen her show ? Here is one of her links -------> .

You might also like to know that soon it will be New Year's Eve and here's something else you might want to jump on. You have 361 Days Until Christmas so you might want to jump on that Christmas shopping lol lol lol lol lol lol. You don't have much time dear world there's wrapping paper, ornaments, gifts for relatives, Christmas cards and much much more to buy. Remember 361 days and counting the clock is ticking tick,tick,tick..........

That's all for now.....byyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Q & A

Hello dear world

How are you ??? This Q & A was inspired by a really sweet young woman by the name of Megan who also keeps a journal titled "Follow Your Dreams" here is her link -------------> . She recently sent me some questions and so I thought I would answer them and send it out to all of you my dear friends so here it goes :

1) What is your occupation ? I work at a courthouse

2) What color are your socks right now ? White

3) What are you listening to right now ? A television commercial on a television in another room down the hall from where I am

4) What was the last thing that you ate ? A hamburger

5) Can you drive a stick shift ? NO

6) If you were a crayon, what color would you be ? Since I like chocolate I would have to say brown

7) Last person you spoke to on the phone ? My boss

8) Do you like the person who sent this to you ? Yes most definitely

9) Favorite drink ? Coffee

10) What is your favorite sport to watch ? Race car driving

11) Have you ever dyed your hair ? Yes too many times to count

12) Favorite curse word ? No comment

13) Any pets ? Yes 2 Goldfish and my nieces have a hamster

14) Favorite food ? Chocolate

15) What was the last movie you watched ? Bridget Jones's Diary

16) Favorite day of the year ? Saturdays

17) What do you do to vent anger ? I write in my hand-written journal

18) What was your favorite toy as a child ? Can't recall

19) What is your favorite Fall or Spring ? Fall

20) Cherry or Blueberry ? Neither

21) Do you want your friends to e-mail you back ? YES

22) Who is most likely to respond ? Everyone

23) Who is least likely to respond ? President Bush

24) Living Arrangements ? With my family

25) I couldn't find question #25

26) What is on the floor of your closet ? Shoes, backpacks and a huge mess pile

27) Who is the friend that you've had the longest, that you are sending this to ? Jeannette is the longest friend I have had at J-land but I am sending this to everyone

28) What did you do last night ? I read some journals, then took a shower, read a book then went to bed

29) Favorite Smells ? Candles: Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Creamy Custard & Blushing Apple, Chocolate Pie and a Roasted Acorn Scented Candle

30) What inspires you ? Not sure

31) What are you afraid of ? Spiders

32) Plain, Cheese or Spicy Hamburgers ? Cheese Hamburgers from McDonald's

33) Country you would most like to visit ? Prague, Paris, Colorado, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Vermont and Texas

34) Favorite dog breed ? Labrador and Poodle

35) Number of keys on your key ring ? 2

36) How many years at your current job ? 3 Years

37) Favorite day of the week ? Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays

38) How many States have you lived in ? 2

39) Favorite Holiday ? Christmas and New Year's

40) Ever driven a Motorcycle or heavy machinery ? No but I would like to ride on a motorcycle

41) Favorite Must See TV Show ? Bones, The Hallmark Channel, The Travel Channel, The Food Network and reruns of Everwood


What will I be doing this weekend ? Going to see a movie called "Night At The Museum" on Sunday with my family


So my dear world how was your day ? Will you join me by answering these questions with your answers ? I hope that you learned a little something more about me. By the way its almost New Year's Day do you have any plans ?????

That's about it my dear friends......Good-night !!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Few Thoughts

Hello dear world

How are you ?? My friend Diane a.k.a. loststream asked me some questions that I wanted to answer not just for her but for all of you. If your reading this Diane I have to say you really got me thinking which is probably not a good lol lol of Diane's questions to me are as follows:

> When did you begin writing ? Well as some of you might not know on Thursday July 1, 2004 it all began. I began writing here at J-Land when I was 28 years old. When it comes to my hand-written diary my writing began long before.

Why do you write in public now ? On August 21, 2004 I wrote that I realize that no one has come to read my diary. I didn't realize then that I would make friends with you my dear world my dear friends. I also wrote on July 1, 2004 that I wondered who would be interested in such thoughts as mine. Then one wonderful day Jeannette and you my dear friends opened your arms and welcomed me.

Diane also asks: Are your purposes of this public journal being fufilled ? Yes though I still don't see myself as a very interesting person

She also asks: Do I write to appease ( you ) my public readers ? Well I have to say that I feel that all of you have become friends and not just readers so I write because I want to share myself and my life with every single one of you.

Diane also recently commented that I seem far removed from my innermost thoughts and feelings that I hold in my heart and in my mind as I did when I first began my journal. I realize that I have drifted a bit from when I first began but I shall return little by little to where it all began on that Thursday I arrived at J-Land.

Let me rewind -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------< On July 2, 2004 I wrote "Maybe I'm from another planet like maybe the 3rd rock from the sun". I know that I'm not some alien from a distant planet. I am a human being who is trying to figure herself out a bit with no knowledge if I have learned anything if at all.

I have to admit that I'm still a pretty quiet person though I find that I talk to all of you more than I talk to anyone even now. Sometimes I may tell you more about what I watch or what I eat or where I have been but hopefully you all are getting a glimpse into who I am as a person.

My dear world she once wrote in a comment that reading my diary / journal is like reading a book....short chapters, funny tidbits, very emotionally entrancing and yes my dear Diane as you know from a photo of myself I sent you I am a real person. I think that I have changed but in some ways I haven't.

My dear dear friends....and you my dear friend Diane you understand my silliness, my daily goings on, my sudden burps or some would call them....mistakes. You understand when I'm a little so-so or if I'm just being ??? basically you keep with me through all of my ups, downs, twists and turns. Maybe one of these days I will have opened a door somewhere inside of me and you will be able to say "So that's where you've been all this time".

Yes my dear friends I'm still a little nuts but I know you will stick around because you my dear world are my cheering section so I shall continue on hopefully making you smile and being there for you. Have I answered any of your questions ???? are you these days ??? how is life treating you my dear world ?

Until we talk again....good-night and sweet dreams


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My Day Before Christmas And My Christmas

Hello dear world

Since we didn't get a chance to talk yesterday let me wish all of my dear friends a very "MERRY CHRISTMAS" and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. How have I been doing ???? Its been quite cold here in my neck of the woods but I and my family are doing great. The day before Christmas me and my family went to Midnight Mass. Let me tell you the church was beautifully decorated from the ceiling to the floor. There was also a choir singing at the church and let me tell you they did a wonderful job of singing. After Midnight Mass we went to a Waffle House. You don't want me to tell you how our food was handled and how we will never be going there again. We also saw some very unusual people there that looked like they had come from some strange club. I guess at about 2:00 in the morning it was just about the time to be coming from parties, clubs and what have you.

Yesterday Christmas was wonderful in my neck of the woods. I got a nice pair of jeans and a new shirt to go with them. I also got a silver piggy bank, 2 packs of Dove Chocolates, a bracelet with pink flowers on it, a Mocha bath set but that's not all. Later in the evening my family and I went over to one of my cousins house. His name is Aaron and he has a wife named Kim. They have 4 kids named Matt, Erica, Ryan and Jacob did I tell you that ? Well we went down to his house in Villa Rica, Georgia to have Christmas dinner. His wife Kim by the way gave me a nice glass cup with a hot cocoa mix in it with some chocolate chip cookies to go with the hot cocoa mix. I really love the gifts I got. We spent the entire day together. You should meet my cousin Aaron he has a great sense of humor and he always manages to make me smile. You might also want to know that my mom gave me a Jeff Gordon Nascar throw from Avon as a Christmas gift which is one of my very favorite gifts. I didn't really ask for anything for Christmas so I certainly enjoy the fact that I got so much for Christmas. I wonder what Christmas will be like next year ?

Anyway.....later in the evening I watched "The Christmas Card" on the Hallmark channel and then I watched "A Boyfriend For Christmas" on the same channel. As you can tell I had a really great Christmas.

How was your Christmas dear world ???? What did you get for Christmas ??? Is is as cold in your neck of the woods as it is here in mine ??? Pretty soon it will be Valentines Day yuck, yuck, yuck............just kidding. So what will you be doing for Valentines Day ???? I hope you all had a great and memorable Christmas I sure did.

In other news today my morning began with a great breakfast of bacon, hashbrowns, eggs and biscuits. After breakfast my family and I went to a store called Kmart which is another great place to shop at in Georgia. I got the new Beyonce CD. My favorite song on her CD is "IRREPLACEABLE". I also bought my oldest niece a CD as well. I also purchased Jeff Gordon's Collectible Stock Car #24. As you might not know Jeff Gordon is my favorite NASCAR driver.

What were you up to today my dear world ??? Did you go out shopping anywhere today ??? I hope you are having a really nice day and that you know that I am thinking of all of you. I want to thank everyone for sending me a Christmas card it was nice of all of you to think of me. I hope that all of your Christmases will be just as wonderful as this one.

That's about it for now. I will talk to you again soon. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))) to all my friends at J-Land. Take care everyone.

Byyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Norman Rockwell Would Be Proud

Hello dear world

Let me wish you all a very "Merry Christmas". How are all of you ? I doing very very very well this evening. Earlier I was reading the blog of one of my favorite singers John Mayer. Here is his link ------> . As I was reading his blog I came upon a few words of his I wanted to share with you as he wrote about adding another entry to his blog.... > here it is:

" You get that message from the inside that says "time to make another one." One day you're sitting around, living off the fat of the land, and then as if from out of nowhere, it taps you on the shoulder. The slate goes shiny and clean. Those colors come back - it all starts as colors - then moods, then settings, then sounds, then words . "

When I think about those words I have to say that I agree with him. I get a feeling when I start a new entry in my journal which brings me to my new entry. A few minutes ago I was making and decorating Christmas cookies with my nieces which was fun. I also danced with my oldest niece to some Christmas carols which would have made Norman Rockwell proud. We had quite a bit of fun this evening.

Tomorrow my youngest niece will be an angel in a Christmas play at our church. My mom is working on her outfit and I know that she will be very cute. I also will be going to a midnight mass that my church has every Christmas. I certainly can't wait to unwrap gifts and be with my family some more.

What will you be doing for Christmas my dear world ???? What will you be looking forward too ??? I do wish the very best to the troops in Iraq and to the families of those who have those serving in Iraq as well.

To the troops let me say to all of you "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

To you my dear friends good-night dear world !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Another Perfect Day

Hello dear world

Its nearly Christmas how are you ???? It sure feels like Christmas here in Georgia its getting pretty frosty. I am happy to report that I got some more Christmas presents. One of my other coworkers gave me a nice Winter scarf and a Winter cap to go with it. One of my other coworkers gave me a calendar which has some really nice designs on it.

Earlier this evening my mom, dad and I went to some of my favorite places. My nieces stayed home with their mother. Our first stop was to JoAnn's which was fun. I bought some more Christmas stickers,  a snowman ornament for our Christmas tree as well as some Eiffer Tower stickers as well as a Milk Chocolate scented candle.

After JoAnn's we then stopped off at Kohl's which was also fun. I found a nice pair of black jeans and a nice shirt to go with it. I also purchased an elephant candle that I have NEVER seen before. We will give it to my aunt for Christma.s

For dinner we went to a restaurant called "O"Charley's. I ordered some beer battered Onion Rings and a Flame Grilled Top Sirloin. The sirloin they brought me was dried out. The kitchen cooked me another one which was wonderfully juicy and tender.

So how was your day dear world ??? I guess we will talk again soon. Merry Christmas my dear world...


Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Perfect Day

Hello dear world

Let me begin by asking how are all of my friends out there in J-Land ?? I am doing quite well today. I would also like to thank Missy for sending me a really nice Christmas card that I can add to this many others I have gotten from the rest of you..... Thanks Missy I really liked the card it was nice of you to think of me as my other J-Land friends have.

Anyway.....this morning one of my coworkers named Dianne gave me some Christmas presents. She gave me a Christmas candy holder, some really nice Winter gloves and a very nice leather journal which like the gloves will get a lot of use. I also presented my other coworkers with their presents which I am happy to report they liked. I also gave my boss a Christmas card with some lottery scratch off tickets inside of it. He likes lottery scratch offs so I bought him some. My coworkers and I also got some items from some of the other people in our building which was nice. Its been a really nice beginning to the start of Christmas. Later in the afternoon my coworkers and I went to a place called Golden Corral for a little Christmas lunch which was also nice.

Once I got home from work my family and I stopped off at Marshall's which is a fun place to shop at. Its also fun to go there and look around. They have practically anything and everything you could possibly want there. You won't be surprised to know that I bought some items but not for Christmas. I purchased some art books which range from Van Gogh to Monet to Klimt. I also purchased 2 journals that I really liked and the book Goodnight Moon which is a great book for both the young as well as for adults. I really like reading books by Margaret Wise Brown.

After Marshall's my family and I went to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse. Its always busy there but its well worth the wait. I had a very tasty and tender 12oz. ribeye with a lobster tail on the side. My oldest niece had some shrimp there that are bigger than a baby's fist. We weren't able to eat all of our food we were so full but we got some to go boxes so we have some of our meal later.

By the way my dear world Winter is finally coming in and its getting rather cold here in my neck of the woods. It is feeling like it might just snow. How are things in your neck of the woods ?

You know I think that eating by writing about going shopping or going out to dinner can be just as meaningful as writing about one's emotions. I think that when someone shares the thoughts about their lives even when going shopping or going to work. I feel like my journal is meaningful too. Morgan's journal is meaningful as well but we write in different ways. Sometimes I can be serious or silly or I can just be completely great. This "Dear Diary" journal of mine will always be open to all of you. I do hope all of you my dear friends know that you may always feel free to pop in and say hello. I just hope I'm not putting anyone to sleep.

That's all for now my dear world. Good-night !!!!!!!!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Inspired By Morgan of Random Thoughts

Hello dear world

How is everyone out in the world ? I had to come and talk to you about something that I read that I had some thoughts about. There is a young woman named Morgan who keeps a journal named "Random Thoughts".

She wrote an entry recently titled "Changes" which got me to thinking. She wrote that many things have been floating around in her racing mind and she said that writing them down will help her to figure out what she needed to do....Since starting her journal she wrote that she has changed...and she didn't know if it was a good change. She also wrote that it seems like she is writing for another purpose. It seems like she is writing to all of us. She also writes that she has become detached from her own journal, that somehow she has lost something along the way. She writes that her journal is no longer an outlet for emotion, a place for creativity. She shares that it's become this monotonous overview of her life and a place where she feels like she needs to portray a certain aura of respectability and knowledge.

In her entry she also shares with us that she thinks its high time to go back to the way things used to be, where she wrote because she felt compelled to, not because she felt she needed to, where she wrote for her own benefit, not for the sole fact of giving us some insight into her life....She also shares with us that instead of getting mostly thoughts about what's going on in her life, we'll be getting her innermost thoughts, that things that make the brain of hers tick, the feelings that she has in her mind,in her heart, in her soul. She writes that maybe if she does that, she won't feel so conflicted all the time. She also tells us that that she has so much racing around in her head, but she never shares it. She never writes it down anymore. She tells us that she used to just sit down every once in awhile whenever she was feeling confused or sad or angry, and just write and write and write. After she was all done, she would feel so much better. She also writes that its been years since she has done that on pen and paper, and since she has done it here on her journal. She also writes that she is going to go back to her old way of journaling. She also shares with us that she is not giving intoletting her inner thoughts and expressions float away. She writes in such a honest way that she will make sure to take time out and enjoy the simple things in life, those things that used to make her so happy, that she seldom takes time to cherish anymore. She goes on to say that its a step in the right direction for her personal well being, in more ways than one.

I have to say that I think that Morgan is a very right in her entry. Sometimes I can get so bogged down in everyday things in my journal such as talking about the weather and movies and about liking chocolate that I forget to dig deep and talk about the way that I'm feeling like Morgan has. I have kept many handwritten journals but I haven't talked about the things that Morgan has talked about in her entry. I talk about television shows and the movies I like but I stopped getting real whereas Morgan is. Reading Morgan's journal entry got me to thinking about the way I should go back a little to writing from the heart. Perhaps its time for me to stop watching so much television and perhaps do like Morgan has.........gotten real.

Being that its Christmas and we're all running around doing this, that and the other that we don't stop and appreciate the little things....our families, friends and perhaps our loved ones coming into town to see us. Sometimes we even forget to stop and think about all that we are lucky to have in our lives. Before Christmas is over I'm sure many people like myself will be standing in store lines with tons of sweaters, jackets, toys, jewelry and what have you but will we stop and appreciate the things that we can't buy in a store ? Will we appreciate the cards that we have gotten in the mail ? Will we appreciate the simple thing of just being with those around us ?

Mainly my dear world I remember that sometime ago someone wise once wrote......Stop and smell the roses. Will we follow the example and stop along the way to smell the roses ? I am  hoping like Morgan that I can get back to the way I once wrote in my handwritten journal and this one that I can be as honest as she has. A woman like Morgan should inspire us all to dig a little deeper and re-evaluate the way we all happen to see and feel things deep down. She has certainly inspired me to start thinking about things. I really need to start turning off the television and I need to start thinking about the things that Morgan herself has addressed. I don't know dear world since I have begun my journal "Dear Diary" I raise the question: Have I changed ??

Anyway........that's all for now. Good-night.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Sunday

Hello dear world

I would like to start off my notes to you by saying "SEASONS GREETINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ". Well my dear world how are you today ? It was another beautiful and busy day in my neck of the woods. My family and I went to church this morning. The name of our church as you already know is St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church.

After church and going for breakfast at Cracker Barrel we went over to a store called Party City. I went into the store and picked up some Christmas stickers and some other little items just for fun. I have to say that the best part of the store is just going inside and looking around at all of the many fun items inside. The store sells balloons, costumes, party favors, gift items and much much more. I love going there its a lot of fun. I also got some chocolate frogs which comes from the Harry Potter movie. The frogs are not real they are just milk chocolate frogs and they are quite a great tasting item sold in the store.

After Party City my family and I took a ride over to another store called Pet Co. While I was there I got some new goldfish which are really cute. I am sad to report that my other goldfish passed away. I got a fan tailed goldfish and a calico goldfish. While I was in the store I also saw some rather adorable ferrets that I wish I could have taken home with me.

After all of our shopping my family and I went home and enjoyed the last of our visit with my aunt Antoinette. She will be back to visit us again next weekend. It was a nice visit and she liked being with us as well. Later in the evening I watched a Gingerbread Championship Competition on the Food Network Channel. The people who were competing were all very talented and creative. I can't say that I could build a Gingerbread house at all. I'm also not much of a cook.

By the way dear diary you might want to know that Ghirardelli has some holiday chocolates which are sinfully delicious. I am also a fan of Nestle and Hershey. Yes dear world I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE chocoalate.

All in all I can say that it was a really nice day. So my dear world how was your day ? How are your holidays going ? Are you getting ready for Christmas ? I hope all of you my dear friends will of course have a very special and memorable Christmas with your friends and loved ones. I will continue to think of all of you as Christmas draws closer.

Merry Christmas to you all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Some News and My Day Today

Hello dear world

How have you been these last couple of days ? I haven't forgotten you. Before I begin let me say thank you to Sandra and Helen for sending me a Christmas card in the mail today I have loved getting Christmas cards from all of you my dear friends. I hope your holidays are going well and I'm hoping your Christmas is a very special one.

Let me catch you up to speed on what I've been up to. Yesterday evening at the courthouse where I work I took part in a mock trial. A judge named Walker presided over the trial. She was a little late getting to court so the trial got off to a late start. There were many familiar faces on the jury with me. The mock trial ran a little late I didn't get out of court until 7:00 p.m. Let me tell you being a Lawyer takes quite a bit of talent and work but being a juror isn't all its cracked up to be.

In other day started today at Ruby Tuesday where I had lunch. For the first time I had a Bison Bacon Cheeseburger. Today was the very first time I ever had Bison it was pretty good. The french fries at Ruby Tuesday were pretty good too.

After Ruby Tuesday my family and I took a ride to a shoe store called DSW Shoes. I can tell you that their prices are way,way,way,way over the top expensive. I didn't buy any shoes at the store it was my first time ever going there. I probably won't go back to the store anytime soon.

After the shoe store we took a ride to a mall called Arbor Place where we walked around different stores like places named Parisian, Macy's and a couple of other shoe stores. I didn't really see anything at Arbor Place that I wanted to buy at the time. I still can't tell you what I want for Christmas because I don't know what it is I want. Some people can tell you that I want this,this,this,this and that but I can't. There's nothing I can think of right now. Arbor Place Mall was crawling with people from every inch of the mall. I'm sure that the economy will do well this weekend.

Anyway......our very next stop was to another part of my neck of the woods called Villa Rica, Georgia. We went to pick up one of my aunts whose name is Antoinette. My aunt lives with one of my cousins whose name is Aaron. She is at our house for the weekend. It will be nice having her around. She hasn't stayed with us for a while so I'm sure she will enjoy her visit as well.

After going to pick up my aunt we then took one last ride to a store called Marshalls which was nice. My oldest niece got an Apple Bottoms jacket which looks quite nice on her. My youngest niece got an archaeology project type of activity which I, my oldest niece and my mom helped with. I can tell you dear world that I will never,never be an archaeologist. Anywho....I bought some dark chocolate body balm as well as some dark chocolate bath and shower cream and some chocolate coconut spray from the Jessica Simpson Dessert Line. As you already know my dear friends I really,really love,love,love,love,love,love,love chocolate. Let me repeat that I love,love,love,love,love,love,love chocolate.

All in all it was a going here and here and there and there kind of day but it was nice. So my dear world how was your day ? How have your holidays been ? Have you been out to the stores lately ? Did you miss me dear world ???? I will try not to be gone so long next time without coming to talk to you my dear world. I really hope that all of you my dear friends have a very special and memorable and enjoyable Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

I wanted to share some links with you......

DSW Shoes --------->

Ruby Tuesday -------->

Arbor Place Mall --------->

Marshalls ------------>

Take care everyone. Good-night !!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Hello dear world.....

How are you ? I am doing fine. Its time for another update. It was another day at work for me and the weather was rather nice. Recently I started reading a book titled "Emily's Reasons Why Not" by Carrie Gerlach. I'll give you a little sneak peek.....The main character in the book is a woman named Emily Sanders she is almost thirty and on the fast track in her PR profession.She is a self-professed "SSW" - single, successful woman. The only thing missing is the single, successful man with whom to share it with.  Emily is single and in the city and exhausted with the Los Angeles dating scene. She decides to seek professional help apparently because listening to friends and family tell her what she already knows but refuses to acknowledge. The doctor in the story is named Dr. Deperno. Her main motivation for seeing Dr. Deperno is that she knows of several people who have seen him and then gotten married. She's tried every type of man there is and has yet to find "THE ONE".

Honestly dear diary I think it would be nice to meet one single guy that I instantly hit it off with. It would be nice to meet a guy that I bump into in a store or while standing in line at a restaurant. Unlike Emily I have NEVER dated but I am thirty years old and very much single. I just thought I would share that with you.

Well my dear world you got a little view of what I write in my handwritten diary. So my dear world how was your day ?????? How are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope that your holidays are going well. My dear friends I was thinking about Astronauts which led to a question I wanted to ask you and get your view on.

 Question: Do astronauts take baths on a space shuttle ????? Am I weird or what ??? That's all for now my dear world.



Sunday, December 10, 2006

An Update

Hello dear world

Season's Greetings !!!!!!!!!! How are you these days ? Your probably wondering what I've been up to so let me tell you. I do have a really great supply of news.

Yesterday evening there was a Science banquet at a school in my neck of the woods called "Mundy's Mill High School". There was an awards night for the school that my youngest niece attends called E.W. Oliver Elementary. I am happy to report that that my youngest niece won a plaque for outstanding achievement for a Science project she did recently. She was excited about her award.

In other news me, my mom and my nieces went to Blockbuster after the Banquet. I rented some movies and I purchased "Pirates Of The Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest". I also purchased my other favorite movie "Under The Tuscan Sun". I am waiting for the movie "The Holiday" to be on DVD. The reason I want "The Holiday" is because my favorite actor Jack Black is in the movie. I can't wait to see it.

After Blockbuster we arrived home. I made some hot chocolate for my oldest niece and some great tasting coffee for my mom with some Bailey's Irish Cream which is quite delicious. I then sat and watched some of my favorite cooking shows called "Nigella Bites" and the "Barefoot Contessa" which are both my secret pleasures. Here is a link to check out ----->'s what I did today. Early this morning my day began when I went to church with my family. Me, my oldest niece and my father went up to the altar with the priests and the altar servers to light some of the Advent candles at our church St. Philip Benizi.Here is what my church looks like -------> . My youngest niece also brought some offerings to the altar with another little girl. You might also like to know that there is a woman at our church who makes bread from scratch which was offered today to those who are new at our church.

After church my family and I went for breakfast at a restaurant called "Cracker Barrel". They do have some really amazing tasting pancakes there. They also have some wonderful items inside everything from quilts to candles to games to seasonal items. They also have a very great tasting drink called an orange and cream soda which is a must taste drink. Here is the link for the restaurant ------->

After breakfast we then took a ride to a place called "Rooms To Go For Kids". I hate to say this but the people working inside of the store were rather awful. Question dear world: How do you get charged $10.63 for an item marked on sale for $1.99 ? Shouldn't the workers know the prices of their items ? I have another question. Shouldn't the workers know that they shouldn't be really terrible sales people ? I also think its rather crazy that I had to fill out 5 forms for buying 1 item because they said that the store has to know that I carried it out of the store. The item was a small item which could be put in a small bag. The worker who rung up my purchase made a huge deal out of the fact that I paid for the item with cash I don't get it dear world.....what do you think ????

In my other news once I arrived home I watched one of my favorite movies "The Shop Around The Corner" with James Stewart. I have to say James Stewart is irresistible. I love every one of his movies. Does anyone else like James Stewart ?

Well my dear world that's enough about me. How was your day dear world ? How is the Christmas season going in your neck of the woods ? Is it cold in your neck of the woods as it has been in my neck of the woods ?

I guess that's about it for now. I have probably kept you long enough so I will say good bye for now. Good-bye my dear world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you again soon. Take care and Merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

All About Wednesday

Hello dear world

How are you ? I can say that the weather here in my neck of the woods wasn't too bad at all. I was dressed like an overstuffed polar bear but I ended up wishing I hadn't worn my winter coat. Winter is supposed to be arriving any day now but hopefully it won't be too bad. I did send off my Christmas cards so be checking your mailboxes.

In other news last night I watched the movie "Patch Adams" with Robin Williams here is a link ------> . Let me tell you it was a really funny and wonderful movie. I am so glad I watched it. Robin Williams is a great and talented actor in my opinion.Of course I am also happy to report that my favorite show "Bones" is coming on and it also has my favorite actor David Boreanaz on it which is one of the reasons why its my very favorite show. was another day at work for me. Early this morning I got another job review since my 3 year anniversary is coming up at my job. I am quite happy to report that I got a good score on my evaluation are you proud of me dear world ? I also have a little something to share with you. Early in the day I was asked by one of the judges at my work if I wanted to be in a mock trial with some college students. I told him that I would like to do it but I told him that he would have to ask my boss. I am pretty sure my boss will say its alright. I won't have to take off work to do it so I'm sure he will say its fine. I can tell you that my boss is a pretty cool guy. I can't say that I have ever been on a jury and I have never done a mock trial. I'm sure that the mock trial will be fun. I was reading  in the newspaper I came upon my horoscope which read: " Look forward to recess. Perhaps your day is spent paying strict attention to business. Once you are free, try out something new." The mock trial would definitely be something new for me.

On a more different note earlier in the day there was a guy on the 4th floor where I work that was quite nice looking. The reason why I'm telling you this is that he looked just like the singer/actor Tyrese who played in such movies like "2 Fast 2 Furious". He looked just like the singer/actor I must say.

So my dear world how was your day ? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ? How are your holidays been ? Have you gotten any shopping done for Christmas ? I haven't been able to get to the stores lately I have been rather busy. By the way I wanted to share a journal with you titled "life" here is the link ----------> . Perhaps you will want to pop over and say hello to someone new. I guess that's about it dear world I will talk to you again soon.

Byyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 3, 2006

It's Time For Summertime

Hello dear world

How are you ? I'm doing fine except that its practically below zero here in my neck of the woods.

 Anyway......Today I didn't contribute to the Gross National Product which I am NOT a big expert on but here is a link if you want to read about it -----> .

You will be proud of me though because I did get quite a bit of my room picked up. It took me some time and I probably should have called for a fork lift or a bulldozer. I also thought that it would be nice if I could have called for one of those maid services like the Merry Maids or perhaps the Maid Brigade but I really hate to admit it dear world but I would have been racked with nerves to have a complete stranger see how messy I can be. Are you messy like me dear world or am I the only messy person in the world ?????

So how was your day ? How was your Sunday ? Did you get out of the house today or did you decide to stay in ??? I hope your day was a nice one. Before I go....Question: Are you filled with longing for Summer as I am ????

Here is some thing to watch to get you in the mood for Summer -------->Sugar Ray ------> Sheryl Crow -------> Ludacris --------> Jay-Z

Good-night everyone !!!!!!!!


Saturday, December 2, 2006

A Little Letter

Hello dear world

Good evening. I thought I would come and write you a little letter so here I am. How are you my dear world ? Me and my family are doing quite well. Anyway....earlier today my family and I went over to Kohl's which is always a great place to visit. Of course I did some shopping there which was fun. What did I buy you might be asking yourself ? Well....I bought some warm winter socks and they are quite cute as well as having the ability to keep my feet toasty warm. I also bought (2) more candles one of them smells like cinnamon french toast and the other one smells like roasted acorns. I could just about eat the one that smells like french toast but the other one not so much. I don't think I would want to eat an acorn. Of course if I were a squirrel I might think otherwise. I also purchased a cute gray sweatshirt that has the words "Winter Wonderland" written on the front of it. I also bought a soft blue wool hat for the upcoming wintry weather. There were other people shopping at Kohl's which made it nice for the holidays.

After Kohl's we went down to a little package store near our home where I purchased some Grand Marnier which let me tell you is quite delicious. I also bought some Bailey's Irish Cream which is very good in coffee. I also bought some Starbucks Coffee Liqueur but I haven't had any yet.

Anywho....A few minutes ago I watched a movie on the Hallmark channel called "The Christmas Card". The movie is about a man in the army who is stationed in Afghanistan who receives a Christmas card from a woman he doesn't know in Nevada City. He is given some leave from the army which inspires him to go to Nevada to meet the woman who wrote the card. I can say quite honestly my dear world that the movie is quite touching and I loved it. I can't wait to see it again.

By the way our Christmas Tree is up but it won't get any decoration until tomorrow. However our dining room table is decorated with a new red, white and green table cloth that has acorns and other Christmasy things stitched within the red, white and green blocks. My mom bought it at Kohl's and it looks nice on the table. She also has some plates on the table with Christmas decorations on them.

Before I end this letter I wanted to share something with you that I read. I really think you will like it too.

"Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are". -Marianne Williamson

All in all it was a really nice day for me and my family. How was your day ? You know its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. All I need now is an unexpected snow. I hope that your day was just as nice as mine was.

My dear dear dear world I hope that this letter finds you and finds you well.