Friday, March 31, 2006

One Terrible, Horrible, Awful, Paint Me Blue Kind of Day.......

I don't know what to say but I have sad news..........I don't know if I told you but in my department at my job I work with 3 other women which are all older than me. One of my coworkers is named D____. We found out this morning that her husband died yesterday evening. He was sick for the last couple of weeks but he didn't want to go to the doctor. He died of a heart attack. She is taking it hard. She really loved her husband and the news hit her pretty hard. One of my other coworkers talked to her on the phone and she reported that she was upset over the phone. I'm sure that it will take time for her to get over this tragic loss. His funeral will be Monday and I will be going to it. So far this week there has been a lot of sad news and tears. This was an emotionally draining week for me. I don't know what next week will be like. I can tell you dear world that tonight my heart is heavy. It will be hard for me to go to another funeral after all that has happened this week. 

Dear world how do you get over a week like this ??? Do I have a right to feel this way ???? 

I hope you are well at least dear world. Take care and be well.  

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Hello Dear World........Good Evening

Did you miss me ? You were probably wondering where I've been. Do you remember my friend that I told you about that was killed recently. Well two days ago I attended her funeral at a church known as Divine Faith Baptist Church. It was a beautiful funeral but it was also sad. She had touched the lives of so many people outside of work. She also worked with young troubled teens and victims of domestic abuse. I didn't tell you how she was killed. She herself was also a victim of domestic abuse. I can say that she was a very friendly person to me and my coworkers. I can also say that she would stop whatever she was doing to ask me how I was feeling and then she would give me a hug. My coworkers also liked her as much as I did. There were quite a few people at the funeral including several law enforcement officials, the commissioner, the sheriff, friends of hers, family members and many, many others.  I can say that with my heart that she was one of those people that you are glad to have met . She always had a smile on her face and she always made you feel that you were the most important person in her life. I wish I would have told her that I liked her but she probably knows that. Now everytime I go past her desk I keep expecting to see her and to hear her voice. I will miss her for a long time to come.

On a more exciting note Spring has officially arrived here in my neck of the woods. The weather has been beautiful for several days now. Everything is blooming and the wind is warm. The only hard part about this weather is the pollen. Despite the pollen I am enjoying this weather.

I have to say that I missed chatting with you dear world. I can't wait to come and talk to you again soon..........Take care dear world.........Good-night.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Another Monday......

Hello Dear World......

Good evening and how are you today ? I am happy to report that we had our first nice bit of Spring weather here in Atlanta, Georgia YEAH !!!! Everything colorful is starting to bloom but the only problem with that is pollen but I love the colors that are starting to appear in the trees and in the flowers on the ground. It was a really beautiful day here in Georgia even though I had to work inside all day today. The sun came pouring in through the windows which warmed the entire building it was amazing......I hope tomorrow is just as nice.

On a even happier note today I watched a little bit of " XXX " with Vin Diesel. " XXX " is an action movie with the world's greatest looking guy in the world. He is also a terrific actor in such movies " The Fast and the Furious ", " The Pacifier " and many many more. He is about to star in another movie called " Find Me Guilty " which I can't wait to see it when it comes out in theaters.

In other news I read that baby animals are starting to be born over at Zoo Atlanta which is a fun place to go to here in my neck of the woods. I have been thinking that I might treat my family to the Zoo they have been talking about wanting to go to the Zoo. I am thinking that it would be nice to go to Zoo Atlanta over the weekend when the weather is nice just like it was today. You can find information about it at this link ------> . Where do you like to go in your neck of the woods dear world ?

In less happier news tragic events at the Fulton County Courthouse have affected where I work tremendously. Law enforcement officials have had to tighten security where I work. Many of the security enforcers have had to search for possible weapons that might be in the building where I work. If you haven't heard a guy by the name of Brian Nichols killed some people at the Fulton County Courthouse which he in turn fled from the police which turned into a full course manhunt. Of course he was found and he is in custody. His trial will be starting pretty soon. Its really hard having to walk through metal detectors and putting my bags and other stuff through an x-ray machine.I know that the searches are for security reasons but its still hard not to feel like you are the one who isn't being trusted simply to come to work. Its just amazingly hard and sad. Check out this link ----------->  this might give you a little background information.

Enough complaining about that.......Would you like a list of my favorite movies ???? Sure you would. Here they are :

1. Troy

2. Bridget Jones's Diary

3. XXX with Vin Diesel

4. You've Got Mail

5. Love Actually

6. With Honors

7. Bed of Roses

8. Breakfast At Tiffany's

9. 84 Charing Cross Road

10. The Breakfast Club

11. Chasing Liberty

12. Walking Tall

13. Never Been Kissed

14. Sixteen Candles

15. Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil

16. The Replacements

This list might give you a little background about myself.....I just thought you might like to know.

Now here are ( 2 ) journals you might want to check out. The first is titled " The Stupidsheet Guy " and the other is " The Hadonfield Myers Experience ". The writer of the journal " The Stupidsheet Guy " might need your prayers and kind words. The writer of the journal " The Hadonfield Myers Experience " is a wonderful journal filled with amazing writing.......check them out

The Stupidsheet Guy ---------------->

The Hadonfield Myers Experience ------------->

Stop by and say hello to these wonderful people and tell them I sent you........

For now I hope your day tomorrow will be a good one......

Good-night and sweet dreams.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

My Saurday......

Hello Dear World....

How are you all ? Thank you for your many kind words. I am feeling much better thank you. Today I slept in late and got some rest which I think I needed. Once I got up and ate a little something my mother and I put together some orders from customers of hers who order Avon from her. My mother is a Avon representative here in Clayton County. I help her with Avon which is fun. I have become quite a customer of hers as well. After all of that I watched some television which included movies like Se7en with Brad Pitt. What happened to Brad Pitt ? I don't see him in movies anymore. After Se7en I watched another movie called " What Lies Beneath " with actor Harrison Ford. I have to say that the movie is -----------> haunting. As you watch the movie I find that I was either holding my breath or nearly jumping out of my skin. Have you seen any good movies lately dear world ?

I have also been finding some new journals which I didn't know about until now. The titles of these journals are " kab philosophies " which was chosen as guest editor for the week. This journal is quite a great pick. The other journal is titled " Ponderings of the Smartest Monkey ". With a title like that I had to check it out and I'm glad I did. Last but certainly not least is a journal titled " Old John's Memories " which is a rather interesting journal to read.

Here are the links ---------

kab philsophies --------------------

Ponderings of the Smartest Monkey -------------

Old John's Memories -------------

I hope you will go over to these journals and say hello to all of these new people.I hope you enjoy reading them as I did...........Take care everyone


Friday, March 24, 2006


Hello Dear World......Good evening

For the last few days I have been really upset. The reason for my upset is that a woman that I knew at my work was killed recently. She was a really sweet lady with a big heart. She always took the time to stop whatever she was doing to ask me how I am doing and how am I feeling. I would walk into the office where she worked to complete my work and she would get up and come running up to me and she would hug me. She took the time to make conversation and she always had a beautiful smile on her face. A day never went by that she didn't talk to me about something which I really thought made her really sweet. She NEVER acted mean to anyone. People in the building are still shocked about the news. I walked past her desk today and expected to hear her voice like I did every morning. Its weird thinking that I will never see her again or get a chance to talk to her...........

She will be missed by me.........I hope she knows that. Dear world this has hit me hard......

Good night world.........

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Last Couple of Days........

Hello Dear World....

Did you miss me ??? Admit it you did.......ha, ha, ha, ha. I didn't get lost out in the world I have been doing a few things and I will a few minutes

are you ready ???

okay...............Here is my news. Work has kept me busy during the day. Work, work, work and work I'm sure you all know the feeling.

Anyway........For the last couple of nights I have been out with my mother and my aunt whose name is Marie who I adore........She is a lovely lady just like my mother. I am about to share with you a personal note.........We have been going to our church which is named St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church which is located in Jonesboro, Georgia. You can see it at this link ------------------> . These last few nights St.Philip has been celebrating the life of St. Anthony of Padua. The celebrations were nice. Tonight's mass was beautiful. At the end of the mass was a special blessing with oil for those who didn't receive it on one of the other nights.

After the mass and everything there was a reception in the mall which is held in a hall down from the church. They have had a reception in the hall for the last few nights during this St. Anthony celebration. Tonight I met a few people who I had never met before after mass in the lobby area and in the reception hall. All in all it was a beautiful night. The last thing I did after mass was I bought some medallions for my coworkers. Hopefully they will like the medallions I'm sure they will.

My church then gave away some of the bottles for us to take home in case we wanted to use it for relatives or loved ones who were sick and unable to attend mass which is nice. By the way dear world if you don't mind me asking........What is the name of your church ? Does your church have any special traditions you want to share with me ? I would like to hear about them all.

I have to tell you that it doesn't feel at all like Spring. It is still cold here in Georgia. I am beginning to wonder if its Spring. Maybe Spring decided to take a vacation and it didn't leave a note to explain its absence. Its that time for both Winter and bears to go into hibernation. I also wouldn't mind if Summer decided to arrive a little bit early this year. I wouldn't complain at all. How is the weather in your neck of the woods ? Are you looking for Spring too ?

One last question..........How has your week been ? I really hope your week has gone okay for you. Any plans for weekend ?? That's all for now................


Sunday, March 19, 2006

One Of My Favorite Things....

Hello Dear World.....

How are you ? I have some rather not so great news. One of my very favorite shows " West Wing " will soon be ending which I have to say I am not taking the news well. " West Wing " was one of my most beloved shows by far. Some of my favorite characters were Charlie Young played by Dule Hill, C.J. Cregg played by Allison Janney, Josh Lyman played by Bradley Whitford and Donna Moss played by Janel Moloney and a few others which would take forever to mention......Here is the link -------------> and . I even watched the reruns like I had never watched the show before. I can't believe that it is coming to an end. I watched " West Wing " from the moment it started. The show brought up a lot of issues I had never thought of before. I really got to like the show more and more as I watched it. It will be hard to see the last episode knowing I will never watch it again.

Did you ever watch West Wing dear world ??? if not what is your favorite show ?? Would you be sad to see it end ??

That's all for now dear world.........good-night

Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Little Bit of News.......

Hello Dear World........

Here I am......How is everyone today ? Once again it is officially Race week here in Atlanta, Georgia and the Atlanta Motor Speedway is up and running. Check it out ---------------------> and . My favorite race car driver is Jeff Gordon most definitely and I have to say that he is not only a great looking guy but he is a great race car driver by far. I have always been a huge fan of Jeff's and I got into watching racing because of him. Do you like racing dear world ? Who is your favorite race car driver ?

On a different note I also stopped by Kohl's and by the end of my shopping I spent what you could call an astronomical amount of various t-shirts and other items don't ask me how much. The price will have you gasping for air if I told you. Here is the link ---------> . It is a great place to shop but you might I did go a bit over the top. Shopping is fun when you see something you want and buy it. I might just have to buy another dresser with the new clothes I buy. I might also have to go back to the store for some pants which I didn't buy with my t-shirs ( oops !! ) . Let's just say the amount was over $200.00 ---------------------> can you guess the amount ??

How was your St. Patrick's Day ?? On the food channel I watched a show called "Tasting Ireland" with Bobby Flay. Bobby took a trip to Ireland to taste some of Ireland's many dishes. I learned that Ireland has other kinds of food which Georgia doesn't have. The bacon in Ireland looks nothing like the bacon here. Did you know that Ireland is known for milk, tea, beer and cheese ? I didn't know that until now. Though I have to say that I'm not a fan of cabbage.

Well that's all for now.........I'll talk to you all soon.......Good-night

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

At The End of The Day........

Hello Dear World.......

I was happy tonight seeing my favorite Fox television show " Bones " with David Boreanaz. Then I got excited to see American Idol.......that is until I heard the news that one of my favorite singers Ace Young was in the bottom ( 3 ) tonight. My heart literally sunk........I was almost to tears when I heard the news that he was safe.............Then I got to feeling better. Who are my favorites you wonder...........

Ace, Mandisa, Paris, Lisa, Taylor, Bucky but my most favorite of all is................CHRIS. CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, CHRIS, ACE, ACE, ACE, ACE, ACE, ACE and TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR, TAYLOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The part which really makes me sad is thinking that Jon who keeps the journal " One-Way Passage " is thinking about not writing his journal anymore..............My heart is sinking as I read his newest entry..............My dear world please stop over and ask him to stay...........You will like his journal as I do..............Here is the link to his journal -----------> . i'm sure that you will enjoy reading his journal as I do. Tell him I sent you......Let him know what you like about his journal..........

Am I wrong for feeling this way ?????????

Sorry for not writing you sooner dear world..........Work kept me busy........No need to send out a search party..........Here I am.



Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Sunday News........

Ciao, Aloha, G'Day, Salut , Bonjour , Dia dhuit and in my neck of the woods : Hello Dear World....

How are you ? Today it was another sunny day here in Atlanta, Georgia. It feels more like Summer than Spring here which I don't mind in the least. I'm loving this weather as you can tell....I didn't go out shopping this weekend I just hung around the house watching some of my favorite movies such as......Lake Placid, Deep Blue Sea and some reality shows which are only for entertainment purposes only. I've also been doing some journal jumping which is my way of catching up on my journal reading. I want to share some of them with you.

One of my many favorites is a journal titled "Bottled Dreams" which is written by a wonderful guy named Terry. Go by and say hi to my friend. Tell him I sent you...He has been on the go recently which you will read about when you stop by his place..........Here is the link ---------->

While you are at his place you will find another journal which I recently read and enjoyed. The title of the journal is "Just Visiting". You will enjoy her journal and you will want to make a note of it I'm sure.........Here is a link to someone new-------------->

Another journal that I wanted to tell you about is titled "Dave Cryer, Cave Dryer". The writer of this journal travels quite a bit as well. You will enjoy reading his journal. You might find that you are on the travels side by side with him while you read and see his many pictures of his travels. I really enjoy this journal because it shows me a parts of the world I have never seen before. I hope you will drop by and say hello.....Here is the link to this journal -------->

I found a site that you will want to check out called "Head Butler".....You will definitely want to check this site out trust me...Here is the link -------->

I hope you will enjoy these journals and perhaps you might get to meet someone new along the way. You might just meet someone and form a lifelong friendship you never know............


and until we talk again.........Good-night.


Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Saturday Times...........

Hello Dear World.......

How are you ? Let's check the weather -----> In Georgia today there were scattered clouds and plenty of sunshine in the high 70's tomorrow it looks like it will be another pretty day. Did I sound anything like a weatherman ???

In other news I am happy to report that I am feeling better and I didn't get hurt from my fall. Thank you all for hoping that I was fine and I am.

On a different note I hung out at the house watching some television and eating some Mayfield Ice - Cream. I had a scoop of Snow Cream and Birthday Cake you heard me Birthday Cake. Mayfield has a flavor of ice-cream called Birthday cake and yes it does taste just like a birthday cake and let me warn you it is sugary sweet. The snow cream is like eating snow except with added sugar. Here is the link -------> by the way do you like ice-cream ? If you do what is your favorite flavor ?

I also watched Lake Placid which includes Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda and many others. Bill Pullman is great in the movie. Here is the link --------> go check it out. It is one of my other favorite movies. One of the other movies I watched was called " I'm With Lucy" which was on the Oxygen channel. It was a movie with my favorite actor David Boreanaz which I told you about before. What is your favorite movie / television show ?

For dinner I had some Mahi Mahi which is pretty great tasting seafood. I am a big fan of seafood. Do you like seafood dear world ?  What did you have for dinner ?

I can't wait to hear from you dear world.......Take care and have a wonderful Sunday.



Friday, March 10, 2006

Just A Little News.......

Hello Dear World......

I'm not going to say much today and I'll tell you why.....

Yesterday something happened at my work which I still don't want to talk about, sorry. I can say that today we had to work on the things that happened yesterday.

What I'm about to tell you don't be alarmed I am fine. Yesterday being that I was upset I fell in the parking lot at the grocery store Publix. Today I can laugh about it, falling, that is. I am happy to report that I survived ( 2 ) parking lots one at Kroger and the other at Blockbuster which after yesterday's incident is a huge achievement.

On a different note earlier my folks and I watched a move called " Two For The Money" with Al Pacino. I'm sad to say that the movie was rather horrible. I usually like the movies with Al Pacino in them but this movie was not one of them. If you haven't seen it your not missing a thing.

Anyway......I would like to share some journals with you that I read and find quite wonderful. Enjoy.......

Bottled Dreams

Thanks Terry !!!!


Sunshine Colorado Notes


Good - night and Sweet Dreams


Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Some Things To Share With You.....

Hello Dear World !!!!

First how are you ? How was your Wednesday ? Mine was wonderful despite having to be indoors at work on such a beautiful day here in Georgia. I would like to tell you about a rather nice looking guy....His name is Michael Vartan and yes he is an actor. He played in the movie "Never Been Kissed" with Drew Barrymore. The movie "Never Been Kissed" is one of my favorites for just that reason. Here is a link -----> and ------------> . Michael has an amazing smile. Everytime the movie comes on I make a point of never missing it just to see him in it. My other favorite show of his is "Alias".

On another exciting note I was happy to see American Idol. Tonight the guys performed. I am totally, totally in love with Chris Daughtry,Bucky Covington, Taylor Hicks and Ace Young. Even though I like Ace he sang a Michael Jackson song which I didn't like. Ace is a good singer but the song he picked wasn't a good one for him. Chris Daughtry on the other hand is my VERY BIGGEST favorite next to Bucky Covington. I could listen to Chris sing over and over and over and over and get the idea. I would also like to listen to Bucky sing a million different songs over and over and get the idea. Then I would like to hear Taylor serenade me with a whole flood of songs that he has done on American Idol. I am a lover of amazing looking guys who can sing beautifully.

I was also excited to see my other favorite show "Bones" with David Boreanaz here is the link ---------------->  . It hasn't been on for a couple of weeks so I was happy to see it tonight. David Boreanaz is one of my other favorite actors that I like. I watch the show mainly because he is in it. David is sooooooooooooo gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. He is also a very good actor. Here are some other links ----------> , and .

Before I say good-night dear world I have to say that I hope you have a wonderful day. Sometimes I can be a little bit silly..........

If you didn't get an alert from the journal " Sandra's Scribbles" here is the link ---------------->


Good-night dear world. Sweet dreams.

Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Something I Wanted To Share....

Hello Dear World...How are you this evening ? Today I read a poem that I wanted to share with you. I thought you might like it. The title of the poem is " who knows if the moon's " by E.E. Cummings. I thought the poem was quite nice so I thought you would enjoy reading it.

who knows if the moon's

who knows if the moon's

a balloon, coming out of a keen city

in the sky - filled with pretty people ?

(and if you and i should


get into it, if they

should take me and take you into their ballon,

why then

we'd go up higher with all the pretty people


than houses and steeples and clouds:

go sailing

away and away sailing into a keen

city which nobody's ever visited, where




                        Spring)and everyone's

in love and flowers pick themselves


-------E.E. Cummings---------


Did you like the poem dear world ???

good-night and sweet dreams.

Monday, March 6, 2006

My Monday.......

Hello Dear World....

How are you ? It was another beautiful day here in Atlanta, Georgia let me tell you. Tonight my folks and I went to Barnes & Noble which is a huge, huge, huge bookstore. Do you want to know what I saw......Well I saw ( 4 ) young boys and they all looked to be about 12-years-old. They were sitting at 2 different tables across from each other. They were playing what seemed like a rather diffucult game of Chess. I could tell by looking at these boys that they were prodigies. I myself have never been able to play Chess. I'm sure that the boys were quite smarter than I am and will ever be I'm sure. The only thing I know about Chess is that it is a board game for ( 2 ) players, each beginning with 16 pieces, with the objective of checkmating the opposing king. There was also an older gentleman with them standing by instructing them once in a while. I also saw some older guys playing Chess and let me tell you that they were quite good at it.

While I was looking around I saw quite a bit of students talking about and studying things I never learned before. In the bookstore I felt like I was the only person in the room with absolutely no brainpower to speak of. Barnes & Noble is filled with books by authors I have never heard of, read or knew about. There were books of every subject and person anyone could ever think of.

After all of that we went to eat at a place called " Joe's Crab Shack " which is a great place to eat lots of seafood. I had some Dungeness Crab with some fried shrimp so did my mom. My dad on the other hand had what was called Salmon Rockefeller. My meal was good and my dad said his meal was good as well.

All in all it was a very busy night......

I would like to share some journals that I have been looking at recently........One is titled "Pandora's Bazaar" and the other "Bee's Shutter". Here are their links :

Pandora's Bazaar ---------->

Bee's Shutter ------------->

Here is another journal that I think you will want to read as well titled "The Wildcat's Lair". Drop by and tell me what you think of these other journals soon.

The Wildcat's Lair ------------>

I will talk to you soon dear world.........sleep well. Byyyyyyyyye !!!!!!

Sunday, March 5, 2006

Feeling Better..........

Hello Dear World.....

Good afternoon !!! As you already know I've been sick the last couple of days but I'm happy to report that I am feeling better. Thank you all for your advice on things that would make me feel better I appreciate all your kindnesses. I'm also happy to report that the weather has been amazing this weekend its been warm and sunny which I love. If you have read R.Brimm's "Squiggles and Giggles" who also keeps the journal "Chosen Words" his newsletter will certainly get you in the mood for the nice warm weather.

In other news yesterday my family and I went to the mall which is always, always fun. My mom bought one of the George Foreman Grills. I'm sure you all know that George Foreman was a famous boxer he is still pretty famous for QVC advertisements of his grill. Yesterday my mom cooked hamburger patties on the grill and let me tell you the hamburgers were quite tasty. It was like my dad had cooked them on the bar-b-que grill outside they were that great.

We also went to my favorite store called "Hobby Lobby" which is my favorite store. I like Hobby Lobby as much as I like "Barnes & Noble"which is my favorite bookstore by the way. I like shopping at Hobby Lobby in the store there is tons to see and buy. It was nice to be out and about on such a beautiful day yesterday.

Today is another amazingly beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is an amazing color of blue and there's hardly a cloud in the sky. As you can tell I had a really fun day yeesterday it was really great to be out and enjoying the weather.

---------> Here is a poem from R.Brimm's newsletter "Squiggles & Giggles".

Unsinkable Tulips

We fretted over

spring's unseasonable

warmth, then frost,snow,

bitter,freezing nights,

and our hopes withered,

but here you are

again, reds and yellows

defiantly brilliant,

leaving us wondering

why we ever doubted.


How is the weather where you are dear world ? Have you been shopping lately ? I hope you have a wonderful Sunday......Take care my dear world.

Byyyyyyye !!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 2, 2006

Under The Weather........

Hello Dear World......

How are you these days ? I can't say that I'm doing too great. For the last couple of days I've been sick with a rather horrible cold. My throat has been sore and hot, my nose has been clogged and I've taken enough Nyquil at night that I feel as if I could sleep for at least 6 weeks straight. In one of my favorite journals titled "Chosen Words" there is a poem titled " Fever " that I wanted to share with you. The poem speaks a lot about how I feel. The writer of the journal is named R.Brimm I have told you about that journal several times I know. Here is the poem without further disturbance from me......

" Fever "

I'm on fire,

burning up,


at the edges,


to ashes.


I'm a slice

of bacon,

an egg


on a skillet,

an omelet

filled with embers.


I would

cry out

for water,

would call

for a fire

truck, but

who would hear ?


A chip

of ice,

a bit

of breeze,

your cool

kiss is

all I ask.


I hear


in the



over the



c. 2006 R.Brimm


I have been reading some other journals which have made this cold bearable........The first one is..........

Friendship, Loyalty and Love ---------->

The other one is titled " The Stupidsheet Guy" -------->

and the other one is titled " Sandra's Scribbles " ----->

In Sandra's Scribbles she has also included some rather wonderful ghost stories which might send you to bed with the lights on..........

Sleep Well Dear World......

P.S. Do you have any recipes for curing the common cold that you might share with me.........I will take any advice you have to offer.

Good - night.