Sunday, January 30, 2005

Recent News

Dear Diary.... Well I haven't talked to you in a while so hopefully you forgive me. Well the weather has been cold due to the fact that here in Georgia we had a little bit of a snow storm. We didn't get much snow here not that we ever do so that's nothing new. I am doing fine by the way. Its still cold but the snow and ice are melting and turning into slush and water. For a while the earth was frozen in a kind of quiet hibernation. I'm sure that tomorrow all of the little bit of snow that we got will be gone tomorrow and it will be like we never got any snow at all.

On a different note the top of my hair is ORANGE. I was going for blonde and it came out the color of a pumpkin. I wish that we would have gotten a little bit more snow than we actually got but any who I'm sure that there are more interesting things to talk about than the weather. I'll talk to you tomorrow dear diary its time for me to go. Good night dear diary.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Just A Few Notes

Dear Journal greetings and salutations. Here I am again on this very rainy Thursday evening. After all is said and done I have to wonder if a guy will ever fall in love with me. Maybe I just don't have that all important ingredient that most women have. As you might have guessed dear Journal I'm back to the old "I'm rotten" routine. Somehow I have come to believe that cows will rule the world before a guy decides to become interested in me, with my luck it could actually happen. I'm sure dear journal that you are becoming sick of my constant whining and complaining but there it is. I feel that its much better to be honest than to come to you with a whole bunch of endless lies. No one else could put up with all of my endless self criticism except you of course. You are my one and only dependable friend and I feel that you always will be. No one knows me like you do and that's a good thing. That's about all so good night dear journal.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Thoughts of the Ordinary

Dear Journal good evening !! Here I am again of course that's nothing new. Well Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are officially coming to an end in their seven year marriage. Is this supposed to be shocking for me ? Am I supposed to be crying over the recent news ? I didn't know the couple so the news came out and it was like the entire world was supposed to be shocked and left gasping for air. I on the other hand wasn't shocked and I wasn't left gasping for air I was thinking that another hollywood marriage had come to an end and my parents are still happily married. My parents seem to make it work and they are still going strong. I don't need to know the lives of celebrities and I really can say that I don't care. I don't think that its any of my business that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have decided to break up. Its even harder to believe that I am telling this to you dear journal. I'm sure that there are more important things to talk about than the break up of a Hollywood marriage. Who really cares anyway about such things ? I don't think that its worth focusing on yet I had to let you know my thoughts on this one tiny thing.  Dear journal I can't believe that I spent so much time writing to you about this. Brad and Jen will be happy to know that I don't care because its their lives and I don't need to know the details of it anyway.

Friday, January 7, 2005

New Thoughts

Dear Journal good evening here I am again. I have news and tons of it so let me start off with a little movie review. Recently I saw the movie "Troy" with Brad Pitt who played the character Achilles. Let me tell you dear Journal the movie was great. Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom were wonderful. I might have to buy the movie now that I saw it. Its a movie both men and women can enjoy.

I also saw the movie "The Chronicles of Riddick" with Vin Diesel which was horrible. I did not like the movie at all. Vin Diesel is usually great in his movies but in this one he fell short of great in a huge way. He needs to go back to getting behind the wheel of a car.

On a totally unexpected note I am extremely happy. What turned me around is one very special guy I won't say his name right now because I don't want to make his name public. This very special guy is quite nice looking let me repeat this very special guy is quite nice looking. The thing is he actually called me. I have never talked to a guy on the phone and I have to admit that I was a little nervous talking to him. I have also never had a boyfriend in my life. This guy is something. I can't wait to talk to him again. I wouldn't mind having him as a boyfriend I really wouldn't. Suddenly there is a guy that I am interested in and I can't contain all that I'm feeling. I am quite happy in every possible way which is a new feeling for me. I really like him I really really do. Well dear journal I have told you enough for now. Good night dear void.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Thoughts for Tuesday 2005

Dear journal excitement, excitement,excitement ! Before I start off let me say good evening. Here in Georgia we are officially out of the death gripped clutches of winter for which I say a huge thank goodness. We have had the best weather for the last few days plenty of blue skies and I haven't wore a jacket to go outside. I am just hoping this weather keeps going until I either tire of it or go back to longing for the icy fingers of winter some description wouldn't you say dear journal ?? I am quite happy at the present moment for which I will explain later. For now good night dear journal and good night dear void.