Thursday, January 13, 2005

Just A Few Notes

Dear Journal greetings and salutations. Here I am again on this very rainy Thursday evening. After all is said and done I have to wonder if a guy will ever fall in love with me. Maybe I just don't have that all important ingredient that most women have. As you might have guessed dear Journal I'm back to the old "I'm rotten" routine. Somehow I have come to believe that cows will rule the world before a guy decides to become interested in me, with my luck it could actually happen. I'm sure dear journal that you are becoming sick of my constant whining and complaining but there it is. I feel that its much better to be honest than to come to you with a whole bunch of endless lies. No one else could put up with all of my endless self criticism except you of course. You are my one and only dependable friend and I feel that you always will be. No one knows me like you do and that's a good thing. That's about all so good night dear journal.

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