Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Nice Sunday....

Hello everyone

Its after 10:00pm here so good evening everyone. How is everyone today ? I hope you all had a nice Sunday. I had a really nice day and the weather was perfect. My folks and I and my niece's went down to Newnan, Georgia for the day. We first went to Ruby Tuesday for lunch which was good -----> . I had a chicken quesadilla and a salad from the salad bar. My lunch was good and I ordered a Raspberry tea which was quite good. My family tasted it and they liked it. The waiter was very nice and I joked around with him. My family also enjoyed their lunch.

After lunch we went to a Great Clips nearby and my mom and I and my dad got our hair cut. I like the way one of the women cut my hair and my mom also liked her hair cut and my dad liked his. I am back to having short hair again. I like my hair when its really short instead of having it grow out. I want to keep it short for the Christmas holiday.

We also went to TJMaxx where I looked at all of the Christmas ornaments and stuff which was fun. In the end I found one of the Jane Austen movies. The movie is titled "Jane Eyre". I happen to be a Jane Austen fan and I always like her classics. My mom found a basket she liked. It was fun going there and looking around and finding a movie I wanted.

After TJMaxx we went to CVS where my folks picked up a few items. My dad is sick with the cold now. I am completely better and now he is sick with a cold. He got some cough drops and I gave him some cold medicine tablets once we got to the house.

Anywho...I hope you all had an enjoyable Sunday. Of course tomorrow I have to go back to work since I was off for the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you all have a great week ahead. I will talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone

Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Shopping.....

Hello everyone

Good evening !!!!!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. You might want to know that I went out today. My folks and I and my oldest niece Jeanette went to the mall. We went to both Macy's and Sears. We looked around the mall today which was fun.

My mom bought my niece Jeanette a nice grey dress coat that she liked. My dad bought himself some dress pants, a dress shirt and a tie. My folks bought some pillows and my niece also bought a pillow. Me and my niece each got a case for our cellphone's. The guy was nice enough to only charge us $15.00 and he gave us the clips to put on the back of our cases for free. I also bought the board game from the movie "New Moon" and some Godiva chocolates. Link ----->

After the mall we went to eat Mexican near the mall. We finished eating and we went to a pawn shop. My folks got some movies. My mom bought a ring there. My niece got her a movie and I bought (2) movies including "Bruce Almighty" with Jim Carrey and "Born Yesterday" with Melanie Griffith.

Tomorrow we are going to Newnan to go to a few other places. I plan to go get my hair cut tomorrow as well. I can't wait to go and get my hair cut as well. I plan to do some window shopping but I am not going to buy anything.

I hope you had a really nice Saturday. It was a nice day today for my family and I. I hope you had a really nice weekend. I am looking forward to the holidays.

Good night

Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Shopping....

Hello everyone

Good afternoon !!!!!!!!! How was everyone's day today ? Early this morning my folks and I and my oldest niece Jeanette went shopping at a few stores at 5:00 this morning. The lines and the stores were packed with people. We went over to JCPenney and I purchased myself some brown dress pants and a nice chocolate colored sweater and the store gave me a free gift as I entered the store. We also went to Toys "R" Us and I bought my dog Chip a play pen. My dog Chip is doing well and he is quite the cute puppy. I am glad that he is with my family and I.

Anywho....we also went to Kohl's this morning and there were some people shopping there as well. I bought some Christmas ornaments including an Atlanta Falcons Christmas ornament for my dad since he likes the Atlanta Falcons football team.

After shopping we went to eat at the Waffle House where we had some breakfast. So my dear world how was your day ? Have you done any shopping today ?? I hope you enjoy your day and keep me posted.

Take care everyone

Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Nice Thanksgiving....

Hello everyone

Good evening !!!!!!!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends. My folks and I and my niece's went to church early this morning for the Thanksgiving Day mass which was nice. We then went to eat at IHOP which is always good. I had the hearty ham and cheese omelet and the Pecan pancakes. One of the waitresses brought me some pecan pie filling and some roasted peanuts to put on my pancakes which was quite good.

After IHOP we got home and fixed our Thanksgiving meal which consisted of a turkey, some dressing, some yams with marshmallow's, peas, some stuffing, cranberry sauce and some sparkling grape juice. Our meal was quite good and we ate together in the dining room at our house.

A little while ago I went with my sister and my niece's to Blockbuster to get some movies. I ended up renting "Four Christmases" with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn. I will tell you about it after I see it. I also got the movie "The Ugly Truth" with Gerard Butler. I will tell you about it after I see it as well.

So how was your Thanksgiving with your family and friends ? I hope your day was a nice one. Tomorrow I plan to go out with my folks to the stores and look around. I might buy a couple of things tomorrow you never know.

Anywho...enjoy the rest of your holiday


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving....

Hello everyone

Good evening. How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. I would like to wish you all a very "HAPPY THANKSGIVING". It has been a short week for me at work. I will be off of work for Thanksgiving.

I just finished reading "The Perfect Christmas" by Debbie Macomber which was quite good. She writes very good books and I highly recommend reading it. I also finished reading "One Shot" by Lee Child which was very good. At the moment I just started reading "I, Alex Cross" by James Patterson which is a very interesting book. Jame Patterson has a way of writing very page turning books which keep you reading. Have you read any books recently ???

How has your week been ? I hope you are having a nice Thanksgiving holiday in your neck of the woods. I am hoping that you will get to enjoy your friends and family for the holiday. I will talk to you again soon.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Fun Trip To The Theater...

Hello everyone

Good evening everyone !!!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. Today was a wet, rainy day in my neck of the woods. Earlier this evening my niece's and I and my sister went to Tinseltown to see movies we wanted to see. I saw the movie "New Moon" which was a great great great movie. I liked Robert Pattinson and the rest of the people in the movie. The part with the werewolves was well worth watching. I think that the movie is definitely worth watching again. I can't wait until it comes on DVD because I want to buy it. I am glad I saw it and I highly recommend the movie as a must see movie.

I do have the read the book "Eclipse" which I haven't read yet. I look forward to reading it. I wonder what the next one will be like.

I do have to go back to work tomorrow. I will be off for Thanksgiving and I will be off of work Friday.

So my dear world how was your weekend ? I hope you had a nice one. I also hope that you all will have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I will talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good News....

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!! How is everyone ?? I hope you are all well. Thanks for your well wishes for my getting better. I am getting better thanks to all of your kind wishes. I have been taking Nyquil, DayQuil, Robitussin cough medicine, some cold medicine, nose spray of course and rubbing my chest with Vicks vaporub which has helped a great deal.

I took Monday off but I have been going to work. I am recovering and getting back to normal day by day. I hate getting sick its never fun. I am still with a stuffy nose but its getting better.

I wanted to inform you all that I am on the Facebook website which is located when you type in my name. Just go to Facebook and look under my name and you will find me there. If you are at Facebook please do let me know.

Of course it will soon be Thanksgiving and I am hoping that you all will have a wonderful holiday with your family, friends and loved ones. I will be with my family as well. I hope you will all enjoy the holiday. has your week been ? I hope you are all having a great week and I hope that you are all having wonderful weather in your neck of the woods. I will talk to you all again soon. Once again thanks for all of your kind wishes. You are all so very sweet and its nice to know that you are thinking of me during my not so feeling well days. I am working on getting better.

Take care everyone

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Under The Weather.....

Hello everyone

How is everyone today ? I hope you are all well. I know I haven't been posting lately. I am a bit under the weather with a cold which is making me feel totally and completely yucky. I hate being sick. Hopefully I will get to feeling better soon.

Have you had a nice weekend my dear world ? I hope you are feeling better than I am. I am going to stay home tomorrow. I am going to not go into work tomorrow. I hope that I will be better by Thanksgiving.

Take care everyone

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Update...And News About My Trip

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all doing well. It has been raining these last couple of days in my neck of the woods. It has also been another week at work for me.

Anywho....I wanted to share some information about my trip to Stone Mountain Park with my family. My folks and I and my youngest niece Megan and my puppy Chip stayed at campsite #434 which turned out to be a pull through which my dad liked.

In the afternoon after we got set up and everything we went to eat at a place in Stone Mountain Park called "Ms. Katie's". The place was nice and the food was wonderful and quite delicious. They had good old fashioned Southern cooking. They had these onion petals and they were very very very good. I ordered the grilled Salmon with garlic mashed potatoes and macaroni-n-cheese which was quite good.

After eating we went to the theater in the park to see the movie "Journey To The Center of The Earth" which was in 4-D. Its always fun to go to the theater in Stone Mountain Park. They are now showing "The Polar Express" there in 4-D. I wish I could be there to see it since we left the day it began on Sunday.

Later on we got back to the campground. We waited at the campground until it was time for us to go to "Ride The Duck" which is a boat ride and a bus which goes through the park. Our captain was named Roy and he was quite a fun captain. We really enjoyed him being our captain.

After Riding The Duck we then drove to Target and I found some cute Christmas stickers and ornaments. Then we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant which wasn't all that good.

We then got back to camp and I can say that our first day at camp was quite fun. On our first day at camp we also went to an Indian Pow Wow across the street from Stone Mountain Park which was quite interesting.

The next day my folks and I and my niece packed up our camper and our new puppy and we drove home. My oldest niece decided to NOT go with us since she spent the night at a friend's house.

Going to Stone Mountain Park was a nice trip and we had fun. I can't wait to go back to Stone Mountain Park. My folks and I and my youngest niece and my puppy had a great time. My puppy Chip did NOT try to escape or anything he just stayed with us at the campground. We did NOT bring him into the park however.

So how was your day my dear world ? Have you had a great week so far ? Of course the Thanksgiving holiday is almost here. I did purchase our Thanksgiving turkey.

At my work they are already putting up the 16 and a half foot Christmas tree in the front lobby of my work and it is huge let me tell you. Are you getting ready for Christmas ???

At the moment I am reading the book "One Shot" by the writer Lee Child which is a very good book. Here is the website for the writer ----> .

That's all for now. Take care everyone.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello dear world
Good evening all !!!! How is everyone these days ? I hope you are all well. I am still in the middle of reading "The Wednesday Sisters" by Meg Clayton. The book is pretty good and I am liking it. How was everyone's Halloween ?? I hope you all had a great time. Below is a picture of my youngest niece Megan in her Halloween costume.She is getting taller and she is growing fast.
As you know I recently got a dog named Chip who is a Jack Russell Terrier. He is a 5 month old and he is quite a hand full let me tell you. I am enjoying him and he is quite into me. He seems to have attached himself to me. He also likes my niece's as well. He is also liking my folks. I am getting into Chip more and more and more.
Anywho...Saturday morning my folks and I and my niece's and our newest addition to our family Chip will be going on mini vacation to Stone Mountain once again for the weekend. We are leaving Saturday morning which will be nice. I can't wait to take Chip camping for the very first time.
The weather has been quite nice these days. It is officially the Fall season. The leaves are in color and the leaves are also falling. Pretty soon it will be Thanksgiving. I can't believe that the holidays are getting here already.
So how was your day my dear world ? I have been meaning to come and talk to everyone. I have been busy working and trying to get some reading of my book reading.
How has everyone been doing ? I hope you and your loved ones are all okay. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week ahead. I also hope that you will have the best of the holidays.
Take care everyone