Friday, November 27, 2009

Some Shopping....

Hello everyone

Good afternoon !!!!!!!!! How was everyone's day today ? Early this morning my folks and I and my oldest niece Jeanette went shopping at a few stores at 5:00 this morning. The lines and the stores were packed with people. We went over to JCPenney and I purchased myself some brown dress pants and a nice chocolate colored sweater and the store gave me a free gift as I entered the store. We also went to Toys "R" Us and I bought my dog Chip a play pen. My dog Chip is doing well and he is quite the cute puppy. I am glad that he is with my family and I.

Anywho....we also went to Kohl's this morning and there were some people shopping there as well. I bought some Christmas ornaments including an Atlanta Falcons Christmas ornament for my dad since he likes the Atlanta Falcons football team.

After shopping we went to eat at the Waffle House where we had some breakfast. So my dear world how was your day ? Have you done any shopping today ?? I hope you enjoy your day and keep me posted.

Take care everyone


Sybil said...

Goodness gracious me did you really go shopping at 5 in the morning ?? I hope that it was all worth it and that you got some real bargains.. Although I have never done that kind of thing I expect there might be a kinda special feel about it all....It was a wet morning with us but cleared in the afternoon when Mary and I did some mundane shopping for some freezer foods !!Nothing quite as exciting as a 5am start !!
Love Sybil xx

Jeannette said...

Have not even thought of Christmas shopping yet Monae. We are having building work done at our house, then our daughter is having major surgery on the 10th December so my mind is really not on Christmas right now.

LYN said...