Monday, February 27, 2006

Haunted Travels........Enter At Your Own Risk !!!

Good Evening Dear World....As you all know a dear sweet lady named Jeannette of Jeannette's Jottings often shares with you all dear world tales of ghost and haunted places. Check out her journal at --------> .I would like to do the same......

Let me begin by saying welcome to Haunted Travels I will be your hostess for the evening. Our first haunted travel takes us to Dunwoody, Georgia in which a house is known as the Donaldson House - named for the original owner, of the late 1800's - and its 3 acres on Chamblee Dunwoody Road. A family called The Chestnuts are preparing to say farewell to their house including the ghosts they claim to live there. 

The Chestnuts claim that the house is inhabited by an old man, a little girl in a dress and pinafore and a lady who they claim stares out the window as well as a spirit that makes their Bible levitate around a particular room in the house. After 3 decades, the Chestnuts have sold their family estate. The new owners are now the Dekalb County. The county recently spent $1.2 million under its green space program to buy the Donaldson House. County officials plan to preserve the house. The grounds, with magnolia trees and lots of roses will become a county public space.

The Donaldson House is known for its wandering spirits, so notorious that it's considered one of the top seven haunted places in Atlanta, according to CitySearch, a popular Web guide to major cities in the country. Other web sites which feature other hauntings also list the house as a notable spook spot.The Dunwoody spirits aren't nasty poltergeists the Chestnuts claim. The family - David, Linda and daughter Caroline - believe that the spirits protected them during a tornado that swept through Dunwoody in 1998. The house will be open to the public once the county decides what use the house will have in the county - a community center, a meeting place or a museum said DeKalb Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones. The invitation presumable also extends to the ghosts, who,according to the Chestnuts, were there first.

From Savannah to Atlanta, plenty of historic sites have paranormal presences, reported Bob Hunnicutt, founder of the Georgia Ghost Society, a nonprofit group whose members - eight active ones at last count - investigate such places.

Jim Donaldson, the house's original owner, was attached to his land, literally. The property includes a century- old farmhouse and a backyard cemetery where Donaldson, who died in 1900, is buried. Jim married 3 times, had 14 children. Some of the descendants still live in the Dunwoody area. The house was built around 1870. Donaldson, an emigre from Great Britain, came to Georgia in the mid-1800's at age 12. After brief service in the Civil War, Jim farmed and amassed land. He sold 1,000 acres- and helped to bring more settlers into what is now north Dekalb County. He had a massive amount of land during that time, said Danny Ross, president of the Dunwoody Preservation Trust. 

Linda Chestnut, an interior designer, and her husband, David, an attorney and former chairman of MARTA, had wanted a place big enough for their daughter to have a pony. In 1975, they found the house. That February day was bitterly cold, but when they stepped inside the empty house it felt warm, as if the furnace was on. They bought it. But they WEREN'T alone. "Sometimes lights turned on and off by themselves. The daughter of the husband and wife would claim that there would be a lady looking at her while she was in bed, " said Linda Chestnut. Relatives visiting the house reported hearing a choir singing. Then a Bible started levitating. One time, David Chestnut claimed, he saw the Bible rise from a table and slide to the ground. Wife Linda claimed she too had seen it levitate.

Several years later a television crew wanted to spend Halloween night at the house, said Linda Chestnut. As the cameraman and a psychic approached the cemetery, the camera stopped working, Chestnut said. The cameraman slept inside his van. " A lot of people don't believe that kind of thing," said Linda Chestnut, who teaches college courses in historical restoration. "We do." Caroline Chestnut Leslie felt easy growing up with spirits, she once told that to her high schoolclassmates. " I got made fun," which was told by the landscape architect." I wish, for their own sakes, they ( the ghosts ) would go off, but they're stuck here. There's nothing we can do."

Dear World....what do you think of this spooky tale ? From what I heard the story is true. I hope you enjoyed our little haunted travel here in Georgia. I hope you will return for another ghostly tale set here in Georgia. I will welcome you with open arms. It was really nice being your hostess for the evening.

Until then.......Sleep Tight.  

Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Rainy, Wet Saturday.....

Hello Dear World.....

Good evening. The rain has come tip...tap...tip...tapping into my neighborhood tonight and the skies are rather grey and the clouds today looked more like soggy used cotton balls instead of marshmallows.

On a different note there is talk that my boyfriend and very favorite actor Keanu Reeves will play another surfer in a Silver Surfer feature for Fox which would make me quite happy. He played another surfer in my favorite movie "Point Break" which is a great, great, great movie. One of my other favorite movies he played in was "The Replacements".Here are ( 2 ) of his links you might want to check out for yourself......

Keanu, if your reading this here is your girlfriend saying in a big way --- I LOVE YOU !!

Earlier this evening I was watching the documentary "Grizzly Man" which was a video diary of the life and death of Timothy Treadwell. Timothy lived with grizzly bears for quite a while because he not only loved them but he lived to protect them as well. I myself don't think that I could ever live in the same area as grizzly bears. He lived to protect animals that were wild and ferocious. He was trying to see to it that grizzly bears were not harmed in any way.In the documentary it shows that he was a very loving, decent human being. I think he put his life in danger in living around such wild animals. He was killed by the very animal that he lived to protect. In seeing the documentary "Grizzly Man" I think Timothy was a very sweet person. He probably should have lived around rabbits instead. Check out Grizzly Man at -------->


I came upon a journal you might want to check out titled "Serendipity". Here is the link......

Take care dear world........Good-night


Friday, February 24, 2006

Weather Forecasts: Clear Skies

Hello Dear World........

How are you ? I am a little sad over recent events on American Idol. One of my favorite singers Patrick Hall was voted off of American Idol last night but I will try to recover. If Ace is voted off you won't hear anything from me about American Idol at all.

On a different note......I went to work this morning but I had to leave work a few hours earlier because I had some paperwork that needed to be filled out. My boss was okay about my leaving work. I returned to work after the paperwork was completed however. Before I returned to work my family and I went to eat at a place called "Maria's Mexican Restaurant & Cantina". Let me tell you the food was not good. Everything was too over salted which made things taste horrible. It was our 1st time going to this restaurant. My family and I agreed that we would never go back to the restaurant which is fine by me.

I do have happy news.........For the first time in a long time the weather was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. The sun was shining and it was rather warm here which was a welcome change. I love this kind of weather when skies are blue, no clouds are anywhere to be found and the wind is warm. It was nice to be out and about and enjoying the change of weather. For the first time in months I don't feel like a polar bear. It almost felt like Summer had arrived early here in my neck of the woods but I know its just Spring rolling in.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods dear world ? Winter stayed around long enough and finally weather forecasts: clear skies. I could get used to this I certainly could.........

Have a good weekend everyone........Good night.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hello Again.........

Hello Dear World.....

First things first...How are you ? I know you were wondering what happened to me since you haven't heard from me for a few days. You probably thought I fell into a hole in the ground and got stuck there. Perhaps you might have thought that I froze to death in this cold here in Georgia. You will be happy to know that I'm doing well I have just being working.

The answer to the test is ( B ) Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.......You can check it out at ----------> . My family and I had went to the circus here in Georgia at Philip's arena. We have a great time. There was so much to see and do that you have to keep going back just to catch it all. Here's a few things I saw at the circus : Mongolian Pole Walkers, acrobats, lions, zebras, camel's, elephants and tightrope walkers. There were lion tamers and elephant trainers. My nieces got to touch an elephant for the 1st time which they told us was fun. They were excited to be there despite the cold.We ate a ton of ice-cream and we walked around seeing the different souveneirs they wanted. The looks on their faces were filled with excitement. The whole day was wonderful and my nieces both want to go back to see it all again.

Have you ever been to the circus dear world ?

On a different note I have been watching a lot of American Idol. The guys on the show are........not only talented but gorgeous especially Ace Young, Taylor Hicks and all the rest of them. The women on the show have lots of talent too. I think that its going to be hard to know who's going to win the title of the next "American Idol". I am a big fan of the guys on the show especially Chris. Check out the show at --------> . Have you been watching American Idol ?

Let me tell you its still very cold here in Georgia pretty soon penguins and icebergs will be able to take up permanent residence here in Georgia its that cold. I am longing for some80 to 90 degree weather now that would be wonderful. Its still Winter I know but there's no sign of it stopping anytime soon. Its time for a little big of sunshine. I would like a little sunshine preferably before my fingers and toes fall off........

Good night everyone.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Are You Ready For A Little Test ?

Hello Dear World......

How was your Monday ? Get ready.....I have a little multiple choice test for you today. There is only ( 1 ) right answer. I want to see how many of you get it right. Can you guess where I went today ?

A.) Disneyland

B.) Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus

C.) California

D.) To the Zoo

Don't worry I won't grade you on this test I just want to see who guesses right. The test begins as soon as you read all of the multiple choice answers. Good Luck !!

On a different note........To all of my friends and readers here at J-Land do any of you watch the show "America's Next Top Model ?" Well I have to admit that I do check it out at -------> . I was watching one of the re-runs where the many women who were competing to be "America's Next Top Model " were in Paris and they had to model with a really great looking French model who was a guy by the way. He was let me tell you oh la la... Everything about this guy was ugh gorgeous from his eyes to his arms to his legs. He has this amazing French accent and he had these amazing green eyes. He was a very great looking model. Some of the women found it hard to model with him because they didn't know him. After modeling with him they had to go on a date with him after the shoot. I wouldn't have minded going on a date with a guy that looked like that at all. You should have seen this guy. I think that the show "America's Next Top Model" will have to be one of my favorite shows now. 

I'm sorry I just had to share that with you. I also liked seeing Paris from seeing the show. I think it would be nice to walk around Paris, France for a week wouldn't you. The only thing is I would have to learn a little bit of French I'm sure. There are a couple of places like " The Eiffel Tower " which seem to be beautiful on television. I would like to see it for myself up close and personal.

Adrianne Curry won the competition....My favorites were Adrianne Curry and Ebony Haith. The two of them to me are quite beautiful women.

If there was one place in the world you could go dear world where would it be ? I hope you don't mind me asing. I would just like to know.....Well until we chat again dear world.....


Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Monday........

Hello Dear World.......

I will be out and about tomorrow I will tell you about it later. I will have plenty to tell you at the end of the day. I wanted to tell you about another wonderful journal before I go titled " ( sometimes ) photoblog ". Here is the link ----------> drop by and see some wonderful photos on your visit. You will like it as I do. I will leave you guessing where I will be today.........Have a great Monday and I will talk to you later..........

Good night

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Shopping Is Fun, Fun, Fun........

Hello Dear World.......

How are you today ? Despite the fact that it was cold here in Atlanta and the skies were grey I felt really good today. Okay here's what I did today : My mom and I took a ride to the store Kohl's and JoAnn's today and let me tell you shopping is fun, fun, fun.Check out their links at these sites -----------> and At Kohl's my mother and I picked up all kinds of cute socks that we like. One of the ones I got were green and had a monkey on it whic I thought were cute. I also got a pillow that resembles a bar of you know I love chocolate......Did I tell you that ? I also got a purse for my older niece which she liked by the way. I also got my youngest niece a shirt that she liked so they were both happy with what I got them. After all the shopping we did in Kohl's we went to JoAnn's which was also fun. I got some really cute stickers and my mom got some fabric she liked. Today we walked around and looked at everything we saw. It was so fun to just look around and buy some things we really liked. Let me ask you have you ever bought a pair of socks you thought were cute or a pair of socks that you just had to buy because they really made you laugh ?

On a different note I would like to share with you one of my other favorite journals and I'll tell you why. The name of this journal is named "Chosen Words" by a writer named R.Brimm. His journal is filled with some really amazing poems. I think you will enjoy reading his journal.........The link to his journal is ---------->

Drop by his journal and see some of his wonderful writing for yourself. Tell him I sent you. There is another journal I wanted to tell you about called "Friendship,Loyalty and Love" written by a young lady named Meg who has a very wonderful and beautiful journal. Go by and see her at --------->


Most of all I hope that your Saturday was a nice one.......Good night.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Here I Am........And Its Friday !!!!

Hello Dear World......Good Evening

It feels like we haven't chatted in quite some time, has it been that long ???? Did you miss me ??? Okay, okay, okay......Here is what I've been doing. Today I saw a movie that was rented at Blockbuster titled "The River King" starring Edward Burns and Jennifer Ehle which let me tell you is a great movie well actually its beyond great its a movie worthy of an Oscar for best movie and Edward Burns for best actor in a dramatic film. Edward Burns plays a detective named Abel Grey and Jennifer Ehle plays a photographer named Betsy Chase. The movie is about the death of a boy from an exclusive local school who is found floating in a river. I don't want to give away the ending you have to see it for yourself you will enjoy it , trust me.

On a different note ( 2 ) of my favorite journals titled Dock Lines and Bee's Shutter were chosen as Guest Editors for the week. Here are the links to their journals -------->

Dock Lines -------------->

Bee's Shutter ------------------>

Go by and wish them a great big " CONGRATULATIONS " for being chosen. These are really wonderful journals with lots of interesting writing. Tell them I sent you. I also came upon another journal titled " Aurora Walking Vacation " which mentioned one of my favorite movies " A Knight's Tale " with one of my favorite actors ------- Heath Ledger who plays the character William Thatcher. I really like this movie which also stars ------- Paul Bettany. The link to this journal is ------------------------------>

Check out Heath Ledger at ------------> and

You might also want to check out Jousting at --------------->

Go by and read this journal for yourself. Let me know what you think of the journals that you like. Anyway..............Enough of my rambling. For the last 2 days the weather has been amazingly wonderful it almost felt like Summer had arrived early. It goes back to being cold over the weekend............ICK, ICK,ICK..............

Until we talk again dear world.........I will share some of the words that were said in the movie as a nice ending so until we talk again soon............I will miss you like the sun misses the flower. Like the sun misses the flower in the depths of winter.

Good night........Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My "VALENTINES" Day.........

Hello Dear World..........


Being single on Valentines Day is usually not great for me not this time. After work it turns out that my mom had plans for me and my 14 year old niece and a friend of hers. My mom didn't tell us that she had planned something for us to do which was quite wonderful of her let me tell you. What did we do you wonder...........

Well.......She took us to a place called "Tinseltown" theatre which is a great place to go see movies. At this theatre they offer tons of movies to see, an arcade room and a huge snack bar which offers a random mixture of hot dogs, popcorn, soda, nachos and different varieties of candy from Snickers, M&M's, Sour dots, to Goobers which are all good by the way. My niece and her friend went to see the Pink Panther and my mom and I went to see Glory Road in one of the other areas of the theatre. My mom went and got a seat for the two of us while I went for the popcorn and soda. Here's what happened next....I got all the way to the movie and before I sat down I spilled half the carton of popcorn before I got a chance to sit down. My mom and I laughed about it though because it was a funny moment. I managed to not spill all of it though.

The movie "Glory Road" was wonderful. It wasn't just about Basketball it was a movie about triumph. The whole movie was funny, sad, touching and dramatic. I say that the movie should get an Oscar for both best movie and drama in my opinion. I really liked it and I felt that it was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. We had not gone to the theatre in a long time so to go on Valentines Day was quite fun. She said that we will go back soon because there is some other movies we have to see. I can't wait for my next trip to the theatre. My niece and her friend said they had fun which was good.

All in all I have to say that my Valentines Day was quite nice. I didn't know that I was going to go out tonight but it was fun. I lovvvvvvvvvve Valentines Day this was a good one. How was your Valentines Day dear world ? I hope that yours was fun and memorable.

" HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!!! " from me to you. -------------> Good night



Sunday, February 12, 2006


Hello Dear World.........

It was another cold day here in Georgia but I'm getting along fine. Tonight I treated my folks to dinner at Outback Steakhouse, check it out ---------> . For dinner I had what was called the "Rockhampton Rib-Eye" which was pretty good. Our waitress seemed stuck in another world but our food was good. One of the male servers helped us out a lot. My folks said they enjoyed dinner which made me happy. I kept seeing their commercials on t.v. so I asked my folks if they wanted to eat which of course they said yes to.

When we got home I watched my favorite show #1 Single which stars Lisa Loeb is also happens to be my favorite female singer. Her show is about her being single, her life, hanging out with her friends and her experiences dating. On her show tonight she went on a two seperate dates with two guys which didn't turn out too good. I really think that she has a great sense of humor about it all. She is single just like me except I haven't started dating as yet. Her show comes on every Sunday at 10 p.m.

Before I go I had to tell you........let me leave you with an image. I'm beginning to feel like a polar bear who has lost its fur.....I might need someone to send me a few thousand pounds of heating blankets before I turn into a rather huge block of ice.

All in all my Sunday was a good one despite the deep freeze here in Georgia ....... I will chat with you again soon dear world .......... Good night

Saturday, February 11, 2006

My Saturday.....

Hello Dear World......

How are you ? You will be glad to know that all of my fingers are still attached and there's no signs of them being frozen. I'm sure your waiting to hear how my day was so here it goes.......Today ( 2 ) guys were supposed to come up our refrigerator due to the fact that the inside liner is tearing. The thing is they couldn't take it because the water has to be shut off from the street. They will have to come back tomorrow to take it. I spent half the day taking the stuff out of the freezer because we thought the refrigerator was going to be going with the guys. The other half of my day was spent putting the frozen food items back into the freezer which was a rather freezing task to complete. I also put stuff into the refrigerator which was a cold task as well. My dad was not too happy let me tell you. They told my dad that they would have to go because he was searching for the water valve which was finally located at the street. They told him that they had other stops to go to which upset him. After all of that they left and stuff was put back into the refrigerator. Let me give you a little friendly advice......Make sure if you ever have to have your refrigerator picked up make sure you take out whatever will spoil first and also make sure that you turn off your water at the kitchen sick you will thank me for it.

After all of that we cleaned the carpets with a carpet cleaner which let me tell you is quite a task if you have nieces and nephews who tend to walk around with food in hand. I'm sure you know what I am talking about. Anyway....I did get to see a little of the Winter Olympics on television and let me tell you. Seeing olympians skiing up a hill is something to watch because it sure looks hard. Have you been watching the Winter Olympics so far ? What do you think ? I heard that the Olympic ice skater Kwan had a hard day and that she is thinking of quitting. I hope she reconsiders she is a good ice skater.

On a more different note........I have been an avid fan of a particular journal which never gets any kind of recognition. Tonight that will change. I have decided that the journal "Bee's Shutter" should be guest editor for the week. The journal can be found at ---------->

I also think that the journal titled "I'm Going Sane in a Crazy World" is an interesting one so I would like to recommend it for myself. You can find it at ------------------->

I hope you will drop by these journals and say hello. Bee's Shutter has lots of wonderful and beautiful photos that I'm sure you will love as I do. So what did you do today dear world ? I hope tomorrow you will have a wonderful day. I can't wait to hear all about it.

Good - night..........

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Just A Little News.......

Hello Dear World.......

You might want to know that its beginning to feel like I should be living in Alaska right now. Its gotten pretty cold here in Georgia and my fingers will soon be falling off. If you don't hear from me after this know that my fingers and toes turned purple and fell off due to hypothermia.

In other news there has been tons of drama, drama,drama,drama at my job but I won't bother you with the endless details of the soap operaish insanity taking over the building where I work. I'm sure that you know the feeling.

There is something exciting in the news.......I don't know if you heard. The 2006 Winter Olympics will be held in the city of Turin (Turino) in the Piedmont (Piemonte) Region of northern Italy. I have NEVER been to Turin myself though. The Opening Ceremony will be held Friday February 10 at the newly built Olympic Stadium. This is the 20th Winter Olympics to be held. The first Winter Olympics were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France which I heard is not far from Turin. Approximately 2500 athletes from 85 countries will compete. I myself wouldn't mind going to Turin it sounds like a really interesting place to see and visit.

Will you be watching the olympics dear world ? I read that in Turin there are 160 types of cheese and famous wines like Barolo and Barbaresco. Turin also has some outstanding pastries especially chocolate ones. Did you know that........Chocolate for eating as we know it today ( bars and pieces ) originated in Turin. Wouldn't you like to go there and try some of their chocolate ? I also read that The Piedmont Region has some of the best food in Italy. Turin also offers some unique architecture and museums throughout Turin.

I will try to read more about Turin and share what I find out for you........

At this moment its colder here in my neck of the woods. I wonder what the weather is like in Turin right now ? How is the weather in your neck of the woods dear world ?

Good night dear world.........sleep well


Monday, February 6, 2006

Is There Anyone Out There In Need Of Some Rain ??

Hello Dear World........

How are you first of all ? Let me begin by saying that all morning and all afternoon and all night it rained and rained and rained and rained and rained........You get the hint. I came upon a poem which I thought I would share with you titled "Little Wind" by a writer named Kate Greenaway. Here it is :

Little Wind

Little wind, blow on the hill-top,

Little wind, blow down the plain;

Little wind, blow up the sunshine,

Little wind, blow off the rain.

- Kate Greenaway


While it rained it also turned out to be quite cold which lead me to another poem titled " What No Snow ? " by another writer named Bill Boyle. Here is the poem :

What No Snow ?

Why doesn't it snow ?

It's winter, isn't it ?

Then it's supposed to snow.

How else can you make snowmen,

Or fight each other with snowballs,

And slide down on sledges ?


It's not fair, is it ?

Soon it will be summer,

Than it'll just rain and rain for months.

Can't anyone tell me,


-Bill Boyle


While I was catching up on my reading I came upon some great journals that you might want to check out dear world. Here are a few that will get you reading........

Wanderer -------->

First Digital Photos --------->

Jeannette's Jottings --------->

Stop by and say hello to these wonderful and interesting writers. You might end up with some new friends along the way. There is another journal written by a wonderful person named Meg who has a journal titled "Friendship, Loyalty and Love" I will share her journal link with you next time. Her journal is also quite amazing............

Anyway..........Before I go. I thought I would share another poem with you titled "Mother Nature" by Emily Dickinson.

Mother Nature

Nature, the gentlest mother,

Impatient of no child,

The feeblest or the waywardest,

Her admonition mild


In forest and the hill

By traveller is heard,

Restraining rampant squirrel

Or too impetuous bird.


How fair her conversation,

A summer afternoon, -

Her household, her assembly;

And when the sun goes down


Her voice among the aisles

Incites the timid prayer

Of the minutest cricket,

The most unworthy flower.


When all the children sleep

She turns as long away

As will suffice to light her lamps;

Then, bending from the sky


With infinite affection

And infiniter care,

Her golden finger on her lip,

Wills silence everywhere.

-------------Emily Dickinson

Good night dear world.......Sleep Well.


Sunday, February 5, 2006

" My Superbowl Sunday"

Hello Dear World......

If you haven't heard the news.......The Pittsburg Steelers won in the Superbowl. For the first time I made egg rolls and they turned out good for my first time. I also cooked some sausages and some kicked up cheese dip which was also very good.

I really hate to say this but the Stevie Wonder entertainment portion of the game was terrible. I think his show could have been much better. I also think that Aretha Franklin and Aaron Neville could have done a much better job singing. Listening to them was like watching two really bad American Idol auditions. For talented singers they did a terrible job singing. My family agreed that their singing could have been better. What happened to Aretha and Aaron's singing ? Did they leave their singing ability at the airport ? On the other hand "The Rolling Stones" did a great job performing and singing. I think that it was great to see their talent shine as it did tonight.

Later in the evening I watched my favorite show "#1 Single" starring my favorite singer Lisa Loeb. She is single but she is dating now. I am 29 years old and I haven't started dating yet. I am going to have a buy the book titled "Flirting For Dummies". Being that I am not dating yet I will probably have to also buy the book "How To Land A Date In Less Than 60 Seconds". You might say that I might have to seek the help of a professional. I am afraid to try Online Dating because I don't know how I will do at dating in the first place...........I know what your thinking. Your thinking........Ugh here she goes again talking about being single. I might need my own reality show like Lisa does. I could spend an entire 30 seconds taking a class on "Flirting 101". I'll say it for you.......Ugh !!!!!

Of course tomorrow starts another week at work for me.....I don't know what will happen this week you just never know.........

Until I return again with more news of my life you might want to check out a really great journal titled ----------> Jeannette's Jottings. You can check out her journal at ---------->

Jeannette is a really great lady and interesting as well. Go by and meet her for yourself and you can tell her I sent you.........

For now have a great week...........Good night


Saturday, February 4, 2006

My Saturday.......

Hello Dear World.......

How are all my friends today ? I thought I might share my day with all of you. You might say this is ripped from the headlines of my life. Earlier today my mother, nieces and I took a trip to our local grocery store , Kroger. I had a great time shopping and so did my nieces and my mother. We went down each and every aisle picking up things we like. My nieces loved the fact that they could buy whatever they wanted. I thought I would spoil them rotten as I usually do which for me is fun.

Weather wise - its been quite cold here in fact. If you ask me you could put a box of popsicles outside and they would stay frozen with the amount of cold we have had here in Georgia. We still haven't gotten any kind of snow though I don't know if we will. I have talked enough about the weather.

In other news...... Later in the evening I watched a rather good movie called "Barefoot In The Park" with Jane Fonda and Robert Redford. "Barefoot In The Park" is a very funny movie. To be in a movie with Robert Redford I would take up acting or at least I would take a dozen or more acting classes. Robert Redford is a great actor in my opinion. By the way he is also a great looking man.

On a more different note......I'm sure everyone knows that tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. Of course I don't know much about football. I'm sure that many guys will be glued to the television like an octopus stuck to its favorite meal. What does an octopus eat anyway ??? For all you guys and sports fans Tom Arnold has a sports blog which might have you wondering who is Tom Arnold ? Well go check out his blog at "Tom Takes Detroit". Here is his link --------->

What did I eat today you might wonder....Well I ate a few very delicious pieces of some Pepperidge Farm Mini Milano Dark Chocolate Covered Cookies, talk about a mouthful say that 5 times fast.....a little bit of humor. The cookies were good by the way. They were also quite rich and chockedfull of chocolate which is in my opinion is good,good,good. Check this site out at ---------->


After my junk food attack. I watched a program on the Discovery Channel called "Grizzly Man". A guy named Timothy Treadwell made a documentary of his life. He lived each summer on an Alaskan wildlife preservation with Grizzly Bears. He was attacked and killed by a Grizzly Bear along with a woman that he knew. His documentary shows that he was a huge fan of the bears he loved them all a great deal. It was sad to hear that he was attacked by a bear but he did provide a wonderful documentary of life on the preservation while filming the bears.

The book I have been reading is turning out good. I didn't describe some of them in my earlier entry. Princess Minikin is 3 feet tall. Samuel also known as Fossil Man is half ape. Harold who is the main character in the story also meets a fortune teller named Gypsy Magda. On her wrists and her ankles she wears silver bracelets and scarves. She walks with a jingling and a tingling of metal. I will tell you more about the story later as I continue my reading. I thought you might like meeting some of the characters in the story.

All in all I hope that your Sunday is a good one. For now I will say good night and sweet dreams............

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

My Youngest Turns "6" Today......

Hello Dear World......

First of all how are you ? I have some rather exciting personal news......My youngest niece officially turned the big "6" years old today.......But more about that later.

On a different note I recently started reading a book titled "Ghost Boy" written by a writer named Iain Lawrence. The story is about a boy named Harold Kline. Harold is an albino and his skin is described to be like rich white chocolate. He also has a dog named Honey. The boy in the story lives in a city called Liberty and he likes to go fishing at a little spot called "Rattlesnake River".

In the story a circus called Hunter and Green's Traveling Circus comes to town. Harold first meets two sideshow curiosities named Princess Minikin and another named Fossil Man. One of the sideshow people he is eager to meet is known as the Cannibal King. Harold finds out that the Cannibal King is an albino just like himself. I will tell you more about the story later. I will leave you wondering about it until next time........That should have you coming back to find out more or perhaps on the edge your seat with frustration not knowing more......Sorry.......


Earlier my family and I took my now 6 year old niece whose name is Megan to Chuck E. Cheese's which is her favorite place in the whole wide world.You can go see it at this link ---------->  She really liked her birthday by telling us over and over that she had fun. She had a cake which she loved especially the frosting. She also ate the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, she opened her presents and she went and played different games. Each game costs 1 token and if you have a certain amount of points at a game you get tickets. If you get a certain amount of tickets you get a prize at the front desk by the entrance. She really liked her prize. It was a light up toy which she lovvvvvvvvvves.

My 6 year old is the cutest and funniest little girl I have ever known...........Dear world you should have seen her.......She is getting older and taller by the minute.....I just can't believe she is 6 years old already. They grow up fast don't they ??

Well I'll tell you more later..........Have a good night.......Sweet Dreams