Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Monday !!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!! Well its Monday and I'm back. Of course it was another day at work but it wasn't too busy a day.

I wanted to pop in and share a few things with you. Yesterday while my family and I were in Downtown Atlanta we got a chance to see the "Tour de Georgia" which was nice. The cyclists were going throught Downtown Atlanta which was something to see. All traffic was stopped and you could watch the cyclists coming through. Here is a link if you want to check out more information about it ---->

I also wanted to let you know that I am once again watching the show "House" on fox which I have to say is a great show. I am also watching my other favorite show "Bones" which is still pretty good. Here is the link for the House show ---->

My dear world you might want to know that our dear sweet Morgan is back from her class trip with her senior class from Disney World. In her entry it sounded like she had a great time even though she did get something of a sunburn. Morgan if your reading this "WELCOME HOME" !!!!!

By the way I wanted to share a song with you just to get you in the mood for a little pick me up. Do enjoy ----- > .

Do have a great Tuesday everyone. Byyyyyye !!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Wonderful Day.....

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!! I wanted to come by and share my day with all of you. My day started early this morning for me and my family as we drove to Atlanta to the church Sacred Heart Catholic Church. While we were there they had a nice communion service for the young boys and girls who were making their very first Communion. The mass was quite nice and the church was beautiful. It was our first time going to the church and it was nice.

Since we were in the area my folks and I and my nieces went to the place called Murphy's. The place was recommended by a guy who works at the courthouse named Doug. It was our first time also going there. Doug was there working today so he seated us and he talked to my family and I since he had never met my mom and my nieces. Anywho...I didn't know how the food was going to taste so I was a little uncertain. I had ordered a Sunrise Frittata which had a delicious cheese melted on it as well as some grilled sugar cured ham and some potato hashbrown's and right on top of the frittata was some red and green bell peppers. I can tell you that Murphy's has some great tasting food. The frittata I ordered was quite good and the biscuits they had were also quite good. It was really nice going to Murphy's. I higly recommend that if you are ever in the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta you must go there. Here is the link to check it out --->

Later on we got home and we had to go and take my oldest niece to another one of her piano recitals since she plays the piano. All in all it was a really nice Sunday.

So my dear world how was your day ?? Did you enjoy your Sunday as I did ?? I do hope that you all had a really nice and relaxing day. That's all of my news for now. I am home now and tomorrow will start another week at work for me so I will good-bye for now.

I'll talk to you again later. Bye

Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Wonderful Dinner At Just Loaf'N And Some Cajun Jazz Music

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!! How is everyone ? I do have some news for you that I wanted to share with you. A few minutes ago my family and I returned from our evening out in Downtown Atlanta.

Anywho....before our evening out my folks and I dropped off my oldest niece to a birthday party of one of her friends at a bowling alley called "Pin Strikes" where she spent the evening with some of her friends for the evening.

After dropping off my oldest niece my folks and I and my youngest niece Megan went to a restaurant located in downtown Atlanta called "JUST LOAF'N " which is an authentic Louisiana restaurant which serves Cajun food. My folks and I had a great time there. They ordered a Cajun sandwich and some hot links while we were there which they had ordered over the phone before we left. The traffic was heavy on the expressway so it took us a while to get there.

While we were at JUST LOAF'N I had ordered some beignets and coffee which I have to tell you was quite good. After the beignets I saw something else I wanted there which was a Soft Shell Crab PoBoy which was quite delicious to say the least. My niece Megan got my Cajun Fries and she had ordered a Snow Ball there which are quite delicious to drink.

After eating we went outside where there was a Jazz Band playing live at JUST LOAF'N and I can tell you my dear world that they guys in the band played quite good and we stayed for a while and listened to them play. We did give them a good tip before we left which they appreciated. They also played outside while we were eating which was quite wonderful to hear them play.

My dear world the place and the food is amazing. I will leave you their link to check them out -----> .

On our way home we stopped off and went to pick up my oldest niece from the birthday party and then we headed home. How was your night my dear world ?? I do hope that everyone had a very wonderful and fun Saturday.

Tomorrow my family and I will be going to a church in Atlanta and then we will be going to eat at a restaurant called Murphy's which we have NOT been to before. Here is the link --->

That's about it for now. I'll talk to you again soon. Have a good night.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!


A Very Wonderful Spectacular Gift

Hello dear world

Good afternoon to you all. I have some very exciting news to share with you and I have to say that I have the best folks in the world. A few minutes ago my folks returned home with a birthday gift for me which was a pair of Opal earrings for me from the best jewelery store in the world "Friedman's Jewelers" and I must tell you that the earrings are beautiful and I am wearing them at this very moment. I just love my gift and I am very excited to have gotten another special gift as I did when we went to the Hard Rock Cafe. Its been a wonderful birthday for me still. Other relatives of mine have been calling me to wish me a Happy Belated Birthday since they couldn't be with me. Yes my dear world I am having a very wonderful birthday.

So my dear world how has your Saturday been ?? I do hope you are having as nice a Saturday as I have. Do enjoy yourselves and keep me posted.

Have a great weekend !!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dinner And Movies

Hello dear world

How is everyone ?? Its me again. You might want to know that earlier this evening my family and I went to a restaurant in our neck of the woods called "The City Buffet" which is a chinese restaurant but it does serve other foods such as chicken, salmon, pizza and other delicious types of food in a buffet. A lot of other people go there and eat dinner like we do. We go there from time to time like we did this evening and have dinner. The food was good as always and we each had a good dinner.

After dinner my family and I went over to Blockbuster which is in the same plaza as "The City Buffet". We went to Blockbuster and we rented a couple of movies including the movie with Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in "Sea Change" . The movie is a series from the writer Robert Parker. I have to tell you that I highly recommend "Sea Change" as the movie to watch and Tom Selleck is definitely worth watching. We also rented "There Will Be Blood" which my family and I did NOT like. The movie ended kind of weird and it all seemed like a really strange movie. I did end up buying the movie "No Reservations" with Katherine Zeta Jones which I haven't watched yet. We also rented a few other movies that we haven't seen yet.

So how has your Friday been so far my dear world ?? I do hope that everyone is enjoying their Friday I sure am. I have a lot of movies to see so I'm sure it will be a very fun weekend. I haven't watched my movies I got at the pawn shop yet but I will watch them this weekend. I just thought I would come by and share my night with you all. That's about all for now. I'll talk to you again soon.



It's Friday !!!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!!! Yes it's FRIDAY and its the end of the week. It was another beautiful day in Atlanta, Georgia and I had to go to work of course. I work a little bit but not much today. Work is going good and I am doing well.

Anywho....I have to tell you that I just got home a few minutes ago and I have some news for you. On my way home I stopped off at a Pawn Shop and I found some movies I wanted including : Changing Habits with Moira Kelly and Christopher Lloyd, From Hell with Johnny Depp and Lake Placid with Bridget Fonda and Bill Pullman which is a movie I lovvvvvvve. There was an older guy working in the store and he was going to charge me a lot for the movies but then a younger guy who was working in the store came over and gave me the movies for just $10.00 which I thought was wonderful. I can't wait to see Lake Placid tonight I have been wanting to buy it and now I have it. Changing Habits is something of a love story and I also can't wait to see it.

By the way Judy I do buy all of the books I have and I have tons of them and I am getting around to reading them. I love to read its one of my hobbies.

So my dear world how was your Friday ?? Did you have a great day today ?? I sure hope that you will all enjoy your weekend. I don't have any plans but you never know. I just wanted to come by and share my news with you even if it was just a little news.

That's about it for now. Have a good weekend everyone !!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Wonderful Day

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!!!!!! I want to thank you for all of your kind words and thoughts regarding a comment that was made to my journal and to me recently from someone who visited my journal. I am going to ignore that person and go on. I am going to take all of your advice. was a lovely day in my neck of the woods. It was also another day at work for me. You might want to know that earlier this evening my family and I went to our favorite restaurant hang out called "La Parrilla" in Fayetteville Georgia. I have to tell you that the food there is wonderful and so is the place itself. We always love going there for dinner when we get the chance. For dinner I had the half order of the big nacho's without tomato's and jalapeno's which I don't like. The nacho's do come with lettuce, sour cream, beans with your choice of chicken or beef and I had mine with chicken. I can tell you my meal was pretty good.

In other my coworkers treated me out for a belated Birthday gift which was out to lunch and they all pitched in and help to pay for my lunch which I appreciated.

After I went out to dinner with my family you might want to know that we stopped off at the Walmart in Fayetteville where I often like to shop. First I took my youngest niece to the sticker section where she picked out some stickers she liked and then we went to the book section where I picked out some books I wanted. I also got some stickers I liked as well. I also got some books I wanted which included some books including a NASCAR romance which I have often read from time to time.

How was your day my dear world ??? Did you have a lovely Thursday ? I don't know why but my stomach was hurting a little bit today. It was probably from having been at the doctor yesterday but I am feeling better. That's about it for now. I'll get back with you again later.



Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Warning : Some Graphic News I Have To Share...Men You May NOT Want To Read This

Hello dear world

Good evening to you all. I want to thank you for all of your birthday wishes to me. All of your thoughts were very much appreciated. was another day at work for me but the weather was pretty wonderful and warm. I did have to leave work early due to a Doctor's appointment I had today. Some of the news I am going to share is going to be personal so I want to apologize ahead of time.

Before my mom and I went to Kaiser for my appointment we went out to lunch at our favorite restaurant "Longhorn Steakhouse". You might want to know that we both had the Ribeye which I have to say was quite good. After lunch I ordered dessert which was the chocolate stampede. The chocolate stampede is a very rich and delicious chocolate cake served with two scoops of vanilla ice-cream. My dessert was very good.

After we ate my mom and I stopped off at our place called "The Tuesday Morning" store which was quite fun. I bought my dad a Golf novelty gift since he likes to play Golf and for me I got a set of compact disc's of the book "River's End" by Nora Roberts. It was the first time I ever got a book on Audio so I hope I will enjoy it. I have to let you know.

Of course after going shopping I had to go to Kaiser for my doctor's appointment to see the Gynecologist. First I hate to say it but I did have to get a pelvic exam which is NOT fun in the least. You ladies might agree with me when I say that the paper towel that you have to wrap yourself in and the paper towel you cover your chest with doesn't help in the least. I feel that the paper towel gown should be in my opinion put out of distribution until it is permanently extinct. After the exam and everything I had to go downstairs and get some blood work done which is NOT fun either but it is for the best I'm sure.

I did finish my appointment and I got home and finished the day. I do want to apologize for this graphic entry today but I guess its alright from time to time to discuss personal details in one's life right ???

** I have to share something with you** there was a person recently whohad made a comment in my journal and I didn't know if I wanted to share this but now I do. The guy that made a comment recently has a journal "R U Smarter Than A Blogger" and he made some rather rude comments towards me and the sweet and wonderful Allison and I have to say that I feel that his comments are NOT at all nice. He said that in my journal I brag about things and I just have to say that I do NOT come to you my dear world to brag or otherwise. I just like coming to share my thoughts, my life and my day to day coming's and going's. I also DO not think that a person should make rude comments to anyone at J-Land. All of you my dear world have been so very kind to me and I have come to really feel that it is so very nice being here. What are your thoughts my dear world ???

So how was your day my dear world ??? Did you have a nice Wednesday ?? I do hope that you were able to enjoy your day. That's about it for me and my day. I'm sure I will have some better news for you later.

Take care everyone

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today Is My Birthday...

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!! Well I have some news for you. Today is officially my birthday and a few minutes ago I celebrated with my family. On the way home from work I stopped off at Publix and I bought some Crab Legs and I also got some shrimp and a marble cake with white cream icing for my birthday. How old am I ???? I am officially 32 years old. I must say that I had a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful birthday today. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday with my family.

How was your day my dear world ??? The weather here in Georgia was pretty nice and I have to say that I love love love this weather. How are things in your neck of the woods my dear world ????

By the way guys....those of you who are single I am still single too just in case you were wondering....just for a little information sort of hint hint hint.

I have one more bit of news. Helen's husband Ken is also celebrating his birthday so do go over and visit him and Helen at her journal "My Everyday Life" ----->

That's about all my news for now. Have a great rest of the week and I'll talk to you all again soon.

Bye !!!!!!! 

Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Birthday at The Hard Rock Cafe

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ?? I have to tell you that my family and I had a great time at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. I wanted to share just a few of the pictures with you to show you our evening. I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures. The food however left a lot to be desired. The atmosphere and the music and the sights were great. 

Enjoy the pictures !!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Beautiful Wonderful and Happy Shopping Day

Hello dear world

Good afternoon !!!!!!! Let me begin by saying that it is a beautiful beautiful day in Atlanta, Georgia and I am GREAT. Today my day began with fun fun fun fun fun. My mom and I went to my favorite store in the entire world....Hobby Lobby. My oldest niece was at tutoring.

Anywho...we went to Hobby Lobby and I found a really old fashioned small antique red pick up truck that I liked which was on sale and then I found some cute stickers for my youngest niece and some stickers for myself. My mom also found some stuff she liked and we had fun walking through the store. While I was in the store I saw an older gentlemen sitting on one of the shelves in the aisles so I stopped and chatted with him. He smiled at me as we chatted and I have to say that we had a really nice conversation.

After Hobby Lobby we went to pick up my niece from tutoring and then we stopped off at PetSmart where we picked up a filter for our aquarium and a new reef rock for our tank. I have to tell you that our baby Albino Catfish isn't a baby anymore it has grown quite a bit. It has gotten bigger and it is a cute Catfish.

After PetSmart we stopped off at MacDonald's to get something to eat. I got a iced coffee which I hate to say was NOT good. It was the first time I had an iced coffee from MacDonald's. We did take our food home and then we came home and ate.

I do have some exciting news my dear world. Tomorrow evening my family and I will be going to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner in which to celebrate my birthday instead of going on Tuesday. It will be our first time going to the Hard Rock Cafe and I can't wait. I am sure it is going to be fun. My nieces are wanting to go so I know that they will have fun. Here is the link to check it out ----> .

Yes my dear world I am feeling really good these days. So how has your day been my dear world ???? I hope you are having a really great Saturday as I am. I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Do keep me posted and I will as well.

Have a good one my dear world !!!!!!!!!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

News For Thursday

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ?? I have a few things to share with you. Of course it was another day at work for me but the weather today was WONDERFUL WONDERFUL WONDERFUL. It was a perfect warm day and I wish I could have been on the beach today it was so nice and warm.

Anywho....earlier today I finished reading "74 Seaside Avenue" and I have to say that it was a really good book. At this time I am now reading the book "FREEFALL" by the writer JoAnn Ross and so far it is a delight and its the perfect book for the warm weather.

In other news a few hours ago my folks went to pick up my oldest niece from school. They came back with a Tuscan pizza from Papa John's which was advertised on television. It was a Tuscan three cheese pizza and it was quite good. It was my first time having pizza from Papa John's . My dad came back with some sort of fish soup which I have to say smelled rather gross sort of like the smell of really dirty socks. He liked the soup but me and my oldest niece did NOT like the smell of it. We did not eat any of the soup which I am glad I did NOT eat it.

I also have a movie recommendation for you. I watched a movie called "Kettle of Fish" with Matthew Modine which I have to say was a really funny movie and I highly recommend it. It was my very first time seeing it and I really enjoyed it.

That's about it for my news. How was your day my dear world ?? I do hope that you had a really enjoyable Thursday. Well that's about all I have for now. I'll talk to you again soon

Bye Everyone !!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Today's Notes....

Hello dear world

Good evening to you all. Okay first things first the weather in my neck of the woods was wonderful today and it sure felt like Springtime. I was getting tired of Winter.

Yes my vacation was nice but I am getting back into the swing of things at my job. We have a new guy working with me and my coworkers his name is S***E he is in his 60's. We are training him so hopefully he likes us and maybe he will stick around.

Anywho....while I was on vacation I had been reading a book titled "IRON COWBOY" by the writer DIANA PALMER. When I got back I finished reading it and I have to say that it was a good love story. At the moment I am falling in love with the books written by Debbie Macomber. I am reading one of her books titled "74 Seaside Avenue" which is set in Cedar Cove, Washington. Today I bought one of her other books titled "The Wyoming Kid" which I will read after "74 Seaside Avenue". You have to check out her link ---> . I also bought another book by my favorite writer Janet Evanovich titled "Full Tilt" which I can't wait to read.

You might be happy to know that my favorite show "BONES" is back on FOX and I am enjoying watching it. You might want to know that I received a gift from my parents which was a rather expensive Belgian Chocolate Bunny which as you know I love love love love love love love chocolate so I really liked my gift.

So my dear world how was your day today ?? Do you have any news for me ??? I do hope that you are enjoying your week. I am sure glad to be back chatting with you my dear world and I missed you while I was gone but I did have fun on my camping trip with my family.

That's about it for now. I'll talk to you again soon. Do have a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful week.



Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

I'm back !!!!! My family and I arrived back into Atlanta, Georgia about 9:00pm last night. We made it back safe and sound. I have so much to tell you.

On Saturday my family and I made it to Hunting Island Campground and we stayed at campsite #100. On our 2nd day of camp we made a day of it at the beach which was located near the Hunting Island Lighthouse. The beach was quite nice and we had a great time.

Later on we went to eat at Outback Steakhouse and yes our dinner was pretty delicious. After dinner we went to the grocery store and then we went to Kmart. I picked up a Jeff Gordon t-shirt and some stickers and (2) new books titled "What The Dead Know" by Laura Lippman and another book titled "One Real Man" by Janette Kenny. All in all it was a nice day.

On Monday we had breakfast at our campsite. A few hours later we went to the Hunting Island State Park Lighthouse. Me and my nieces walked all the way to the top of the Lighthouse which ended up to be 167 steps to the top. My mom and dad stayed at the bottom where they saw us as we waved to them. It was our first time for my nieces and I to walk to the top of the Lighthouse.

Later on that day we took a ride down to the fishing pier which was really nice. There was a guy there with his son fishing. The guy said that they had not caught anything as yet because they had just arrived at the pier. The pier I can tell you was quite nice and we enjoyed the entire area.

The next day at Hunting Island my family and I stopped off at a place called the "Gay Fish Co". I did buy some Grouper, some shrimp and my favorite thing of all, Soft Shell Crabs. After going to the Fish Co. we stopped off at Kmart. At the store I bought some jogging pants since I forgot to pack some long pants and I also got a nice pair of jeans that I liked. Later on we stopped off at a store called BI-Lo where we got some groceries. I ended up buying some brie which my mom and I liked and before we got back to camp westopped off for burgers for dinner. We had a really nice day out.

On Wednesday my family and I began our day at camp with breakfast which consisted of bacon, eggs, grits and sausage which was quite good. A few minutes after breakfast my mom cooked the soft shell crabs that I bought at the Fish Co. the previous day. The crabs were quite GOOD.

Later on we spent quite a bit of time at the beach which was fun and the weather was perfect. My mom had a fold up Cabana that me, my nieces and my mom sat in at the beach. Once we got back from the beach and back to our campsite we went and took our showers. I hate to say it but the showers were small and they weren't very clean. My mom and my nieces didn't like going to the showers much. The water also was NOT hot but the water was bareable. After we took our showers we got back to camp and had burgers for dinner. After dinner my dad started a campfire which was really nice.

On Thursday my family and I began our day by having hot dogs for breakfast. After we took a ride over to the gas station which was quite a few miles away. Everything includings stores you have to drive to which takes a while. Anywho....we filled up on gas and we stopped off for soda's and such. Later on we stopped off at Rite Aid where I picked up some Starbuck's Chocolate's which I hate to say did NOT taste good. I also got a book called "Iron Cowboy" by Diana Palmer.

After going over to the store we stopped at the part of the beach that we did NOT like so we decided to leave. We then took a ride over to our favorite spot at the beach located near the Hunting Island Lighthouse. As my dad and my niece Megan was walking near the rocks I found some baby Hermit Crabs which we brought back to camp. A few minutes later at the beach a guy came up and spotted a tail in the sand that he said look like a Sting Ray so we gave him our plastic shovel we had and the mysterious creature came up out of the sand and it turned out to be a medium sized Horseshoe Crab it was the first time we ever saw a Horseshoe Crab up close.

Later on after the beach we got back to camp and we went to camp and take our showers. We then walked back to camp and ate pork chops and macaroni-n-cheese for dinner. After dinner my dad fired up another campfire which was nice.

On Friday we began our day by going for lunch at a place called the "Johnson Creek Tavern". I have to tell you that the food was quite good. The tavern by the way was named after a Sea Captain named Normus Johnson. For lunch you might want to know that I had a Shrimp BLT which was quite good. The place had $1 bills stapled on the walls and on the ceiling with the names of people who had visited the tavern. My niece Jeanette put a dollar bill up at the back table on the wall with our names on it and our last name DOYLE written in large names so other people can know that we were there. 

After lunch we went to the beach again near the Lighthouse. We did go to a store called Barefoot Bubba's where I bought a t-shirt and some keychains for my coworkers. After the store and the beach we got back to camp and we went and took our showers so we could change our clothes for us to go to dinner. 

On our last night at Hunting Island we stopped for dinner at a place called "Steamer's Oyster & Steakhouse" I ordered a plate of soft shell crabs which I was quite disappointed over. The crabs had been battered to death and with my crabs I had a cheese potato which was also not good. I took a bite of the potato and I didn't like how it tasted. After dinner we got back to our campsite in which it was pretty late in the evening. On our way into camp we spotted a raccoon walking into the campsite next to us. The campsite was empty and there was no one staying at the one next to us. 

On Saturday we decided to pack up earlier since it was going to rain and the highway was a parking lot. Everyone was coming off of Spring Break which took us a while to get home. Let me tell you camping was fun. By the way you might want to know that my family and I have a pop-up camper that we use to camp in. Next year we are going to try and go once again to Florida where we are planning to go further into Florida for another camping trip. I sure can't wait for our next trip. 

So my dear world did you all miss me ??? I do hope that you all had a nice week and I will have to catch up on my journals now that I'm back. I sure missed reading your journals and I will try to visit everyone's journal so I can catch up on things. 

By the way my BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 22 so you can all know that little note. I will be "32" years old

I'M GLAD TO BE BACK !!!!!!!!!! But I know that vacations have to end sometime but it was nice and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. That's all for now. 

Bye !!!!!!!!!!  


Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Graduated !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!!! I have some wonderful news I am done packing for my trip....YEAH !!!! We will be leaving for our trip Saturday morning although tomorrow I do have to work. We will be on the road Saturday and we will be gone the whole week and next Sunday we will be returning from our trip. I will tell you all about it when I get back. will all be very very very proud of me. Earlier this evening at the Clayton County Police Department me and my mom and our class graduated from the Clayton County Citizens Police Academy. I have a Diploma and everything from the Police Department which states that I graduated from the Citizens Police Academy. You might want to know that the Chief of Police Jeff Turner was there as well as quite a few Law Enforcement Officials who congratulated us with a Graduation ceremony and a meal after the ceremony. They even had a huge huge cake for us which was decorated with a frosting decoration that looked like a real Police Badge. Chick-Fil-A catered the meal and some of us brought in desserts and chips with dip and others brought in Pecan Bars and little desserts with strawberry and blueberry bites. The entire evening was wonderful. A news reporter was there asking questions and we had several people taking our picture. I will surely miss being in the class because my mom and I had fun and we both learned a lot. The class was a big learning experience for me and I got a lot of it. I can't believe its already over. I am quite proud of myself I must say. I AM A GRADUATE . Are you proud of me dear world ???

How was your day my dear world ??? Did you get any kind of mist and rain today like we did ?? I do hope that your day was a nice one. I will miss you all. That's about it for me. I will talk to you all when I return from my trip.

Take care everyone and remember don't do anything I wouldn't do.


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Official Official Update....News.....And I Am Heading Out Of Town

Hello dear world

How are you ?? Well this is my last entry....not !!!!! April Fools

Okay I have an official update today. The weather here in my neck of the woods keeps changing and the pollen is everywhere. Of course its been another week at work for me but its been pretty alright. I have wanted to show you my new look but I am sad to report that my digital camera is d-e-a-d and so I will have to get batteries for it so I am afraid there won't be any pictures of my new do.

You might also want to know that I am quite happy happy happy happy happy happy happy. My family and I will be leaving town on Saturday morning because we are heading to South Carolina on a Camping trip to a place called "Hunting Island State Park" . If you would like to check it out here is the link for you ----> . This will be our very 1st trip to South Carolina and to Hunting Island State Park. We will be gone the whole week and we will return on Monday. If you don't hear from me until then you will know where I am. I haven't packed at all yet but I will.

Of course I will also be graduating this Thursday from my Citizens Police Academy class at 7:00pm at the Police Headquarters and there will be a Bar-be-que immediately following.

In other niece's Confirmation on Sunday was really nice. My niece looked beautiful in a white dress that my mom made for her. The Church ceremony was also beautiful. Of course you know that we had a little celebration at the house after. Two of my female coworker's came and one of them was with her husband. My other coworker came who had lost her husband just recently whose funeral I attended a few months ago. Anywho...they had a great time and they had eaten some of the Gumbo my mom made and they really liked it. Some of our other friends came by with their kids and they too enjoyed the celebration.

Lastly...while I was on my lunch break with my coworker's that I hang out with we went to a store that we like and I ended up getting some books I wanted. I got a total of eight books and here is a list of them :

1. JoAnn Ross - Freefall

2. John Grisham - The King of Torts

3. John Grisham - The Innocent Man

4. Janet Evanovich - Plum Lovin'

5. James Patterson - Jack & Jill

6. Maeve Binchy - The Copper Beech

7. Michael Connelly - The Closers

8. James Patterson - Judge & Jury

So my dear world how was your day today ?? Do you have any news for me ??? I do hope that you had a really enjoyable day. I do have a question for you : What do you think of these gas prices ? Let me know your thoughts on this.

By the way my BIRTHDAY is almost here. My birthday is on April 22 so if you would like to send me a present....books, cards or a little something hint, hint, hint feel free to let me know. I'll be waiting !!!!!!!!!

That's about all for now. I'll talk to you again soon. Have a good rest of the week and do keep me posted on anything you would like to share.

Take care everyone