Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

I'm back !!!!! My family and I arrived back into Atlanta, Georgia about 9:00pm last night. We made it back safe and sound. I have so much to tell you.

On Saturday my family and I made it to Hunting Island Campground and we stayed at campsite #100. On our 2nd day of camp we made a day of it at the beach which was located near the Hunting Island Lighthouse. The beach was quite nice and we had a great time.

Later on we went to eat at Outback Steakhouse and yes our dinner was pretty delicious. After dinner we went to the grocery store and then we went to Kmart. I picked up a Jeff Gordon t-shirt and some stickers and (2) new books titled "What The Dead Know" by Laura Lippman and another book titled "One Real Man" by Janette Kenny. All in all it was a nice day.

On Monday we had breakfast at our campsite. A few hours later we went to the Hunting Island State Park Lighthouse. Me and my nieces walked all the way to the top of the Lighthouse which ended up to be 167 steps to the top. My mom and dad stayed at the bottom where they saw us as we waved to them. It was our first time for my nieces and I to walk to the top of the Lighthouse.

Later on that day we took a ride down to the fishing pier which was really nice. There was a guy there with his son fishing. The guy said that they had not caught anything as yet because they had just arrived at the pier. The pier I can tell you was quite nice and we enjoyed the entire area.

The next day at Hunting Island my family and I stopped off at a place called the "Gay Fish Co". I did buy some Grouper, some shrimp and my favorite thing of all, Soft Shell Crabs. After going to the Fish Co. we stopped off at Kmart. At the store I bought some jogging pants since I forgot to pack some long pants and I also got a nice pair of jeans that I liked. Later on we stopped off at a store called BI-Lo where we got some groceries. I ended up buying some brie which my mom and I liked and before we got back to camp westopped off for burgers for dinner. We had a really nice day out.

On Wednesday my family and I began our day at camp with breakfast which consisted of bacon, eggs, grits and sausage which was quite good. A few minutes after breakfast my mom cooked the soft shell crabs that I bought at the Fish Co. the previous day. The crabs were quite GOOD.

Later on we spent quite a bit of time at the beach which was fun and the weather was perfect. My mom had a fold up Cabana that me, my nieces and my mom sat in at the beach. Once we got back from the beach and back to our campsite we went and took our showers. I hate to say it but the showers were small and they weren't very clean. My mom and my nieces didn't like going to the showers much. The water also was NOT hot but the water was bareable. After we took our showers we got back to camp and had burgers for dinner. After dinner my dad started a campfire which was really nice.

On Thursday my family and I began our day by having hot dogs for breakfast. After we took a ride over to the gas station which was quite a few miles away. Everything includings stores you have to drive to which takes a while. Anywho....we filled up on gas and we stopped off for soda's and such. Later on we stopped off at Rite Aid where I picked up some Starbuck's Chocolate's which I hate to say did NOT taste good. I also got a book called "Iron Cowboy" by Diana Palmer.

After going over to the store we stopped at the part of the beach that we did NOT like so we decided to leave. We then took a ride over to our favorite spot at the beach located near the Hunting Island Lighthouse. As my dad and my niece Megan was walking near the rocks I found some baby Hermit Crabs which we brought back to camp. A few minutes later at the beach a guy came up and spotted a tail in the sand that he said look like a Sting Ray so we gave him our plastic shovel we had and the mysterious creature came up out of the sand and it turned out to be a medium sized Horseshoe Crab it was the first time we ever saw a Horseshoe Crab up close.

Later on after the beach we got back to camp and we went to camp and take our showers. We then walked back to camp and ate pork chops and macaroni-n-cheese for dinner. After dinner my dad fired up another campfire which was nice.

On Friday we began our day by going for lunch at a place called the "Johnson Creek Tavern". I have to tell you that the food was quite good. The tavern by the way was named after a Sea Captain named Normus Johnson. For lunch you might want to know that I had a Shrimp BLT which was quite good. The place had $1 bills stapled on the walls and on the ceiling with the names of people who had visited the tavern. My niece Jeanette put a dollar bill up at the back table on the wall with our names on it and our last name DOYLE written in large names so other people can know that we were there. 

After lunch we went to the beach again near the Lighthouse. We did go to a store called Barefoot Bubba's where I bought a t-shirt and some keychains for my coworkers. After the store and the beach we got back to camp and we went and took our showers so we could change our clothes for us to go to dinner. 

On our last night at Hunting Island we stopped for dinner at a place called "Steamer's Oyster & Steakhouse" I ordered a plate of soft shell crabs which I was quite disappointed over. The crabs had been battered to death and with my crabs I had a cheese potato which was also not good. I took a bite of the potato and I didn't like how it tasted. After dinner we got back to our campsite in which it was pretty late in the evening. On our way into camp we spotted a raccoon walking into the campsite next to us. The campsite was empty and there was no one staying at the one next to us. 

On Saturday we decided to pack up earlier since it was going to rain and the highway was a parking lot. Everyone was coming off of Spring Break which took us a while to get home. Let me tell you camping was fun. By the way you might want to know that my family and I have a pop-up camper that we use to camp in. Next year we are going to try and go once again to Florida where we are planning to go further into Florida for another camping trip. I sure can't wait for our next trip. 

So my dear world did you all miss me ??? I do hope that you all had a nice week and I will have to catch up on my journals now that I'm back. I sure missed reading your journals and I will try to visit everyone's journal so I can catch up on things. 

By the way my BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 22 so you can all know that little note. I will be "32" years old

I'M GLAD TO BE BACK !!!!!!!!!! But I know that vacations have to end sometime but it was nice and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. That's all for now. 

Bye !!!!!!!!!!  



madcobug said...

Sounds like you all had a very good week on your camping trip. Glad that you made it safely back home. Helen

justplainbill said...

Monae' sounds like a fun week to me. No boating or fishing for you. Do they have that at the park?
I did missed you and forgot you were going camping. Hope you are able to get back into the swing of work again, Bill

ukgal36 said...

sounds like you all had a good time..and DOH of course we missed you!!! ;-)

cayasm said...

Glad you had a good holiday with your family Monae, any pictures?

Take care


hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTIUY)))))))))))))))))))))))))I am glad you sre back

sybilsybil45 said...

I am so so happy that you had such a good week. an dthat the weather was pretty good for you.  I had a smile on my face when I tried to visulize you all on the beach !! over here it will be a few months yet before we will have enough warm weather to go on a beach !!  although this week has been nice we still have frost in the mornings.  Back to work for you today...poor you...never mind tomorrow will be Tuesday and then it will be Wed and that is more than half the week away already !!  Love Sybil xx

buggieboo1 said...

Sounds like you all had a good time!!!

~~Make It A Great Day~~

pharmolo said...

Glad to hear you had such a great time, Monae. Advance Happy Birthday for the 22nd!

oddb0dkins said...

I'm pleased to hear you all had a good time. Nice to have you back though.

B. x