Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Entry for Tuesday

Dear Diary,

       Good evening it's me again. Well here I am with the latest news in my life. I've been teaching religious education as an aide for a little while. I've been teaching 2nd graders. The kids are great as well as smart. I don't know if I'm any good at being a religious education catechist but who knows. I don't know if I've grown or changed or whatever is supposed to happen to me. I wonder what the 2nd graders are learning from me, if anything at all ? I really like the kids I really do. The kids are wonderful I'm really proud of myself for sticking with being an aide I could have just said the heck with it and quit but I didn't.

Things are pretty good despite my non-existent love life which I've mentioned one too many times already. On a different note the weather was great today. Hurricane Jeanne decided not to stick around. We finally got some sunshine in my neck of the woods which is fine by me. My other job is keeping me busy which is nothing new. I always come back to you dear diary I always do. Maybe its alright that I come to you who else would I tell my exciting secrets to ? I could go on and on and on and on but you would more than likely tire of me so I'll quit while I'm ahead. Good night dear diary. Good night dear void. Sweet dreams for now.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Today's Thoughts

Dear Diary,

     Hello good evening. Well the weather here has been great, just kidding. Hurricane Jeanne has been causing lots of problems for many people in Florida and here in Georgia. Jeanne is Florida's 4th hurricane in 6 weeks. Here in Georgia we have gotten tons of rain and wind which has just about gotten on my nerves. Well dear diary the weather is not why I have come to talk to you I just had to add my 2 cents.

     Work has been keeping me busy as usual, never an interesting moment in my life of course. There has been a lot of nice looking guys here at work but of course they are all taken which says a lot about my luck doesn't dear diary ? After a while you must get tired of me talking about my non-existent love life. You would like it if I just dug up something new and exciting but I have none of that sorry to say dear diary. What I'm trying to say might sound pathetic but I'm just saying. So any conclusions dear diary ??? Neither do I isn't that a shame ????? What do you care right dear diary ???? I'm sure no one else does either.



Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ordinary Thoughts

Dear Diary,

     Let me start by saying good evening dear diary. Today my family and I had gone to an International Festival at my church which was fun. I got to taste foods from different parts of the world. I have to say that Poland has terrible food so does Russia, Cuba, Jamaica, Ireland and Bolivia just to name a few. I can say that the only good thing about Bolivia really is its coffee. I also saw an Elvis impersonator at the festival and to be honest he was horrible. He had on a bad wig, he sung by a karoake machine and tons of women were running up to him like he was the real Elvis which was laughable. I have to say this the Mariachi band was great. If you don't know what a Mariachi band is dear diary let me tell you. A Mariachi band is a Mexican street band. None of the guys looked like Antonio Banderas though. None of the guys came close to looking as jaw-dropping gorgeous as Antonio Banderas and I really don't think that any guy could at least I don't think so dear diary but you never know, you just never know. I was just thinking that it's weird that you can go to different parts of the world without having to get on a plane, drive a car or to step on a train. You can go to different parts of the world without even having to pack a bag or a toothbrush isn't that something dear diary ? Of course I have to say this though the United States still has the best tasting food which is its hamburgers, hot dogs and its desserts which no one could ever doubt.

Dear diary I wonder if I'm the only one with thoughts like these....what do you think dear diary ????

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Dear Diary,

Good evening dear diary. Autumn is arriving slowly but surely. It will soon be time for apple cider and curling up with a warm blanket. Pretty soon there will be stores selling pumpkins and fragrant candles and decorations for everyone to buy. I especially like this time of year when you can practically smell autumn in the air. The trees go all gold, brown, red, yellow and red. You can almost smell the wonderful aroma of apple pie and cinnamon in the air. To me Autumn is the best time of year. What I like about Autumn is cookies right from the oven and apple cider on a cool autumn day. Dear diary Autumn is my favorite time of year. What do you think dear diary ?

I think it's time for candy corn and sleeping late on weekends and dozing off to an old movie that you've seen a dozen times. Autumn brings to mind warm baths and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows just because. Autumn brings to mind all of those things dear diary.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Beginning

Dear Diary,

Hello again dear diary. I abandoned you for a while because I was feeling a little out of sorts. Work is still keeping me busy as usual which I'm sure you can remember me telling you. A few things have happened to me since the last time that we talked which I will tell you. Let me begin where I left off since the last time I started back teaching at my church with the second graders. If anyone is looking for the fountain of you they might want to start with young kids.

The reason that I stopped talking to you dear diary which I'm sure you are dying to know is that I have become a little tired of things happening in the world such as the War In Iraq. Every day more and more people and soldiers are dying and nothing seems to change. I guess I felt like I didn't have anything left to say dear diary but I'm back and I really want to talk again once more. It's just that you are the only one who wants to hear what I have to say whether it's interesting or not because I wasn't born as the world's greatest writer as you dear diary can clearly see.

The only thing that hasn't changed dear diary is that I'm still quite single not that I'm complaining. Brad Pitt is still happily married sad to say at least for me that is. No GQ models are rushing to date me which is hard to understand to say the least, just kidding dear diary. It's good to be talking to you once again it really is. I wonder if anyone will come along and read these little bits of my life I doubt it dont you dear diary ......... 

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Other Thoughts

Dear Diary,

     I don't want this entry to alarm anyone but we had a bomb threat at my work but I'm quite fine. This might sound funny but I felt like I was going to see Keanu Reeves running up to my job like in the movie "Speed". I wouldn't mind being rescued by a cute guy of course that goes without saying.

Later in the day everything went back to normal. My morning was just a little active is all. At least I dug up something new to tell you dear diary. I woke up this morning but I didn't expect to hear about a bomb threat. Anyone else would laugh at the thoughts I have. It seems like I can only be myself with you dear diary. With bomb threats its possible that I need a nice looking bodyguard one that looks as nice as Kevin Costner of course that definitely goes without saying don't you think dear diary ??? Am I making any sense dear diary ??? Maybe I am an alien from another planet who knows. I can't get any more nuts wouldn't you say ???