Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Other Thoughts

Dear Diary,

     I don't want this entry to alarm anyone but we had a bomb threat at my work but I'm quite fine. This might sound funny but I felt like I was going to see Keanu Reeves running up to my job like in the movie "Speed". I wouldn't mind being rescued by a cute guy of course that goes without saying.

Later in the day everything went back to normal. My morning was just a little active is all. At least I dug up something new to tell you dear diary. I woke up this morning but I didn't expect to hear about a bomb threat. Anyone else would laugh at the thoughts I have. It seems like I can only be myself with you dear diary. With bomb threats its possible that I need a nice looking bodyguard one that looks as nice as Kevin Costner of course that definitely goes without saying don't you think dear diary ??? Am I making any sense dear diary ??? Maybe I am an alien from another planet who knows. I can't get any more nuts wouldn't you say ???


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