Wednesday, September 22, 2004

New Beginning

Dear Diary,

Hello again dear diary. I abandoned you for a while because I was feeling a little out of sorts. Work is still keeping me busy as usual which I'm sure you can remember me telling you. A few things have happened to me since the last time that we talked which I will tell you. Let me begin where I left off since the last time I started back teaching at my church with the second graders. If anyone is looking for the fountain of you they might want to start with young kids.

The reason that I stopped talking to you dear diary which I'm sure you are dying to know is that I have become a little tired of things happening in the world such as the War In Iraq. Every day more and more people and soldiers are dying and nothing seems to change. I guess I felt like I didn't have anything left to say dear diary but I'm back and I really want to talk again once more. It's just that you are the only one who wants to hear what I have to say whether it's interesting or not because I wasn't born as the world's greatest writer as you dear diary can clearly see.

The only thing that hasn't changed dear diary is that I'm still quite single not that I'm complaining. Brad Pitt is still happily married sad to say at least for me that is. No GQ models are rushing to date me which is hard to understand to say the least, just kidding dear diary. It's good to be talking to you once again it really is. I wonder if anyone will come along and read these little bits of my life I doubt it dont you dear diary ......... 

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loststream said...

August 29, 2006

Well not much has changed over 2 years... We are still in war in IRAQ ... and yup, Brad is still tied up with women, flavor of the year:  Angelina Jolie!