Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update....And Buying Chocolate

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all doing well. Today was a rather cold frozen day today. You might want to know that I did finish reading the book "Blame It On Paris" which was a good book. I am now currently reading the rather delicious book "The Chocolate Cupid Killings" by the writer JoAnna Carl since its getting closer to Valentines Day. my folks and I and my niece's went to the store Michael's. I did purchase some stickers for my youngeest niece Megan who will be celebrating her 10th birthday tomorrow at Stevie B's pizza.

After Michael's we went to JCPenney where I got myself (2) necklaces I liked and one of them is for Valentines Day since it is a heart necklace. I also got some bars of Godiva milk chocolate bars as well as some milk chocolate Godiva pearls which I wanted. I happen to like chocolate and I like to see, smell and taste chocolate which to me is rich,creamy and decadently sweet. I love the color of chocolate as well.

I do have some rather sad news to report however. Soon the doors of Barnes and Noble will be closing due to the property that it sits on in Fayetteville, Georgia where I have been a shopper. I am sad to say that it will NOT be reopening. I am quite saddened by the news.

So how are you my dear world ? I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods. Do keep me posted. I will talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Quick Update...And I Love To Read

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!! How is everyone these days ??? I am feeling a little bit better these days. I won't talk politics for a while. I am sorry if I sounded a little harsh. I just wanted to express some feelings.

Anywho...I have been working a lot these days at work which is keeping me busy busy busy busy busy and more busy. I am still reading books of course which is one of my favorites of hobbies. Right now I am reading a book titled "Blame It On Paris" by the writer Jennifer Greene. The story makes me want to go to Paris but reading the book is the next best thing. There is a guy in the book named Will Maguire I am totally in love with. The story is wonderful and fun to read.

Since its almost Valentines the way Valentines Day is February 14th so if you haven't done any shopping for the occasion you better hurry. I bought two more books today both of them by my favorite of writer's Nora Roberts. One of the books I bought is titled "Bed of Roses" and "Night Tales" which should get me more and more into the mood for Valentines Day.

So how are you my dear world ?? I hope everyone is doing well. It was cold in my neck of the woods today. I am so longing for Summertime and I can't wait for the warm weather. I hope things are well in your neck of the woods.

I'll talk to you again soon

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Here I am....again. Well I am sad to report that Haiti was hit by yet another earthquake. Haiti is being thrown by every problem they could possibly have. I hope that things turn around in Haiti for Haiti itself and its people. Its sad to hear about Haiti on the news.

As for my news its been a pretty busy couple of days at work. I have been working and working. The weather has been pretty decent however. Its supposed to rain tomorrow however.

I did finish reading "The Temptation of the Night Jasmine" which was a very good book. I am now reading "Slow Burn" by the writer Julie Garwood. So far its a pretty good book and I am liking it.

I hate to do this but I feel like I need to rant a little about our President who I feel is being treated harshly by the media and people. At the moment a lot of people don't seem to like President Barack Obama. Its like nothing he says or does or tries to do is any good or enough for people. There are people who don't want to focus on Health Care even though it is in bit of a mess. It seems that certain people are more than anxious to see President Barack Obama fail than they would to see him succeed in the White House. President Barack Obama is being treated like an inept leader of our country which I feel is wrong. He isn't just the President of the United States he is a human being, a father and a husband and we as a nation should try and support him without always questioning his abilites as a world leader. I think that he is doing the best job that he can possibly do and he is just getting a bad treatment thus far. I think that he deserves all of us to cut him a little slack for what he is trying to do. I think that we make mistakes and we are a little less than perfect. I have to say that I think that President Obama deserves a little bit more understanding and appreciation of a very hard job. Sometimes we all forget that our jobs can be hard and challenging and even trying. I think that Barack is a very decent human being as well as Presidential leader even if he never gets to hear that. I wonder if anyone ever stops to tell him that he is doing a job well done.

Dear Mr. President you are doing a great job thank you. There is someone out in the world who is taking a moment to show a little appreciation. are the rest of you my dear world any thoughts ???? Feel free to submit your comments.

Take care everyone

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Saturday....

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!! I hope you are all well. How are things in your part of the world ? It rained today in my neck of the woods. my folks and I and my niece Megan went to Chick Fil A for breakfast. My oldest niece was not feeling well so she did NOT come with us.

After breakfast my folks and I went to go get our hair cut at Great Clips. I got a little bit more cut off at the hair salon. I prefer my hair short I must say. Its easier having short hair.

Anywho...after getting our hair cut we took a ride to Beall's outlet but I ended up going to a different bookstore called "Bookland" which was fun. I purchased two books titled "The Seduction of the Crimson Rose" by Lauren Willig and "The Temptation of the Night Jasmine" by Lauren Willig. I like her books and I already had one of her other books "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation" which was a good book. I can't wait to read her books I got today. Lauren is a terrific writer. I did go into Bealls where I picked up a movie with Tom Selleck and some things for my dog Chip. While I was at Bookland I also purchased a nice bookmark that I liked. I also renewed my member's card to Bookland. They have tons and tons of books there. I am a fan of all kinds of books.

My dog CHIP is doing just fine and he is just as nutty as usual. I got home and I watched the movie "Adam" with Hugh Dancy and I must say that I didn't like all that well. The whole thing was just too nutty for me. I like Hugh Dancy but the movie just did NOT fit my liking. I wish that they would have explained Asperger's Syndrome in the movie since Hugh played a character who had it. I felt that the movie was just too much for me and the ending left me wanting a different ending altogether.

I have been working as usual but this weekend I am not working. I have been also doing different things. In other news it rained today in Georgia and it was a little bit cold as well. My dear world I hope that you had a really nice Saturday.

We are supposed to have company at the house tomorrow. I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend. Do take care and keep me posted.

Take care everyone

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Cold Frozen Day....

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope you all had a great Friday as I did. Today I did NOT have to go to work because of the weather. They called me and they closed my job due to snow. We did get a little bit in my neck of the woods but not a lot. It is basically ice now. My folks and I and my niece's went for lunch at a place called Ryan's which has some good food. We had the lunch buffet which was good.

After eating we stopped off at two pawn shop's where we all picked up some good DVD's we wanted. I got a few I wanted as well. After going to the pawn shop's we stopped off at Michael's where I got some Valentine's Day stickers and some Valentine's Day ornaments. I like Valentine's Day as much as the Christmas holiday season. I like seeing all the Valentine's Day decorations in the stores. I am a bit of a romantic at heart. has been a cold frozen day today but I did manage to go out with my family despite the cold weather. I am hoping that Summer will come quickly this year. It has been cold for a while now.

How are things in your part of the world ? Did you all have a great New Year's Eve ? I hope your holidays have been a good one. I hope you all have a wonderful and fun weekend ahead. I am currently reading a book by Patricia Cornwell called "Cause of Death" which is an interesting book. I have been reading a lot of books and I am having a good time reading.

Since its almost Valentine's Day I have changed my page so it looks a little like Valentine's Day with the pink color. Do you like Valentine's Day ??

By the way...I did stop off at Kaiser with my family and I finally got my regular Flu shot and the H1N1 Flu shot. I had to get my shots in both arms which are hurting at the prior moment.

I'll talk to you again soon. Take care everyone

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello dear world

Good evening all. How was your Sunday ? Early this morning my folks and I went to mass at our church which is named St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church. We had a lecter today who was reading from the Gospel and he ended up in tears. No one knew why he was crying until our pastor told us that his mother had passed away on Christmas Day. I didn't know him or his mother but I wish I had. It was sad to see him crying in church because he seems like a really nice person.

The thing is I don't always know the right thing to say to a person who has had such a loss. I am sure that he and his mother were close. Our pastor said that she was a very sweet person and he really loved his mother the way he expressed his grief in church this morning. I wish I could have offered him my condolences to him and his family but I didn't get the chance.

Seeing the guy in church this morning made me think of a coworker of mine who lost her husband recently. She was married to him for quite a while and she really really loves her husband. She is still having a hard time getting over the loss of her husband. I can't really begin to know how it feels to lose a husband or a mother but I still feel that it is certainly a hard thing to go through at such a moment in one's life.

I may not always say the right thing or to feel what its like for a person who is going through such a loss. I hope that the guy at my church is able to find comfort in the love of family, friends and loved ones who knew his mother. I also hope that my coworker is able to find some comfort in family and friends.

I said a prayer for him and my coworker in church this morning but I don't know if my words helped any or if they will know that I do care how they are feeling. I do buy my coworker cards from time to time to let her know that I am thinking about her. I don't know if a card can ever help to ease one's heart from a little of its pain. I do hope that those who are going through such a loss are comforted by those that they love.

These words of mine might NOT make any sense of what I am feeling but maybe I am able to express what I felt this morning.

Anywho....thanks for listening my dear world. Here is a link to my church ----->

A Very Cold Day....And Buying A Bra Or Two

Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!!!! How was your day today ? I hope you were all able to have a wonderful Saturday. For me it was a very very cold frozen day.

My family and I did take a trip to Macy's ----> For those of you men reading this you may not want to read this part of my entry. Today I did take a trip to Macy's as I was saying and I had to do something most women do....which is to buy a bra. For me I ended up getting three Playtex 18 hour bra's without the wire. I have to say that I absolutely hate bra's with wire they are the most dreadful horrible things to wear as a woman. I am in love with my new bra's which are comfortable and they fit me perfectly.

Today we also went to my favorite bookstore "Barnes and Noble". I got (3) books and here they are : "Sizzle" by Julie Garwood, "Pretty in Plaid" by Jen Lancaster and "The Chocolate Cupid Killings" by Joanna Carl. I also bought some bars of Godiva chocolate for me and my niece Jeanette.

We also went to Blockbuster and I rented some movies. One of the movies I rented was "My Life In Ruins" with Richard Dreyfuss. The movie was very funny and it was like being in Greece without having to step on a plane. I loved Richard Dreyfuss he made the move worth watching.

I hope you were able to enjoy your Saturday ? I also hope that you get to enjoy the rest of your holiday season.