Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Here I am....again. Well I am sad to report that Haiti was hit by yet another earthquake. Haiti is being thrown by every problem they could possibly have. I hope that things turn around in Haiti for Haiti itself and its people. Its sad to hear about Haiti on the news.

As for my news its been a pretty busy couple of days at work. I have been working and working. The weather has been pretty decent however. Its supposed to rain tomorrow however.

I did finish reading "The Temptation of the Night Jasmine" which was a very good book. I am now reading "Slow Burn" by the writer Julie Garwood. So far its a pretty good book and I am liking it.

I hate to do this but I feel like I need to rant a little about our President who I feel is being treated harshly by the media and people. At the moment a lot of people don't seem to like President Barack Obama. Its like nothing he says or does or tries to do is any good or enough for people. There are people who don't want to focus on Health Care even though it is in bit of a mess. It seems that certain people are more than anxious to see President Barack Obama fail than they would to see him succeed in the White House. President Barack Obama is being treated like an inept leader of our country which I feel is wrong. He isn't just the President of the United States he is a human being, a father and a husband and we as a nation should try and support him without always questioning his abilites as a world leader. I think that he is doing the best job that he can possibly do and he is just getting a bad treatment thus far. I think that he deserves all of us to cut him a little slack for what he is trying to do. I think that we make mistakes and we are a little less than perfect. I have to say that I think that President Obama deserves a little bit more understanding and appreciation of a very hard job. Sometimes we all forget that our jobs can be hard and challenging and even trying. I think that Barack is a very decent human being as well as Presidential leader even if he never gets to hear that. I wonder if anyone ever stops to tell him that he is doing a job well done.

Dear Mr. President you are doing a great job thank you. There is someone out in the world who is taking a moment to show a little appreciation. are the rest of you my dear world any thoughts ???? Feel free to submit your comments.

Take care everyone

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Sybil said...

Sorry Monae, I somehow missed this blog..I so agree with you about the President. I coudl not sleep last night and I lay and listend to the State of the Nation speach and I thought he did very well although I hear on the news this morning that the speach was not all that well taken by some people..the susual moaners and croaners I expect who do wish to see him fail and if he does the country as well..
Love Sybil xx