Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Saturday....

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!! I hope you are all well. How are things in your part of the world ? It rained today in my neck of the woods. my folks and I and my niece Megan went to Chick Fil A for breakfast. My oldest niece was not feeling well so she did NOT come with us.

After breakfast my folks and I went to go get our hair cut at Great Clips. I got a little bit more cut off at the hair salon. I prefer my hair short I must say. Its easier having short hair.

Anywho...after getting our hair cut we took a ride to Beall's outlet but I ended up going to a different bookstore called "Bookland" which was fun. I purchased two books titled "The Seduction of the Crimson Rose" by Lauren Willig and "The Temptation of the Night Jasmine" by Lauren Willig. I like her books and I already had one of her other books "The Secret History of the Pink Carnation" which was a good book. I can't wait to read her books I got today. Lauren is a terrific writer. I did go into Bealls where I picked up a movie with Tom Selleck and some things for my dog Chip. While I was at Bookland I also purchased a nice bookmark that I liked. I also renewed my member's card to Bookland. They have tons and tons of books there. I am a fan of all kinds of books.

My dog CHIP is doing just fine and he is just as nutty as usual. I got home and I watched the movie "Adam" with Hugh Dancy and I must say that I didn't like all that well. The whole thing was just too nutty for me. I like Hugh Dancy but the movie just did NOT fit my liking. I wish that they would have explained Asperger's Syndrome in the movie since Hugh played a character who had it. I felt that the movie was just too much for me and the ending left me wanting a different ending altogether.

I have been working as usual but this weekend I am not working. I have been also doing different things. In other news it rained today in Georgia and it was a little bit cold as well. My dear world I hope that you had a really nice Saturday.

We are supposed to have company at the house tomorrow. I hope you are able to enjoy your weekend. Do take care and keep me posted.

Take care everyone

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Sybil said...

Morning Monae,
Well this will be the start of the week for you again so hope that it has stopped raining for you. Glad that you have got yet more books...I think you could almost open a library yourself with all the books you read !! I am glad to say that all our snow has now gone. It was awful for me not to be ale to get out and about as it was so bad..
Love Sybil x