Saturday, January 30, 2010

Update....And Buying Chocolate

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!! How is everyone today ? I hope you are all doing well. Today was a rather cold frozen day today. You might want to know that I did finish reading the book "Blame It On Paris" which was a good book. I am now currently reading the rather delicious book "The Chocolate Cupid Killings" by the writer JoAnna Carl since its getting closer to Valentines Day. my folks and I and my niece's went to the store Michael's. I did purchase some stickers for my youngeest niece Megan who will be celebrating her 10th birthday tomorrow at Stevie B's pizza.

After Michael's we went to JCPenney where I got myself (2) necklaces I liked and one of them is for Valentines Day since it is a heart necklace. I also got some bars of Godiva milk chocolate bars as well as some milk chocolate Godiva pearls which I wanted. I happen to like chocolate and I like to see, smell and taste chocolate which to me is rich,creamy and decadently sweet. I love the color of chocolate as well.

I do have some rather sad news to report however. Soon the doors of Barnes and Noble will be closing due to the property that it sits on in Fayetteville, Georgia where I have been a shopper. I am sad to say that it will NOT be reopening. I am quite saddened by the news.

So how are you my dear world ? I hope that all is well in your neck of the woods. Do keep me posted. I will talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone


Sybil said...

another shop closing Monae. You will miss Barnes and Noble..itis the same here with shops closing and leaving spaces in our high streets. Glad that you manage dto get some of the chocolate that you enjoy. I seem to go on and off chocolate. Unfortunately I am ON it at the moment and I really should not be eating it now as I shoudl be loosing weight...not eI say should...whether I ever will is anothet subject altogether !!
Enjoy you chocolate and your next book
Love Sybil xx

LYN said...