Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Nice Day....

Hello everyone !!

Good evening everyone. How is everyone these days ? I hope you are all well. I know that I have not been around lately. I have been busy working and doing stuff with my family. I wanted to catch up with you and let you know how I have been doing. My niece Megan recently graduated from the 5th grade which is really exciting. She is getting so grown now. She recently got back from a trip to Tennessee to the aquarium with the girl scouts. my folks and I went to some yard sales in our area since the weather was nice. I got a free book from one of the yard sales we went to. There was this lady in her 80's and she told us that her brother had passed away recently. He had some stuff she wanted to sell. He was a pastor apparently and he had this old book from the gospel and I saw it and she said that I could have it for free. I told her that I would pay for it but she said no. I thought that was nice of her. We also went to another yard sale and I got another book at the yard sale that I wanted to look at.

After the yard sales we went over to Kohl's. I ended up buying some t-shirts that I wanted. I also looked around in Kohl's while we were there. Once we left Kohl's we went to Target. I got a book there at the store. I also got some movies that I wanted in Target. I also bought a new journal while I was there.

My dear world there was a preacher in California who said that the world was going to end today. I am happy to report that all is well here in my neck of the woods. My family and I are doing well. I hope you are also doing well. I wanted to tell you that I had a really nice day today and I had a nice time being out of the house today.

That's about all for now. I will talk to you again soon. Take care everyone.