Friday, December 30, 2005

Miami Vice and Russell Crowe

Hello Dear World.......

Here I am again. From my title "Miami Vice and Russell Crowe you might be asking yourself why ??????? Well I thought that I would share some things with you so here I go. Recently I told you that I saw the movie "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I also told you that I liked it and thought it to be a good movie. Well earlier this evening I saw a movie titled "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe which made me forget every movie I had ever seen. In the movie "Cinderella Man" Russell Crowe gave the greatest performance of his life just as he did in the movie "Gladiator". I really liked "Cinderella Man" I could see it a thousand more times and never get tired of it. Russell Crowe is a very great actor. I can say that this movie and Russell Crowe put both movies such as "Rocky" and "Million Dollar Baby" to shame. With this movie I can say that I am a bigger fan of Russell Crowe more than ever. There is a website that you might want to check out at -----------------> . "Cinderella Man should have got over a million awards not just because of Crowe alone but because it was a very great movie. In a magazine it was called "One of the best movies ever made" and I certainly agree with that statement.

On a much more different note there used to be a television show called "Miami Vice". Two of the main actors on the show were Don Johnson who played "James 'Sonny' Crockett and the other being Philip Michael Thomas who played "Ricardo 'Rico' Tubbs. You might also be wondering why I brought up Miami Vice ????? Well Don Johnson's character on the show never wore socks, why do I mention this ?????? Well there's a guy at my work who I have recently started noticing that he doesn't wear socks either. Every time I see him I wonder why....perhaps he doesn't have a chance to do his laundry, or if he runs late to work and forgets to put them on I just don't know. The thing is I think that he looks a lot like Don Johnson to me. I also find that seeing him is rather amusing because of the fact that he reminds me of the character Don Johnson played as the rather wild 'Sonny' Crockett. You can check out it out at ----------------> .

Before I go I wanted to share something else with you. I have many favorite journals but there are 2 I wanted to tell you at this moment. One of them is titled "The Stupid Sheet Guy" which you can find at and the other is titled "Friendship, Loyalty and Love. You can find it at . These journals shared 5 of their weird habits well I will share mine with you.

1. Before I eat a piece of chocolate in the package I smell it yes I actually smell it before I eat it. I love to smell chocolate.

2. When I get the newspaper in the morning on the way to work I know exactly which section of the paper I will grab first : Living

3. When I buy ice-cream at the grocery store I open it and get me some. Then when I get it into the bowl I stick it in the microwave and melt the ice cream before I eat it

4. I always watch the same show on television which is reruns of the show "West Wing". I always check to see if its on or to see if I accidentally missed it.

and last but not least

5. I always come and talk to you

Anyway I thought that I share my day with you and let you see what I wanted to share with you..........


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith and "Must Love Dogs"

Hello Dear World.........

How are you this evening ? I have a few thoughts to share with you if you don't mind of course. Okay, okay, okay here I go.......

Earlier this evening I watched two movies which I rented from Blockbuster. The movies were as stated from my titled entry "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" and "Must Love Dogs". The first one I saw was "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I hate to admit it but I liked it. I found it to be funny and it kept me watching. I really found Brad Pitt funny in the movie and I really couldn't help the fact that I really found this movie well made. I thought I wasn't going to like it but I did. It did start off slow but it got better by the middle of it. My family enjoyed it as well so I recommend you go out and rent it quickly if you haven't done so.

The other movie "Must Love Dogs" with Diane Lane and John Cusack not so much. On the box it was called a "romantic comedy" I found that it was rather long. I wanted to shoot the t.v. instead of continue watching it. Usually I am a huge fan of John Cusack but in this one I found that I didn't like him in this movie. I would have sat through some of my father's favorite "action" movies instead of seeing this " Must Love Dogs". As a single woman myself I think this movie could have made better sense had it been written better. Before you go rent this movie do yourself a favor and shoot the t.v. or just rent "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" with a box of movie theater butter popcorn like I did you will thank me for it.

Anyway I hope you don't mind me sharing these thoughts of mine I just thought you would like to hear a few comments of mine on one or two movies I have seen. I also rented "Cinderella Man" and "Kingdom of Heaven" but I didn't get a chance to watch them. I will let you know what I thought of them next time.

Thanks for listening......I might just see you at Blockbuster see you there


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!

Hello world !!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. I was quite sick these last couple of days due to a cold which I am happy to report I am on my way back to good health. It wasn't fun being sick for the holidays but colds can sneak up on you when you least expect. Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas ? I sure hope so.

I would like to wish all of my friends here at J-Land a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year".

So do you want to know what I got for Christmas ? 1 chocolate chip candle, an angel coffee cup, a Hershey's hot cocoa gift set as well as a coffee mix gift set, I also got some different flavored cookies and some sparkling cider. I did get a winter jacket but it has to be returned due to a broken zipper. I also got an Avon gift set from my mother which was really nice. All in all I got some nice gifts. Though I wouldn't have minded a gift card or two from Barnes & Noble that would have been nice. I do like my gifts though with all of my Christmas gifts I could probably start my own coffee / chocolate shop. Anyway it was a good Christmas.

On a different note it will be a whole new year soon. Of course I am still single I might meet someone soon and I just don't know it.

I came upon a journal that you all might want to check out titled "A POETS POINT OF VIEW". Check it out at -------------------> I thought it wa a rather nice journal so I thought I would share it with you all. Let me know what you think of it..........

Happy Holidays dear world...............

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"My Holiday Fun Survey"

Hello Dear World.......

Before the holidays are over I wanted to make a survey of my own that I hope you will enjoy. I was inspired by my friend Meg and so I decided to do something that was also inspired by this Christmas holiday. So here it goes........

My Holiday Fun Survey........

1. How many Christmas cards did you receive ? Quite a few

2. What is the one thing your looking forward to getting ? I still don't know

3. Do you have more than one Christmas tree in your home ? no just 1

4. Do you have different flavored candy canes on your Christmas tree ? Yes chocolate mint and lifesaver's flavored

5. Will you be going out of town for Christmas ? No

6. What is your favorite holiday beverage ? Egg Nog

7. What is your favorite holiday movie ? The Shop Around The Corner with James Stewart

8. Do you do any online shopping for Christmas ? No

9. Who is the one person your looking forward to seeing this holiday ? Not sure

10. What is your favorite Christmas ornament ? A shiny sparkly cowboy boot

11. What is the name of your favorite store that you went to buy Christmas presents ? I haven't started any of my Christmas shopping yet

12. Will you be going to any Christmas parties ? I already went to one that my job had at a restaurant

13. Do you have any relatives coming to visit you for Christmas ? No

14. Will you be doing any cooking for the holiday ? I will be making deviled eggs as a little snack for the holidays

15. Do you keep your Christmas tree up after Christmas ? Sometimes

16. What is the one thing you would like for Christmas but haven't asked for ? I'm not sure

17. Do you still have Christmas shopping to do for anyone ? Yes everyone

18. Is your Christmas tree decorated in a certain theme ? Yes we have a tree decorated with a Mardi Gras theme

19. What is your one Christmas wish ? That everyone is with their loved ones

20. What is your favorite Christmas tradition ? Baking cookies the night before Christmas with my nieces

( Bonus Question )

21. How will you celebrate New Year's Eve ? We usually get a room at a hotel near the airport and watch Dick Clark's Rocking Eve and we eat food we bring to the hotel


Dear World.......I hope you enjoyed this little holiday activity. I will enjoy reading your answers. That's about it for now........Good night and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Little Holiday Fun.........

Hello dear world........

Hear ye ! Hear ye ! Christmas is just a few days away so I wanted to point out a journal that will put a smile on your face and it will truly put you in a really warm cookies and milk holiday spirit so without further ado......... The title of this journal is ----------> Friendship, Loyalty and Love you can find it at ----------> You will find that she has shared a fun survery that you will enjoy for the ringing in of the Christmas holiay. So go and drop by for a little visit you will enjoy it as I did. Her journal will really have you coming back to her journal for more just by the heartwarming atmosphere of her journal.

So go ahead and ring in the holidays with my dear friend Meg.........

Merry Christmas dear world !!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Sharing My Day........

Benvenuto!  Dear World.......

How about a news update ? First of all....good evening. Earlier this evening I went to church with my family. If I didn't tell you this before let me do so now. The name of my church is St.Philip Benizi. You can check it out at -----------------> .

We also took a round trip adventure to a small cafe in Italy actually that's not completely the truth. The round trip adventure to the small cafe in Italy was actually when we went to a restaurant called the "Olive Garden" which might as well be a small cafe in Italy. You can take a bite into yourself at . I can't say that I have actually been to Italy myself but the "Olive Garden" made me feel like I was actually there. Tonight I can also say that I was in two places at once. I was here in Georgia but I was also in a small romantic cafe in Italy.

After our trip to Italy we passed different houses on our way home looking at their homes draped in the many brilliant rainbow streams of Christmas lights which let me tell you was exciting for my nieces and I. We love looking at other people's Christmas lights its like a sparkling wonderland of light. Its like being in a whole other world when your seeing other people's homes covered in Christmas lights. Some of the houses were covered from the roof to the ground which is always fun to see.

On a completely different note I read a poem recently titled "Heading South" which is a poem that was written by Robert L. Brimm who keeps a journal titled "Chosen Words". You can find his journal at ----------------> .

Heading South

Just beyond the trees

giving up their gaudy

leaves of autumn, five geese

rise slowly, dark against

a mottled sky, heading

generally southward,

seeking those highways

that the wild geese take,

while I stand rooted

where chance has put me.


I shall think of them,

wishing vaguely that I had

their gift of flight

as I ride out the storms

of winter, waiting to hear

their honking again,

telling me the season

is breaking, melting into

spring, skein of renewal

linking those who can fly,

those who can only wish.


I just wanted to share this poem with you dear world because it seemed fitting with the weather we have had here in my neck of the woods. I hope you will go and check out his journal and let him know how good his poems are.

Anyway I just wanted to share my night with all of you and let you know that I am doing well. I hope that you dear world are doing well too.........Good night and sweet dreams

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Pressing The Rewind Button.......

Hello Dear World.......Happy Holidays

Since we didn't get to chat yesterday let me tell you what I did yesterday just to catch up on a few things. First things first my family including my mom are doing well. Next week my nieces will be out of school for the holidays which they are excited about. I still haven't done any of my Christmas shopping yet I am going to try to get around to going next week before Christmas arrives which will be in a few short days I know I will have to hurry before the stores are filled with people dashing out to get all their shopping done.

Its time for the rewind button......Yesterday my family and I went out for the evening to a restaurant called "La Parrilla" you can find it at -----------> La Parrilla is a nice Mexican restaurant with great tasting food. After that we went to a shopping store called Kohl's which is a nice place to go and shop at.You can find it at  Its filled with all kinds of neat things to dazzle the eye and have you spending your money. I did buy some things but not for Christmas I'm sad to say. I did pick up a t-shirt and some Hallmark greeting cards with declarations of love on them. Most of the cards I bought were about Valentines Day and love. I just like buying cute little cards with cute pictures, hearts, flowers, candy, balloons and nice words about being in love, falling in love or just about love even though I don't have a boyfriend, I'm just saying.

Today I got to work really late but my boss was really cool about it. My boss is nice he hasn't ever told me that he has any complaints with me and my work. He is just a really nice guy and work is going well it just keeps me busy and going all through the day but I guess that's the way any job goes. Let me tell you I have started to like some of the guys at my work but the ones I like don't know. Its nice to talk to them everyday about the weather or when they ask me how my day is going.

On a completely different note Winter here in Georgia seems to have arrived a little early. Its been quite frostbitingly cold. Since its been cold here I can say that I won't haveto move to the Arctic Circle....ha, ha, ha, ha . It can't possibly get any colder or at least I don't think so. Of course it hasn't snowed yet but at this point I'm sure we will end up becoming Colorado practically overnight. How is the weather in your neck of the woods dear world ?

Well I will talk to you later good-night and Merry Christmas !!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

My Upsetting Day.......

Hello dear world......

Early this morning my mother had reported to my father and I that there was blood in her urine so we rushed her to the emergency room where we had to wait with her until a doctor could see her. She was put into a room where finally she was seen by a doctor.

Let me start at the beginning......Before 6:00 this morning we were both alerted by my mother that she was bleeding heavily when she went to the bathroom which alarmed us both and had us jumping and running to the E.R.

We got to the hospital which of course I was shaken and quite scared to say the least. At the hospital she started having intense pain and so I was shaken and nervous because we didn't know what was causing the bleeding or the pain.

Once she got into a room I helped her put on a hospital gown while we waited for the nurse. A little while later the nurse arrived with pain medication which relieved my mother of the pain she was in. Later on the doctor arrived and examined her.

A few hours later she was wheeled out of the room for a CAT scan. She was brought back into the room where we both slept for a little while. My father had to go to work so I stayed with her during all of this. Later on the doctor arrived with great news. She has a rather tiny kidney stone which the doctor reported she didn't need surgery. She will be able to pass it on her own.She was also given a little more pain medicine before leaving the hospital.  She was then able to leave the ER and come home. My father went and picked up some other medicine that she is taking. I am helping by asking her if she needs anything and checking to see if she is in any pain. She says she is doing fine and she is resting on and off.

I was quite a bit shaken but my nerves had calmed down and I'm trying to relax because it seems that she is doing fine. The doctor said that the kidney stone is the size of a small grain of sand it was just blocked which caused the pain and the bleeding. I had no idea a kidney stone could do any of all that it caused.

I am really happy that she's okay now after today's scary events. This was quite a day for me. Don't worry dear world I and my mother for the time being are fine. She is resting now and she isn't in pain. I am calming down and I'm sure a little rest will do me well. I was just shaken by the morning.

Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns. I didn't mean to alarm anyone or cause worry I was just a little scared by all that went on. Going to the ER can be scary in itself. She will have to see a specialist and I'm sure she will be fine.

Anyway I just wanted to let you all know that I am fine and I will try to get some rest when I go to bed tonight. All in all this was quite a day.

Good night dear world........I hope you all sleep well.

My Upsetting Day.......

Hello dear world......

I had a rather shaky and terrifing day but I am still unable to talk about it. I will tell you all about it when I get my nerves together. I'll keep you posted.....

Take care dear world.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

My Very Wonderful, Exciting, Lovely and I Didn't Mind Busy Day....

Hello Dear World.....Happy Holidays !!!!!

As you might not know I had a wonderful, exciting, lovely and I didn't mind busy day. What did I do you wonder......Let me tell you everything.

My mother and I had quite a day which began at a place called "The Home Depot" which recently opened its doors here in Riverdale, Georgia across the street from a grocery store famously known as Kroger. I never see anything to buy in "The Home Depot" but my father said that there was plenty of wonderful things there to see and buy I guess its a guy thing. I did see plenty of nice looking guys there but did I see anything to buy ??? No.

Our next stop was at a new JCPenney which opened up quite a few miles from our first stop. My mother and I didn't find much of anything to see or buy there but it was nice to see people in the store and hearing them talk of what they were going to buy for the holidays and to hear their excitement.

After we left JCPenney we went to a store called "Michael's" which has tons of great things like decor items, crafts, floral supplies and holiday novelties. My mother and I did purchase a few items. Let me tell you we both love the place. We could have spent all day in that store we love it so much. It was fun, fun, fun, fun.

The best part of the day I have to say was when we went out to eat. Where did we go ? Just let me tell you....We went out to eat at a restaurant called "Johnny Carino's" which is an Italian restaurant. I have to say that going to Johnny Carino's was like going to a favorite relatives house in Italy or Rome. I can't say that I have relatives in Italy or Rome or that I have ever been to Italy or Rome but it felt like I had jumped on a plane and went there. While I was there I ordered a plate of Italian Pot Roast and my mom ordered the Shrimp Scampi. My mother and I didn't like the Italian Pot Roast but we liked the Shrimp Scampi. We shared the place she ordered first and then we were given a second plate of Shrimp Scampi once they took away the Italian Pot Roast. We also shared in the second plate of Shrimp Scampi which was quite wonderful. For dessert I ordered a dessert called a Cannoli which was two large crisp pastry shells hand-dipped in chocolate and stuffed with sweetened ricotta and chocolate chunk cream. The dessert was quite rich but it was sure good.

Later on we took a ride to a store called Kohl's which is also a great store. We bought some items at Kohl's especially an outfit for a lunch my work is having. I like the outfit let me tell you. The outfit consists of one pair of black jeans and a nice shirt which has some pictures of Paris, France on it. I can't say that I like shopping for myself much. I look and look and look and look at different pieces of clothing and I rarely find things I like.

After we left Kohl's we then went to Blockbuster to rent some movies. The movies we rented were: Bewitched, The Wedding Date, Stone Cold and War Of The Worlds. Let me tell you about the movies we watched wait, wait, wait you haven't heard anything yet.....

War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise yes you heard me, Tom Cruise. This movie was terrible to say the least. I still wish I had Steven Spielberg's phone number so I could call him up and tell him that personally.

The movie Bewitched with Nicole Kidman was so horrible I won't say anything more about it because I don't want to.

The best movie was Stone Cold which had Tom Selleck in it and let me say that this movie was great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great. Tom Selleck still looks handsome as ever. The movie is based on a best selling novel as well. Tom Selleck played wonderfully in this movie. He deserves an academy award for this movie alone. I sure wish I had his phone number.

All in all I want to say that this was a fun day all around. This weekend isn't even over yet and I can say that I had a lot of fun in just one day alone. I didn't even make any plans today and yet I did several things I really, really, really liked.

I have to share something with you dear world.....In Kohl's there was a pillow with a saying on it which read: "Life Is Too Short To Be Anything But Happy" it didn't have the name of the person who wrote it but the person sure had it right.....

"Life is too short to be anything but happy".

I won't disagree with that.

Good night dear world.......sweet dreams and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

A Note For Tuesday........

Hello dear world.......

I would like to say I'm sorry if I haven't sent out any Christmas cards yet I was still working on them. I will be sending out my Christmas cards on Thursday so please do not feel that I have forgotten you. Your cards will be in the mail and arriving to you soon. If you of you would like to get a Christmas card from me just send me an e-mail or a little note and let me know. To my dear friends Jeannette and Meg you are certainly not forgotten.

On a different note I have a little question ? Have you ever bought a pair of pants that you ended up not liking ? Well today I did just that. Recently I bought a pair of blue jeans that in no way fit me the way I had wanted them. They were my size but for some reason they just didn't fit. The bottom of my pants kept getting stuck underneath my shoes every time I walked. I hated these blue jeans to the point that I wanted to run home and take a pair of scissors to these pants and change them from being jeans to being slices of string cheese. I would have to say that I really hate the pair of jeans I bought and I wish now that I didn't have to look at them at all. I also wish I wouldn't have bought them in the first place. The bad part is that I also wore a belt with the jeans but they still kept slipping down. I would like to dig a huge hole in the ground and throw them into the hole that I dug and let the earth swallow them whole. I really think that in my opinion the jeans would make for a much better fertilizer than any kind of clothing.

Mostly I just have to say that "I HAD A BAD PANTS DAY".

Anyway I just wanted to share this with you dear world.......good night

Saturday, December 3, 2005

My Day.........

Hello Dear World.......

Before I go any further let me say good evening !!! What would you like me to tell you first ? What would I like to tell you first ? Well let me just tell you about my day.

My day started with a question : When should we put up the Christmas tree ? We don't have a real tree we have an artificial tree that we put up. We don't do the real tree anymore we prefer the artificial. Anyway we put up the tree and then my mom, my 14-year-old niece and I went shopping which is a totally different story. My father stayed home and watched a little football. My father is a huge football fan as most men are.

We went out to Kohl's, JoAnn's and Ross which are various shopping stores. We picked up a few items as we went along. I picked up Christmas cards by the handful.The only thing I have to do is go to the post office and buy some stamps. I really haven't gotten around to going to the post office though. Back to what I was saying.....While I was out at the store I also happened to pick up a Christmas ornament which has a moose on it. I really have to say that the moose is my favorite animal I can't really tell you why. I just like moose they seem interesting to me and some of you I know are asking yourselves why ???? The thing is I just happen to like them.

While we were at JoAnn's I also picked up some stickers with a Christmas theme for example : Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, Santa Clauses and some with glittery snowflakes. I might just decorate my Christmas cards.

Then while we were at Ross I just happened to see a journal that I really really liked.....what was it you might ask ? Well I picked up a journal which had a very sparkly golden cover on it since I am almost finished with my other hand-written journal. You might be curious to know that as well as this journal dear world I keep a hand-written journal. The journal I saw really caught my eye in that it was sparkly and it had a flashy look to it. I just can't wait to get writing in it soon.

After our shopping spree we arrived home with dinner which was chicken, mashed potatoes and some biscuits. I am the main one who eats the mashed potatoes. I am the fan of mashed potatoes that's all I have to say on that. Anyway we finished eating and we went on to decorating the tree which my nieces loved. By the way did I tell you that I have a 14-year-old niece and a 5-year-old niece well I do. They loved decorating the tree. We decorate our Christmas tree in a New Orleans Mardi Gras theme. Both my parents come from New Orleans so that's why we decorate the tree in that way. Our tree is all filled with the colors of the Mardi Gras, Mardi Gras beads and other Mardi Gras party items. We really love it !!!!!!!!

After all of the decorating we watched some television and my nieces went to bed. It was a great Saturday I don't know what we'll do tomorrow but I'm sure it will be fun. By the way if Santa Claus calls you asking about where 2 of his reindeer went you might tell him that they are in my front yard and they are really enjoying hanging around taking some time off.

All in all I just wanted to share my day with you just to let you know that I enjoyed my day and this time of year . I just can't wait until Christmas comes its one of those things I just love. I can tell you that Christmas is also one of my favorite things........

For now good night dear world sleep well..........

Thursday, December 1, 2005

Good News !!!!!!!!!

Hello Dear World......

I have some rather great news to share with you.....The other day I had another job review and guess what.....I got a good evaluation and yes I got a raise. The sad part is it won't come until the middle of January. I am happy though and rather proud of myself. My boss gave me a copy of my review and I got all high scores which is always good news. I am so happy I feel like celebrating, jumping up and down, listening to some music and of course sharing my news with you.

Aren't you proud of me dear world ??? I am so happy about this news. I couldn't get anymore excited about this. I am happy, happy, happy,happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy !!!!!!! Did I mention happy ??

On a different note I have something for you to check out....... Its called "Holiday Happenings in J-Land !! " My friend Meg started this. Check this out at ---------->

Holiday Happenings in J-Land !!

I really hope you enjoy she will like getting some new visitors...If you would like leave her a comment or two. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Until we talk again good night dear world.......sleep well