Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Day....

Hello everyone

Good afternoon all !!!!!!!! I had to take the day off of work today since I had to go and take care of my taxes which did NOT take long at all. After doing my taxes my folks and I went to breakfast at Truett's which was good. I am still not feeling all that well however but I am working on getting better.

I finished reading "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" which was a very interesting book and I started on another book titled "Rain Song" by the writer Alice J. Wisler. The story begins in Mount Olive, North Carolina in 1999. Apparently there will be a family reunion in Mount Olive. There is a woman in the book named Nicole Michelin and she has a habit like myself of nail-biting and she does has a fear of flying in airplanes and motorcycles which I don't have a fear of. The population of Mount Olive is 4,427.

There is a guy in the story named Dennis and he has a daughter named Monet who spelling is like that of my name. Monet is three years old. Her mother Grable has aspirations that she will live up to her name and paint like Claude Monet the artist.

Nicole however is 31 years old and she sleeps with a cloth kimono doll. She is an English teacher and she corresponds with a guy in Japan named Harrison Michaels via E-mail. Nicole is a pretty nice person and I think that I have to say that "Rain Song" so far is a pretty good book.

Anywho...while I was out today I went to a store called Bealle's outlet and I found some books I liked called "Bittersweet" by Cathy Marie Hake and "A Delirious Summer" by Ray Blackston that I bought. Then I went to Big Lots where I found two movies I liked called "Persuasion" and "Dream For An Insomniac" which I have been wanting to see. I also bought some stickers I wanted as well. As you know I like to read books its one of my favorite things to do.

So how are things in your part of the world ??? I do hope that all is well with you. The weather is pretty nice in Atlanta, Georgia today. I have been having a good day today despite still having pain in my chest which I guess will take some time to get over.

That's all for now. I'll talk to you soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'M BACK !!!!!!!!

Hello all !!!!!!!!

Good evening to everyone. I am sorry that I have not been around lately but there is a reason for my being gone so long. These last few weeks I am sad to report that I have been quite sick. I have been to Kaiser to see the doctor and it turns out that I have Bronchitis and Inflammation in my chest wall. I still have chest pains related to my illness but I am trying to get better. I hope that you don't think I have abandoned you all.

However I did return to work today and yes I am still not doing all that well. I am on medication and trying to get back to doing well. Anywho...I am reading the book "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" for the second time around. A guy in the story named Will Thisbee concocted a potato peel pie which consists of mashed potatoes for filling, strained beets for sweetness and potato peeling's for crust. I myself have NEVER had a Potato Peel Pie. I am wondering what Guernsey is like today. From reading the book I learned that the Germans were there at some time. I read that the British did go and they liberated Guernsey. Have any of you ever been to Guernsey ??? I am wondering.

Enough about me how are things with you all ?? How are things in your neck of the woods ???? I just wanted to know how you all have been recently ? I do hope all is well where you are. I shall return hopefully better soon. That's all for now.

Good night all !!!!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

An Update.....

Hello everyone

How is everyone ??? It was another b-e-a-utiful day in my neck of the woods of Atlanta, Georgia. I did have to go to work today of course and I did work and work and work and work. All of my coworker's and I wore red for Valentine's Day of course and a lot of people wished us a Happy Valentine's Day which was nice. While I was at work I also found a book titled "Murder On The Candlelight Tour" by Ellen Elizabeth Hunter which looks like a very interesting book.

After work my folks and I and my niece's went to Walmart to do a little shopping which is always always always fun. I did go to the book section where I found some books that I purchased which include :

Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler
Run For Your Life by James Patterson
An Angel For Emily by Jude Deveraux

I probably need 10 heads to read all of the books I have. I am still in the middle of reading "Remember When" by Nora Roberts which I have to highly highly recommend as a must read book. While I was in the book section some women who were of Spanish descent came up to me and asked me if I spoke Spanish why is that ??? People say that I look like I speak Spanish but I think that I don't look it. While we were in Walmart I noticed that there were men and women shopping in the Valentine's Day section which was filled with cards, balloon's, candy, toys, flowers you name it they had it. It was like a mad house in the Valentine's Day section. What are your plans for Valentine's Day ????? I don't have any plans for the day just hanging out at the house. are things in your part of the world ??? Anything going on ???? How is the activity in your part of the world ??? Do let me know. I guess that's it for now. I'll talk to you later. By the way I wouldn't mind some gifts of chocolate hint, hint, hint, hint, hint.

Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hello everyone

Good evening !!!!! How is everyone today ?? I spent the day at work today and yes it was a very busy day. I did go out during my lunch break with one of my coworker's to Kmart. I ended up getting some books including "Darcy's Story" by the writer Janet Aylmer since I am a fan of the classic movie "Pride & Prejudice". I also got the book "Too Good to be True" by the writer Kristan Higgins. I also got the book "A Wanted Man" by my favorite writer Linda Lael Miller which is another book about cowboys. I am becoming a fan of reading about cowboys.

At the moment I am still reading "Remember When" by Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb which is a pretty great read. So far Laine's house gets burglarized. Then there's a guy in the book named Max Gannon and he seems to be a pretty great guy. I am beginning to like him a lot. However he hasn't told Laine that he is a Private Investigator and that he used to be a cop. There is a bad guy in the book that is a thief and a killer and I really don't like him. I do like the story and I happen to be a fan of Nora Roberts.

As you know my dear world Saturday is Valentine's Day which means balloon's, candy, Hallmark cards, dinner's out or a movie for some people. I don't have any plans for Saturday. Do you have any plans for Valentine's Day ? Tomorrow I am going to be wearing red at work which consists of a red shirt, blue jeans and a red heart necklace. I am going to try to look really nice at work tomorrow.

How are things in your neck of the woods ? The weather in mine was quite nice it seemed like Summer had arrived early but tomorrow we might end up getting some rain. I wish the weather could stay nice throughout the weekend. I am enjoying the nice weather so very much. I am doing fine and all.

I guess that's all for now. I'll talk to you again later.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Rather Silly.....But A Little Thought

Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!!!!!! How is everyone today ?? I have to ask....have you ever had a day where you wish that you could have called in sick to work ??? Well today I had mine. I was like super super super super super busy at work today and I worked till I was completely tired. Two of my coworker's did NOT show up for work and so my other coworker's and I had to do double our work load today and it was just busy busy busy busy busy busy all day long. It looks like its going to be a busy busy busy week ahead.

Don't get me wrong I am so glad that I have a job to go to. A lot of people are still out of work and are looking for work. I am working my tail off these days. The weather has been really really really nice in my neck of the woods. I have enjoyed the nice weather instead of waking up to freezing cold temperatures. I am so enjoying this litle bit of springtime but I know however that it will not last.

Anywho...I just wanted to come by and chat with you all for a minute. How are things with you all ??

Are you still out there dear world ?????

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Relaxing Sunday...And A Movie Recommendation

Hello everyone

Good evening !!!!!! How is everyone today ?? I want to apologize for my recent rant about Michael Phelps I might have gone a little over board but I needed to vent my feelings about the situation and all. I still feel that he should serve some time perhaps in some community service project with young kids to show that he is working on changing his behavior. the moment I am reading a book by Linda Lael Miller called "Montana Creeds: Logan". I have to say that I am falling in love with the main guy in the book Logan Creed. The book is about a guy named Logan Creed who after years of wandering Logan Creed , a cowboy with a dusty law degree has returned home to Stillwater Springs, Montana. I have to tell you that I highly highly recommend this book as a great one and the writer Linda Lael Miller is one heck of a writer. She has a way of writing that you can't help but read her books.

Over the weekend I also rented the movie "Street Kings" with Keanu Reeves, Common and Hugh Laurie. I have to say that Street Kings is a very thrilling action movie and Keanu Reeves does a wonderfully amazing job as an actor in this movie. I also liked Hugh Laurie of the show "House" in this movie. Both Keanu and Hugh made the movie worth watching. I highly highly highly recommend watching this movie.

So my dear world how was your weekend ? I do hope that all is well with you. I had a very relaxing weekend at the house. I can tell you that the weather in my neck of the woods was quite nice instead of being cold. I am glad that the weather was nice this weekend. I would like the weather to stay nice for the entire week but I have my doubts. How is the weather in your neck of the woods ??

Do keep me posted !!!!!! That's all for now. I'll talk to you again later. Good night

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Thoughts....

Hello everyone

Good evening all !!!!!!!! How is everyone these days ? I wanted to come by and let you know that I am doing fine. My oldest niece has been sick these last few days but she is working on getting better. I have been quite busy at work however.

Anywho....I have a few thoughts I would like to share with you. In the news I heard a few things about the Summer Olympic medalist Michael Phelps and I have to say a few things about him. I am sorry to say that in the news it was reported that he was caught smoking pot and I have to say that I am very much disappointed in him at this moment. I don't know if I have a right to say so but I think that Michael should publicly apologize to the young kids and teenagers who look up to him for his talents in the arena of swimming and of having become an Olymic medalist. I think that it is sad to think that he did not think about his behavior before deciding to go out and get caught smoking pot. I know that sometimes people make mistakes but I think that such an individual as himself has a responsibility to behave in a more appropriate manner than he did. He did not consider that young men and ladies who might have aspirations to become a swimmer or to train to go into the Olympics look up to him as a role model and as an athlete. Why is it that he does something like what he did recently and he says he's sorry when in fact I think that he is not sorry for having smoked pot but he is sorry for having got caught doing it. I wish that Michael Phelps would address his behavior by doing some volunteer work at drug awareness program's and in neighborhoods where he can see that he is looked upon as a role model and as a human being.

In other news I saw in a magazine that it was reported that the singer Jessica Simpson was called some really nasty names and a lot of it addressed her weight. I have to say that it is a shame that the magazine had to say that Jessica Simpson was overweight in the manner that they did. I think that the magazine should be called upon to print a retraction at the statements that they did. I also think that they did NOT take into consideration that there are young teenage girls and younger who look at that and think of their own self esteem. Anorexia and Bulimia are serious issues for such young women and even young men and to think that they could take a shot at someone's weight is shameful and wrong. In my opinion more celebrities who are women are much too skinny and perhaps suffering from an eating disorder. It is a shame that magazines have to make money in a way that hurts someone's feelings. I also think that a young lady might look at such a magazine and think that being skinny is the only way to be since a celebrity like Jessica Simpson would be considered overweight when I think she is NOT.

Am I wrong ???