Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some News And A "Sweet 16"

Hello dear world

How are you ?? Its another warm day in my neck of the woods. I want to thank you all for your comments and thoughts. I gave the situation some thought and I think that I could have behaved better than I did so I am sorry for how I acted.

I have a song that will certainly get you smiling. Its a song called "I'm Like A Bird" by Nelly Furtado -------> . I hope this song makes you smile.

You might want to know that today my oldest niece is celebrating her "Sweet 16" Birthday party at the Ramada tonight from 8 p.m. to 12 midnight. She is excited about her birthday let me tell you. Anywho.....earlier today she went with my mom and I to pick up her large sheet cake at Sam's Club which is an everything kind of store. While we were there you will be happy to know that there was a guy in the store shopping. As I passed him he said hello to me and yes I smiled back at him and asked him how he was doing which he responded back with a smile and that he was doing fine. I think that perhaps that police officer last night might have seen the way I looked at him and he didn't want to say anything to me which is fine. The guy at Sam's was really nice and I was more than happy to smile at him as he did when he saw me. A smile can go a long way and it was nice to have the guy at Sam's smile at me while he was shopping. I am just going to smile whether a guy smiles at me or not. You were all right about the fact that a smile goes a long way so thanks for all your thoughts and comments.

So how are you doing today ?? By the way did you hear that there was a terror plot that happened recently in London with some cars filled with explosives ?? I'm glad that the explosives in the cars did NOT go off. I was constantly thinking of my dear friend Jeannette and her family. I hate to think what the terrorists are trying to do with bombs and explosives. Its scary to think of such things after September 11th. I just hope you and your families are safe and enjoying your day.

Thanks for listening my dear world. I'll talk to you all soon. Byyyyyye for now !!!!!!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

In Need Of Some Advice

Hello dear world

Good evening how are you ? I wanted to come and share something with you that I might need your advice on. Please feel free to give your thoughts. Thank you.

Tonight there was a police officer doing security at a store in my neck of the woods called the "Super H Mart". This police officer has often gotten on the elevator at my work with me and my coworkers. The thing is I have often said hello to him and he has NEVER said a word to me not that I care. Anywho...tonight I was at the store with my mom who kept saying that I should smile at him as if I should immediately go up to him and ask him out right then and there. Tonight he didn't even speak a word to me but he did speak to both of my folks. As I was leaving I made sure I didn't smile at him and I made sure he saw the look on my face. My dear world I'm not going to try with a guy like that. Its not like he's the last guy on earth. Question dear world why should I smile at a guy who has NEVER once smiled at me ?? Why ?? Am I wrong ???? My mom made it seem like I was the one wrong. However I disagree with her on how I acted towards him. A guy like him isn't really worth my time.

Natasha Bedingfield said it best with her song "Single" here it is -------> .

What do you think my dear world ?? Could I be totally wrong about this situation ???  Thanks for listening.

I do hope that you enjoyed your day. I just had to come and ask for your advice. Good-night.


A Decadent Day

Hello dear world

Top o' the morning to you. I don't normally do this but I am taking the day off from work just because. I took a personal day off from work and I'm just taking a "ME" day today. I slept in and decided to come talk to you. As some of you might not know I work at a courthouse in which I do the keep up of offices, courtrooms, halls. I also do a general maintenance of this, that and the other. It keeps me busy but today I am home and enjoying it. If anyone wants to see a picture of my work here it is ----> .

Here's a song to start your morning off -----> . Its Fergie featuring Ludacris "Glamorous".

Anywho......I wanted to come by and report that my dear friend Iris is celebrating her journal turning "3" years old today at her journal "La Dolce Vita". She is a very sweet lady and you might want to know that she does write poetry which is quite wonderful. I happen to enjoy reading her journal and if you get a chance you must go over and say hello. Her link is on my journal page so do go over and say hello.

On a another happy note my other dear friend Jeannette's grandson Nathan is celebrating his birthday. Do go over and wish him a "Happy Birthday".

All in all its been a nice morning for me here in Georgia how are things with you. I do hope that you are enjoying your day as I am. Do take care my dear friends.

Byyyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not Much News Today

Hello dear world

How are you today ?? I thought I would pop in for a minute. Today was another day at work for me of course. It was also another steamy day in my neck of the woods. I don't know if I told you this but recently I started reading a book called "Summer Pleasures" by Nora Roberts its pretty good.

Anywho.....I was at work today and I had an Usher song stuck in my head all day so I am going to torture you and have you listen to it so at this moment I am going to hold you hostage and have you listen to it. You must listen to it at least 5 times ------> .

You might also want to know that recently I fell in love with the singer Robin Thicke. There is one particular song I love of his called "Lost Without You" do go check it out ------>

Take a look at this song -------> . Its a song called "Stickwitu"by the Pussycat Dolls. Its a really beautiful song.

All in all I just wanted to share that bit of news with you. How are things with you my dear world. How is the weather in your part of the world ? I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone !!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hear Ye !!! Hear Ye !!!!

Hello dear world

How are you ??? Today was another warm day in Atlanta, Georgia. You might not know this but we did get a small spoonful of rain today isn't that a major headline for the news ?? Anywho...I am happy to report that my friend Morgan is back with us. She made editor-in-chief of her school newspaper isn't that something. She has a journal titled Random Thoughts and its always nice to hear from her. I am so very proud of her. She also made her 1 year anniversary here at J-Land and I think she deserves a lot of cheers. Everyone let's give her a round of applause YEAH MORGAN !!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE ME A M GIVE ME A O GIVE ME A R GIVE ME A G GIVE ME A A GIVE ME AN N WHAT DOES THAT SPELL "MORGAN" YEAH MORGAN !!!!!!!!!

In other news today was another day at work for me and let me tell you Mike Rowe who goes around helping other people do their jobs should have been at my job helping me. I had a very busy day of having mess to clean up. Here is his link if you haven't seen him ----------- . I take care of 4 floors with my coworkers and let me tell you. Mike Rowe would immediately quit if he had spent the day with me today. My coworkers and I would work him to the bone. Mike would definitely want to head back to his old show Romantic Escapes if he had to visit me for a day.

Enough of me and my news. How was your day today ?? Did anyone have a day like I did ?? I hope you are all doing well and chugging along.

I must say my dear world I am seriously considering not watching the news its getting too horrible to watch. Here's my advice turn on your radio and listen to some music or go out and get a book you have always wanted to read. Maybe you might want to rent a movie you haven't seen before. What do you think ???

By the way you might want to know that after what I am about to tell will be quite proud of me. I gave away my Barnes & Noble gift card to someone who wanted to use it so I was more than happy to give it to them for free. The gift card was worth $25.00. Aren't you proud of me ??

Check out this song "She Will Be Loved" by Maroon 5 ---> .

Take care my dear world. Good-night !!!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Day

Hello dear world

How are you on this lovely Saturday ??? I am doing well. I did sleep in this morning but I woke up just in time to go to Truett's with my family for breakfast. I have to tell you that scrambled eggs are my favorite food for breakfast. While I was there I had a cookies -n-cream milkshake since its been so hot. I can tell you that my milkshake was quite good. My youngest niece Megan had my whipped cream that was on top of my milkshake. They have a wonderful buffet at Truett's. The buffet consists of bacon, pieces of chicken, grits, warm apples, gravy and biscuits, sausages and scrambled eggs of course. If your ever in the Georgia area you need to visit Truett's.

Anywho.....after breakfast we then went over to Target where I bought some books, some handwritten journals that I liked and a CD by Andrea Bocelli ----------> . I have to tell you that Andrea is a tremendous singer. If you get the chance you have to get one of his CD's. I'm sure you will enjoy listening to him sing.

So how has your day been ? It has been extremely warm here in my neck of the woods. It has been like 1000 degrees here and getting hotter by the day. I hope that your able to get out and enjoy your day as I have with my family. At the moment we are home and cooling off from the heat of the day. I am off of work this weekend so I am enjoying my weekend with my family. Take care my dear friends.

By the way here is a song he did that I want to share with you from Youtube --------->

Update : A few minutes ago I watched a movie called "Jesse Stone:Death In Paradise". My favorite actor Tom Selleck plays a Police Chief named Jesse Stone. I have to say that Tom does a great job of playing Jesse and he's not all that bad to look at I might add. I have always liked watching the movies Tom has acted in. Tom in my own opinion is a very talented actor. I just thought I would share that with you. . My dear world you have to check out a guy named Paul Potts who sings Opera and does quite an amazing job. Please please do tell me what you think of him. I thought he did an amazing job. Some of my other links wouldn't work but this one does. I was trying to find a link for you and so here it is. Let me know what you think. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll talk to you again soon. Byyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Just A Few Notes

Hello dear world

How are you ? It was a rather warm day in my neck of the woods. However I am feeling better today. Yesterday I wasn't up to talking because someone said something which upset me. The situation was taken care of and I am much much better today.

In other news I am reading two great books "People" and the "National Enquirer". You might want to know that Matthew McCounaughey is single, Jennifer Aniston is dating a guy named Paul Sculfor, the Paris Hilton saga continues and Brad Pitt is still with Angelina Jolie.

So my dear world how are things in your neck of the woods ? How is the weather where you are ??? Are you melting in the heat as I am ??? I hope all is well with you and yours.

That's about it for me. I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care everyone !!!!!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hello dear world

Good evening how are you today ?? I am doing rather well. I have a little news for you. You might want to know that it was an extremely hot day today in Georgia. It was practically 1000 degrees outside and it seemed to get hotter as the day went on. Today also started another week at work for me today.

You might also want to know that I went out today and had a very fun evening. Upon arriving home after work the electricity went out for about an hour. It did come back on shortly afterwards.

After the power was restored my folks and I went to pick up my Auntie Marie and my Uncle Tony so they could go play Bingo with us. You will be happy to know that my Uncle Tony is feeling much better these days. He still has his sense of humor and he hasn't changed a bit.

Anywho....before we got to the Bingo hall we went to my favorite fast food place calles Sonic. At Sonic's we went and got some food to eat at the Bingo hall. Let me tell you my dear world Sonic's has the best hot dogs and onion rings in the world. Their root beer floats aren't half bad either. Here is a link for you to see of my favorite place ---------> .

Once we got to the Bingo hall we ate our food and then started playing. I can tell you that it was quite fun playing with my mom, my aunt and my uncle. I came close to winning quite a few times. Maybe next time I'll win one of the Bingo games. You never know my dear world.

All in all my dear world it was a very fun night despite the heat of the night. So how was your night ??? Did you have as much fun as I did ?? I hope that you had a very wonderful time today.

Here's a little something that might make you laugh. I played a joke on my dad today and it sent him nearly jumping into the air and it was all due to a fake spider located in his bedroom. My mom and me couldn't help but laugh. I just thought I would share that with you.

Do take care my dear world.

Good-night and Sweet dreams !!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Very Fun Saturday

Hello dear world

Good afternoon how are you ?? I am doing quite well. I have so much to tell you. First things first.....This weekend I am spending time with my folks since my sister and my nieces are at a sleepover.

Today my folks and I went for lunch at Ryan's. I had some mashed potatoes, some fish, french fries, a chocolate cake, grapes and I also had this very delicious caramel cake topped with some caramel sauce on the top. The cake was quite moist and good. We had a great lunch before we set out on our day.

After lunch we set out driving down to Peachtree City, Georgia which let me tell you we made a day of it. First I have to tell you that the people down there drive around in golf carts everywhere they go. I have never seen anything like it. Usually you see golf carts on a golf course but the people drive them to stores and on the street.

Anywho....We first stopped off at a place called "Wild Birds Unlimited" which is a nature shop. It has everything for birds....bird feeders, birdseed, bird baths and it has all you could want for the outdoors. The prices at the store are quite high but its a very lovely store. Here is a link for you -----> .

After going there we stopped off at a place nearby called "The Hobby Stop" here is a link ---- . It has everything you could ever want for a hobby. It had model airplanes, model cars, train sets and everything imaginable. My dad had a ball there just looking around.

You might want to know that I went to a pub for the first time today. The pub was called "Big Daddy's Oyster Bar and Pub" which is located in Peachtree City. Me and my folks had some beer and I also had a drink there called a Melon Ball which was quite good. We sat at the bar there and we watched some television. There was a really nice looking guy that came in and sat on the right side of me. I flirted with him the whole time I was there. I wasn't nervous talking to him and we laughed quite a bit. He was a really nice guy to talk toand he didn't mind talking to me. I had a great time at the pub. The bartender made sure I enjoyed my drink because he came over and checked to see that my glass wasn't empty and that I also liked the melon ball shot I ordered. I have to say that I loved going there and just hanging out.

After the pub we then stopped off at Lowe's on our way home. The weather was quite warm but we did go and look around in the garden center and then we stopped off inside and got some bird feeders as well as a Hummingbird feeder which was quite cute. As we walked in the garden center there was a hose spraying over the tall plants and I walked through it and let me tell you it felt good. I walked through it quite a few times and it was like walking through a cool shower. I loved going there its always fun.

So my dear world how was your day ???? Did you go anywhere today ? I hope you had as fun a day as I did. I hope you will also have a wonderful day tomorrow. I just wanted to come by and tell you about my day. I'll talk to you again soon.

Byyyyye for now !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Its Friday,Its Friday, Its Friday !!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

How are you ??? I am doing well. It was a pretty long week and another day at work for me.

I do have some news for you. A guy that repairs air conditioners and things just left the house and he put in a new unit. Yes my dear world the new unit he put in is kicking in thank goodness. We will survive the weekend instead of becoming cooked lobsters in a can all take a huge sigh of relief. I am happy to report that everything else is good at the house.

I also have some other news for you. Today I was approved for my very first loan at my credit union. I was approved which will help me to establish a little credit. However small this is a milestone for me. A milestone none the less.

Of course it was another warm day in my neck of the woods and it is officially the beginning of the weekend. How are things where you are ??? How are things at your house ?? Here's a note for might want to check the age of your air conditioner because the age of your last servicing of your air conditioner can be the #1 reason it decides to take a last minute vacation on you. I hope this note helps you.

Anywho......I just wanted to come by and check up on my dear friends. Do enjoy your weekend !!!!!!!!

I'll talk to you again soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Hello dear world

Good evening how are you ??? Thanks for all of your kind words. Your thoughts were much appreciated. You will be happy to know that I'm feeling much better after yesterday. I was quite upset but I did give the situation some thought. I think that perhaps she was doing her job and she probably was thinking of other people's safety.

In other news you might want to know that at the moment my family and I are surrounded by oscillating fans. Why ??? Well the air conditioner at our house decided without notifying us that it was taking a vacation. The house is pretty hot inside. I am feeling like a piece of garlic bread that's been left in the oven too long. My dad and I on our way home stopped off at Walgreen's and bought some fans for $15.00 each. He bought 2 and I bought one. The fans are working but its probably going to take some time for it to cool off. Tomorrow a guy is supposed to come by to the house and take a look at it. Hopefully there's nothing major wrong with the air conditioner you just never know.

Anywho....earlier this evening my family and I went to dinner at a place called "City Buffet". At the restaurant they had sushi,crab legs, egg rolls,chicken on a stick,pizza,Italian shrimp and they even had squid. They also had some sugary biscuits that I liked. I didn't eat any of the squid however. They also had some frog legs which I didn't eat either. The food that my family and I did eat was pretty good. After dinner my favorite thing was having chocolate ice cream in a ice cream cone. The chocolate ice cream was pretty creamy. All in all dinner was pretty good.

Dear diary what I am about to tell you is something that I have never told you. There is a song by John Legend called "Ordinary People" which I really like. I have to say that John is a great great singer. Here is a link to his song ------> .

Enough about was your day ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope you are doing well. Right now its about 80 degrees indoors at my house. How my dear world are things indoors for you ???? Did you get to enjoy your day ?????

I am chugging along and cooking like a piece of bacon. Pretty soon someone is going to have to turn me over. Take care dear world !!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hello dear world

How are you ?? I wasn't able to come and talk to you yesterday because we had quite a storm in my neck of the woods and we even got a little bit of rain.

Today it was rather warm though. Yesterday I watched a new show on television called "HELL'S KITCHEN" here is a link for you ----- . Today I felt like the Chef Gordon Ramsay and I'll tell you why.

The terrible part of my day began when I was off of work and I was sitting in the employee entrance at my work. I rode home today with my dad since we work in the same building. was about close to 6:00 pm and I have to say that I was treated like a criminal today. As I was waiting a lady that works in the same building as I do came up to me as she was leaving and asked me who I was and then also began to ask me for my ID. I told her where I work in the building and that my dad also works in the building. She then told me that she still needed to see my ID. At that moment I took out my ID and showed it to her and she walked out of the building as if nothing had happened.

My dear world until today I hadn't felt like I was going to be handcuffed and put behind bars like I had committed a crime that is until today. I don't really think she realized just how she had made me feel. I didn't do anything wrong except I had taken off my ID earlier before the incident and put it in my purse. I myself have NEVER treated anyone the way she treated me. I am still upset about what happened and I don't know how to get over this incident.

I was listening to a song by Ludacris and Mary J. Blige that expresses just how I feel. Here is a song for you ------> .Here is the link to the song "Runaway" -------> .

So how are things in your neck ofthe woods ?How is the weather in your part of the world ? I am hoping at least that your day was far better than mine was. Do enjoy therest of your week.

Take care everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In Need Of Advice

Hello dear world

I am going to begin my entry by saying "Greetings From Atlanta, Georgia" how are you ?? It was a rather steamy day here in my neck of the woods.

Anywho....I needed to come and talk to you about a little something. You might think that I am a bit silly but here it goes. Earlier today my family and I went over to a huge shopping store called "Sam's Club" here is a link for you ------> . While I was there I bought some ribeye's, some bratwurst and some cheesecake.

I am telling you this because while I was walking in Sam's I talked to a guy for a few minutes. The guy was really nice looking. He had on a nice t-shirt and a nice pair of shorts. I can tell you that he had really nice eyes, a great smile and a goatee which looked nice on him. He said hello to me and asked me how I was doing which I replied in return by saying hello and that I was doing fine. We kept seeing eachother throughout the store and I smiled at him when I saw him. The few times I did see him however I didn't walk up to him and talk to him why ???? I don't know. When he first said hello to me I should have asked him for his phone number or at least gave him mine. Why didn't I ask him for his phone number my dear world ?? Why didn't I go up and talk to him later in the store ??? I can't understand it. He was such a nice looking guy and he was nice enough to talk to me while I was walking in Sam's. What is my problem dear world ?????

I need some advice !!!!!!!!!

Enough with my silliness dear world how are things with you ? How is the weather there in your part of the world ? Did you enjoy your Sunday ??? I hope all of you are doing well and chugging along ??? Aren't I something dear world ???

Take care everyone !!!!!!!!!!!



Saturday, June 9, 2007


Hello dear world

How are you ?? I wanted to pop in for a few minutes and share a link with you. I came upon a new journal and I loved reading it. The journal is called "A day in the life of an old boring woman". The journaller's name is Sandy and she is quite an interesting person. I think that you will enjoy reading her journal. Do pop over and say hello to her. Here is her link ----> .

I am thinking about watching the movie "Blue Crush" here is the link ------ .

A few minutes ago I came upon a journal that I liked titled "Turning The Pages". I really like this journal and so I thought I would share it with you. Here is the link ------ . Do pop over as you did for Sandy and say hello. I also added it to my journal page if you ever want to visit at your own leisure. Thanks again.

I have a song for you that will get you in the mood for Summertime if you aren't already. Here it is "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys ------- .

You definitely have to see this ---------> ----------> .

Byyyyyye for now dear world !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Conversation With You Dear World

Hello dear world

Good evening how are you ? I want to share with you a line from a movie I like that will begin this entry and why I wanted to talk to you.'s the line: "I like to start my notes to you as if we're already in the middle of a conversation." Meg Ryan - You've Got Mail

Here I am again. It was another day at work for me. My boss is out of town at this time. Earlier today it was pretty steamy in my neck of the woods. Later on in the evening however it got really dark and then it started to thunder. Then for the first time in a long while it rained. The thunder popped like fireworks going off all at once.

In other news my dear world I watched the movie "The Holiday" here is the link -----> . In the movie I really like watching Jack Black and Jude Law. After "The Holiday" I watched "The Wedding Date" with Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing which is a very good movie.

So my dear world how was your day ? I hope that you had a really nice Friday. How was the weather in your part of the world ? All in all my day was a nice one. I just wanted to come and chat with you for a few minutes.

Good-night all !!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Lonely Hearts Personal Ad

Hello dear world

How are you ?? Today was another steamy hot day in Georgia but I'm surviving. It was also another day at work for me as well. friend Iris over at "La Dolce Vita" had an idea and so I wanted to share a little something with you. Here is her idea : Had another interesting thought today, about how people manage to write entries for lonely hearts columns, or whatever they might be called these days.

Well here's mine :

"Totally single 30something female who likes going out to stores, renting movies and hanging out seeks guy who likes to hang out and sometimes be silly right along with me from time to time, going out to the theatre and watching a movie, eating popcorn and going out on a date with me well you might want to know that there's absolutely no forms to fill out just come forward and introduce yourself and I shall do the same".


What do you think dear world ??? I just wanted to pop in and say hello. By the way how was your day dear world ?? Is it as hot in your neck of the woods as it is here ???? I hope you are all doing well. I'll talk to you again soon.

Byyyyyyyye !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dinner And Some Window Shopping

Hello dear world

Good evening how are you ?? I am well thank you. First things first. Today in Georgia it was a very hot hot day. I think that Summer arrived early. Yes, it was another day at work for me. I do have a little news to report from work. One of my coworkers is named H----- recently he has been in the hospital sick. Today I talked to him on the telephone and he does sound good. I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

In other news my family and I went to dinner at a restaurant tonight called "Monterrey Restaurante Mexicano" which was very very very good. My mom and I sat next to eachother because we shared a dish called "Special Fajita's ( for two ) " which was wonderful. The dish came with a side of Pico de Gallo, sour cream and Guacamole and with some corn tortilla's. The dish of Fajita's was filled with onions, shrimp, pieces of chicken, green peppers and so much more. Me and my mom enjoyed the Special Fajita's. My dad and my nieces enjoyed their meals as well. I treated them to dinner which they enjoyed.

After dinner my family and I took a ride over to the mall. I didn't buy anything I just did lots of window shopping. After the mall we then took a ride to Dairy Queen to get some ice cream. At Dairy Queen I got what was called a chocolate covered strawberry waffle cone sundae which was quite good. The best part of the ice cream was the chocolate. The outer shell was the waffle cone which was also coated in chocolate. We all enjoyed our ice cream from Dairy Queen.

All in all my dear world it was a very nice day. So my dear world how was your day ?? I hope that you had as wonderful a day as I did. How is the weather in your neck of the woods ? Anywho....enjoy your night and I'll talk to you again soon.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Red Lobster and Kathy Griffin

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!! How are you ??? It was another day at work for me again. A few hours ago my family and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster. Let me tell you I love it there. Here is the link for it ------> . I had the Seaside Shrimp Trio which was very very good. It had shrimp in a very rich butter sauce in a dish, it also had a shrimp scampi and I also had some mashed potatoes as well as some fried shrimp. I didn't get to finish my meal though I got too too full. I had to order a forklift to carry me out....just kidding. My dinner went on the forklift. will be happy to know that the work men are gone and yes the roof looks amazing. There's no more banging, hammering, drilling or pounding thank goodness. We did have to tell the people that were sleeping on the roof to leave. I don't even know who the people were really but they could have been relatives. I'm kidding my dear world.

On a different note I am happy to report the my favorite person Kathy Griffin is back on Bravo. She has a show called "My Life On The D-List". Here is her link ------> . Kathy let me tell you she is funny. I love watching her show.

So how are you doing my dear world ? What' s been going on in your neck of the woods ? How is the weather in your part of the world ? It rained here for a quick second and then the sun was out. This weather has been changing from second to second. For a while it got dark and we all thought we were going to get a truck load of rain and then we got a shot of rain and then....nothing. My dear world I think that the rain decided to take a little vacation. If anyone finds the rain could you notify the missing rain department. Thanks.

Take care dear world !!!!!!!

Monday, June 4, 2007

My Wonderful And Fabulously Fun Night

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!!! My dear world I just had to come and tell you about my evening. After I got home from work the men were working on the roof. They were banging, hammering and nearly causing earthquakes with all the things they were doing on the roof. My sister took her daughters out to one of her friends houses.

It was just me and my folks at the house. A few minutes later about 7:00 my mom and I went to go play Bingo at a Bingo hall in Jonesboro, Georgia. My father was working security at the hall while me and my mom played Bingo. I didn't win any of the games tonight but me and my mom played around with a little object I had taken off my keychain while we played bingo. While we were there there my mom and I saw a young teenage boy there with his family who stood out from everyone in the room and I'll tell you why. He had his entire face painted completely red, the middle of his head was painted with a blue looking paint and the back of the hair was speckled with red and blue dye. He also had on a outfit to match his face and hair. I thought you would like to know that.

After Bingo my mom and I went with my dad to drop off the money from the bingo hall then we drove over to a place called "Sonic" here is the link ---> . At Sonic's we got some corn dogs, onion rings and some root beer floats to go. Let me tell you the corn dogs as well as the onion rings and the root beer floats were wonderful. My dear world let me tell you I love these kind of nights where I am doing things I like and going to places that I like as well. At the moment I feel like the day just started. There is nothing better than a game of bingo and a trip to Sonic.

How was your night dear world ????

I guess I'll let you go get some rest now. Take care !!!!!

Monday's Musings

Hello dear world

How are you ?? Here I am again. As you know I didn't do much over the weekend but it was a nice one. Yesterday I don't know if I told you but we got a shower's worth of rain and that was it. This dry weather I'm sure is a headache for farmers everywhere.

As you might or might not know I work at a courthouse. Do you want to hear something funny ? Today I lived through a few minutes of my own Law & Order show. Today I was given an assignment to do a little cleaning in a courtroom while it was still in session. There was a lawyer questioning a witness on the witness stand and the judge was on the bench with people sitting in the courtroom. It was like a circus with me and my coworkers cleaning around the lawyer and around the witness. I am sure they were wondering what we were doing in a courtroom with court in session. I have never seen that on any Law & Order episode or on any CSI show. I wonder if there has ever been a Surgeon operating on a patient and people cleaning around them in an operating room ??? Wouldn't that be something to see ??

Anywho.......recently my dear world a group plotted to blow up John F. Kennedy International Airport. Luckily the plot was stopped. Apparently 4 Muslim men were accused of plotting to use explosives to destroy a jet fuel pipeline that runs through residential neighborhoods to the airport hoping to kill thousands of people and to trigger an economic catastrophe. They never managed however to obtain any explosives before authorities arrested a man named Russell Defrietas and stopped the plot. Dear world I am worried about the next time there is a terror plot. What do you think dear world ??

Last but not least there are some men working on fixing the roof of the house. They are banging, hammering and practically knocking in the roof. It sounds like they are going to cave-in the roof instead of to fix it. Now I know what its like to live right next door to a Construction site.

So my dear world how was your day ? How are things in your part of the world ? I hope you are doing well. That's about it for now.

I'll talk to you again later. Hopefully the guys on the roof won't have fallen through the roof or made a meteor sized hole in it you never know. My dear world I might have to come and stay with one of you if the work continues.

Have any room for me ????

Byyye dear world

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Delicious Note

Hello dear world

How are you ?? I have a note for you that you might want to try. A few minutes ago I was helping in the kitchen at the house preparing some chicken when I tried a new rub for chicken. Here's the rub for you :

First get a pop that you would boil water in, then pour in some cooking oil, next put in 1 stick of butter, then you grind in some black pepper into the pot, then you crush some parsley flakes and add them into the pot, then you crush a teaspoon of Rosemary into a small bowl and add the Rosemary into the pot as well. Let the butter and the items melt all together on the stove. After the butter is melted turn off the stove and rub the mixture onto your chicken or chicken breasts whichever you prefer.

As a side note you might want to put your chicken on the grill for a much richer taste than the oven. I prefer chicken when its been on the grill. P.S. Make sure you stick a meat thermometer in your chicken to check to see if your chicken is at the right temperature.

Anywho....a few minutes ago I went to Kroger to pick up a few little items. I am certainly keeping them in business. I think that Kroger keeps a table of candy in the front of the store for sale for people like me who like candy. Why is that ???

I wanted to come by and tell you that I enjoyed my dinner with my folks. My sister and my nieces are out at the moment. We decided to save the chicken for later. We had some cheesy potatoes with some Grouper that we had also put the rub on. The Grouper was good but I must warn you it does have bones in it. For drinks my mom made a tropical drink with rum and some daiquiri drink mix which was good. I can't wait to have that chicken tomorrow. The chicken smelled wonderful let me tell you.

I just thought I would share that with you. Enjoy !!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Some Interesting Art Work

Hello dear world

Good evening. Here I am again. I wanted to share something with you that I saw on the news. There is some art work called "The Art Of The Brick" which I found interesting. There is a guy that builds art out of Lego's which is what I would call "Something". I think you will definitely want to check out the link I have for you. Here is the link ------->

Let me know what you think of the art work. Have a good night.

Sweet Dreams !!!!!!!!

A Late In The Afternoon Yard Sale And A Teaspoon Of Rain

Hello dear world

How are you today ?? I am doing well. You might want to know that later on this evening my family and I had a Yard Sale in our driveway. We started it a little late so we got a few customers here and there. We did manage to sell an old tea kettle of my mom's and a few books of mine. All in all it was a really nice yard sale. We are thinking about trying it again except a little earlier than when we had it today.

Later on in the day we got a few tiny sprinkles of rain. We heard that we might get some rain from the tropical depression rolling through Florida but I don't know. I hope we get an ocean of rain we sure need it in Georgia.

So my dear world how are you doing ??? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ?? I hope you got to enjoy your day and I hope that you get to enjoy your Sunday tomorrow. Do take care my dear friends. I would like to thank you all for thinking of me when our trip was cancelled. We are planning for another trip soon. We will put in our reservations for where we want to go as early as possible so I am sure there will be good news for our next trip.

That's about it for now. I'll be back to talk to you again soon. Do take care everyone !!!!!! To those of you in the Florida area do try to be careful during the storm and hopefully you will inside where its nice and dry.

Byyyye for now !!!!!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Sad News....Don't Be Alarmed

Hello dear world

How are you ??? I have some rather sad news to report. My camping trip was put off for another time. Unfortunately there wasn't any room in the inn for us. We are making plans for another trip soon. The weather was nice however.

How was your day dear world ???