Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter

Happy Easter !! I'm sure for many children the Easter Bunny has arrived but for me I just ate quite a bit of food. I never thought that I would ever say this but there is such a thing as "TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE". I ate a whole lot of chocolate candy, chocolate candy eggs and a cake that I made which was called a "Torte" which might as well be called "Death By Chocolate".

The best part of the tradition of Easter is sitting around a table and eating a meal with your family and just having fun with one another. The other part of the Easter tradition is going to mass except for me its never feeling like I have anything good to wear. I'm sure other women would say that they have a sea of clothing just waiting to be worn but not me. By the time I have picked out something to wear to church on Easter my bed looks like a mountain of clothing that looks as if they have never seen the outside of a closet. Most of the clothes in my closet are clothes that I have never worn, will never wear and never think to put on because they have been left in the closet to collect dust for I don't know how long.

After all is said and done I end up having eating more than I should have and wearing an outfit that I will never wear again. I guess food is the highlight of Easter anyway. With what I ate today I could have fed 20 third world countries. I guess that's why all the grocery stores were beyond packed.

At the end of the day you sit around having eaten a ton of food and perhaps watched one too many movies.

Yes dear diary that was how I spent my Easter Sunday.....


Monday, March 21, 2005

Mr. Romance

Good evening ! Well here I am again. I watched a show on the Oxygen channel called "Mr.Romance"which is a show hosted by Fabio. I don't like some of the men on the show especially T.J. and Adam because they have been cruel to some of the men on the show. I did like T.J. until I saw some of the stuff he did. The guy that I find to be decent enough to be called Mr. Romance is Andrew. Andrew is a pretty charming, decent and well rounded guy. The two guys T.J. and Adam have been really cruel to Tony and Mark.

I really wouldn't vote for T.J. or Adam. Next time I will just vote for Tony and Mark because they have been treated unkindly in many ways. T.J. and Adam have turned this into a joke and that's why they lost my vote.

Since I read romance novels I think that I wouldn't mind seeing Andrew,Mark or Tony on some of the covers of these romance novels in my opinion. 

Of course this is my opinion only....

Sunday, March 20, 2005

More Thoughts

Its officially the 1st Day of Spring !!  I did some yard work today outside and I did something pretty amazing. I chopped down 2 trees today which is something I have never done before. Then again I did something that George Washington also did when he chopped down a Cherry Tree. I'm also sure that he didn't have the conveinence of tools that we use today. I can say that I did something that George Washington did and that's a pretty big something in my opinion. For the record chopping down 1 tree isn't easy but 2 is even harder. Chopping down any tree is new for me. Lumberjacks have nothing on me. That's all for now good-night....

Saturday, March 19, 2005

The 1st Day of Spring

Good evening !! Today is the 1st day of Spring. I usually hate Spring because Spring always brings the thing we all hate the most "POLLEN". The thing is Spring usually brings something else such as the earth awakening from its slumber and coming into focus with lots of color. Yes I'm sure there will be lots of pollen, sneezing, sore throats, watery eyes and yes having to go to the doctor more than anyone of us would like but this time around instead of a new year's resolution I am going to make a "SPRING RESOLUTION". My resolution will be as follows : Try to be happy a little more and of course see what happens. I'm sure there will be lots to look forward never know

Friday, March 18, 2005

Notes for Friday

Many people remember Anne Frank. She was a young lady who lived during the Holocaust. She still believed, after all she'd been through, that "people are really good at heart". I'm finding that Anne Frank was a far stronger person than I.

I'm still a little upset over what happened at the Fulton County Courthouse. Brian Nichols as we all know killed and injured some pretty wonderful people. This tragedy hits home for me. At my work I now have to walk through a metal detector which has really changed how I see things.

On a happier note I went to a restaurant with my family called "MoMoYa's". MoMoYa's is a totally different restaurant. It is like being in another country like Japan or Tokyo except I didn't have to jump on a plane. The food was great and the chefs are spectacular. This place was exciting and the food was the added bonus to my night. No food critic in his or her right mind could find fault with MoMoYa's.

That's all for now....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Wednesday's Notes

Hello this night is a little different for me because for the first time in my life I had to walk through a metal detector at work. Walking through that metal detector is like saying law enforcement officials don't trust me. After going through the metal detector I really felt differently. I don't think anything will ever be the same maybe nothing ever really was the same. I do know that working at my job the law enforcement officials are  just trying to make my work place a little safer but it still feels like I am the one being punished. It feels like I am paying for the crimes Brian Nichols committed. I had felt that when I walked through the metal detector nothing was ever going to be the same and I still feel that things will never be the same after all is said and done. I never had to walk through a detector at work until today. In the end I am a little upset and it seems like no one can ever make it right.

Good- night world of course you aren't the same and neither am I....

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Green Tree Frog Bill a.k.a Senate Bill 41

Hi ! Here I am again as usual. I am writing this dear diary after I read a little column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution so here's what I want to say...

Young children can try to do something amazing and I'll tell you one of them now....In the fall of 2002 the class, jointly taught by Ruth Pinson and Marilyn McLean, realized while they were studying government and science that Georgia did not have an official amphibian.

The students reasoned that if the state can have an official bird ( Brown Thrasher ) butterfly ( Tiger Swallowtail ) reptile ( Gopher Tortoise ) and prepared food ( Grits ) why not a state amphibian ?

The class drew up a bill the dignified name is Senate Bill 41. The more descriptive name is " The Green Tree Frog Bill." The kids in Armuchee called it " Bill," the green tree frog. After three years, thousands of phone calls and e-mails, disappointments and some grinding of teeth, it seems likely that the Georgia Legislature will vote into law the brainchild of a fourth - grade class at Armuchee Elementary School near Rome.

The class drew up the bill and had it carried to the Legislature in the winter of 2003, first by Democratic Sen. Richard Marable and Democratic Rep. Barbara Reece and later by Republican Sen. Preston Smith and Reece. But the class has been DISAPPOINTED. What seemed to be a harmless piece of legislation kept getting bogged down, seemingly forgotten. "It made me more determined," replied by Mary Lunell Reece, now a sixth grader at Armuchee Middle School. When the teachers took the class to see the Legislature in action, some of the kids went around introducing themselves and shaking hands and asking the members of the Legislature to vote for the bill. " The children feel real ownership ", Pinson said. Parents jumped on the bandwagon. We've gotten letters and calls from all over the state asking what they could do to help. Rep. Reece got some negative letters from people wondering why the Legislature was spending time on what they considered a frivolous bill. Some wondered, why not the gray tree frog instead of the green tree frog. The teachers shared the letters with the students. The students studed different kinds of frogs. It made them realize that different people have different ideas about what's important. The students had chosen their nominee for a reason : " The green tree frog has porous skin and can't live in a heavily polluted environment, Blake said. " We hoped this would draw people's attention to pollution. " If it didn't pass the first year, we were only going to keep going," said Matthew. I know it takes a long time. The legislature had other things, like "NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, and they were having to deal with the war, If the bill passes the House ( its already passed the Senate, 50 - 0 ), the class is planning a party. The students hope Sen. Smith will ateend and maybe bring Gov. Sonny Perdue to sign the bill at the school.

So what's next for the sixth - grade lobbyists I wonder... Maybe they will change a few other problems in the world they are sure making a start of something that started out small like this bill that turned into something that the Senate will never forget. In my opinion this bill is something pretty great especially since it began with six graders.


Saturday, March 12, 2005

Saturday Reflections

Hi ! Here I am once more. I don't know where to start so I'll start with good news. The Fulton County Courthouse shooting suspect Brian Nichols was "CAPTURED", thank goodness. Thanks to Gwinnett County Law Enforcement Officials Brian Nichols was brought to justice. The law enforcement officials should be commended for a job well done.

On a different note today was a beautiful day filled with sunshine. I wish for more days like this. It was a warm day today. In the middle of things such as tragedy you have to appreciate things like a nice warm day. I'm just sorry for those who lost loved ones and for those who were injured. Now that Brian Nichols was brought to justice maybe people can start to heal and possibly they will one day forget such  tragedy. I'm just not sure anyone can ever forget the tragedy I haven't yet.

Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday's News

I'm not going to say good evening I just need to talk dear diary. I work at the Clayton County Courthouse so the shooting at the Fulton County Courthouse has left me a little shaken. I still can't believe what happened today at the courthouse. A lot of this hits home for me because it could have happened at my job. People who didn't deserve what happened either got injured or they were killed by someone who had no thoughts or care for human life. Today has really hit me hard in so many ways. I don't understand how someone can think to kill so easily and not give it a second thought. I can't understand a lot of things dear diary but what happened today really hits home because the shooting happened at a courthouse and I work at a courthouse so its a little scary to think that it could have happened right where I work.  I just pray for those who lost someone and for those who were left injured by this act of violence.  Yes dear diary this has been quite a day....quite a day

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Hi and good evening ! Well today is Thursday its almost the end of the week. Its a shame that Dan Rather who worked as a news anchor is gone. He wasn't that bad of a news anchor in my opinion. He was just trying to do a job. He signed off his show last evening on a note of courage which is a lot more than most people would do. He needs to make a comeback with his own reality show like Martha Stewart who will also have her own reality show along with Donald Trump who also has his own show.

On a different note I'm  in the middle of reading a book titled "The Giant's House" by Elizabeth McCracken and I have to say that its pretty good. Let me give you a little introduction - This story is about two mis-fits whose lonely paths cross at the circulation desk. It is about a twenty-six-year-old librarian Peggy Cort and an over-tall eleven-year-old-boy. Peggy and James are odd candidates for friendship, but their lives become intertwined in ways no one could predict. James goes from being 6 foot 5 at age twelve, then seven,then eight right along with Peggy's heart.Its a really interesting read....

Good night dear diary

Wednesday, March 9, 2005


Hi ! Dear diary you probably want to know what I am about to say well here it is...American Idol came on tonight and boy oh boy am I "Happy!!!!". My favorite contestants on American Idol are : Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, Jessica Sierra and Scott Savol. Above them all my #1 favorites are of Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice.Constantine and Bo are rockers through and through. Jessica Sierra and Scott Savol are wonderful singers and they deserve to go through to the next competition along with Constantine and Bo in my opinion. 

My biggest reason for watching American Idol remains at this moment are definitely as follows... Constantine Maroulis and Bo Bice because they are talented as well as gorgeous and wonderful to listen to. I am and shall remain a "HUGE,HUGE,HUGE,HUGE,HUGE, HUGE" fan of both men. I am also a "HUGE,HUGE,HUGE,HUGE,HUGE" fan of Jessica and Scott. American Idol can not go on without these people. I just can't wait until next week to hear these contestants sing. Constantine, Bo, Jessica and Scott have my vote yes! yes! yes!!!!!!!


 That's all good-night dear diary... 

Sunday, March 6, 2005


Greetings and salutations. Well here I am on this 6th Sunday of March. I am doing rather well today. The newsman on t.v. said it was supposed to rain here in Atlanta but it didn't rain today. The newsman on television can be full of crap sometimes. Its a really nice day outside and the sky is blue and the clouds look like cotton balls when you first buy them in the store. On a different note there's nothing much to watch on television today except for the Travel Channel and the Food Network. I just love to see the Food Network when it talks about the tastes of America. I  really like to see what people around the world eat. I'm a true snack food person especially CHOCOLATE. I love CHOCOLATE. I love, love, love, love, love, love, love CHOCOLATE. I am a fan of CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS, CHOCOLATE CANDY BARS, CHOCOLATE ICE -CREAM, CHOCOLATE PRETZELS,CHOCOLATE PEANUTS, CHOCOLATE CAKE, CHOCOLATE DRINKS, CHOCOLATE WAFFLES, CHOCOLATE PANCAKES, CHOCOLATE SYRUP and CHOCOLATE CEREAL its obvious I love CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE, CHOCOLATE. I haven't been able to find a CHOCOLATE BUBBLE BATH though. I would really be happy to be given a basket full of CHOCOLATE goodies. I just really love CHOCOLATE. Is that obvious enough ????

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Long Live Saturdays

Good evening diary here I am. Well I had a terrible day, just kidding. I had a wonderful day here in Georgia. My family and I burned wood, pine cones, little pieces of log and grass in a turkey smoker, yes in a turkey smoker. Instead of using it to smoke a turkey we smoked other things in it. Of course that requires a permit by a fire department safety first I guess. My older niece brought out a little camping tent and we had a little outdoor picnic which was fun. Later on my family and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner which was beyond packed. We also went to a store and shopped. The only bad part is that the weather here in Georgia keeps changing one minute its nice, then its cold and then it decides to rain. I really can't wait for 80 degree weather and a ton of sunshine. I'm just longing for summer which it felt like today. Tomorrow it will be cold again.  Dear diary am I the only one who feels this way ?? Good night dear diary...for now that is which is always obvious to you.

Friday, March 4, 2005


Good evening here I am shocking isn't it ??? Well tonight everyone has broken the biggest news story of the entire world -- the lady herself, the next female Donald Trump Martha Stewart is out of prison. We can all take a huge sigh of relief now. Everyone on the news talked about Martha being out of prison as if it was the biggest event of the year next to Michael Jackson's trial, that is. Well she's out and now we can all go back to the rest of our lives because I'm sure she will do the same. Though I'm sure Paris Hilton will do something to get herself back in the news as usual. Martha Stewart will just go back to making some of her world famous multi-million dollar products that will once again make her the biggest fortune five hundred female conglomerate to ever grace the pages of every designer magazine from country to country and state to state. I'm sure America already thinks of her that way anyway.

I don't know for me I'm really waiting for Nick and Jessica Simpson to have some huge outrageous fight on their reality show just to see something exciting for once on their reality show or any reality show for that matter. Right now I'm into the show "American Idol" . I watch it just to see Constantine he is by far the greatest looking man. I used to think of Brad Pitt as the greatest looking man but in my own opinion Constantine is the award winner in that category. I'm sure the women across the world would agree with me on that one. I would vote a million times if I could if only to make Constantine the next American Idol no doubt about it.

On a different note I'm doing fine work is keeping me pretty busy which is nothing unusual. The weather here in my neck of the woods has been downright horrible.....let me repeat that.....the weather here has been horrible, horrible, horrible. Did I mention horrible ? If I  could I would give anything for 80 degree sunshine. I would love, love, love to have tons of sunshine for at least a few days is that sooooooooo wrong ????? Maybe its just me...... Maybe I will go to bed tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning. As I like to say "Long Live Saturdays".