Friday, March 4, 2005


Good evening here I am shocking isn't it ??? Well tonight everyone has broken the biggest news story of the entire world -- the lady herself, the next female Donald Trump Martha Stewart is out of prison. We can all take a huge sigh of relief now. Everyone on the news talked about Martha being out of prison as if it was the biggest event of the year next to Michael Jackson's trial, that is. Well she's out and now we can all go back to the rest of our lives because I'm sure she will do the same. Though I'm sure Paris Hilton will do something to get herself back in the news as usual. Martha Stewart will just go back to making some of her world famous multi-million dollar products that will once again make her the biggest fortune five hundred female conglomerate to ever grace the pages of every designer magazine from country to country and state to state. I'm sure America already thinks of her that way anyway.

I don't know for me I'm really waiting for Nick and Jessica Simpson to have some huge outrageous fight on their reality show just to see something exciting for once on their reality show or any reality show for that matter. Right now I'm into the show "American Idol" . I watch it just to see Constantine he is by far the greatest looking man. I used to think of Brad Pitt as the greatest looking man but in my own opinion Constantine is the award winner in that category. I'm sure the women across the world would agree with me on that one. I would vote a million times if I could if only to make Constantine the next American Idol no doubt about it.

On a different note I'm doing fine work is keeping me pretty busy which is nothing unusual. The weather here in my neck of the woods has been downright horrible.....let me repeat that.....the weather here has been horrible, horrible, horrible. Did I mention horrible ? If I  could I would give anything for 80 degree sunshine. I would love, love, love to have tons of sunshine for at least a few days is that sooooooooo wrong ????? Maybe its just me...... Maybe I will go to bed tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning. As I like to say "Long Live Saturdays".

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