Monday, March 21, 2005

Mr. Romance

Good evening ! Well here I am again. I watched a show on the Oxygen channel called "Mr.Romance"which is a show hosted by Fabio. I don't like some of the men on the show especially T.J. and Adam because they have been cruel to some of the men on the show. I did like T.J. until I saw some of the stuff he did. The guy that I find to be decent enough to be called Mr. Romance is Andrew. Andrew is a pretty charming, decent and well rounded guy. The two guys T.J. and Adam have been really cruel to Tony and Mark.

I really wouldn't vote for T.J. or Adam. Next time I will just vote for Tony and Mark because they have been treated unkindly in many ways. T.J. and Adam have turned this into a joke and that's why they lost my vote.

Since I read romance novels I think that I wouldn't mind seeing Andrew,Mark or Tony on some of the covers of these romance novels in my opinion. 

Of course this is my opinion only....

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