Saturday, March 5, 2005

Long Live Saturdays

Good evening diary here I am. Well I had a terrible day, just kidding. I had a wonderful day here in Georgia. My family and I burned wood, pine cones, little pieces of log and grass in a turkey smoker, yes in a turkey smoker. Instead of using it to smoke a turkey we smoked other things in it. Of course that requires a permit by a fire department safety first I guess. My older niece brought out a little camping tent and we had a little outdoor picnic which was fun. Later on my family and I went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner which was beyond packed. We also went to a store and shopped. The only bad part is that the weather here in Georgia keeps changing one minute its nice, then its cold and then it decides to rain. I really can't wait for 80 degree weather and a ton of sunshine. I'm just longing for summer which it felt like today. Tomorrow it will be cold again.  Dear diary am I the only one who feels this way ?? Good night dear diary...for now that is which is always obvious to you.

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