Friday, March 18, 2005

Notes for Friday

Many people remember Anne Frank. She was a young lady who lived during the Holocaust. She still believed, after all she'd been through, that "people are really good at heart". I'm finding that Anne Frank was a far stronger person than I.

I'm still a little upset over what happened at the Fulton County Courthouse. Brian Nichols as we all know killed and injured some pretty wonderful people. This tragedy hits home for me. At my work I now have to walk through a metal detector which has really changed how I see things.

On a happier note I went to a restaurant with my family called "MoMoYa's". MoMoYa's is a totally different restaurant. It is like being in another country like Japan or Tokyo except I didn't have to jump on a plane. The food was great and the chefs are spectacular. This place was exciting and the food was the added bonus to my night. No food critic in his or her right mind could find fault with MoMoYa's.

That's all for now....

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