Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hello everyone I hope you all had a nice Easter. Earlier this morning my folks and I and my niece Megan went to the Sunrise service at our church. After church we went to eat at the Cracker Barrel.

Let me tell you something that my mom and I thought was rather funny. We had sat down at the table and my dad was sitting on the other side of me and my mother. All of a sudden from the ceiling came a daddy long legs spider. First of all let me tell you that my dad hates hates hates spiders. He is scared of spiders. My mom and I saw it and my mom started screaming "Get away, Get away, Get away, Get away". My dad moved from his chair at the Cracker Barrel. The spider had fallen to the floor. My dad never saw the spider but we did. We ended up moving to another table at the restaurant. It was funny because the spider had almost landed on my dad's head. If we had not said anything my dad would have jumped out of his chair with fright.

Anywho...after the Cracker Barrel we had to go to Kaiser because my mom had a doctor's appointment. It was rather cold this morning but the weather ended up warming up quite a bit.

I am on vacation this week from my job. Today our Easter meal consisted of mashed potatoes, potato salad, peas and a green bean casserole that my dad likes. Last night my mom and my niece Megan made cupcakes and a cake with cotton candy frosting.

Anywho...I wanted to share my news with you. I hope you got so spend your Easter holiday with your family. That's about it for now. I will talk to you all again later.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hello how is everyone ? I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. So far the weather has been nice. Yesterday my mom and dad and I and my niece Megan went to church for Good Friday. The church was full and the service was nice. I was sitting next to a guy in church and when we had to stand up and hold hands he squeezed my hand rather tight. I didn't remove my hand but I wanted to tell him that he was squeezing my hand.

Anywho after church we went to eat at Long John Silver which was good. I had the fish sandwich  which was rather good.

After eating we went to Kroger to pick up a few things. I ended up getting some chocolate for Easter and a magazine with The Hunger Games on it. I still want to see the movie. Everyone says the movie is really good.

So how are things in your neck of the woods ? I hope you are all doing well. That's about it for now. I will talk to you again later.