Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!! I hope you are all enjoying your Labor Day weekend. Today my mom came back after being out at a store and she bought me some books. I started reading one of my books which is titled "On Mystic Lake" by the writer Kristin Hannah. So far the book has started out with a woman named Annie Colwater who is married to a man named Blake Colwater and he has told her that he is cheating on her with a younger woman and he wants a divorce from his wife. The thing is he told her in a very mean way and he is a very terrible horrible guy in that he is cheating on his wife with a woman that he works with. I have to say that I really really really hate the guy in the book.

Have you ever read a book my dear world where you just couldn't stand one of the people in the book ? I will have to continue reading it to let you know how it goes but the guy in this book makes it hard to read it because I just find him irritating and digusting. I do like the woman Annie she is a really good person and they do have an older daughter who went away for specific reason's but Annie didn't see it coming that her husband was cheating on her. I feel that Annie deserves better than how she is getting treated. Hopefully things turn out well for her. Here is the link for the author --->

Question : Are you reading a book that you would like to share any details of ?? Do let me know.

That's about all for now. Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, August 29, 2008

News For Friday...

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone its Friday. How are you today ?? I have a bit of news for you. First things was a pretty warm day today in Atlanta, Georgia and the rain from Hurricane Fay has passed.

Of course last night I watched the Democratic National Convention on television. I watched Barack Obama's acceptance speech and I have to say that I think that he did a great job. I think that he made a very outstanding speech. I don't know how you feel my dear world but perhaps Barack will make a great president he seems to be doing a great job so far with his speech's and talking in front of the entire world. I don't know my dear world what do you think ??? I will have to see McCain and the debate's before I fully make a decision. Is it okay for me to speak about politics ??? was another day at work for me. The lady that had started with us a while back has been trying to create problems with my coworker's and I and my old supervisor since my other supervisor had to be placed at another building where he was needed to make changes there. My coworker's and I recently have had to take care of her work and then she had to come with us for the rest of the day so we could get finished with our work since she has been calling to the head boss and complaining about what work she can't do and what she doesn't like to do. She doesn't seem to like us since she complained she didn't want to sit with us on the break time but we didn't ask her to sit with us because she doesn't try to be friendly with us. I don't know my dear world what it is but she just seems to want to create problems in our department.

The worst news of all is that yesterday Clayton County schools lost their accreditation due to the problems of the school board which were asked to resign but they declined. Recently the school's lost their accreditation which was a decision reached. The school is going to appeal the decision since this will affect the student's such as my oldest niece who will soon be affected since she will graduate as a senior in the coming month's. I think that its sad that this had to happen and that the student's will be affected in this way. I hope that things get better soon.

Yes the embarrassing moment I had is still lingering with me. The embarrassing moment was partly my fault since I opened my mouth and admitted something about a certain someone that I liked and it got out to one of the women at my work that I didn't think would be told to her but of course it was. Anywho...I won't be quite so honest the next time around. I have to remember that embarrassing moments happen but I am still embarrassed about it.

There is a show called "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader" on television ---> and Regis was on the show and he was asked questions that he did NOT know and guess what my mom asked me the questions and I knew the answers to the questions. The question was asked : Who wrote the poem "The Road Less Travelled" and Regis did NOT know who the poet was and me I knew the answers to a lot of the questions that Regis did NOT know. I am proud to say that I am smarter than a 5th grader. The answer of course was the poet Mr. Robert Frost. Am I good or what ???

So how are you my dear world ??? How was your Friday ?? I do hope that all is well with you. The weekend is here do you have any plans ??

That's about it for now. I'll talk to you again later.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Have You Ever......

Hello dear world

Good evening how is everyone ? I have a question and this question comes from the fact that today at work I had a very embarrassing moment which I will explain later.

Anywho...have you ever had an embarrassing moment that you just thought was too embarrassing to share ???

I'm wondering....if you had an embarrassing moment how did it make you feel ??


Sunday, August 24, 2008

News...And A Birthday

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!!!! You have probably been wondering where I've been. Well I have been around at work and at home. Anywho...Hurricane Fay in Florida seems to have passed through our neck of the woods.

We got quite a bit of wind in our neighborhood and today it rained quite a bit. Earlier today my family and I went to Chuck 'E'Cheese Pizza. My dad wanted to go there to celebrate his birthday. My dad turned 61 years old. My niece's and I played games and I gave them some of my tokens and I also gave them my tickets that I won from playing some games. I got on a ride with my niece's that simulates being on a actual roller coaster which was fun. There were quite a lot of babies and some kids there with their families. It was quite busy there. We had some Italian sub sandwiches and pizza which was good.

How was your weekend my dear world ?? I do hope that you had a nice weekend. I have to recommend a movie for you that you must see. The movie that I recommend is called "The Brave One" with Jodie Foster which I must say was quite wonderful. Here is the link for you to check it out -------> . Jodie Foster was quite good in the movie both my folks and I enjoyed seeing it.

I am sorry for not being around recently but you know how it goes with life and stuff. I do have to get back to work tomorrow after being off this weekend. I will talk to you again soon.

Take care dear world

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Shopping...And A Bad Restaurant Review

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!! How are you today ? I hope that you all had a pleasant Sunday.

Earlier this morning my folks and I and my niece's went to eat at a place called "Luella's" and I hate to say it but I have to give them a bad restaurant review. I and my mom and my oldest niece agreed with me. I in the end gave them a D for both their food and their dessert. I ended up having a breakfast plate and I tried their dessert which I have to say wasn't good. They claimed to have a taste of Creole cooking which they didn't of course. The breakfast plate I had wasn't good and I have to say that my mom and my oldest niece said that we won't be going back.

After the restaurant we took a ride over to TJMaxx where I did some shopping. I ended up getting a Halloween skeleton bride and groom music box which has bats which when you turn it upside down the bats glide around the music box and it plays a Halloween sort of music which I instantly liked. I also got a Halloween figurine I liked. I always have liked weird things I don't really know why. I also bought some coffee I saw.

After TJMaxx we went to Walmart where I bought my baby catfish some food and a purple tank top my oldest niece wanted. We then went home and changed our tank since the one our catfish was in had a leak in and we got some new marbles to put in a new tank we had already at the tank. Our catfish was none too happy with us for taking him out and fooling with him.

All in all we had a really nice Sunday. How was your day my dear world ? I do hope that all is well with you. Of course tomorrow is back to work for me. That's about it for now. I'll talk to you again soon.

Take care

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Wonderful Night....

Hello dear world

Good morning !!!!!!!!! Its a beautiful day in Atlanta, Georgia. I have to say that last night for my mom and my niece's was amazing !!!!!!!!! My dad stayed home and we went out. We went to Tinseltown to see "The Dark Knight" at 8:05 and I treated my mom and my niece's to the show. I bought the tickets, the popcorn, the soda's and the candy for my oldest niece and I. My youngest niece had a movie meal bucket of popcorn which she liked.

Once we got in the movie we watched preview's of movie's to come and then the movie started. I have to say that Christian Bale was great in the movie, so was Aaron Eckhart. Christian Bale is a nice looking guy and I am glad they picked him to be Batman. I did think that Heath Ledger was not all that great as the joker. I really think that he was not great as the joker. I think that the actress who played Rachel Dawson was alright but I think that they could have picked someone else. But I did really enjoy the movie I can't wait until the next one. The movie was a little long but it was well worth watching. My mom and my niece's liked the movie as well and we are planning to go back to Tinseltown to see the new "Mummy" movie with Brendan Fraser.

So how was your night last night my dear world ?? I do hope that you all had a nice one. I can say that I had a great time and its always fun hanging out with my mom and my niece's. How are things in your part of the world ?? Do keep me posted.

Bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

A Wonderful Day......

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!!!! How are all of you ? I am happy to report that I am feeling much much much much better. Today was another day at work for me. All of the guys at work seemed to really enjoy me throughout the day. All of the guys talked to me and they joked around with me and I have to say that I must be doing something right.

Before I was to get off I was up front at work and who did I see ??? Andrew of course. I saw him and I said hello to him and I ended up walking over to him and he hugged me he actually hugged me and he wished me a good weekend.

Of course before I got off work my oldest niece called me at my work and told me that we were going to Tinseltown to see the movie "The Dark Knight" which I have to say that I can't wait to see it. I can't wait to see Christian Bale and the whole entire movie I am sure it will be fun.

What are your plans my dear world ??? I would like to wish you all a very great weekend.

As you can tell I am totally happy today totally.

Bye everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I'm Feeling A Little.....Blah

Hello dear world

How is everyone ? I'm sorry I haven't come by lately to talk to you but I have been feeling a little....blah.

Its been a week of work for me and everything. I have nothing to complain about at work. The reason for my not feeling so good is that I am feeling a little sorry for myself I hate to say. I have been trying to be somewhat flirty with guys....smiling, saying hello, asking them how they are and what happens ???? Nothing !!!!!! Absolutely Nothing !!!!!!! Guys just basically say hello and walk away. I just don't get it.

With the guys at work I try to act cute but its like I still nothing. I start acting silly or just making ordinary conversation about nothing so as to put up an act of I don't care. It seems like guys are just NOT interested in me in the least. Am I doing something wrong ?????

I'm sorry for coming to you with this dear world but I am just trying to explain my absence from you and to explain how I have been feeling lately.

How have you been my dear world ?? How are things with you ?? I do hope that all is well.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Sunday....

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone. Its me again as usual. Well it was a nice Sunday for me. Today I went out to Walmart and I did some shopping. I got a Focaccia pizza by Stouffer's which was quite good. It had roasted green and red pepper's on a flat crust bread which was very good. It also had pepperoni on it and it had herbs and spices on it which made it that much better. For dinner my mom had got some items to put in the Gumbo she made for dinner. Did I tell you my mother makes the best cajun Gumbo ever. She puts shrimp, oysters, ham, italian sausage, chicken and cut up Crab in her gumbo and it was delicious to say the least. I love her Gumbo more than anything.

I also bought my niece's a few more school supplies. We got home from Walmart and I put the Focaccia pizza in the oven and it was wonderful to eat as a lunch snack. I did watch more of the Olympics in Beijing which has been quite interesting to watch. I have gotten into watching the Olympics have you ??

By the way how was your day my dear world ? How are things in your neck of the woods ? I do hope that you had a really nice Sunday. Tomorrow is back to work for me of course. That's it for now I'll talk to you later.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Some Thoughts....

Hello dear world

Good evening. Well here I am again. How has your weekend been ?

First I have to say that Friday at work I had NOT seen Andrew because he later in the afternoon he saw me in the hallway and told me that he had been working in the building. First he told me that it was nice seeing me again since he had NOT seen me in a while. I was thinking that he had stopped working at our job entirely but happily I was wrong. It was nice seeing him on Friday and I didn't expect him to say that it was nice seeing me again. I hope that I will get to see him more next week at work.

Anywho....this morning my folks and I and my niece's watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing since my mom had taped it. The opening ceremony was beyond amazing. The whole ceremony was beautiful I wish I could have been there to see it up close. I have always wanted to take a trip to China but I have NEVER got a chance to go there. The costumes and the performances and the whole art that was put together for the opening ceremony was something to watch.

How was your day my dear world ? I do hope that you had a nice Saturday. I also hope that you will have a nice and relaxing Sunday as well. I guess that's about it for now. I'll talk to you again later


Thursday, August 7, 2008

News For Today....

Hello dear world

Good evening all !!!!!!! How is everyone today ?? Its me again and I have some news for you. First things was quite a hot steamy day in Atlanta, Georgia. Its been hot for a couple of days now and I am beginning to long for the upcoming Fall season. I can't wait until the crisp breeze of October.

It was quite a day for me at work. Everybody was giving me compliments today on my hair. Today I wore my hair down which is usually kept up while I am at work. The reason I wore it down is because I had washed it late last night and I didn't get a chance to fully dry it so I decided to wear it down to let it dry. My dear world most of the people told me that they liked my hair down and that it made me look younger. I don't know someone giving me a compliment was nice but when it comes to saying thank you it becomes like a stun gun to the brain and I am never sure of what to say. Some of the people acted like it was a surprise that I had wore it down. Some of the others acted like they couldn't recognize me and it was like they had never seen me before until today. Don't get me wrong compliments are nice but what else can you say but thank you ??? Maybe I'm wrong what do you think ??

Anywho....recently we had an election in my county and you might want to know that Victor Hill will NO longer be the sheriff of my our county. He will be sheriff until January. The guy who won the election is named Kem Kimbrough ----> . He won the election and of course he will have to run against a republican candidate in our county but he did win the election thus far.

Of course it was the first day back to school for my niece's and they will be back to school tomorrow for another day. Its that time for pencils, notebooks, erasers and homework for them.

How are things in your neck of the woods my dear world ?? I hope all is well with you. I thought I would come by and share some news with you. I won't keep you any longer. I'm sure you have to get back to your activities and such so now I will say good-night

Take care

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Dear World...I Have Such News

Hello dear world

How is everyone ? I have such news to report that I don't know where to start. Where to start ?? Where to start ?? Yesterday I returned to work after being on vacation with my family and low and behold I found out that my supervisor Jesse was transferred to another building and I didn't get to tell him good-bye.

I have to say that my supervisor Jesse was a pretty cool supervisor. He treated my coworker's and I with a lot of respect and he did keep us all laughing even through the rough times when people complained that we weren't doing anything. I did like him and I feel that he did a great job as a supervisor.

Our old supervisor K----N is back as our supervisor once more. We'll have to see how things go. I really wish I could talk to Jesse and let him know how I felt about him. Apparently our newest coworker that recently started a while back J----E is feeling that my coworker's and I don't like her and she is trying to start trouble with us with our head boss and things are getting said and turned around and things are turning into a mess. I don't know what will happen next my dear world. Our head boss is talking about seperating my coworker's and I which I hope doesn't happen because we are already low when it comes to help around our building and we are trying our best to get things done.

In other news...pretty soon my niece's will be starting school pretty soon. My niece Megan will be going to the 3rd grade and my other neice Jeanette will be a senior in high school. They are getting older and getting taller and pretty soon my niece Megan will be a teenager as well. They are sure growing up fast.

I do hate to say it but the book I read recently "Nights In Rodanthe"  by Nicholas Sparks ended quite sadly. I do hate sad endings. I wish the book would have ended differently. Many of Nicholas Spark's other books "The Notebook" , "Message In A Bottle" , "A Walk To Remember" all ended sadly.  I do wish Nicholas Sparks could write books with happier endings in my opinion.

Anywho...I had a really great conversation with a guy at work today early this morning. The guy he is so wonderfully nice and charming and nice looking and I am sad to say NOT available. I can't seem to find one guy that is single and with all of the qualities that I like in a guy why is that ???

My dear world I am sorry for bogging you down in all of my news today. How are you by the way ?? I do hope that all is well with you. I just had to come and talk to you. I won't go on any longer now with all of my whining and complaining and so on and so on and so on and

Good-night dear world for all its worth

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Me And My Family Have Returned.....

Hello dear world

Good evening everyone !!!!! I'm sorry that I haven't been around lately but my family and I just returned from another camping trip at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

We left for our camping trip on Tuesday morning. We got everything packed and we headed for Denny's to eat. We arrived at Tallulah Gorge State Park and we set up at campsite #10 where we camped at before when we camped at Tallulah a while back. We set up camp and then we went driving around town to see what we could see. On our first day at camp it was extremely hot.

We ended up at Chick-Fil-A to eat and then we headed to Walmart to do some shopping. We got back to camp after shopping and went and took our shower's. The water at our camp shower was quite hot and I enjoyed taking my shower at the camp shower in the park. I couldn't wait until the very next day.

On Wednesday it was another great day. Earlier in the day my family and I went to the beach which was quite nice. While we were there we happened to see a rainbow in the clouds which nobody but me and my family saw at the time. We took a picture of it on my camera.

After the beach we got back to camp and we took our shower's. The water once again was nice and hot and it was a joy. We then decided to go out for dinner but the place we wanted to go to was closed for business permanently so we ended up going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner. We ended up going to a place called "La Cabana" which wasn't all that good.

After eating we went to Walmart once again. I bought my niece's each a movie they wanted. I also got myself some movies I wanted including "Blood & Chocolate" and the double feature "Rocky and Rocky II". I also got a book called "Body Language" and some stickers I wanted.

Once we got back to camp my father built a campfire. We ended up sitting outside at our campsite and enjoyed the nice cool evening. We had decided that we were going to go to a hotel since we left our pop-up and stuff at the campsite. My folks wanted to go to Harrah's Casino while my niece's would play at the arcade.

The very next day we drove up into the mountains of North Carolina. Harrah's Casino was right nearby. We stayed in room 103 at the Days Inn. Earlier in the day my folks and I went to Harrah's Casino. I actually played some of the machines. I'm not any good at the machines but I enjoyed going to the candy shop inside of Harrah's where me and my mom bought some chocolate's which were pretty delicious. My niece's also had fun at the arcade.

For dinner we went to a place called "Bob Big Boy's" which was quite good. We had NOT been there since we had lived in California. When we first got to the Days Inn I did get changed and I got in the pool at the hotel. While we were eating at Bob Big Boy's I got a really good hot fudge cake which I really really liked.

The next morning my family and I left the Days Inn. We then drove to a place called the "Gold City Gem Mine". For the very first time I panned for Gold which wasn't all that fun. I did end up Gem Mining later on which I really liked. My niece's did NOT do any Gem Mining. The best part was when the guy who worked there showed me the difference between a good rock from a bad rock. I actually found doing Gem Mining an emerald, some rubies and some sapphires which haven't been cut. He told me that I was a very quick learner. It took quite a while to do Gem Mining but it was quite fun and interesting.

After the mining we went to eat at a place called "The Dillard House". At the restaurant they don't have menu's because its considered fine dining. Its like stepping back in time to when the Rockefeller's lived. The food to me wasn't all that good but my folks liked it. They did have a really good vanilla ice cream which had a whipped topping gelato type of texture which made it quite good.

Once we finished eating we got back to camp. My mom stayed at camp while my dad and I and my niece's went to the Jane Hurt Yarn Interpretive Center. We walked some of the gorge. We got to a place called "the Overlook" which was quite amazing because of the view of the gorge.

A little while later we went to the beach since it was quite hot during the day. The beach was quite nice. We went back to camp a few hours later and my father made a campfire which was nice and warm. My folks fixed the leftovers from The Dillard House while I had a hot dog. Before going to bed I watched some of my movie "Blood & Chocolate" which was wonderful.

Today was the day that we had to leave Tallulah Gorge State Park. We got home a little before 4:00pm. We packed up the camper, the little tent we put stuff in and the car and we left Tallulah Gorge State Park for the very last time. It was extremely hot while we were packing up. On the way home we stopped off at McDonald's for a quick lunch and then we got back on the road and we got home.

Our trip was quite memorable and we all had fun. We are planning to go somewhere new on our next camping trip which I am excited about. Its always hard when a trip ends but its nice coming home again with lots of memories.

So my dear world how was your week ?? I do hope that your week was a nice one. Do let me know how things are in your part of the world.

Anywho.....I just wanted to let you know that I am still here alive and well and having lots of fun in my part of the world.

Do keep me posted. Good-night !!!!!!!