Monday, February 28, 2005

My Pick for Worst Dressed and Best Dressed at the Oscars

Hello and good evening here I am again as usual. I wasn't going to comment on the Oscars but I decided that I wanted to pick the "Worst Dressed" and "Best Dressed" from the Oscars and I also wanted to include it all in this new entry.

For starters my first pick for worst dressed woman at the Oscars was Ziyi Zhang who wore a black Monique Lhuillier gown. I thought that the dress looked quite a bit transparent and it didn't look good on her at all. My other pick for worst dressed woman I feel sad to say is Cate Blanchett who wore a lemon Valentino gown set off with a chocolate bow. I didn't feel that the color was right for her. My other pick for worst dressed woman was Natalie Portman who wore a Art-Deco style Lanvin gown with a sparkling headband. I really thought that the straps were going to fall off her shoulders and it didn't look like she filled out the dress in the right ways. The dress looked a little too old for Natalie Portman. My other pick for worst dressed woman at the Oscars has to go to Halle Berry who wore a Atelier Versace gown. The gown on Halle didn't fit her the way it should have. The dress didn't show off her body as some of her other dresses that she has worn and looked nice in. Another one of my picks for worst dressed woman at the Oscars was Laura Linney. I felt that the dress and her hair didn't suit her for the Oscars. I just felt that her hair looked a little too strict and hard fora lady that always seems to look beautiful.

On the other hand my first pick for best dressed woman at the Oscars goes to Hilary Swank who was dressed to impress in a backless midnight-blue Guy Laroche gown which was perfect for someone of her height. The dress made her look glamorous and beautiful without going over the top. My next pick for best dressed woman at the Oscars was of course Renee Zellweger who glowed from head to toe in a crimson strapless Carolina Herrera gown. She was the epitome of beautiful in her gown as any woman at the Oscars could have. Last but not least my other best dressed woman at the Oscars was Catalina Sandino Moreno who turned out in a Roberto Cavalli gown which was truly stunning and amazing in her gown. She deserved an award just for the perfectly picked gown.

My pick for worst dressed man goes to Antonio Banderas who looked a little out of style for the Oscars. My other pick for worst dressed man goes to Robin Williams with a raspberry colored shirt and barely there tie. He looked like he was going to some wild halloween party in a suit. Another pick for worst dressed was Johnny Depp who looked like he was going to a costume party instead of to a special Hollywood event. My last pick for worst dressed man was Jeremy Irons who happened to looked like he was heading to a funeral instead of an event where awards were going to be given. 

Though I have to say that my pick for best dressed man at the Oscars goes to Usher for showing up dressed in pure glamour. My other pick for best dressed man is Clive Owen who looked very stylish and gorgeous. Clive was definitely dressed to the 9's. Of course my other pick for best dressed man in my personal opinion was definitely Pierce Brosnan who always tends to show up at events such as the Oscars looking like the front page of G.Q. magazine. Pierce always looks like the cover of a magazine without missing a beat.  I have to say that sick or not Pierce Brosnan himself certainly deserved an award just for looking the very part of perfection personified. Last but definitely not least my absolute pick for best dressed man was Prince who showed up looking more than handsome and stylish as he has ever been. Prince knew what to wear and how to wear it. Prince is the very essence of how a man should always look and dress. Prince deserves an award for always dressing in style and dressed as no man ever could. More men should follow in his footsteps.

Need I say more ????? Congratulations to all the winners and to those who didn't win look at it this way there's always next year.  P.S. Chris Rock was funny and wonderful at the Oscars in my opinion he certainly showed that he is and always will be a very talented comedian.

On a more serious note I read that Jessica Lunsford is still missing. I really hope that police officials will find her. I hope that she is found safe and sound and returned to her family as soon as possible. I hate to hear news of young children who have gone missing it just breaks my heart. I hope and pray for her safe return. Until we meet again good night dear diary.....

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lamove04 said...

Hi!  Just wanted to stop in and thank you for your comments in my journal this week.  It's funny, some of your worst dressed were my best dressed, and vice versa.  I guess everyone has different tastes!  Take care, and keep journaling...