Monday, February 21, 2005

In Reply To A Column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Hello here I am again as usual. Today in the Atlanta Journal Constitution a guest columnist Neil Bradley wrote a column titled "Requiring photo ID's infringes on voters" which made me a little mad. I read that elected officials introduced earlier this month Senate Bill 84 which requires poll workers to turn away any voter without a photo identification, with absolutely no exceptions. I think that the elected officials who voted for the bill are just as ridiculous as the bill itself. I don't think that Senate Bill 84 is sensible at all. There is no evidence that voter fraud, which the bill is supposedly trying to remedy, actually exists. The Senate Bill makes voters like myself quite upset.

The Senate Bill might as well be written as follows : All registered voters shall be treated as terrorists by poll workers under laws enforced by elected officials. Voters like me already carry photo identification to the polls. The thing is voters such as myself shouldn't have to feel like a common criminal just to go to the polls to vote. Not only do I feel that the candidates who run for political office aren't interested in my vote but Senate Bill 84 gives voters like me another reason not to want to vote in the first place.

Elected officials should take that under advisement and follow the spirit of the "Hippocratic Oath": "First do no harm". If only elected officials were trusting of voters like me then perhaps I would also be more than eager to go to the polls and vote without hesitation.



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