Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ordinary Thoughts

Dear Diary,

     Let me start by saying good evening dear diary. Today my family and I had gone to an International Festival at my church which was fun. I got to taste foods from different parts of the world. I have to say that Poland has terrible food so does Russia, Cuba, Jamaica, Ireland and Bolivia just to name a few. I can say that the only good thing about Bolivia really is its coffee. I also saw an Elvis impersonator at the festival and to be honest he was horrible. He had on a bad wig, he sung by a karoake machine and tons of women were running up to him like he was the real Elvis which was laughable. I have to say this the Mariachi band was great. If you don't know what a Mariachi band is dear diary let me tell you. A Mariachi band is a Mexican street band. None of the guys looked like Antonio Banderas though. None of the guys came close to looking as jaw-dropping gorgeous as Antonio Banderas and I really don't think that any guy could at least I don't think so dear diary but you never know, you just never know. I was just thinking that it's weird that you can go to different parts of the world without having to get on a plane, drive a car or to step on a train. You can go to different parts of the world without even having to pack a bag or a toothbrush isn't that something dear diary ? Of course I have to say this though the United States still has the best tasting food which is its hamburgers, hot dogs and its desserts which no one could ever doubt.

Dear diary I wonder if I'm the only one with thoughts like these....what do you think dear diary ????

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loststream said...

No you're not the only one with thoughts like those.... Virtually EVERYONE has them to some extent.  Some more, some less ... Some walk w/ deep thoughts, while others have their head up in the clouds!