Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I'm A Mixed Nut

Dear Diary,

Hello again I am what you call a mixed nut. I am a little weird for telling you my thoughts instead of telling this to someone. I just think that I feel comfortable coming to you and telling you things instead of telling someone how I feel. I talk as much as a fish with people face to face.

If I ever do find a boyfriend he will tell me that I need to talk to him instead of to my diary. I find something to say and I run to you or my notebooks. A guy would say that it's time for me to talk instead of writing it down. Maybe none of this makes sense but maybe it does. I need a guy's advice on how to say what's really on my mind. How long can I talk to you dear diary ???? No guy is going to want a girlfriend who runs to her diary am I right ?????


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