Sunday, August 22, 2004

Just Thinking

Dear Diary,

Hello again without a doubt you already know who this is. It's kind of late in the evening. I thought that I would drop by and chat a little while so here I am. You probably wonder when I'll dig up something new to tell you so today I have something new to tell which should make you happy. Today was a fun day for me which began with a trip to a nearby pool at a recreation center. The water at the pool was fabulously warm. I did a little bit of swimming though some might call it attempting to swim but I call what I do swimming.

Most of the time I come to you and talk about the fact that I'm still not dating or that I don't have a boyfriend. After a while you get tired of saying the same thing time and time again. I don't know how long I will be single but sometimes I wonder if I should just become a nun, just kidding. Being single has its good points I can look at all the guys I want and enjoy it. There's plenty of time to join a convent, just kidding. Once again dear diary I was making an attempt to be funny. Being single can be lonely sometimes especially at night. Its hard to sleep alone sometimes but having a bed to oneself can also be nice.

Dear diary I know that I come to you and I complain what this or that. Sometimes I get tired of myself and all of my little bits of crap. I don't think that anyone else but you dear diary cares about the thoughts that run through my head from time to time. It's nice to be able to come to you and voice my problems, complaints and wonderful days. I'm sure that things for me will change I'm just not sure of when or how but they will change. Who knows maybe Vin Diesel will give me a call you never know you just never know.

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thezone11 said...

Mabee you should give vin diesel a call