Thursday, August 12, 2004

More and more and more thoughts

Dear Diary ,

Here I am again which I'm sure is no big surprise .........laugh out loud. I was thinking maybe no one will be interested in my thoughts , maybe no one will understand the thoughts rolling in my head , maybe no one wants to hear the constant whining and complaining that I usually tell you about , maybe no one cares . Dear diary with all that I tell you maybe people will think that I am some alien from another planet . I won't always be like this . I think that it might just take time for me to find someone and when I do I will have different things to tell you instead of this constant complaining when I come to you with all of my useless whining which might bore others but never you dear diary.

Maybe I should put an ad out on billboards all across America - SOULMATE WANTED FOR A LIFETIME OF FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE . IF OFFERING THE SAME LEAVE YOUR NAME AND NUMBER AT THE BILLBOARD THANKS .........just kidding billboards would be pushing it a bit I think . Dear diary am I nuts or what ? never mind don't answer that .

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