Thursday, August 12, 2004

More Thoughts

Dear Diary ,

Hello dear diary here I am again . I have been doing a lot to get guys to notice me . I find myself smiling a little more and trying to make conversation with guys that I see at work . Dear diary I'm not trying to complain but nothing I do seems to really work with any guys that I talk to . It might be that I need advice from a guy's perspective because it could be that I'm doing things wrong in trying to catch the attention of guys . Dear diary once again you sit here quietly hoping that for once  I might dig up something new to talk about but I never do . I would just like to find someone that I could be friends with first before moving into something else .

Dear diary it's highly possible that I annoy you with all of my complaints and whining about this , that and the other. It's just that you are the only one that I talk to when it comes to things like this . You are my only friend . Anyone else would lose patience with me and all of my numerous thoughts and whining . Who knows one of these days maybe I might dig up something new and a little more interesting you never know . Sounds hopeful doesn't it ?

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