Thursday, August 19, 2004

Just More Thoughts

Dear Diary,

Hello. Here I am again and I thought I would come and tell you my thoughts as I usually do. I have tried to be really flirty with different guys but that doesn't seem to work. I have tried being cute but nothing seems to make guys notice me. Maybe it's just me dear diary. Maybe I am doing things wrong. I need the advice of men, cute guys need to apple a.s.a.p that's just me being funny dear diary.

I think that I have a great sense of humor I just think that guys are not noticing how cute I really am. Maybe I could try being me again but that doesn't work either. Who knows maybe finding someone takes time but this being patient is beginning to seem endless for me. I will continue to try being flirty and cute but something has work or I am going to start feeling like I am some alien freak from another planet that has yet to be discovered. What do you think dear diary??????

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