Saturday, August 21, 2004

Today's Thoughts

Dear Diary,

Here I am again Miss Halle Berry ok I'm kidding dear diary that was me attempting to be cute. I realize that no one online has come to read my diary so I don't have to worry about the things that I say. I was worried about the things that I would tell you dear diary because I thought that people on the internet would come to read my thoughts and end up taking my thoughts the wrong way. I think it would be interesting if someone actually took the time to read my thoughts that I write to you dear diary but no one has.

It's time to tell you what I did today so here it goes today we went to a late mass at my church which is St. Philip Benizi. I went with my family which is always nice. As usual dear diary I don't have any plans on a Saturday night but to come and talk with you about a few things that would probably never interest anyone in the first place. I guess its not surprising that I don't have any plans because I never really make any plans to do anything anyway. I know that in order to have plans one has to make plans to do something that would be considered a plan.

Someone else might think nothing that I have to say is of much interest. I don't know if I'm making any sense dear diary but I just have to let you know what I'm thinking and why. Since no one is reading my diary I don't think that I need to hold back the things that I feel by not revealing them. Well once again its time to say good bye at least for now. We will talk again soon.

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loststream said...

August 29, 2006   Comment by Loststream from Las Vegas, Nevada.

How I came upon your journal site... Hmm where to begin... I was reading/answering answers on Yahoo Answers this evening about "procrastination" because I have terrible problems with that ... and someone quoted a part of Edward Young's poem "NIGHT THOUGHTS" about Procrastination being the "Thief of Time... and the Murderer of Ambition"... So I wanted to read the entire poem, but wasn't able to find a website that displayed it in it's entirety... Rather, I clicked on a link labeled "Night Thoughts" mistaking it as a possible poetry web source and instead it directed me to your July 2, 2004 Journal Entry titled "Late Night Thoughts."  I read it, thought it was intriguing, read a few more of your entries and now, I'm hooked!  It's like reading a book... short chapters, funny tidbits, very emotionally entrancing, and based upon (if it's true) a real person.  So I decided to read all of your journal entries from start to present.  I just barely started and I got to this entry, which was of course written over 2 years ago, but I felt the need to write that there is "someone" who is reading your entries now and finds them interesting... albeit 2 years later.  Now off to read the rest.