Monday, June 23, 2008

A Busy Day But Still Quite Fun.......

Hello hello hello dear world

How is everyone ????? As you can tell I am doing extremely great. Today let me tell you I had a busy but still quite fun day and it was truly a day of too much perfection.

Since I took the day off today my folks and I and my oldest niece took my youngest niece to her swim practice today and let me tell you that its like a sauna in the pool area. The place is located behind my work so we took a trip up there. She is quite the swimmer and I think that pretty soon she might just grow fins and gills.

After her swim practice we took a ride up Arbor Place Mall for the first time. Here is the link for you ----> . Let me tell you that the mall has everything you could possibly want under one roof. It even has a huge huge huge huge movie theater inside. I ended up going to the bookstore there called Borders and let me tell you that the bookstore is huggggggggggge. I ended up getting two books and a Borders card. It had a million books in the store and I lovvvvvvved it !!!!!!!!! We will probably end up going back there again soon.

After going to the mall we ended up going for lunch at Chili's nearby and I have to say that they have some good food there. I got the smoked turkey sandwich which was wonderful. Then for dessert my family and I ordered an dish called a White Chocolate Molten Cake which is a white chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream and a white chocolate shell with white chocolate shavings on top. In the middle of the cake there was a white chocolate filling which was quite delicious and creamy. There was also a raspberry sauce under the white chocolate cake. When you broke the cake you got to the filling and you go some of the raspberry sauce. My family and I enjoyed the dessert very much indeed.

After our lunch and dessert we went back to the swim place where my niece was tried for a swim team. The coach said she will begin with a beginner's group since she is just learning to dive which I think she will enjoy. She will still go for her lessons as well as getting into her beginner's team.

We then stopped off at Eckerd where I ended up getting another book I wanted and then we got home after our really long day.

So my dear world how was your day ??? I hope you all had a really enjoyable Monday. I had a wonderful day off and I truly had a great time.

Bye for now !!!!!!!!!



imgr8phil said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day!  Have the good rest of the week.


sybilsybil45 said...

It is so lovely to have a day off work and do just what you enjoy and you sure seemed to have had a great day. I am pleased that your niece has got into the swimming team give her my good wishes. Hope all goes well at work today. we are enjoying a few days of summer...even manage dto sit out for quite some time yesterday capturing the sunshine. Could it be that summer is al last coming? Love Sybil xx

sneezy7125 said...

I haven't been getting alerts for you! (Not that I've been around to pay any attention to them, but GRRRR to AOL). I've added you again, maybe that'll straighten it out.

I'm making a sincere effort to get back on track with you guys, especially now that high school's overrrrrr (I'm still excited, can you tell? lol)

Anyway, sounds like you're doing well. Your journal looks great by the way, I love the light yellow background. And I definitely agree, I love bookstores. I favor Barnes & Noble over Borders but that's just me, lol. My uncle's book is sold in Borders though... I don't know if it's in all borders stores though or just local... but I'm rambling.

Catch ya soon, have a great day!