Friday, June 20, 2008

A Wonderful Friday...And I Love Going Out To Dinner

Hello dear world

Good evening once again. Well I have to say that today was a wonderful Friday. I and my dad took the day off of work to do a few things today which was nice. I did miss one certain person at work.

Earlier this morning my folks and I and my nieces went to a little mass that was held at our church St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church which was nice. After church we stopped off at IHOP where of course I ordered the Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a big dollop of whipped cream which my youngest niece ate with a huge smile. Yes I love love love love love love love love love love CHOCOLATE !!!!!!!!

After breakfast we stopped off at a little thrift store where I did a little bit of shopping. I got some movies my youngest niece wanted, some statues for my folks and for me I got a book titled "The Return Journey" by the writer Maeve Binchy.

Once we got home my cousin Aaron and his kids and my aunt Tee came over for a visit which was nice. Later on one of my niece Jeanette's friend came over for a visit and right now her and my niece are having a sleepover. They returned a little while ago from the movies that my sister took them too.

While my niece's were at the movies I ended up treating my folks to dinner at our favorite restaurant "Longhorn Steakhouse" and yes our dinner was fabulous. My folks and I ended up each getting the ribeye cooked medium and I got a Caesar salad with a side of ranch dressing and I got a thing of fries with my ribeye. I have to tell you that I love Longhorn's ribeye it is always delicious and mouth watering good. I also had a Blackberry tea for a drink which was pretty good. I do have to tell you that we had a good time joking around and eating our dinner. You might want to know that we don't call it LONGHORN we call it "THE BIG HAIRED LADY" . Yes my dear world I LOVE going out to dinner.

Tomorrow is the Neighborhood Block Party and I am hoping that it doesn't rain. I heard on the news that its supposed to rain tomorrow I am just hoping it doesn't.

I must tell you that I watched a movie that I like on Lifetime called "The Valley Of Light" which is a totally great great movie. Its kind of a love story but its a great movie the whole family can watch.

So my dear world how was your day ??? I do hope that you got to enjoy your Friday. Tomorrow starts the weekend so I hope you will all enjoy your weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't do.

Good-Night !!!!!!!



imgr8phil said...

You are a silly girl.  It is hot  here, 110 today.  No AC either.  It is like 82 now at 921.  Please take it away!  LOL  Have a good weekend.


sybilsybil45 said...

Morning Monae,  It is wet here this morning so hope that it is dry and sunny for you today.  Enjoy your street party.  Love Sybil xx