Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day !!!!!!!!!

Hello dear world

Good evening !!!!!!! First let me say to all of you Father's out there "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!!!!".

Today we celebrated father's day at the house which I will tell you about but might want to know that yesterday my folks and I and my youngest niece went to a restaurant we go to quite a lot called "La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant". We went there for dinner and yes I treated my parents since yesterday was their anniversary and yes our dinner was good. My mom and I shared a dish called Texas Fajitas for two and my dad had a whole different meal. Anywho...we had a server named Gary and I have to say that he was quite nice looking. He looked to be in his early thirties and he didn't have a wedding ring on so I made a point of smiling at him and I have to say that he was a real bonus to our dinner. I kept asking for things just so he would come over to the table. I just thought you would want to know that. we celebrated Father's Day at the house and we had a nice dinner which consisted of steak and potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Earlier today my mom and my youngest niece Megan made a funfetti cake for my dad since my oldest niece was at a thing called Birthday Bash in Atlanta. She did have fun. Later in the day my youngest niece and I iced the cake and we decorated it with sprinkles. My dad did also get some gifts which consisted of a wise hammer which can electronically find studs and things, he also got a nice watch from my mom and from my nieces and I which we picked out at Kohl's a nice dress shirt and matching tie unfortunately the dress shirt is too small so we are going to have to take it back. Yes my dad did like his gifts and we had a really nice day at the house.

Its been a day of having the U.S. Open on television since my dad is a fan of Tiger Woods and of course....GOLF. My dad loves to watch GOLF and I did watch a little bit of it. I do wish that women could play with the men on the U.S. Open that would be something to see.

Well my dear world how was your Father's Day ??? I do hope that all of you father's and grandfather's and all had a really nice day and hopefully a really great day of gifts and memories with your family and loved ones.

Of course tomorrow starts another week at work for me. On the 21st my neighborhood will be having a block party and I sure wish you all could be there. I'll tell you about the block party later. I do want to wish you all a great and relaxing rest of the weekend. I'll talk to you again soon.

Once again " HAPPY FATHER'S DAY !!!!!!!!! "


cuteallison1980 said...

Your dad had a celebration weekend didn't he.  I was watching the golf and they will be having an 18 hole playoff tomorrow.  How exciting since I will be working.  Have a happy tomorrow. : )


justplainbill said...

Monae', I like your Dad, Ialso spent a lot of hours this past week and the weekend watching the US Open, especially enjoyed it today with my two sons.
Thanks for your HFD wishes, I enjoyed it and had spare ribs, corn on the cob, macaroni and potatoe salad. Three different cakes for dessert. I only ate two of them but got the third to take home.
You big flirt in a Mexican restaurant too. Glad you enjoyed the waiter, Have a good week, Bill

imgr8phil said...

Glad Y'all had a great weekend.  Thank you so much for the nice comment  you left on my journal.  Hope you have a nice week Monae.


oddb0dkins said...

Happy anniversary to your mum and dad.
Glad you all had a good time. Hope you didn't wear the poor waiter out with all that running around ;O)

B. x

hugsdoodlewacky said...

((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))I am glad your Dad had a great Fathers Day.