Friday, February 9, 2007

Some Thoughts

Hello dear world

How is everyone ?? I heard some news. I am sad to report that Anna Nicole Smith has passed away. I have to say that I think she was a good person deep down. She just got caught up in the fame that she tried so hard to be a part of. It has to be known that everyone has problems and yes even celebrities with fame and fortune have problems too. Just when you think you have it hard you see that someone else has it harder than you. She lost her young son recently and now she's gone. Many people have been critical of her today and she hasn't even been buried yet which I think is quite sad. The death of a man, a woman or a child is always a horrible thing to hear about. Anna was someone's daughter, someone's friend and someone's something. Anyone's death is a tragic thing. The loss of a life is never something to laugh at. She is gone and we should have respect for her family during this time.


On a more different note I was reading a journal that everyone should visit here is the link -------> .

In one of the entries there is a question:

Is Valentines Day a genuinely romantic day ? Or just a big commercial money pit into which romantic people fall ?

Before I was welcomed to J-Land I would have said right off the bat that Valentines Day is a big commercial money pit into which romantic people fall. I have since changed my mind. I am now enjoying Valentines Day. I have found many wonderful friends that have inspired me, taught me, opened me up in so many different ways and so many of you that have just been truly kind to me which I have been thankful for.

I have gotten to the point where I think that Valentines Day isn't just a genuinely romantic day but its also a special day for friends as well as for family. I have found friends in which I send cards to in which to show my appreciation for. I am including Valentines Day as part of that package.

I have also fallen head over heels in love with certain movies during this occasion such as:

Simply Irresistible


Crossing Delancey

You've Got Mail....for obvious reasons

84 Charing Cross Road

Love Actually

Under The Tuscan Sun

Bridget Jones' Diary

Footloose....with the world's greatest hunk Kevin Bacon

Hitch w/ Will Smith


etc, etc, etc

I also think that Valentines Day is a perfect time for going out and picking up a good book to read. I have started reading a lot more during this time. I picked up a few today that I haven't read including the following:

Blueberry Muffin Murder by Joanne Fluke

Irish Dreams by Nora Roberts

and for my undying love for chocolate a book titled : Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Anywho...I just thought I would share that with you. What do you think dear world ? I hope that you are doing well. I do have one tiny gripe though....Where is the sun ??? It is beyond cold in my neck of the woods and pretty soon I might just become "An Ice Lady". You might just pick up the newspaper tomorrow and find this headline:

An Ice Lady Was Found Recently Frozen Solid In Atlanta, Georgia

Sorry dear world am I weird or what ???

I will talk to you again soon. Take care my dear world.




jayveerhapsody said...

Monae, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on Valentine's Day (I'll save mine for later).
I was rather sarcastic & cruel with my recent blog remarks about Anna Nicole's untimely death. The real tragedy is that her son died so young, and her five-month-old daughter will never have a mother.
Have a good weekend!         Your Midnight Cowboy

mtrib2 said...

Thank you for visiting my journal and leaving a cheerful and 'warm' comment.   It is still cold here in S. Illinois ( in the mid 20's this afternoon ).    However I took Salty outside in the bright sunshine and it felt good for awhile.    I need to go out in his pen and do a poop clean up with a shovel.    Another dog wandered into the open gate I saw from my window one day and left a present in there.   Well Salty had to roll in it.     I need to give him a bath then.    Not very exciting news is it, lol !      On a more valuable note I am glad you are doing some good reading.    Wishing you a great Valentine's Day!     mark

jamcs605 said...

I like your list of movies...I would add Hope Floats...corny chick flick but fun to watch I think.  I'm saving the books to my list as I'm always looking for new ones to read.  Yes, I agree that it's sad that Anna Nicole Smith died.  She was so out there and spirited, a gutsy woman.  St. Valentines day for me is all about letting the people around you know that you care....and also those delicious little candy hearts.

rollinghillsides said...

I'll add a couple of my alltime favorite romantic movies if you don't mind .... "Bridges of Madison County" (1995) Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood (cry like a baby every time I watch it), and "From the Terrace" Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (1960) , oh my oh my.  Thanks for your nice tribute to Anna Nicole, I hope her baby daughter's 'real' father is determined soon so she can be with him!   (time to go check out Eva and John's new blog from Scotland) ...   Have a nice rest of the weekend,   Judy

millieukgirl said...

Hi Monae! Thank you for visiting my journal and leaving a comment!  I'm going to have a read-through of your journal, will put you on alerts and be back for more reading! Take care and have a nice day,


justaname4me2 said...

Not weird at all!! I think your wonderful.
There was a time I started to think Valentines day was a big old commercial hoopla.........but then, with my daughters I started to see it differently, with my friends I started to observe it differently. Take out the commercial aspect, and we have a nice warm, cozy day to smile red and love out in the open.
Take care you!