Friday, February 2, 2007

A Day of Birthdays

Hello dear world

Its Groundhog's Day !!!!! Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow today so hopefully Spring will be coming soon to my neck of the woods. The last time Phil failed to see his shadow was in 1999.  I am just ready for this Winter weather to go off somewhere perhaps to Spain or Czechoslovakia just not here. It was a very dark wintry day full of moody gray clouds and I can tell you that no one could see their shadow on a day like it was today. You might also want to know that my mother celebrated her birthday today. Unfortunately she stayed home today because she is suffering with a bad cold.

Later in the evening me, my sister and my nieces went to a place in my neck of the woods called "Chuck E. Cheese's" so my youngest niece Megan could celebrate her birthday there ------> . On the way we picked up one of my oldest nieces friends. Once we got there I purchased some tokens for my nieces. I bought them quite a few which they liked. I enjoy spoiling my nieces they love it. A few minutes later some of my sister's friends came and I had ordered some extra pizza and then I bought some extra tokens for them to play games with. The place is filled with kids everywhere playing games, parents running around with their children and the employees walking around delivering pizza's to different tables as well as cleaning up. I spent the evening at one of the tables dispensing tokens to my nieces so they were able to go and play. I am very happy to report that everyone had fun.

I have something of a personal note to tell you if you don't mind. There is a guy at my work whose office is located on the 3rd floor. Today I got a chance to see him. We had another great conversation. He asked me what team I was rooting for in Sunday's game which I told him the colts. I told him that my family and I have a little food at the house. While I was talking to him I wanted to tell him that he could come to the house and see the game but of course I didn't. I can tell you that he has a really amazing smile and a great personality. Its always so nice talking to him. There's just something about him. I always get a little shy when I talk to him. I don't say what I would like to him but what we do talk about is nice because I really like talking to him. I am a bit silly dear world I know. It might be that I have a little crush on him. I doubt that he thinks about me like I do him but that's alright. I just had to tell you that little something dear world. Enough of my silliness....

So how was your day dear world ???? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ? Did you see your shadow ????

Good-night dear world !!!!!



halliday0957 said...

Hello southie. Read some of your work and like it very much. Come and read Snow White in modern style language, and one adventure of an English cab driver. To aid you in your enjoyment, Manchester in England is about thirty miles from the west coast and Scunthorpe is a medium sized city and port on the east coast. In writing my aim is to make the reader smile or perhaps laugh outright.

oddb0dkins said...

You should have invited him round to watch the game. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. B. x

loststream said...

Hi Monae... actually, my parent's and I are taking my kids to C.E.C <----- (as we refer to it, because if we say the words outloud, my kids DEMAND to GO NOW!!!)... tomorrow for Valentine's Day, because my daughter Hope has to get an immunization shot tomorrow, so to make her feel better and happy, we're gonna do the C.E.C. thang after her doctor's appointment...  BTW, did you know that you could subscribe to the C.E.C. website for free, and once a month they send you online printable coupons with pretty decent deals.  If you and your nieces go fairly often, you should check it out! ... On another note, yeah I totally agree (yet again) with oddbodkins that YOU SHOULDA INVITED THAT DUDE OVER FOR THE SUPER BOWL!!!... but, that's just my opinion!  Hmph!  :oP  ... Diane.