Saturday, February 3, 2007

Some News

Hello dear world

How are you ? I am fine thanks. It was another cold day here in my neck of the woods but hopefully Spring will be coming soon.

In other news...earlier this evening me, my sister and my mom went to a school called McINTOSH High School in order to see my niece and her step team from her school "Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School" here is a link ------> . If you click on the site you will see the words Athletics Home---click on those words which will bring up the site directing you to the words step team, click on the words step team which will direct you to the picture of my niece and her team. My niece is located on the 2nd row in the picture the 2nd to the last young lady on the right. My niece's name is Jeanette by the way and she is wearing glasses < just a little hint. McIntosh High there were other schools there and their step teams competing in the step team competition. I have to tell you she did wonderfully. She is a very talented young lady and I was proud of her and the team. Her school will be competing in another competition soon. I just had to share that with you.

So how was your day dear world ? How is the weather in your neck of the woods ? Is it as cold where you are as it is here in Georgia ? I hope you had a really wonderful day and I hope you will have a very nice Sunday.

I also wanted to point out some new friends of mine named Eva and John who live in Scotland. They have a place here at J-Land that you might want to check out for yourself -----> . Go over and say hello to them you will like meeting them.

I'll talk to you all again soon.

Good-night !!!!!


nightmaremom said...

ohhhhhhhh hon.. you haven't seen cold until you see what I had today.  LOL!!!
glad all is good

rollinghillsides said...

Hi ... Thank you so much for the link to Eva and John's brand new journal from Scotland.  I read their entries, made a comment to introduce myself, and am very much looking forward to traveling to Scotland (via their entries I mean of course!), it should be very interesting.   We can visit all over the world, right from our computers, isn't it wonderful?   Thanks again.  I appreciate your journal, always read and enjoy, don't comment too often.  Have a good rest of the weekend!   Judy in CT

johnrvwilson said...

Hi there, thanks very much for your comment. We are so excited about getting our journal on the go. We live in a lovely part of Scotland and are looking forward to sharing it with you. I have posted a few comments on your journal in the past under my own name- Eva Stirling- you might remember. looking forward to getting to know some new people. xxx