Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hello dear world,            25th January 2007

Let me begin by saying good evening. I hope this finds you all and finds you well. I would like to share a little something intimate with you. I have been getting some letters from some of my dear friends named Diane and Rebecca Anne which I have to say I love.

I think dear world that there is something wonderful about getting a letter whether in the mailbox or in a e-mail. In a letter to a friend, Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote that "I look forward every day to the arrival of the post because who knows that it might bear a letter from an old friend; a brief note from someone I love; a letter from a foreign land; a letter from a stranger congratulating me upon my wisdom; and a good book that has long been awaited". I think that Dr. Samuel Johnson was right.

There is something so great about finding an envelope with your name on it from a friend or a relative and you know its a letter. A friend sending you news about themselves and their family and catching you up to date on their lives. Or perhaps a relative sending you news about seeing you not so long ago and after having talked to you on the phone a few weeks back. I have received those kinds of letters and I treasure them as I would a gift on my birthday.

Writers such as Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain and Dylan Thomas never dispatched even the smallest bit of their letters until they had brought them to the point of polish that they felt made them as perfect as their novels or poems. I may not be as great a writer but I think that a friend appreciates when you take the time to sit down and write them a letter letting them know who very appreciated they are.

I think that its not just the letter itself but its choosing the right pen with the right color ink. Its also choosing the right kind of card or stationery to say that you thought about that person that much more. I like to choose a particular kind of card or a particular kind of paper to use in which to write a letter to someone just because for no reason except that I am thinking of them.

As someone wise once wrote "Hope lives eternal that we will receive letters so dear that we will carry them in our wallets or our purses and that on quiet mornings wemay take them out, read them yet another time and reflect not only on the words but on the good person who took time to write them".

My dear world I just had to come and take the time to write you a letter as well. So my dear world I have a question for you : Have you ever received a letter you have never forgotten ?

That's all for now. I will talk to you again soon.


Sincerly Yours,



hugsdoodlewacky said...

(((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))I like this entry,you say it very well.I love to write,I love to do special things for people,even in my own family.I have a sister n law that I want to show Her how much I care,but,thats a long story.Actullay I did something very soecial for a friend who needed some cheering up.Thanks for sharing your entry.Can U ask you this?How do you let someone know you care,and you want to send them a card,but,they probllay think I am pushing to much.Do you still send the card or not?Have a nice week.

sybilsybil45 said...

Hi Monae,
Here I am back at last, Hope you didn't think that I had forgotten all about you. However I have been away on holiday to New Zealand and Singapore and have only been back a week so just getting myslef back to normal.  Your journal today is lovely. I so agree about letters.  I do enjoy opening my 'puter each morning and seeing my friends Journals full of news. However there is nothing quite like seeing the Postman comming to my door with letters in his hand. THese letters you can keep and read over and over. I have had many such letters in my life. I think the oldest letter/card that I have kept was one from my Sister who sent it whilst I was in hospital (she is older than me and was away working in Germany at the time) it was actually a get well card/letter that meant so much to me and that was about 50 years ago !!!!!!!!  gosh could it have been so long ago ! That is some record as I am not known for "keeping" things.    Have a lovely day,
It is still winter here but very mild and spring is well on it's way.
Love Sybilx

oddb0dkins said...

When Dr Johnson wrote those there was no such thing as junk mail. Had there been, I'm sure he might have had a little more to say on the subject. ;O)
Seriously though, you're right, there is something special about receiving a 'real' letter in the post. B. x

bmorrrick said...

This is a great entry!  I have many letters that I've kept through the years, and I treasure them.  Some are from people who are no longer here, and I'm so glad I kept them.  You have a wonderful journal.

Take Care,

loststream said...

Yes, I too enjoy writing and receiving letters too, regardless of what form it comes in... I'm not at all picky about pen color, paper type, etc. like you and probably most others, but then again I'm the type of person who's been known to write letters/notes on anything I could get my hands on at the moment (i.e., gum wrapper, receipts, on the back of junk mail if there's nothing on it, etc.)... for me, I could care less what people write on, it's the message or meaning of the note that I'm solely interested in, because for me, all else is just "decoration".  But your journal entry has got me thinking, whenever I write a snail mail letter to you, I will try to write it in black ink, on pretty decorated paper, etc... not because I feel I have to, but because I WANT to... cuz I respect and appreciate those aspects of your life that means alot to you ;o)